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Icy Lake Mendota in the morning and afternoon.

It finally warmed up enough to do the sunrise run... ... about 30° at 7:27 when I took that photograph.  Later, we drove out to a place in Madison that I'd never even noticed before, Governor's Island:   This is land that had belonged to a governor in the 19th century, that became the Wisconsin Hospital for the Insane, later called Mendota Mental Health Institute. It's where Ed Gein lived out his last years.  We enjoyed our sojourn around the beautifully scenic location. It w...
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"Mary Sweeny... was an American woman known as 'the Window Smasher' because of her mania for breaking glass windows across Wisconsin and neighbouring states during the 1890s...."

"One cause of her window breaking sprees was reported to be drinking; it was also noted that she was seeking vengeance against medical doctors. She is said to have used cocaine to self-medicate because "it quiets her nerves." She was quoted as liking 'to hear the glass jingle.' She broke windows of shops and trains using anything to hand, including stones, sticks of wood, or a satchel. Authorities dealt with her by arresting and jailing her, hospitalising her, committing her to insane asylums, a...
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Jury to soon get case of teen tried in Slender Man stabbing

WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — The two girls accused of stabbing a sixth-grade classmate to appease an online horror character called Slender Man had a shared delusion that the fictional creature was real and could kill their families, a forensic psychologist testified. Gregory Van Rybroek, who has worked with youth at the Mendota Mental Health Institute, […]
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