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Rappler editor Maria Ressa: 'They could shut us down tomorrow'

Philippines journalist leading war on fake news may be jailed for 12 years on libel charges“The toughest part is not knowing whether it’s going to be a normal day, or a not normal day,” says Maria Ressa, speaking by phone from her office in Manila. A former CNN bureau chief who spent two decades as an investigative reporter, Ressa is the founder of a news website that has found itself on the frontline of the global disinformation wars.Since the summer of 2016, her reporters at Rappler have been ...
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Users would tell Facebook their bank balance for $8.44 a month

Study of people across six countries finds German users would charge most for sharing personal dataGerman Facebook users would want the social media platform to pay them about $8 per month for sharing their contact information, while US users would only seek $3.50, according to a study of how people in various countries value their private information.The study by US-based thinktank the Technology Policy Institute (TPI) is the first that attempts to quantify the value of online privacy and data....
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Facebook users would tell social media platform their bank balance for $8.44 a month

Study of people across six countries finds German users would charge most for sharing personal dataGerman Facebook users would want the social media platform to pay them about $8 per month for sharing their contact information, while US users would only seek $3.50, according to a study of how people in various countries value their private information.The study by US-based thinktank the Technology Policy Institute (TPI) is the first that attempts to quantify the value of online privacy and data....
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Disney CEO Bob Iger immediately steps down from CEO position

The Walt Disney Company announced this afternoon that Robert Iger, the company’s long-time CEO who ushered in the company’s lush franchise and entertainment platform profits, will step down immediately as chief executive. Bob Chapek, a long-time senior exec at the company who most recently held the position of Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, will succeed him. Under Iger’s tenure since 2005, Disney expanded aggressively in movies, theme parks, and other entertainment verticals...
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When Filmmakers Make Films In Languages They Don’t Speak Well

“It is a truth universally acknowledged in world cinema that a celebrated auteur, making their first film outside their native tongue, must be preparing a dud.” But is it actually true? Well, there are a few success stories such as Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth and Alps in Greek, then The Lobster and Oscar-winner The Favourite in English), but only a few. – The Guardian
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Comcast acquires free streaming service Xumo

Comcast has acquired Xumo, a free, ad-supported streaming service with more than 190 different channels. The service has a complicated ownership history — it began in 2011 as a joint venture between Panasonic and Myspace parent company Viant, which was acquired by Time Inc. in 2016, and then Time Inc. was later acquired by Meredith. The companies are not disclosing the financial terms of the deal, which The Wall Street Journal previously reported was in the works. Comcast says Xumo will opera...
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Disney blocks John Oliver’s new episode critical of India’s PM Modi

Hotstar, India’s largest on-demand video streaming service with over 300 million users, has blocked the newest episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” that was critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a move that has angered many of its customers ahead of Disney+’s launch in one of the world’s largest entertainment markets next month. In the episode, aired hours before the U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to India, Oliver talked about some of the questionable policies enfo...
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People Who Watch More TV Find Thinner Women More Attractive, Even In Remote Nicaraguan Communities

By Emma Young. Village residents who watched TV had preference for women with lower BMI than those without TV access.
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Julian Assange was 'handcuffed 11 times and stripped naked'

WikiLeaks founder’s lawyers complain of interference after first day of extradition hearingJulian Assange was handcuffed 11 times, stripped naked twice and had his case files confiscated after the first day of his extradition hearing, according to his lawyers, who complained of interference in his ability to take part.Their appeal to the judge overseeing the trial at Woolwich crown court in south-east London was also supported by legal counsel for the US government, who said it was essential tha...
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How Parents Can Get Out of the Helicopter Seat

You can’t read the daily news without encountering stories of school shootings, bullying, Amber alerts for child abductions, and news of fatal sports injuries. Despite efforts by schools to address bullying positively, we currently have government leaders who model name-calling, mockery, and marginalizing others as part of their daily conversation and tweets.  It’s enough to make any reasonable person unreasonably anxious. It makes already anxious parents want to wrap their kids in bubble wra...
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Forensic Architecture redeploys surveillance-state tech to combat state-sponsored violence

