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Neighbors From Hell? The Insane Drama Behind the Gun-Toting St. Louis Lawyer Couple

Before they were photographed brandishing guns during a Black Lives Matter protest, Mark and Patricia McCloskey had made a name for themselves in their St. Louis neighborhood, suing and writing angry letters to community groups, and even accusing a neighborhood association of trespassing for taking a picture of their house.The McCloskeys, a pair of lawyers, won internet fame this week after they were filmed pointing guns at racial justice protesters outside their mansion in a gated community. Th...
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St. Louis Man Who Pointed Gun At Protesters Says He Was Victim Of ‘Terrorism’

Mark McCloskey said that he and his wife — who are the subject of a viral video that shows them barefoot and b randishing loaded weapons at a crowd of anti-racism protesters outside of their St. Louis mansion on Sunday — were victims of “social intimidation” and “terrorism.” McCloskey made the comments when asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo if any damage had been done to him or his property as demonstrators  marched near his house en route to the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson to demand h...
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Video Of Couple Defending Their Home With Guns Sparks Debate

ST LOUIS, MO –-( A video of two homeowners defending their property hit the Internet, kicking off debates around the country. On Sunday, a group of several hundred Black Lives Matter protestors broke down the barrier to a private street in a St. Louis neighborhood. Mark and Patricia McCloskey were about to eat dinner when they noticed a large crowd outside their private gate. Seconds later, the protest broke through the gate and started streaming through the opening towards the ...
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Gun-Toting St. Louis Lawyer Denies He’s Racist: ‘My Black Clients Love Us!’

A white St. Louis lawyer who quickly rose to internet fame this week after he pulled an AR-15 on Black Lives Matter protesters marching near his house told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night he couldn’t possibly be racist because his Black clients love him.Earlier this week, images and video of McCloskey and his wife brandishing weapons at demonstrators from the porch of their mansion went viral. McCloskey has since told several local outlets that he pointed his firearm at the protesters—...
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I'll just show you one example of the mockery I've seeing of this poor couple, who were beset by a mob and unable to get help from the police.

Fox News has done to our parents what they thought gangsta rap would do to us — Seltzer In Place (@VernorsHerzog) June 29, 2020 That went up this morning — after it's been in the news that these people are not uneducated right-wingers. They are lawyers (i.e., educated) and they are Democrats (with a record of donations). [UPDATE: Snopes says the reports that he donated to Democrats were wrong — mistaking him for someone else with the same name: "According to the FEC,...
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Man Who Pointed Gun At Peaceful Protesters Compares March To Storming Of Bastille

Mark McCloskey, the man in St. Louis, Missouri, who aimed a rifle at peaceful anti-police brutality protesters as his wife Patricia swung her tiny pistol around on Sunday evening, painted the situation as some kind of French Revolution in miniature. During an interview Monday on local NBC affiliate KSDK, McCloskey claimed that the protesters had broken the gate in front of Portland Place, the gated community where he resides, which prompted him and his wife to retrieve their guns while orderi...
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Police Investigating Protesters after Confrontation with Armed St. Louis Homeowners

A couple pointed guns at protesters who were on private property outside their home Sunday night, as the demonstrators marched past on their way to St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson’s residence to demand her resignation. Police are now investigating the incident to determine whether the protesters committed trespassing and fourth-degree assault by intimidation.Mark and Patricia McCloskey stood outside their home on Portland Place, a private street, as hundreds of protesters, some of them armed, march...
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United States: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Review In McCloskey Could Have Far-Reaching Effects On Administrative Deference - Duane Morris LLP

On April 7, 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted allowance of appeal in McCloskey v. Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.[1]
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Earth Day Co-Founder Blasts Trump Administration’s Environmental Record

RUMSEY, YOLO COUNTY (CBS13) – The former Republican congressman who co-founded Earth Day 50 years ago believes the Trump administration is undoing much of the environmental progress made since 1970. Former congressman Pete McCloskey co-founded Earth Day in 1970 “He’s a terrible man,” said former Bay Area representative Pete McCloskey, 92, who now lives in Yolo County. During a recent conversation on his farm in Rumsey, McCloskey listed a number of actions Trump has taken to relax or abolish en...
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Despite delayed USC signing ceremony, Boubacar Coulibaly ready to compete

On a typical signing day, any year but 2020, Boubacar Coulibaly would have stood in the San Gabriel Academy gymnasium. His teammates would have stood behind him as the center, decked out in USC gear, would have signed his national letter of intent to play basketball for the Trojans. But it is 2020. And with nothing typical about Wednesday’s signing day, Coulibaly opted to delay putting pen to paper to create as much normalcy as possible. Coulibaly is still firm in his commitment to USC, San Gabr...
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Roger Stone’s Original ‘Dirty Trick’ Target Gets The Last Laugh

RUMSEY, YOLO COUNTY (CBS13) — Former Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey chuckles when he talks about the prison sentence Roger Stone faces for lying to Congress and witness tampering. WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 15: Former advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, departs the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse with his wife Nydia after being found guilty of obstructing a congressional investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election on November 15, 2019 in W...
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Naming and reclaiming the liberal ideal

On New Year’s Day, 2000, Nobel laureate James Buchanan challenged his fellow classical liberals to save the “soul” of liberalism. “People need something to yearn and struggle for,” he wrote. “If the liberal ideal is not there, there will be a vacuum and other ideas will supplant it.” Twenty years later, Buchanan’s fears seem prescient. Contempt for liberalism is growing at both ends of the ideological spectrum—from the nationalist right and progressive left. Illiberal ideas and attitudes have se...
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Addison and McCloskey omitted from Ireland World Cup training squad

