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How a 23-year-old, 6-figure-earning marketing entrepreneur spends her day

Sherane Chen Sherane Chen Sherane Chen started off as a waitress but now owns a six-figure marketing firm. She specializes in restaurant marketing. To Insider, she breaks down a typical day. See more stories on Insider's business page. At 16, Sherane Chen started her first job at Steak-n-Shake as a waitress. By the age of 21, she'd launched a business specializing in restaurant marketing. Today it earns six figures. She got here by gaining restaurant industry experience, studying...
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A day in the life of a 23-year-old, 6-figure-earning marketing entrepreneur who started as a waitress at Steak-n-Shake

Sherane Chen Sherane Chen Sherane Chen started off as a waitress but now owns a six-figure marketing firm. She specializes in restaurant marketing and also works as a marketing lead for a business coaching company. To Insider, she breaks down a typical day. See more stories on Insider's business page. At 16, Sherane Chen started her first job at Steak-n-Shake as a waitress. By the age of 21, she'd launched a business specializing in restaurant marketing. Today it earns six figur...
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Greece Says Resolving Differences With Turkey May Be Hard, but Not Impossible

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece cannot ignore its differences with Turkey over territorial disputes in the Mediterranean and other issues but while a...
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Culture needs us, as much as we need culture

Last month, a horn player sounded an 18,000 year-old conch shell, discovered in 1931 at Marsoulas Cave in France. In doing so, he confirmed that the shell was not only decorative, but the oldest wind instrument of its kind. In January this year, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the world’s oldest cave painting was revealed, dating back 45,000 years. These discoveries remind us how culture is vital to human lives. It is a deep-rooted anthropological need, with its origins in the distant past...
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‘It’s a day off’: wiretaps show Mediterranean migrants were left to die

Exclusive: Transcripts of conversations between Italian officials and Libyan coastguard contained in leaked fileAt 8.18am on Friday 16 June 2017, the Libyan coastguard Col Massoud Abdalsamad received a long-distance phone call from an Italian coastguard official who told him that 10 migrant dinghies were in distress, many in Libyan territorial waters.“It’s a day off. It’s a holiday here. But I can try to help,” Abdalsamad told the official. “Perhaps we can be there tomorrow.” Continue reading...
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The 8 best hotels in Myrtle Beach for an affordable summer beach vacation

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Marriott Myrtle Beach is a lively coastal resort town just a couple of hours' drive north of Charleston. Budget hotels can be found around $100 and luxury and family resorts with suites run closer to $200. The best Myrtle Beach hotels have great guest amenities, locations, and new COVID-19 policies. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Named for its natural abundance of crape myrtle trees, Myrtle Bea...
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From the sun of the south to the lowlands of northern Germany - at VW, Matías Carnero begins work on the Supervisory Board

The Spaniard's entry into the top committee is evidence of the upgrading of Seat in the Group and the Iberian Peninsula in central plans of the Wolfsburg-based company. IG Metall has nominated Matías Carnero as a supervisor - the global player VW is to cultivate an international appearance even among exposed mandate holders. The "E" from "Espana" also stands for the "E" in electromobility - Spain is increasingly focusing on alternative drives and is one of the most significant sales markets...
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Comment on welcome to the shiny new smitten kitchen 2.0 by Aliston Andy

We might not be the oldest and largest halal meat and ethnic grocery store in the DMV area but we pride ourselves in the quality of the premium halal products you enjoy. Our passion for excellence and thrive for constant improvement remains endless. Our dedication to satisfying our customers and gratitude for their loyalty has driven us to maintain the enthusiasm in all that we do. Mediterranean grocery
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At Least 21 African Migrants Die as Boat Sinks off Tunisia

TUNIS (Reuters) - At least ‮21‬ migrants from Africa died when their boat sank off Tunisia as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to the Italian...
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UNHCR Appeals to Italy Not to Impede Migrants Rescue Boats

The head of the U.N. refugee agency says he has urged Italy not to unnecessarily impede NGOs that operate migrant rescue ships in the central Mediterranean, as warmer weather is expected to bring the usual seasonal uptick in the departure of smugglers’ boats from Libya.
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Silversea: New 2021 Greek Isle Cruises

