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"Adams, the second US president and first to lose an election, simply refused to attend the inauguration ceremony of Thomas Jefferson in 1801, whose supporters had referred to Adams as 'hideous [and] hermaphroditical.'"

From "How many presidents have boycotted successors’ inauguration and who are they?/The 45th commander in chief is set to become only the fourth to skip the ceremonies" (The Independent). ADDED: The last President to avoid his successor's inauguration was Andrew Johnson. Here's a picture of him: Meade texted me that and said Johnson looks like George W. Bush. I said he looks like a combination of Nixon and William Shatner. Which is a pretty funny/terrifying idea for a President. [Author: nor...
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At the Sunrise Café...

... you can talk all night. And here's a picture of me on my 70th birthday, ice skating: Photo by Meade. And thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"In Scottish custom, Unspoken Water was water believed to have healing properties when collected 'from under a bridge, over which the living pass and the dead are carried...'"

"'... brought in the dawn or twilight to the house of a sick person, without the bearer’s speaking, either in going or returning.'... The custom is long obsolete. The 1901 The Book of Saint Fittick by Thomas White Ogilvie contains an elderly woman's account of being 'the last wife in Torry to cure a bairn wi' unspoken water ... comin' or gaun I spak' tae naebody — for that's what mak's unspoken water.'" From "Unspoken Water," Wikipedia, clicked on from "Religion and Water," Wikipedia, which I ...
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Orgasms and sandwiches.

From a post at Reddit about the 1973 book "Understanding the Female Orgasm" by Dr. Seymour Fisher:something I found googling his name.... "Part of the early research leading to that book found that women who enjoyed food were likely to enjoy sex as well, and that put a twist into the Fishers' social life, Rhoda Fisher said. 'When we got to somebody's house for dinner,' she said, 'no women wanted to sit near him. They thought he'd analyze their food.'"If I had to choose between an orgasm and like...
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"Have you ever heard of 'pronoid'?" — I ask.

Meade says: "I've heard of 'noid.'" I say: "What is that, some R. Crumb thing?" Meade says, yes, and I look it up.  I'm surprised. How could we both independently think "Noid" was an R. Crumb character and it not be true? "No, 'The Noid' was a character in old Domino's Pizza ads" — I say. The slogan was "Avoid the Noid." In 1989, a man named Kenneth Lamar Noid, who believed the character had to do with him, took hostages in a Domino's restaurant in Chamblee, Georgia. The hostages surv...
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"The Answer."

Meade directed my attention to William James Chidley (c.1860 – 21 December 1916) — "an Australian philosopher with unconventional theories on sex, diet and clothing" (Wikipedia): In 1911, Chidley published The Answer in Melbourne.... Chidley sold copies to curious passers-by on the footpath. In 1912, Chidley moved to Sydney, where he became a familiar bearded figure dressed in a Grecian-style tunic and sandals, giving public lectures and wandering the streets, carrying a bundle of his pamphlets....
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I don't think we'd watched a movie all year — not any nondocumentary — but then we watched a movie 2 nights in a row.

The first movie was something that I'd seen a few times, had not watched in decades, but wanted to watch to show it to Meade, who had never seen it. It's something that's especially fun to watch another person experience for the first time. I was reminded of it when we happened upon an interview with the star, who was quite charming talking about it.The second was a recent movie that was prominently displayed on Netflix. I clicked it on because it was based on a book that I'd read and liked, dea...
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"Althouse captures the exact moment the light pierces the center of the dome — the sign ushering in the season of Brumalia?"

Said Ingachuck'stoothlessARM in the comments to last night's open thread, which had my photograph of a view across Lake Mendota that showed the Wisconsin state capitol building at daybreak.  There's a moment at this time of year when the sun aligns with windows on either side of the dome and it looks, from the distance, as if there's a blazing fire inside. It's just a tiny dot in the photograph, and I was glad to see it noticed.  The commenter cites Brumalia: Brumalia (Latin: Brumalia [bruː...
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At the Sunlight Café...

  ... you can shine all night.  (Photo of me, by Meade.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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I know my immediate reaction was I don't believe this had anything to do with a dog.

