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Netflix's absurd new dating show proves it wants to meme-ify the viewing experience while competitors lock in viewers with actual storylines

Netflix Netflix unveiled a new reality dating show on Wednesday, setting off an online meme storm. The same thing happened with "Tiger King" and "Bridgerton" in 2020. That feat will come in handy for Netflix as it relies on a broad array of content to keep its place on the streaming throne. See more stories on Insider's business page. Part of Netflix's strategy seems to be meme-ifying the streaming experience - and it's working.We saw the same thing happen when the streaming p...
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Another Thing Brexit Could Be Messing Up: Hit British TV Series

“Last year, EU countries agreed that 30% of offerings on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime should be European-made. The concern among some EU capitals is that currently the UK makes up the vast majority of that 30%, despite Brexit. This month, EU diplomats were invited to discuss whether the ‘privileges’ the UK continues to enjoy were appropriate. They were given a briefing paper, seen by the BBC, which warned that the ‘disproportionate’ prominence of British productions could...
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As Viewers Flock To Streaming Video, One Cable Channel Keeps A Devoted Audience: Turner Classic Movies

“The Atlanta-based TCM has long been the sanctuary of classic film on TV, presenting mostly pre-1980 movies commercial-free with a deep respect for moviemaking history going back to the silent film era. … TCM also appeals to an older audience that is more likely to hold onto its cable subscription than younger viewers who quickly adapted to streaming platforms. The channel also connects with fans through live events, cruises, books, an annual film festival and even a wine club.” – Yahoo! (Los A...
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'Mass Effect' video game director explains what happened with the scrapped movie adaptation and why TV would be better

"Mass Effect: Legendary Edition." Electronic Arts/BioWare TV adaptations of hit video games are on the rise as media companies search for bankable IP. Mac Walters, the director of "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition," said TV is the best way to adapt games. He thinks it's a "matter of when, not if," Hollywood takes another crack at adapting "Mass Effect." See more stories on Insider's business page. The anticipated video game "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition," developed by BioWare and p...
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Kenya Barris says that 'Netflix became CBS' and wanted 'down the middle' content from him

Barris. Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Producer Kenya Barris exited his Netflix deal this year for a deal with ViacomCBS' BET Studios. He told The Hollywood Reporter that "Netflix became CBS." "The stuff I want to do is a little bit more edgy, a little more highbrow," he said. See more stories on Insider's business page. In 2018, the superstar producer Kenya Barris - creator of ABC's "Black-ish" - signed a lucrative deal with Netflix following other high-profile names like Ryan M...
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‘The blackest day’: Apple Daily’s demise comes as no surprise

Analysis: a palpable chill has run through the Hong Kong media, amid warnings about ‘fake news’The fate of Apple Daily, one of Hong Kong’s bestselling tabloids, should not come as a surprise. On the day Jimmy Lai, its founder, was sentenced to 14 months in prison in April, a commentary in the pro-Beijing newspaper Ta Kung Pao called for a ban on Apple Daily in order to “close national security loopholes”.The 72-year-old media tycoon and his 26-year-old newspaper have been among the most high-pro...
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Sweat review – the loneliness of the social media influencer

Magnus von Horn’s contrived Polish drama about a fitness guru promises more in shock and character than it deliversIn theory, it should be possible to create a drama about a social media influencer and motivational fitness celebrity that isn’t all about the hidden loneliness and shame of her shallow existence. It should be possible to show such a person being a huge hit in public and perfectly content in private. But this movie from Polish director Magnus von Horn pretty much goes for route one,...
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Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, symbol of pro-democracy movement, to close

Tabloid founded by Jimmy Lai and targeted by police raid last week will print final edition on SaturdayApple Daily, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy tabloid targeted by a national security police raid last week, will shut down online at midnight Wednesday and will print its final edition on Thursday.The paper and its activist founder, Jimmy Lai, had become symbols of the pro-democracy movement, and a thorn in the side of Hong Kong’s government and police. Continue reading...
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Hong Kong police arrest editorial writer at Apple Daily newspaper

Arrest of journalist who publishes under the name Li Ping is the first of a writer at the pro-democracy newspaperThe editorial writer for Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newspaper has been arrested, the latest move in a media crackdown under the national security law that saw hundreds of police raid its newsroom and arrest senior figures last week.Police confirmed the arrest of a 55-year-old man in Tseung Kwan O on Wednesday morning, “on suspicion of conspiring to collude with foreign countries or fore...
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Top Nicaraguan journalist flees country amid escalating crackdown

