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Sandoval Knows It All: Why Tom Sandoval Could Be a Beauty Editor

Sometimes, a show comes along and surprises you. Perhaps it tugs at your heartstrings. Maybe it makes you laugh out loud. Maybe there's a character that you feel on a deep, cellular level. In my case, this show is Vanderpump Rules, and the "character," if you will, is Tom Sandoval. Anyone whose a fan of the reality show can say, without pause, which cast member takes the longest to get ready - although Sandoval denies this allegation. (More on that later.) The 35-year-old co-owner of TomTom Bar ...
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Michael B. Jordan Shares the 5 Products He Never Travels Without (Including His Retainer)

Being Michael B. Jordan takes a few key things: talent, good genes, and some reliable grooming products - one of which is cologne. As Coach Fragrances' newest face, Jordan admitted that he had been mulling over memories associated with scents. "Scent to me is like time travel," he told POPSUGAR. Some smells bring him right back to elementary school, while others remind him of catching buses to Willowbrook or Woodbridge, which are malls he frequented as a teen. No matter the beauty product Jordan...
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Michael B. Jordan Says This Scent Reminds Him of a Time He Was “Trying to Get Girls”

Being Michael B. Jordan takes a few key things: talent, good genes, and some reliable grooming products - one of which is cologne. As Coach Fragrances' newest face, Jordan admitted that he had been mulling over memories associated with scents. "Scent to me is like time travel," he told POPSUGAR. Some smells bring him right back to elementary school, while others remind him of catching buses to Willowbrook or Woodbridge, which are malls he frequented as a teen. No matter the beauty product Jordan...
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The $195 Skincare Tool Behind Bradley Cooper's Glow at the Oscars

Believe it or not, it takes a village to get stars red carpet ready for the Oscars, even if they don't wear much makeup. In Bradley Cooper's case, celebrity groomer Natalia Bruschi used a bevy of hair and skincare products and tools to make sure he was ready for the big night. According to an image that Bruschi posted to her Instagram Story, Cooper's prep involved at least 12 steps. Among the most interesting of the tools were the Jillian Dempsey Gold Bar ($195), which was used to massage Cooper...
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10 Products to Gift Your Boyfriend So You Can Make Out Minus the Beard Burn

It seems like at least half of all millennial men right now have some sort of beard, and although we're not complaining (they're hot), us beard-appreciators end up with a whole lot of beard burn post-makeout session. If showing your facial-hair-owning man that you care is starting to get . . . well, painful, don't worry; there's an easy fix. Gift your honey some grooming products that will soften him up and prevent a session of smooches from rubbing your face raw. Ahead, you'll find some great p...
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Light-Up Beard Ornaments Have Arrived, and Ho-Ho-Holy Sh*t, I Can't Stop Laughing

Scruffy facial hair should be nurtured with special oils, washes, or balms, but ya know what else it deserves? To be decorated with Christmas ornaments for the holidays - and yes, this is possible, all thanks to one Utah-based company called Beardaments. The geniuses behind the brand previously made us LOL by selling teeny-tiny beard baubles, and this year, they've released a light-up version to take the festive vibes to a whole new level. These spherical, glow-in-the-dark ornaments are adhered ...
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Kit Harington Has Big Plans For His Hair After Game of Thrones

While plenty of people have become extremely attached to Jon Snow's sultry eyes and long hair throughout the seven years of watching him compete for the Iron Throne on Game of Thrones, apparently Kit Harington, the actor who plays him, feels differently. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the star revealed that as soon as the hit HBO show ends in 2019, he's got some big plans. "I'd like to step away and enjoy the obscurity, cut my hair, make myself less recognizable as the character, an...
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How My Dad Taught Me to Be Fearless With My Hair

My dad doesn't look like the typical dad you hear about on TV shows or in Hallmark cards. I've never seen him wear a Polo shirt, Dockers, or one of those cell phone belt clip things. Instead, he dresses much like he did when he went to Woodstock in 1969: with lots of denim (sometimes double-dipping jeans with chambray tops à la a Canadian tuxedo), Western prints, and a paisley tie if he has to get formal. For most of my life, I've associated my dad with one specific feature: his chest-length ha...
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Chadwick Boseman's Best Met Gala Accessory Had NOTHING to Do With His Outfit

Black Panther fans, is this your (sparkly) king? Let's hear a resounding "hell yeah," because onscreen Marvel superhero Chadwick Boseman dared to rock an accessory at the 2018 Met Gala that had nothing to do with his clothes: glitter all throughout his hair and beard. When you zoom in on photos of the handsome star walking the Met Gala red carpet, you can see flecks of shimmering gold in his hairstyle and facial hair, which become even more apparent when you see video footage of the sparkles. Fo...
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No, You Weren't Imagining Daniel Kaluuya's Oscars Glow - He Was Wearing Fenty Beauty!

