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Let's root our Max Lumi

**I am not responsible for any damage to your device. Please take care of your actions.** Steps to install: [1] Current firmware version is 3.0. My Max Lumi came with it. Attached bootimage is for version 3.0. [2] Download and install Magisk Manager on Max Lumi. [3] Do you have installed adb and fastboot on your computer? [4] Enable usb debugging on your Max Lumi, plug it into your computer, and run in command line to check connection. Code: adb devices [5] start a bootloader session...
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Does the Max Lumi have a gyroscope?

I read that the Note Air now has a gyroscope. Does the Max Lumi have a gyroscope as well?
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Max Lumi - Is it possible to buy one yet anywhere?

Thanks to this forum I stumbled onto the Onyx range, the Air & Max Lumi, both look super. Honestly I have not been this excited about e-reader offering since I got my iLiad back in 2006 (RIP). Yet, it does not appear to be available for purchase or have I missed something? If it is not for sale any idea on RRP and when it might be released? The website is somewhat unclear on points.
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Max 3 / Max Lumi: lack of physical buttons annoying?

Hi there. I am interested to hear from Onyx Boox Max 3 / Max Lumi users if the lack of physical buttons ia a problem for them. I am mainly interested in reading from the couch in both portrait and horizontal mode (facing pages). It seems to me that when you are not holding a physical button tightly (like you would do with the Max 2) it gets quite wobbly every time you want to turn a page if you have to tap the screen. Can anyone confirm or dismiss my concerns? Much appreciated. :2thumbsup
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How long do you think Onyx Max Lumi can last?

I bought a Quaderno 13.3 inch, becuase I thought it could last longer than Max Lumi. But I am thinking to return it. I can not afford to buy a new 13.3 inch eink tablet every year. Do you think Max Lumi can last 4-5 years of use. In the next 2 years I plan to use it about 10 hours per day since I am a phd student, and after that only in the evenings maximum 2-3 hours. Thanks in advance.
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Dropbox and Max Lumi

Hi Everyone, I just upgraded from the m92 to the Max Lumi, and it is a very big change for me. What I need help with is file syncronization with Dropbox. I have 12gb of pdfs and epubs. so I need something which will give me more than the standard Google docs. Basically, I could choose the "Work Offline" and then all the documents would come through. What worked: getting all the files over. I was able to make a shortcut and have my documents directory in the root directory of the storage. ...
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