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Rage Builds as Feds Slow-Walk COVID Nursing Home Cash

Weeks into the national lockdown, the Canterbury Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center outside Richmond had become the site of one of the nation’s worst localized outbreaks of COVID-19, with 45 residents dead of COVID-19 in a little over a month.“A publicly funded nursing home is a virus’ dream,” Dr. Jim Wright, the chief medical officer at Canterbury, said at the time. “People are close together, their immune systems are compromised—it is just a tinder box for that match.”By April 13, Rep. Abiga...
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Trump appeals to seniors with plan to cap insulin costs at $35 for Medicare enrollees

President Donald Trump announced a plan Tuesday he says will drastically reduce the price of insulin for people on Medicare -- relief he tied directly to his own political prospects, saying he hoped "the seniors are going to remember it."
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White House announces plan to cap insulin costs at $35 a month for senior Medicare enrollees

Most senior Medicare recipients will be able to get prescription plans that cap copay costs for insulin, allowing them access to various types of insulins at no more than a $35 copay for a month's supply, the White House announced during a call with reporters on Tuesday.
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Corona rage is boiling over. To ease tensions, masks should be mandatory

Messaging about masks has been inconsistent and contradictory. This confusion is leading to angry altercations with strangersA man shot a cook at a Waffle House in Colorado, after the customer was told he must have a face mask to enter the restaurant. When his childish attempt to re-enter holding the mask in his hand was rebuffed – I literally have a face mask, what is your problem – he created an altercation that ended in a non-fatal shooting.A church was burned down in Mississippi, after the p...
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Michael Jackson's 2009 death now listed as due to Covid-19

The U.S. Corporation for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a new directive that all celebrity deaths of the past ten years will be declared due to Covid-19, the condition that results from the novel coronavirus.  Michael Jackson's name was included because of the late pop sensation's "super" celebrity status, despite the fact that the late singer died almost 11 years ago now.  CDC director of advertising Rex Dechepshun explained the decision during a recent press conference.  "While our number...
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Commonalities between COVID-hoaxsters and anti-vaxxers

Many of the same demonstrators wanting California to end all aspects of its COVID-19 lockdown immediately have also been front-line protesters against recent California laws making it slightly more difficult for parents to avoid getting their children vaccinated. And some of the new protests are at least partly organized by anti-vaxx groups like the Freedom Angels Foundation. This can seem surprising: after all, what could be more of an affirmation for vaccines than a disease rampaging precisely...
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GAO-20-408, Medicare: CMS Should Provide Beneficiaries More Information about Substance Use Disorder Coverage, May 21, 2020

GAO's analysis of Medicare claims data shows that in 2018 almost 5 million beneficiaries used behavioral health services—services for mental and substance use disorders. This represented about...
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Elizabeth Warren signals she might be willing to set aside Medicare-for-all as part of Biden VP bid

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is seemingly trying to get on former Vice President Joe Biden's good side.During the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, Warren consistently shouted down Biden's centrist policies, especially when it came to her and Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) shared demand for Medicare-for-all. But as recently as this week, Warren argued that "expanding the Affordable Care Act" is the first step in getting to single-payer health care — the latest in a series of com...
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Are U.S. hospitals boosting Covid numbers? It is possible

Like many people I've heard stories that U.S. hospitals get extra funding for treating Covid-19 patients, but I didn't know whether or not that was true.  According to a report done by CBS news, it is.   As per  a CBS San Diego affiliate, hospitals treating patients for Covid-19 receive substantially more money than treatments for non Covid patients.  The article cites a Minnesota State senator putting the amount at $13,000 for someone admitted with Covid and $39,000 if they're put on a venti...
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UCare discounts Medicare premiums with COVID-19

The health insurer is the latest to trim charges as people seek less health care
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How coronavirus could forever change home health care, leaving vulnerable older adults without care and overburdening caregivers

Physicians, health care experts and the media spent considerable time focused on hospital capacity since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. Nursing homes received less attention, until thousands of deaths revealed a shocking risk for older adults and those who care for them. Another sector receiving little attention are home care services – direct care workers, including personal care assistants and home health aides, nurses and therapists – those who render treatment in the patient’s home. Over ...
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Exclusive: U.S. probes PerkinElmer's role in massive Medicare fraud - sources

Medical diagnostic firm PerkinElmer Inc faces a federal investigation into its role in an alleged Medicare fraud involving tens of thousands of unnecessary genetic cancer tests, according to three sources with knowledge of the probe and documents reviewed by Reuters.
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A response to unemployment during the COVID pandemic: Medicare for all   

One afternoon in clinic, I opened a patient’s chart for a telehealth visit. Within days of the COVID pandemic, all clinic visits had transitioned to telehealth. The young woman had sent a picture through the electronic medical record of a rash on her leg. Upon calling her, the woman explained that the rash started a […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Hospitals Knew How to Make Money. Then Coronavirus Happened.

Surgeries are canceled. Business models are shifting. Some of the hardest-hit hospitals may close, leaving patients with fewer options for care.
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Business Structure Tax Comparison – Where Can You Save Money?