Maybe he's born with it . . . maybe it's Fenty. Or in Daniel Kaluuya's case, maybe it's both? When the Get Out and Black Panther star walked the red carpet at the 2018 Academy Awards, we couldn't stop staring at his glowing complexion, and now we know why! According to Fenty Beauty, Daniel's grooming stylist used a mix of two different Pro Filt'r foundation ($34) shades - 480 and 490 - to enhance the actor's handsome features at the award show. RelatedCan't Stop Thinking About Black Panther's...
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Breaking: David Beckham Is Launching a Line With L'Oréal - See the Products Here First!

David Beckham is following his well-manicured wife's footsteps and launching a new men's grooming line with L'Oréal Luxe. (In case you forgot, Victoria Beckham has a successful makeup line with Estée Lauder). And according to a rep from the brand, David was just as involved as Victoria was with her offering or, say, Rihanna was with Fenty Beauty. This is the real deal! Yes, when you buy that lotion, David probably put the same one on his body. Have fun with that mental image. POPSUGAR has an exc...
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Riverdale's KJ Apa Looks Hot as Hell in a Hot Pink Wig

If only my eyebrows were pink A post shared by KJ Apa (@kjapa) on Dec 20, 2017 at 6:50am PST KJ Apa is probably one of the best-looking 20-year-old men on TV right now. The New Zealand actor is the star of CW's Riverdale in the role of Archie Andrews, which is inspired by the classic comic books. For the character, he has fiery red hair and what seems like an eight-pack (thank you, producers, for all of those shirtless scenes). The young Hollywood hunk also proved he is confide...
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This Hot, Successful Dude Picked Out 10 Grooming Gifts For the Men in Your Life

This holiday season, POPSUGAR Beauty tapped some of our favorite influencers, including popular brand owners, bloggers, pros, and celebrities, to share the gifts they would like to receive or give. Find more gifting inspiration here. Michael Dubin changed the shaving game. When he launched his company, Dollar Shave Club, in 2011, it quickly became a hit with men (and even some female POPSUGAR staffers) looking for inexpensive razors. The subscription service supplies its customers with shavin...
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10 Beauty Boys Who Will School You on Glam Makeup Looks

You don't have to be a woman to enjoy the world of makeup. In fact, some men have mastered applying it way beyond many ladies' level of expertise. But don't hate - get educated! We found 10 fiercely talented dudes to teach you Halloween beauty techniques, gorgeous contouring hacks, and everything in between.
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17 Grooming Brands You Should Introduce Your Man to This Christmas

Chances are the men in your life have been using the same grooming brands since they started shaving back in middle school, but it's time to expand their beauty horizons. Whether you're shopping for your husband, father, brother, best guy friend, or boss, there is something new he can discover when it comes to skin care and shaving. Our objective is to graduate him from his favorite drugstore brand to something more tailor-made. Does he always steal your body scrub? Hook him up with a spicy trea...
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10 Grooming Gifts 1 Dude Swears Other Men Will Like to Receive This Season

If you, like me, have absolutely no idea what to get the man (or men) in your life this holiday season, I am here to help. I always think that beauty products are a great place to start, because you know he's not buying them for himself. I mean, have you ever seen a man? They need all the help they can get in the grooming department, and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to get him together. These are my favorite grooming products right now, plus a few others I threw in that will make hi...
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Beard Christmas Ornaments Are Here to Make Your Facial Hair Look Festive as F*ck

Image Source: Beardaments Sorry, Buddy the Elf, but the best way to spread Christmas cheer isn't actually singing loud for all to hear - it's by decking out your facial hair with teeny-tiny Christmas ornaments. Yes, you read that correctly: beard Christmas baubles exist, and they're just as hysterically absurd as they sound. Beard ornaments, or beardaments for short, have actually been around for a few years, but we're somehow just now learning of their glorious existence, thanks to the fact t...
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13 Men's Fragrances That Women Find Attractive

Scent and memory are two things that are closely tied together. And just like your mother is devoted to her signature fragrance, you probably associate certain aromas with the men in your life. We can still recall the smell of Zest bar soap and fresh-cut grass that used to emanate from our dad on the weekends. So in the name of Father's Day, we've compiled our favorite colognes to suit every male personality - the lumbersexual, the dapper corporate climber, and even the adventurous retiree.
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Joe Keery's Famous Hair Is Proof You Should Shampoo Way Less Often

Image Source: Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage We've been told countless times by our hairdresser to stop our daily shampoo, but if you need photographic evidence of the results of this ritual, look no further than hunky Joe Keery from Stranger Things. The 25-year-old heartthrob is known for his signature voluminous 'do, and so is his character, Steve Harrington. He even revealed his extensive '80s hair routine to Dustin in season two. In real life, Joe has a much simpler routine. In an intervi...
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Here's the Secret to Steve Harrington's Luscious Hair on Stranger Things

If you've already binge-watched all of Stranger Things (and if you haven't, brace yourself for a small spoiler), you were likely intrigued by Steve's hair routine. In one scene, Steve reveals the secret to his luscious (and girl-attracting) hair to Dustin. "It's Fabergé Organics. Use the shampoo and conditioner," Steve explains. The final secret, however, might surprise you: "When your hair's damp - it's not wet, OK? - when it's damp, you do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray." Surprisi...
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Male-Focused Beauty Counters Could Soon Be a Reality