It does follow the perfect liar pattern.— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) November 30, 2020 ADDED: Writing tip: When you're writing about a dog, avoid beginning a sentence with the verb "Spot" as in "Spot details..." Made me think of details about a dog named Spot. The Biden dog in question is "Major." He has another dog named "Champ." They're German Shepherds, by the way.  If you don't know what this post is about: "President-elect Joe Biden injured his right foot whil...
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A Meadhouse still life.

    Arrangement by Meade. Photo by Althouse. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Meade votes... second in line.

He arrived about a half hour before the polling place opened. I was out doing my sunrise run, but I drove past the polling place on my way home. Didn't see many people. I think this is a neighborhood where people would tend to vote early, so the open spaces don't mean lack of excitement and are, of course, good for resisting COVID. If you're wondering what "Protected Count" means, it's just the total number of ballots that have ever been fed through that particular machine. The "Public C...
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"Galumphing toward the apocalypse."

  It's a podcast. You can subscribe at all the usual podcast places, including iTunes (by clicking here).  Topics: Melanie jokes, Lady Gaga throws beer, Marathon mind will do, Joe the stalking horse, fluffy wedding photos ape the West, Trump’s devilish plan, Anonymous is anonymous, woman’s way of knowing, Ben Franklin’s rising sun, Scotland’s intrafamily spies, Biden reveals his bunglers, and Meade talks and talks to phonebank women. AND: Here's the Chaplin "wrench scene" I talk ab...
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Me, I don't even answer the phone if I don't recognize the number, but my husband is answering calls now in the hope that it's a Biden phone bank person.

I thought it was quite something that he talked to a phonebank woman for 21 minutes yesterday, and then just now, he talked to a different phonebank women for 42 minutes — only ending the call when she said she had to go. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"He grabbed his pants for a better stance — whoa, he jumped so high... He let go a laugh, let go a laugh, shook back his clothes all around...."

   Goodbye to Jerry Jeff Walker, who died in Austin, Texas last Friday at the age of 78.  The song "Mr. Bojangles," written by Walker and recorded by him in 1968, was a pretty big hit song for Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1970. Others who've recorded it include: Chet Atkins, Harry Belafonte, David Bromberg, Garth Brooks, JJ Cale, Jim Croce, Sammy Davis Jr., John Denver, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Bobbie Gentry, Arlo Guthrie, Tom T. Hall, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, Elton John, Frankie Laine...
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The chimney dandelion.

  Photo by Meade. I don't go on the roof! Write about whatever you want in the comments. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The gooiest ad I've ever seen — with a tinkling piano playing the National Anthem and the hilariously sentimental voice of Sam Elliott.

  That ad played during the World Series. I'm not watching the World Series. I read about the ad in that WaPo article I linked to in the previous post. According to WaPo: "While Trump on Tuesday appealed in person to his most ardent fans with divisive themes, Joe Biden’s campaign beamed in to the nation’s living rooms during the World Series with a much broader audience in mind."  Yes, whoever made that ad, sure had the "broader audience in mind." I can picture clever fellows laughing at...
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"'Pre-bunking' — Shouldn’t that mean something like: making false ahead of time?"

Texts Meade this morning, sending me a link to "Pre-bunking falsehoods: How Wisconsin voters can avoid falling for election misinformation" (in the Madison newspaper, The Cap Times).  You can imagine the dismal path to linguistic error. They know the word "debunking" and "pre-" rhymes amusing and denotes an earlier point in time, so pre-bunking!  But "pre-bunk" gets over 58 million hits in a Google search, so it's not a special dumbness of Madisonians. The word "bunk" means "Humbug, nons...
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Short Fiction Meade, L T, and Clifford Halifax: The Diary of a Doctor (1894), v1, 16 Oct 2020

Full Title: "Stories from the Diary of a Doctor" Twelve cases, including the much-anthologized "The Horror of Studley Grange". Very Victorian in tone. 1: My First Patient 2: My Hypnotic Patient 3: Very Far West 4: The Heir of Chartlepool 5: A Death Certificate 6: The Wrong Prescription 7: The Horror of Studley Grange 8: “Ten Years’ Oblivion” 9: An Oak Coffin 10: Without Witnesses 11: Trapped 12: The Ponsonby Diamonds Attached Thumbnails   ...
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"Andy Warhol obviously just scribbled on a photograph. He spent, like, 1 minute."