The specter of constant surveillance hangs over all of us in ways we don’t even fully understand, but it is also possible to turn the tools of the watchers against them. Forensic Architecture is exhibiting several long-term projects at the Museum of Art and Design in Miami that use the omnipresence of technology as a way to expose crimes and violence by oppressive states. Over seven years Eyal Weizman and his team have performed dozens of investigations into instances of state-sponsored violence...
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New Netflix feature reveals the top 10 most popular programs on its service

Netflix is adding a new feature that will rank the 10 most popular programs on its service in your country, the company announced today. Its top 10 Overall list will display the most popular programs from across all Netflix content, including both movies and shows. In addition, separate top 10 lists for just movies and shows will be available when you switch over to either the Movies or TV show tab in the app. These lists will be updated daily, says Netflix, and are intended to help users find o...
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Trump administration targeting 'enemy of America' Julian Assange, court told

WikiLeaks founder’s life is at risk if he is extradited to US, judge in London hearsAmid the din, Assange struggles to hear the case against him Donald Trump’s administration is targeting Julian Assange as “an enemy of the America who must be brought down” and his very life could be at risk if he is sent to face trial in the US, the first day of the WikiLeaks founder’s extradition hearing has been told.Lawyers for Assange intend to call as a witness a former employee of a Spanish security compan...
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The Streaming Wars Are Bringing On A New Media Dystopia

The return to piracy is both a bit of a meme and a bit of a reality. And its return is absolutely the result of a market that giant companies have built to intentionally trap customers into either a single-company ecosystem (one ISP, one easy streaming service) or an annoying, expensive patchwork. And while piracy signals discontent with the system, it’s quite unlikely that these companies will react by changing their approach, let alone lowering prices. – Slate
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Disney+ launches discounted annual subscriptions for European users

Disney is offering a discount on its new streaming service for select European markets ahead of its March 24th launch, the company announced on Monday. Customers who pre-order Disney+ before March 23rd will get £10 or €10 a full year’s subscription, bringing the cost down to around £49.99 or €59.99 per year (~$64 USD). The service initially debuts in the U.K., Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. Disney+ is already live in the Netherlands, which is not eligible for t...
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It’s Possible That Video Game Movies Will Now Take Over Hollywood

Sure, sure, Hollywood has tried it before – but, along with Detective Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog is reaping big bucks. That means “video game movies are really having a moment.” – Sydney Morning Herald
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Turns Out That People Who Are Likely To Pay For Streaming Services Are Also Likely To Pirate Shows

At least, that’s true in Australia, according to the results of a recent survey. The more services you subscribed to, the more likely you were to pirate. That’s a little weird, right? Well … “Electronic Frontiers Australia board member Justin Warren said people who were paying for multiple subscriptions were likely turning to piracy out of frustration at not being able to find what they wanted on the services they were paying for.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The Real-World Politics Affecting India’s Oscars

A mystery voting system, a government that has passed laws harming people in the city where the awards are held, and a ton of wins for only one film – that’s just the beginning of the issues for India’s Filmfare Awards. – The Juggernaut
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Samira Ahmed and BBC reach settlement over equal pay claim

Tribunal previously ruled Ahmed should have been paid same rate as Jeremy VineThe BBC has decided not to appeal against the equal pay case involving the Newswatch presenter Samira Ahmed after she won an employment tribunal against the broadcaster, giving hope to other women seeking back pay from the national broadcaster.Ahmed successfully claimed she was owed almost £700,000 in back pay because of the difference between her £440-an-episode rate and the £3,000 an episode Jeremy Vine received for ...
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Berlin Film Festival’s Gender Parity Scorecard Is Mostly Good, But Not All Good

The good: Leadership. “Its festival directorships were shared equally between men and women, and … its executive board was similarly balanced.” The less good: Director numbers. “The majority of films shown at the competition were still made by male directors. At this year’s festival, 37.9% of films were directed by women, and six of the 18 films in competition were directed by women, which is down from seven last year.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Barbara B Smith, groundbreaking model and lifestyle guru, dies aged 70