• Carlos Fernando Chamorro: ‘They won’t silence journalism’• Chamorro’s sister among 19 jailed in pre-election crackdownNicaragua’s most prominent journalist has fled the country for a second time after police raided his house during a widening crackdown on opposition figures by the country’s Sandinista rulers.Carlos Fernando Chamorro, the editor of the Confidencial website and a member of one of the country’s most influential political families, said on Tuesday he had left the Central American ...
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How much money YouTube stars earn, according to dozens of creators

Kelly Stamps has earned thousands of dollars from YouTube's AdSense program since 2019. Courtesy of Kelly Stamps YouTube creators who are part of the Partner Program can monetize their videos with ads. The amount of money different creators make per video varies based on a variety of factors. We spoke with dozens of creators who shared how much money they've earned on YouTube. See more stories on Insider's business page. This is the latest installment of Insider's YouTube m...
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Motion Picture Academy Elects Most Diverse, Gender-Balanced Board In Its History

The elections increase the number of women on the organization’s 54-member board from 26 to 31, marking the first time in the group’s 94-year history that its board has been majority female. The number of governors from underrepresented racial and ethnic communities increases from 12 to 15. – Los Angeles Times
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A newly tech-skeptical FTC will reportedly review Amazon’s acquisition of MGM

Amazon’s purchase of MGM must pass the scrutiny of the FTC, newly chaired by prominent Amazon critic Lina Khan, the Wall Street Journal has reported. While the $8.45M merger is not likely to be stopped, it may provide early indicators of how the agency is revising its approach to mega-corporations consolidating multiple industries with acquisitions like this one. The proposed acquisition was announced last month, and the addition of MGM’s 4,000 films and 17,000 shows to the Amazon library would ...
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New Antitrust Crusader Confirmed To Run The FTC — And Big Tech Shudders

Lina Khan’s bipartisan confirmation to the FTC is as strong a sign as any that she has Congressional backing for her most ambitious ideas. – Protocol
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'Manifest' won't be revived after NBC cancelled it, even though it's gained steam on Netflix

"Manifest." NBC NBC canceled "Manifest" after three seasons last week. Data shows it gained popularity after the first two seasons became available on Netflix this month. But the show won't be revived for a fourth season at another network after talks fell through. See more stories on Insider's business page. NBC canceled its sci-fi mystery series "Manifest" last week after three seasons - just as it was gaining popularity on Netflix.Calls for the show to be revived quickly started...
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The FTC will reportedly review Amazon's $8.45 billion purchase of MGM - and it could be bad news for the tech giant

Lina Khan speaks during an April Senate meeting. SAUL LOEB/POOL/AFP via Getty Images The FTC will review Amazon's MGM deal since it was already investigating the firm over antitrust concerns, the WSJ reported. Amazon agreed to buy the parent company of MGM Studios for $8.45 billion earlier this year. The report comes shortly after President Biden appointed a vocal Amazon critic to chair the FTC. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Federal Trade Commission will review ...
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Documentaries That Compete For An Oscar May No Longer Compete For An Emmy, Period

The decision by the Television Academy settles the questions over “double-dipping,” where a documentary that entered Oscar competition but did not get a nomination was (if it was later aired on television, as many are) allowed to submit for Emmy consideration. In an unrelated matter, the Academy also made a minor but notable change with respect to gendered acting awards. – Variety
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Roku Says Tons Of Folks Are Watching The Shows It Picked Up From Quibi (But It Won’t Say How Many)

“According to Roku, more active accounts streamed a Roku Original in the first two weeks on the Roku Channel than the number of Quibi accounts did on Quibi over the brief nine months of the app’s lifetime. [The claim] seems credible — but it’s not a particularly high bar.” – Variety
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Is Steven Spielberg’s new Netflix deal a surprise? It’s surprising it took so long

Despite comments he made in the past, the director’s production company Amblin has signed a multi-picture deal with the streaming giant. Should cinephiles be worried?Did another citadel just fall? Has another general just presented his sword in surrender? Steven Spielberg’s production company Amblin has signed a deal to produce multiple features a year for the streaming behemoth Netflix – which is precisely that small-screen player that Spielberg seemed to be rebuking two years ago when he procl...
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Bleacher Report Touts Heartbeats for ‘Socially, Culturally Relevant Insights’

