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We’ve Got A File On You: Melanie C

It’s impossible to overstate just how important the Spice Girls were to pop music in the 1990s. The UK quintet’s 1996 debut album, Spice — which recently turned 25 years old, commemorated with a deluxe reissue called SPICE25 — went multi-platinum in 27 countries and sold 19 million copies in one year, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. The Spice Girls were so monumental, their collective charisma so magnetic, it’s easy to forget that Melanie Brown (“Scary Spice”), Melanie Chis...
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The NYT reveals its shortlist of 25 books, one of which will be named "the best book of the past 125 years," and "Gone With The Wind" is on the list.

Isn't that weird?I read that book when I was about 16, and I thought: This is the best book I have ever read, and I don't think I will ever read a better book, because how can any book be better than this? There's a lot in the book that's not in the movie, as I was disappointed to see when I finally got a chance to see the famous flick. I was 16 in 1965, and back then, you could only see an old movie if it showed on TV or played in a theater. "Gone with the Wind" never played on TV, not until 19...
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Jackpot Ultra Running Festival Race Report - 2019

My wife Mel has seen me run 100 milers. She has seen me barf on my feet. She has seen me sleepwalking from absolute exhaustion. She has seen my legs look like they need an exorcism as they twist into knots with cramps. She has seen me give birth to blisters the size of a Toyota Prius.My wife is a smart person.So I have no idea why, after everything she has seen me go through, she would willingly choose to register for a 100 miler. And then she suggested I could run it with her. The only logical ...
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The Annual Reese Family Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Reese family! I’m assuming 2018 has been exactly the same for you and your family as it has for us. Of course I’m referring to the fact that Despacito has been playing EVERY SINGLE TIME you have turned on the radio all year.Aside from the unwelcome assault on our family from Despacito, here is a summary of 2018:Kylee is in ninth grade. Her artistic talents have increased exponentially over the past year. She creates stunningly beautiful art and paint...
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Western Australia State to Consider Aboriginal Heritage Protection Bill

By Melanie BurtonMELBOURNE (Reuters) - The resource-rich state of Western Australia will on Wednesday introduce to parliament a bill to safeguard...
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Neuer Job gefällig? So klappt’s mit dem Karrierewechsel

In den USA kam es dieses Jahr zu einer enormen Kündigungswelle. 2,9 Prozent aller Arbeitskräfte kündigte dort im August, während die Zahl der offenen Stellen im Vereinigten Königreich zur gleichen Zeit einen neuen Rekord erreichte und damit zum ersten Mal die Marke von 1 Million überschritt. Was den deutschen Arbeitsmarkt betrifft, so erholt sich dieser gerade von den Folgen der Corona-Krise. Apropos Corona: Seit der Pandemie hatten wir alle viel Zeit, um nachzudenken und wichtige bisherige Ents...
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Melanie & Patrick’s Relaxed Autumnal Wedding By The Sea

If there was one word we could use, as we tell the story of Melanie and Patrick’s wedding, it would […] The post Melanie & Patrick’s Relaxed Autumnal Wedding By The Sea appeared first on Polka Dot Wedding.
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‘It’s Not At All What They Think’: Steven Krueger And Warren Kole Reveal Plot Twists In New SHOWTIME Drama Series ‘Yellowjackets’

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Australian Iron Ore Baron Bets Big on Global Green Revolution

By Sonali Paul and Melanie BurtonMELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australian iron ore magnate Andrew Forrest wants to turn his company, Fortescue Metals Group...
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Rio Tinto Announces Bold $7.5 Billion Spend to Halve Carbon Emissions by 2030; Shares Fall

By Melanie BurtonMELBOURNE (Reuters) -Anglo-Australian miner Rio Tinto announced on Wednesday a $7.5 billion plan to reduce carbon emissions by 50%...
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Exclusive: Australia Must Commit to Carbon Cuts to Keep Green Energy Advantage -Fortescue's Forrest

By Sonali Paul and Melanie BurtonMELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australia risks losing its advantage in the green energy revolution if its leaders don't...
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Trainspotting Sequel TV Series In The Works, Robert Carlyle To Return

Begbie's back, baby! That is to say, Robert Carlyle ("Stargate Universe") is reprising his role as Francis Begbie, the most rotten man in all of Scotland. Deadline reports that Carlyle will executive produce and star in a TV series based on the "Trainspotting" novel sequel, "The Blade Artist." The six-part series is being produced by Buccaneer Media. Carlyle and Welsh are executive producing alongside Buccaneer Media CEO duo Tony Wood and Richard Tulk-Hart. No streaming service or network is yet...
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Australia's Victoria State Records Second-Highest Daily Rise in Virus Cases

By Melanie BurtonMELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australia's Victoria state reported 779 new COVID-19 infections and two deaths on Sunday, off the previous...
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The 14 Most Iconic Alfred Hitchcock Scenes Of All Time

It's impossible to overstate the impact Alfred Hitchcock has made on film. His movies have influenced countless other directors, while the tropes he helped create have now entered the film lexicon and shaped the modern thriller. "MacGuffins" -- a word Hitchcock created to describe an item that drives the story, but isn't actually all that interesting in and of itself -- wrongly accused heroes, and meticulously constructed set-pieces that go off (and go wrong) with clockwork precision are all con...
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Small Australian Iron Ore Miner Suspends Operations After One Shipment