Ulster backs Will Addison and Stuart McCloskey are not named in Ireland's 44-man training squad for the Rugby World Cup.
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Catholic church allowed celebrity priest to minister after groping woman

Rev. C. John McCloskey III is a famous, beloved Opus Dei priest who is cozy with Washington power players like Newt Gingrich and Sam Brownback, both of whom he converted to Catholicism. In 2002 Rev. McCloskey was accused of groping a woman who sought his counsel, and in 2005 Opus Dei settled the complaint by paying the woman $977,000 (which was given to Opus Dei by an anonymous donor). Opus Dei promised the woman that Rev. McCloskey would be banned from pastoral work, but The Washington Post ...
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Give Thanks That We No Longer Live On The Precipice ~ VIDEO

Opinion: Fossil fuels helped humanity improve our health, living standards and longevity in just 200 years. Give Thanks That We No Longer Live On The Precipice USA – -( Thanksgiving is a good time to express our sincere gratitude that we no longer “enjoy” the “simpler life of yesteryear.” As my grandmother said, “The only good thing about the good old days is that they’re gone.”For countless millennia, mankind lived on a precipice, in hunter-gatherer, subsistence farmer and pri...
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SCOTUS Map: Summer 2018

The Supreme Court is in a liminal state this summer. With the departure of Justice Anthony Kennedy, and the confirmation fight over his successor stretching into a second month, the court finds itself suspended between the end of one era and the dawn of the next. It is little wonder, then, that the justices on the speaking circuit are fielding questions about changes both big and small. Audiences at judicial conferences, lectures and post-theater talkbacks want to know: What do the justices see ...
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Fire service apology 'not enough', says McCloskey widow

Joe McCloskey died after falling through the roof of a burning hotel on Halloween night in 2003.
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New look Ulster excited for season - McCloskey

Ulster centre Stuart McCloskey says that there is an optimistic feel in the camp ahead of the upcoming season.
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McCloskey on Economics, Economists and Physicists

When Nobel laureate physicist Ernest Rutherford (1871 – 1937) claimed that “Physics is the only real science. The rest are just stamp collecting” he was perhaps displaying the arrogance that comes with the territory of knowing certain fundamental truths that are denied to non-physicists. Economists too can be arrogant for similar reasons. They know something … Continue reading McCloskey on Economics, Economists and Physicists
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Take this test to see if you can identify the correct lowercase G. Most people can't.

This looks really simple – just choose the correct lowercase "looptail" G in the video above. Do it now, before spoilin' it by readin' a lowercase G in the rest of this post. (Spoiler Gs below.) Okay, so it's not really that simple. In a recent Johns Hopkins experiment, only 7 out of 25 people were able to identify the correct letter. Only 2 out of 38 even knew a second lowercase "G" existed, and only 1 was able to correctly write it. According to Metro: The experiments suggest our knowle...
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Fiction: A Young Wife Toys With Adultery

In Molly McCloskey’s novel “Straying,” a feckless American marries into an Irish family, then looks for love elsewhere.
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Loughinisland families vow to stick together as judge stands aside

Speaking for the Loughinisland families, Emma Rogan said they respect Mr Justice McCloskey's decision to step aside.
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Loughinisland judge asked to withdraw from case

Mr Justice McCloskey was due to announce whether he would quash a report into the Loughinsland murders.
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The Brands Fighting to Make Your Clothes Brighter, Better and More Affordable

“It’s a game,” I heard an editor say at fashion week in September. “Hunting out new, unknown pieces on Instagram. It’s just so much cooler to buy the smaller brands now.” She’s clearly not the only one playing this first-to-find-it game, as this year it is brands like Danse Lente, Wandler and Rixo that have emerged as the new wave of power players.These brands all have distinctive, easily identifiable designs that help them to build an initial following on Instagram, but it is the price that is ...
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McCloskey and Reidy start for Ulster at Dragons

Team news and preview ahead of Friday's Pro14 game at Rodney Parade in Newport.
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Stockdale & McCloskey earn Ulster win over Wasps

Tries from Jacob Stockdale and Stuart McCloskey give Ulster a 10-point win over Wasps in their Champions Cup opener.
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SCOTUS Map: Summer 2017

Supreme Court justices’ speaking engagements typically make headlines for what happens inside, not outside, the venue. Justice Neil Gorsuch’s keynote speech yesterday at The Fund for American Studies’ Defending Freedom Luncheon proved an exception to the rule, sparking protests in front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington. While dozens of protestors carried signs questioning Gorsuch’s impartiality and objecting to his appearance at the property – which is owned by the president who n...
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Ireland romp to opening day win at FIBA U18s

Claire Melia dominated as Ireland crushed FYR Macedonia on the opening day of the FIBA U18 B women’s championships in Dublin. Emmet Ryan looks back on an impressive and beneficial outing for the host nation Crowds like this really aren’t normal here. The indoor arena in Abbotstown was a sea of green, with players from other underage national teams and campers bringing plenty of vocal support for the home side. It’s not usually this noisy at Irish basketball but the crowd was trying to get on th...
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Bill Cosby Judge To Rule Wednesday On Releasing Juror Names

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) — The judge who presided over Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial will decide Wednesday whether to identify jurors who deadlocked in the case after a week of deliberations. Judge Steven O’Neill fears there would be a chilling effect on jurors needed for Cosby’s retrial if the first jury discusses the deliberations with the media. Lawyers for several media outlets argued at a hearing Tuesday that jurors’ names should almost always be public to ensure transparency in the judicia...
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Alternate Juror In Bill Cosby Trial 'Probably' Would Have Voted Guilty

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