A Businesses of all sizes and industries have been put through the proverbial ringer in 2020. No one could have foreseen the toll the coronavirus would take on entrepreneurs from independent contractors to C corporations and everyone in between. One positive thing, however, is the tax deadline has been pushed to July 15, 2020. Business Structure Tax Comparison for 2020 That means there’s still time to learn about the tax issues based on your business entity and take advantage of some tax savi...
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Expect Socially Distant Fireworks as Capitol Hill Begins COVID-19 Hearings

The last time that key members of the coronavirus task force testified on Capitol Hill, the epicenter of the disease was in Washington state, the N.B.A. had shocked the world by calling off the rest of its season, and President Trump had yet to address the nation about the emerging threat.On that day, March 12, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other members of the coronavirus task force appeared before lawmakers. The number of confirmed cases and deaths in the U.S. was 1,267 and 38, respectively. When they...
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Is pulmonary rehab after hospitalization for COPD associated with better survival?

Claims data for nearly 200,000 Medicare patients were used to examine the association between starting pulmonary rehabilitation within 90 days of being hospitalized for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and survival after one year. Pulmonary rehabilitation involves exercise training and self-management education.
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Don't Just Avoid the Virus - Defeat it by Strengthening Your Immunity

I found this valuable article on regarding how we can boost our immunities to help fight the virus. Thank you Amory B. Lovins and Eric Rasmussen MD  Do your own research but find out if this advice is helpful to you.   W hy do most people who catch the new virus have mild symptoms and some have none, while others, chiefly the old and sick, develop fatal pneumonias? Because people differ in “immune competence” — their ability to fend off and overcome infection. Proven methods...
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5 Points on How The SCOTUS Case To Terminate Obamacare Would Hobble COVID-19 Response

For over a decade, Republicans have repeatedly sought to demolish the Affordable Care Act. But the anti-Obamacare case currently in front of the Supreme Court is the first time they’ve tried to do so amid a pandemic. The political danger of seeking to dismantle the Affordable Care Act as the coronavirus rages has reportedly prompted even top Trump administration officials to rethink their position on the case, in which the government is arguing for a full invalidation of the law. Pre...
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Could California really go it alone?

Gavin Newsom isn’t the first governor to describe California as a nation-state but he has been the term’s most vociferous gubernatorial exponent. What does it mean? Newsom offered this explanation in a recent interview with The Atlantic magazine: “Look, we’re the fifth largest economy in the world, 40 million strong, we’re as diverse a state as exists in this country, [with] 20-some percent of the state foreign-born.” He continued: “This narrative of punching above our weight, this narrative aro...
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White House reportedly rejected 'ludicrous' coronavirus relief plan that would have curbed retirement benefits

Some traditional conservatives in the White House — like new chief of staff Mark Meadows — are growing wary of how much the federal government is spending during the coronavirus pandemic, The Washington Post reports. But it doesn't look like President Trump shares their concerns.Senior administration officials reportedly discussed the so-called "Eagle Plan," a 29-page memo reportedly written by Paul Touw, the chief strategy officer to State Department Undersecretary Keith Krach, who is close...
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The Paramount Leader is Ready for Sacrifice: Your Sacrifice

This week President Trump had a new message: he’s bored with the COVID19 epidemic. Or perhaps putting it a bit differently: it stopped being fun. He had already ramped back his daily coronavirus briefings which, for all the ‘ratings’ he crowed about, his aides decided were cratering his poll numbers. He first announced that he would disband the White House coronavirus task force before later saying he might continue it indefinitely because he found it was popular and “appreciated by the public.”...
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The Great Reset--Two Scenarios

It's no news that we are a divided nation. But now, even a simple thing like wearing a mask or not has beome a political statement. And several scenarios are emerging.  Scenario A: Open up everything! Crowd the streets. (And the rallies--don't forget the rallies!) Throw off those masks and gloves! Get up in the face of that old lady wearing a mask and shuffling along those madated pathways in the grocery store. Cough on her lettuce. What pussies some people are! Let the sick and the po...
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United States: CMS Updated Recommendations For Resuming Elective Surgeries And Medical Procedures - Butler Snow LLP

Nearly one month after the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ("CMS") issued guidance recommending that health care providers delay elective surgeries and medical procedures, CMS, on April 19, 2020...
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Doctors Without Patients: ‘Our Waiting Rooms Are Like Ghost Towns’

As visits plummet because of the coronavirus, small physician practices are struggling to survive.
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California Hospitals Cite $14 Billion In Losses, Seek Aid

SACRAMENTO (AP) – California hospitals have suffered as much as $14 billion in losses by postponing elective surgeries and other procedures to clear space in anticipation of a flood of coronavirus patients that never occurred, the hospital association said Monday in asking state lawmakers to immediately approve $1 billion in financial aid. “We emptied California’s hospitals to make way,” California Hospital Association President and CEO Carmela Coyle told a budget subcommittee, as most state Ass...
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RA patients face enrolled in Medicare plan face significant cost exposure on specialty drugs

After a sharp drop in out-of-pocket costs between 2010 and 2011, Medicare patients who use specialty biologic medications for rheumatoid arthritis have seen higher out-of-pocket spending for those same drugs because of gradual price increases, a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association Open finds.
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Healthcare providers facing criminal inquiries got coronavirus stimulus checks from Trump

The U.S. government spent $30 billion last month in stimulus payments last month to most healthcare providers that billed Medicare last year, part of the $2.3 trillion CARES Act passed by Congress to address the economic damage of the coronavirus pandemic. “That speed resulted in taxpayers’ money flowing to some companies and people facing civil or criminal fraud investigations,”. Reuters reports, citing “defense lawyers and others representing more than a dozen firms and people facing such i...
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