CLICK FOR BROCHURE Silversea: New 2021 Greek Isle Cruises BREAKING NEWS: Silversea begins cruising with new 2021 Greek Isle Cruises. The cruise line today opened sales on brand new Silver Moon voyages to the Eastern Mediterranean, departing from Greece from June 2021. (Monaco — April 15, 2021) With demand at an all-time high, Silversea Cruises today opened sales on brand new voyages aboard Silver Moon to the Eastern Mediterranean, departing from Greece from June 18, 2021. The leading ultra-lu...
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Mediterranean diet combined with lean beef can lower risk factors for heart disease

Eating red meat may have a bad reputation for being bad for the heart, but new research found that lean beef may have a place in healthy diets, after all.
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Mediterranean Peak Season, new CBP regs and the latest COVID ops updates meetup

In this edition of Universal’s Web ops meetup, our experts review the latest in International COVID restrictions worldwide and prepare you for the upcoming Mediterranean peak season, as well as the latest from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The post Mediterranean Peak Season, new CBP regs and the latest COVID ops updates meetup appeared first on Universal® Operational Insight Blog.
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My wife was checking to see if we had a good supply of garbanzo beans when she asked me where the word was from (she knows how to keep me occupied). I thought the answer would be simple, but once you go beyond Spanish it’s a morass. Wiktionary: From Spanish garbanzo, initially borrowed as garvance in the 17th c. and anglicized as calavance (“chickpea; any kind of bean or pulse”). The original garbanzo was re-established in the 19th c., primarily via American Spanish. The Spanish garbanzo is fr...
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Greece, Libya to Discuss Delineating Maritime Boundaries

Greece says it is to hold talks with Libya on delineating maritime boundaries in the Mediterranean, following a meeting between the Greek prime minister and the head of the Libyan Presidential Council.
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Greek PM Agrees to Talks With Libya on Maritime Zones

ATHENS (Reuters) -Greece and Libya have agreed to hold talks on marking out their maritime zones in the Mediterranean, Prime Minister Kyriakos...
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Mediterranean diet with lean beef may lower risk factors for heart disease

In a randomized controlled study, Penn State researchers found that a Mediterranean diet combined with small portions of lean beef helped lower risk factors for developing heart disease, such as LDL cholesterol.
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Backyard bird feeding sparks a songbird 'reverse migration'

Eurasian Blackcaps are spunky and widespread warblers that breed across much of Europe. Many of them migrate south to the Mediterranean region and Africa after the breeding season. But thanks to a changing climate and an abundance of food resources offered by people across the United Kingdom and Ireland, some populations of Blackcaps have recently been heading north for the winter, spending the colder months in backyard gardens of the British Isles.
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Rome: The National Etruscan Museum

One of the most appealing Italian cultures that have evolved historically on the boot is that of the Etruscans. What better than visiting the artifacts of their existence in a museum inside an historic building, the Renaissance Villa Giulia that sits on the northern edge of the Borghese Gardens in Rome? The villa was built for Pope Julius III , for whom it was named. It remained in papal property until 1870, when, in the wake of the Risorgimento and the demise of the Papal States, it became ...
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The 11 best hotels in San Diego for couples, families, business travelers, luxury, and more

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Trip Advisor San Diego is home to beaches, a military base, a world-famous zoo, and many outdoor activities. From urban towers with water views to beachfront resorts, we vetted the city's best hotels. Our picks are based on our own reviews and offer great amenities for a Southern California getaway. With picturesque beach resorts, contemporary downtown hotels, and intimate Spanish-inspired bungalows...
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A Royal Caribbean-owned cruise line just announced a vaccine requirement. These are all the cruise lines that will require COVID-19 vaccinations for guests and crew.