A post shared by Gary Thompson (@theplasticboy) on Mar 22, 2017 at 11:05am PDT More and more, beauty brands have been celebrating the fact that makeup is for everyone. Just look at beauty influencers like Manny Gutierrez, James Charles, Gabriel Zamora, and countless other men who have all scored campaigns and partnerships within the past year. Now, L'Oréal is pushing the needle further with the prediction that beauty counters catered to men will soon be a reality. The news comes fr...
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Chris Hemsworth on How He Gets That Sexy-Surfer Beach Hair

If it's 5 a.m. and Chris Hemsworth has a movie to shoot that day, he may have already dunked his head in ice water and played with his three children. The gorgeous Australian actor (seriously, he is stunningly handsome in the flesh!) is just another hardworking father and husband. When I chatted with him in NYC to celebrate his new campaign with Hugo Boss fragrances, it was weird how human this god of guy seemed. Just like any other 33-year-old husband and brother (you may have heard of Liam an...
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This Man Was Reprimanded For Wearing Makeup to Work - and He's NOT Having It

The man in this photo looks flawless. That should be the end of this story. Unfortunately, it isn't. Because this man claims that his manager asked him to remove his makeup just because he's a man. But as he posted in the Facebook group "Spotted Portsmouth," he's not having it, and neither are we. Related50 Dudes That Prove Smoky Eyes and Glitter Are Gender-Neutral According to the employee (who withheld his name from the group that covers news and events in Portsmouth, England), there is ...
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Oars + Alps raises $1.3 million for its men’s grooming line because Dr. Bronner’s isn’t cool anymore

 Oars + Alps, the men’s grooming line for fellas too fancy to buy their organic soaps and moisturizing supplies from Dr. Bronner’s bar soaps, Tom’s of Maine and/or Kiehl’s, has raised $1.3 million in a seed round of financing. Read More
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10 Father's Day Grooming Gift Ideas That He'll Actually Want - According to a Guy

Every year around mid May, I wake up in a cold sweat and ask myself, "Did I miss Father's Day again this year?" Luckily, I have not, (yet.) It's June 18, by the way. In order to make sure I don't blow it off again this year, I always like to come up with a list of gifts to have on reserve just in case I do end up cutting it close. You could do what everyone else does and get him a tie or grilling tools, but grooming products are nice, because guys don't ever think of buying them for themselves. ...
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Jared Leto Talks Tattoos, Smelling Musky, and His Minimalist Hair Care

Any child of the '90s likely had a crush on Jared Leto (ahem, Mr. Jordan Catalano) and probably still does (I do!). Thankfully Jared is still acting and performing with his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. And can we talk about the internet's obsessed with his ever-changing hair?! The renaissance man is also the face of Gucci fragrances, and the campaigns are pretty steamy (see exclusive behind-the-scenes images here!). This Spring, he is fronting the campaign for Gucci Guilty Absolute (an earthy-...
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12 Intoxicating Unisex Fragrances That Make a Strong Case For Sharing

While I love Chloé just as much as the next girl, there's also something to be said about those intoxicatingly musky scents that just ooze passion - the type of fragrances that are not only attractive to men, but can also be worn by them. Consider sharing a fragrance with your significant other. Unisex scents with stronger, spicier notes do seem to be having a moment due to their versatility. Plus, they have the added bonus of being more cost effective if you split it with your boo. To help you ...
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This TV Adventurer on Why Getting Sunburned in the Army Can Cost You Your Wages

If you've seen any of Levison Wood's TV series or read any of the associated books, you may wonder if this fearless adventurer and former British army captain is the right choice for a male grooming campaign. After all, when he's risking his life walking through some of the most dangerous areas of Central America or trekking the Himalayas with minimal supplies, surely moisturizing isn't a top priority? But as it turns out, even a man who thinks nothing of clambering into a cave full of vampire ...
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The 1 Reason Christian Grey Looks So Much Sexier in Fifty Shades Darker

If you find yourself getting slightly more aroused watching Fifty Shades Darker than you did first movie, we have a theory. There was backlash against Fifty Shades of Grey claiming that Jamie Dornan's portrayal of Christian Grey just wasn't hot enough. So this time Jamie brought it - and a little something extra. And by that, we are referring to the slight scruff on his chiseled face. According to a USA Today interview, Dornan prepped for the sequel by tanning, getting more muscle mass, and gr...
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1 Dude Reveals Exactly Which Grooming Gifts Guys Really Want For Valentine's Day

I know that hating Valentine's Day is, like, very cool. I get it. I'm in on the joke, I promise. But I happen to love Valentine's Day! My affinity for the manufactured holiday is entirely noncontingent on my relationship status at any given time. It's just that I am a fan of the color pink, candy, and any reason to get people little gifts (I also love receiving them - hint, hint, hint!). Sometimes, knowing what to get the dude in your life can be tricky. Buying Christmas presents is hard enoug...
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