Author and entrepreneur had early onset Alzheimer’sEponymous Manhattan restaurant achieved society successThe groundbreaking model, restaurateur and lifestyle guru Barbara B Smith, known to many as “the black Martha Stewart”, has died, her family announced on Sunday. She was 70.Smith died on Saturday evening after suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s disease, which she was found to have in 2013. Following her diagnosis, Smith and her husband, Dan Gasby, raised awareness of the disease and part...
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Vine Started The Short Video Craze, And Then Died – But It May Be Back

Vine was introduced in 2012, bought by Twitter, and killed in 2016. But in its time, it “turned everyday people into stars on other platforms and beyond. Its musical whims warped the music industry. It cultivated memes that might have been dismissed as inside jokes if not for their tendency to flourish outside the app.” Can the app make a comeback in 2020, where TikTok rules the internet? – The New York Times
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France Can’t See What’s Erotic About Two Women Falling For Each Other

This is the weirdest possible sentence to write, but director Céline Sciamma says that Portrait of a Lady on Fire isn’t considered erotic in, of all places, France. What? WHAT? Quoi?? Sciamma: “It’s a very bourgeois industry. There’s resistance to radicalism, and also less youth in charge. ‘A film can be feminist?’ They don’t know this concept. They don’t read the book. They don’t even know about the fact that ‘male gaze’ exists. You can tell it’s a country where there’s a lot of sexism, and a ...
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Investors and startups are seeking ways to entertain and protect kids online

As streaming services like HBO Max, Netflix and Disney+ plus vie for subscription dollars and YouTube, Xumo, Kanopy, Tubi TV, Vudu and Pluto TV try to take more ad revenue from traditional television, entertainment for kids — and the tech tools that manage their screen time — are becoming more important. On the streaming side, Netflix has been marshaling its resources for months, poaching talent like Chris Nee, creator of the “Doc Mcstuffins” Disney Channel series, Naketha Mattocks (“The D...
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Julian Assange was ‘harassed’ by cell search, father claims

John Shipton says his son’s Belmarsh room was targeted on eve of extradition hearingJulian Assange’s father has claimed his son was “harassed” by a prison cell search the day before his extradition hearing was planned to begin.John Shipton visited the WikiLeaks founder at Belmarsh prison in south-east London for two hours on Sunday. Continue reading...
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As ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Ends, What Did It All Mean?

Asian Americans remember how excited – and worried – they were when the show was announced five years ago, after a two-decade drought for Asian American representation on network TV. Did the series live up to its hype? One writer says, “It felt like a dream.” (And it changed the media landscape demonstrably as well.) – Shondaland
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The Subtitles Vs. Dubs Debate, Reignited By ‘Parasite’

How did we get here, with most U.S. audiences only seeing subtitles on non-English-language films and many other countries using excellent voice actors and technology for dubbing, and where are we going? (In other words, are the one-inch subtitle barricades about to fall?) – BBC
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Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key’ offers spooky delights

At times, it can be hard to tell exactly who “Locke & Key” was made for. Adapted from a comic book series written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, the show tells the story of the Locke family after they move into the mysterious Keyhouse, where they soon discover hidden keys that can be used for a variety of magical purposes. With its emphasis on adolescent romance and magical powers, “Locke & Key” often feels like a young adult adaptation, but it also strays into darker territor...
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Can A Sitcom About Gentrification Actually Be Funny?

“At its core, gentrification is about what it means to belong. And few places in Los Angeles are more hotly contested in those terms than Boyle Heights,” the Los Angeles neighborhood where the bilingual Netflix series Gentefied is set. – The New York Times
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Another Job In The Arts You Hadn’t Thought Of: Narrating Porn For The Blind

Pornhub launched this particular initiative in increasing access for the disabled to the arts four years ago, hiring professional freelance writers to produce text and professional voice actors to read it. Here’s a Q&A with Kathryn Simpson, an art history Ph.D. who has written the narration for 35 Pornhub videos. – Slate
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