By Melanie BurtonMELBOURNE (Reuters) -Australian junior miner Venture Minerals has temporarily suspended operations at its controversial Riley iron...
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Justin Long On New Movie ‘Lady Of The Manor,’ ‘Dodgeball’ & ‘Accepted’

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The 20 Best Zombie Movies Of All Time

The zombie film takes up a lot of real estate in the horror genre. It ebbs and flows in terms of popularity, like anything else, but it always maintains a foothold, which speaks to how much audiences connect with the concept. Although the zombie genre has lots of tropes and general "rules," there's so much that a filmmaker can do with these brain-hungry members of the undead. After all, horror is a genre that's particularly adept at repackaging social fears and political anxieties as seemingly s...
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Alfred Hitchcock's 15 Best Films Ranked

With a career that spanned over 50 years, Alfred Hitchcock is an undisputed master of cinema. With around 55 feature films on his resume, it is extremely hard to narrow them down to a list of 15 -- and that's before you even get to ranking them. Hitchcock charted the political turmoil of the 20th century as it was unfolding; with his pre-war espionage thrillers "The 39 Steps" (1935) and "Sabotage" (1936), his examinations of the effects of World War II on the human condition in "Lifeboat" (1944)...
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18 Black-led Horror Movies as Terrifying as 'Candyman'

Nostalgia for the ‘90s is big right now, so it’s probably not a huge surprise Candyman is coming back. The love-lorn killer with the haunting bass voice and hook hand never had quite the box office cred of a Freddy, Jason, or Michael Myers, but Tony Todd’s performance—and his signature vocal rasp—made him an instant…Read more...
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Here's what a seasoned A-10 Warthog pilot says it feels like to fire the attack aircraft's powerful cannon

A-10 Reuters Photographer / Reuters A US Air Force A-10 pilot recently told Insider about what it feels like to fire the plane's powerful cannon. The A-10 is a close air support plane famous for its seven-barrel 30 mm gun and the "BRRRT" noise it makes. The pilot said shooting the gun is "the coolest thing I've ever done in an airplane." See more stories on Insider's business page. US Air Force Lt. Col. Matthew Shelly's first big combat mission as an A-10 Warthog pilot was ...
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You gonna share that?

Henry and his GSD sister Kacey are hoping to get my breakfast! You gotta share, Melanie! ;) Sheltie Nation - Largest Community of Sheltie Lovers on the Net!
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Melanie And Sean’s Modern Romantic Wedding On The Mornington Peninsula

It was with hues of terracotta, copper and rosy blush pink that Melanie and Sean tied the knot on the […] The post Melanie And Sean’s Modern Romantic Wedding On The Mornington Peninsula appeared first on Polka Dot Wedding.
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‘Snowpiercer’ Season 4 Greenlit Ahead of Season 3 Premiere

After a famously bumpy development period, TNT’s Snowpiercer will continue to chug along for a while longer: the network has handed the series a fresh renewal, continuing its tradition of giving a greenlight to an advance season before the impending season’s premiere even hits the airwaves. Actually, I guess “airwaves” aren’t technically involved since TNT is a cable network. But you know what I mean. Watch a video below of star Daveed Diggs announcing Snowpiercer season 4. “We have been g...
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Comment on stuffed eggplant parmesan by deb

In reply to Melanie. Thank you! There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL or ⌘ + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template. We will definitely make it easier to find when we next redesign.
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Comment on stuffed eggplant parmesan by Melanie

Hi, I love your recipes and have been following you for the last year or so. Thank you! I do have a request though. Could you please make your recipes printable?
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Hydrangea Petal Necklace

Is there anything more striking than the bursts of colorful blooms from hydrangea shrubs? Evoke that same stunning sentiment with this hydrangea-inspired necklace. Maker Melanie Brauner enlists a unique technique to bring each one to life. First, she dips shaped metal into a pulp made from water and plant fibers. As the pulp dries, it forms a translucent, papery skin that builds up with each successive dip. This papier-mâché-esque process leads to a layered, three-dimensional result, which Melan...
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Story Behind the Song: Melanie's 'Brand New Key'

Melanie told the unlikely origin story of 1971's 'Brand New Key', how it defined her career, and the shot of confidence it gave to Elton John.        [Author: Nashville Tennessean]
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Comment on zucchini and ricotta galette by Melanie

Can I make the galette in advance and freeze the whole thing?
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The 30 bestselling audiobooks on Audible right now, from Matthew McConaughey's memoir to Oprah's new self-help book

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Amazon; Alyssa Powell/Insider Audible has thousands of books and podcasts. You can start a free 30-day Audible trial here. Below, we compiled its 30 best-selling audiobooks among Audible users right now. The list ranges from former President Barack Obama's memoir to Quentin Tarantino's first book. If you're spending more time outside these days and have already cycled through your weekly po...
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Comment on sweet cherry pie by Melanie

This pie is delicious but I think it would have benefited from pre-baking the bottom crust a little, especially because the cherries put off a LOT of liquid during cooking.
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