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This A Cappella Quintet Can Mimic Your Electronic Devices

“Traditional a cappella groups cover pop lyrics and full music beds with impressive skill. But one group in South Korea, called MayTree, is taking the genre further to mimic the digital devices that occupy our lives.” (audio) – The World (PRX)
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Superhero Bits: William Shakespeare’s Avengers, Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Would Have Had Batgirl & More

Will you read William Shakespeare’s version of the Avengers movies? Want to learn how to drawn Daredevil? Who is playing Black Mask in the second season of Batwoman? Want to see a WandaVision credits sequence in the style of the sitcom Friends? How would Batgirl have popped up in Ben Affleck‘s abandoned Batman movie? Want to see Groot‘s lines from the MCU translated? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Find out how to draw The Man Without Fear in a Daredevil lesson with Ma...
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Delightful Acapella Versions of Familiar Jingles

This is a fun discovery, via Laura Olin’s newsletter: a Korean acapella group called Maytree that does impressions of famous cultural jingles and sound effects. In this video, they perform a number of movie intro tunes (20th Century Fox, Paramount, etc.): Watch until the end…the Netflix one is *kisses fingers*. Here they do the music from Super Mario Bros, including the overworld, underworld, and underwater themes: Tetris (which gets unexpectedly dramatic): And finally, a bunch of...
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Creating a ToC in a Kindle .AZW eBook that has none

My Kindle eBook has chapter headings like: Chapter I - AT MAYTREE COTTAGE The equivalent HTML seems to be : Chapter I- AT MAYTREE COTTAGE How would I create a ToC like: Chapter I - AT MAYTREE COTTAGE using the Convert Books ToC function? I can already create the ToC just with: Chapter I with the ToC function by just leaving its XPath Expressions as the default blank.
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