The Norwegian Epic. Alain DENANTES/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images The return of cruising still remains in limbo for many cruise lines. Companies including Royal Caribbean and Norwegian have announced vaccine requirements. These are all the cruise lines that have COVID-19 vaccine requirements for guests or crew. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Several cruise lines have started announcing vaccination requirements for guests and crew members as the industry looks to rest...
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Get Paid 200 Euros to Visit Malta This Summer

Malta wants to cover most of your hotel expenses this summer, as they’re offering a cash handout worth up to $238 if you stay in the country’s hotels for at least three days. Since the Mediterranean archipelago is expected to open up most of its borders by June 1, the tourism ministry is hoping to get the jump on the…Read more...
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Substitute for Celery Seed

Like many other exotic spices, celery seeds can be trusted to give any dish that earthy, natural flavor and aroma. These seeds are a popular spice in American, Asian, and Indian cuisine and are renowned for their strong aroma and flavor-enhancing advantages. But in some situations, you can find good substitutes for them in your recipes. Celery Seeds- What are they? Celery seeds are the seeds of the wild celery plant, Apium graveolens. These seeds are widely cultivated in India and many parts ...
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Reducing ocean acidification by removing CO2: Two targets for cutting-edge research

Is it possible to simultaneously address the increase of the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and the resulting acidification of the oceans? The research of the project DESARC-MARESANUS, a collaboration between the Politecnico di Milano and the CMCC Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change Foundation, explores the feasibility of this process, its chemical and environmental balance, and the benefits for the marine sector, focusing on the Mediterranean basin.
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The amount of time children spend watching screens influences their eating habits

A study conducted by the University of Malaga evidences how children and adolescents' exposure to mobile phones and video games is associated with worse adherence to the Mediterranean diet, which healthy characteristics prevent obesity
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The launch of Carnival's new 5,200-guest cruise ship with a roller coaster onboard has been delayed again - see inside the Mardi Gras

Carnival Cruise Line's Mardi Gras ship. Carnival Cruise Line The launch of Carnival's latest cruise ship, the Mardi Gras, has been delayed throughout COVID-19. The cruise ship has a roller coaster, several water slides, and celebrity-backed eateries. There has been pent-up demand for Mardi Gras, Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line said. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Carnival's latest giant cruise ship, the Mardi Gras, was once set to beg...
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How Dwight D. Eisenhower 'lost' a B-17 bomber in a bet with a British general

A B-17 bomber. US Air Force In late 1942 and early 1943, the Allies were scrambling to defeat the Germans in North Africa. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower wanted his forces to move faster, leading to an unusual deal with British Lt. Gen. Bernard Montgomery. See more stories on Insider's business page. The liberation of Sfax, Tunisia on April 10, 1943 was a joyous occasion for nearly everyone involved.The Allies gained an important Mediterranean port, the Tunisians in the city were liberated,...
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Filmax, ‘Red Band Society’ Director Pau Freixas Unveil Sci-Fi Laced Comedy ‘The New Thirties’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Partners on “The Red Band Society,” “I Know Who You Are” and “Welcome to the Family,” Barcelona-based studio Filmax and writer-director Pau Freixas are set to re-team on “The New Thirties,” a sci-fi laced comedy set on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Formentera. Penned by Eric Navarro and Natalia Durán, the writing duo behind recent […]
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What every gardener should know about daffodils, society garlic and ginger lilies

The famous trumpeting, cupped receptacle on daffodils is called a corona, and botanists are confounded as to its function. However, the presence of the corona does assist us in explaining why daffodil flowers nod as opposed to staying upright. Were the cupped corona to face the sky, rainwater would collect in it, causing the pollen on the anthers inside of it to rot, preventing pollination and seed formation from taking place. It is worth noting that daffodil species that bloom in the fall have ...
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Coronavirus live: Malta offers tourists up to €200; EMA reviewing vaccines

Island to pay visitors after tourism sector hammered by pandemic; EMA looking at reports of rare bleeding condition and four cases of rare blood clots in J&J jabEU agency examines reports of blood clots with J&J Covid vaccineUS blow as J&J ‘one-shot’ vaccine deliveries plummetNorwegian PM fined after breaking Covid rules with birthday partyAlmost all Dutch-made doses of AstraZeneca vaccine will stay in EU 8.44pm BST Malta plans to offer foreign visitors a handout of up to €200 euros if they ...
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