I said after investigating this strange image we saw in the background as the author of a book about Jimmy Carter gabbed on "Morning Joe" just now. Meade called my attention to the TV screen. I'm trying to write a blog over here, but he thought it thought it was very funny. It's so awful — that "Warholized" photograph. What idea of Carter is that supposed to convey? That he's arty? Criminal?I said, "I think that is Warhol," because the only explanation for using such a bad, inappropriate image...
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"Rooting for patriotism."

The new podcast is up — which means that you can eavesdrop on me reading this morning's posts (and last night's last post) to Meade and doing some extra commentary and some real-world conversation with Meade:You can listen right there, but it's also nice to subscribe. Search for "The Althouse Podcast" on iTunes or use this RSS feed. I'm here on Breaker, here on Google Podcasts, here on Overcast, here on Pocket Casts, here on RadioPublic, and here on Spotify. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Alt...
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Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Eleven (v1); 5 Oct 2020

The 11th in an ever growing anthology series of stray short stories from newspapers and magazines. I do not pick and choose, my purpose is rather to collect anything, bundle them together in anthologies of roughly 100,000 words, and make them available to the public. The last story is by Charles G Booth, a Hollywood screenwriter who died relatively young, and who published a number of hard-boiled/noir novels and short stories. There is also an anonymous Sherlock Holmes spoof from 1895 for co...
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"Wow. Not a word about Dilbert. I thought I could return to Althouse for the straight skinny on the bizarre Scott Adams meltdown. Guess there’s a lid on Dilbert."

Wrote jacksonjay, in last night's Sunrise Café.It's more work to pick up an issue that is presented in audio. Am I supposed to transcribe and explain? It's not like blogging the written word, where I can cut and paste and edit down to what's important. When people speak in podcasts, they expand and repeat themselves, so even if I were willing to transcribe, I wouldn't get the kind of text I can get from the written word. So there's a big disincentive to blog.As for this recent thing — which I ta...
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With a big spot of dawn sun shining on my hair, I point at a rainbow.

Photo by Meade: Photo by me, seconds later: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Who will stop the sun?

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Your blogger at dawn.

Photo by Meade. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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How Joe Biden can make Barack Obama President again.

I invite Joe Biden to pledge to follow this pathway to putting Barack Obama back in the White House. By pledging, he may improve his chance of getting elected. Who knows? The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dying Wish must come true. The vacancy on the Supreme Court must remain open. I won't spend time on that step, because that's what everyone's already talking about. So let's jump forward to the new things:First, President Joe Biden nominates Vice President Kamala Harris for the Supreme Court. He pledged ...
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Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Ten (2020), v1, 19 Sep 2020

The Past Masters series of anthologies gathers up stray Public Domain short stories from newspapers and magazines. Most of them have never been included in the authors' own Collections, nor in any previous anthologies. The rest are in collections or anthologies which are not available digitally as yet. Each Past Masters anthology runs to about 100,000 words. This tenth Anthology contains 19 stories, and a cumulative index to all stories contained in the ten volumes to date. 1: The Spirits of ...
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That's a painting by Georgia O'Keeffe. The title is "Coxcomb," and because I like Georgia O'Keeffe, I feel as though I've prevailed in my debate with Meade about whether the name of the flower is spelled "coxcomb" or "cockscomb."The subject came up in connection with a visual joke I presented in the previous post, which is about a brain wrapped in tinfoil that was found on a beach in Racine, Wisconsin. Along with the brain — which was not a human brain, so don't engage the empathy regions of you...
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Mystery and Crime Meade, L T, and Robert Eustace: A Master of Mysteries (1898), v2, 17 Sep 2020

John Bell, master of Mysteries, appeared in six stories in Cassells Magazine under the general heading John Bell, Ghost Exposer, in 1897-8, which were then collected as "A Master of Mysteries". This book was already in the Library, but only in PRC format. I have remade it, with a first-edition cover, for epub, azw3 and mobi formats. Hence V2. 1: The Mystery of the Circular Chamber 2: The Warder of the Door 3: The Mystery of the Felwyn Tunnel 4: The Eight-Mile Lock 5: How Siva Spoke 6: To...
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