In recent years, data has come to dominate the world of professional sports. Now, it's coming for the world of sports advertising. Heartbeats, an audience research platform from the WarnerMedia-owned sports publisher Bleacher Report, embodies this analytics-based ethos. Originally developed as an internal project in 2018, Heartbeats has evolved into a database of white papers...
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Sport, the media and mental wellbeing

Players and journalists are necessarily intertwined, but there have to be more considerate and respectful ways to bring the game to spectators The post Sport, the media and mental wellbeing appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Emerald-Colored Glasses: Just How Green Are EVs?

As the resident sourpuss, I make it my business to complain about every industrial hypocrisy that crosses my path and the automotive sector has kept me so busy that there’s hardly any time left to address my own failings. Though I do have to confess that I sometimes feel guilty about how frequently I’m compelled […] The post Emerald-Colored Glasses: Just How Green Are EVs? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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To Combat Piracy, VIZ Media Made Its Content Available to Fans for Free

It's quite possible that alumni of stellar brands such as Lexus, Mattel, Warner and DreamWorks have seen Brad Woods' work up close. Always looking for more innovative challenges, the now-executive vice president and CMO of VIZ Media has taken on the world of Japanese manga to push him even further. But with very passionate fan...
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Hong Kong leader refuses to say how media can avoid arrest in wake of Apple Daily raids

Carrie Lam denies arrest of senior editorial figures at pro-democracy paper and seizure of its assets was an attack on press freedomHong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, has refused to clarify how journalists can avoid breaking the vaguely defined national security law following the raid and prosecution of journalists at a pro-democracy newspaper. At a regular press conference on Tuesday the city’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, defended the arrest of senior Apple Daily executives under the national sec...
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How Disney Mishandled The Star Wars Franchise

George Lucas’s original vision famously inspired an era of big-budget blockbuster movies whose creators, just as famously, eventually ran out of new ideas and came to rely on sequels and spin-offs. – The Atlantic
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Screens And Speakers And What we Learned During COVID

Screen nausea and social media compulsions are no joke, but the current self-loathing about the long year of screen time is misplaced. It was not lost time. – Wired
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Chernobyl and The Feed among dramas driving UK TV exports to Europe

Figures for 2019/20 show sales to Europe rose 4%, with an appetite for archive shows as well as newFor British television and film, Europe is the second biggest market after the US – with Chernobyl, His Dark Materials and The Feed featuring among popular recent UK shows on the continent.Chernobyl, the Emmy award-winning historical drama, was a Sky Studios production bought by OCS City for a French audience, Sky Atlantic for the Germans and Italians and HBO for the Poles, Spaniards and Swedes. Co...
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Spielberg’s Amblin inks multiyear feature film deal with Netflix

In something of an about-face, Amblin Partners, Steven Spielberg’s long-running film production company, will produce several films per year for Netflix. The deal reflects Netflix’s rising star and arguably acceptance by the legendary director of a new order to the cinematic world where home viewing is a first-class citizen. The deal was announced in a press release with few details except glowing quotes from Amblin and Netflix executives. All that is certain is that Amblin will produce “multipl...
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We updated our Netflix org chart as the streamer shuffles key execs including its TV and marketing leadership

Bela Bajaria and Ted Sarandos. Jesse Grant/Getty Images Netflix has transformed its leadership as international growth takes focus and new rivals rise up. We updated our organizational chart of the top executives at Netflix to reflect these changes. Explore the interactive on Insider. See more stories on Insider's business page. Netflix has radically transformed its leadership in the past year, as international growth takes center stage at the company and a growing roster of rivals ris...
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'Loki' is the biggest TV series in the world - and it reached the top faster than Disney+'s other Marvel shows

Tom Hiddleston stars in "Loki." Courtesy of Marvel Studios "Loki" is the most popular series in the world across all platforms, according to Parrot Analytics. It rose in audience demand faster than Disney+'s other Marvel shows. Disney+ is moving its future original shows from Fridays to Wednesdays after "Loki's" success. See more stories on Insider's business page. Disney+'s latest Marvel series, "Loki," is the biggest show in the world."Loki" became the most in-demand seri...
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