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Meliá Brings Forward The Opening Of Its Flagship Hotels In The Balearic Islands

Meliá Hotels International is optimistic about the summer season in the Balearic Islands, where strong growth in bookings is expected from May due to the expected elimination of travel restrictions, progress with the vaccination programme and pent-up demand for travel. Together with the creation of a safe travel corridor with the United Kingdom - which has announced that British travellers will not have to quarantine after their return from the Balearic Islands - this has encouraged the c...
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Walking around Menorca: my lockdown project is never staying still

Having ‘washed up’ on the island due to travel restrictions, our writer finds joy in hiking the Camí de Cavalls coastal trail and swimming in secluded covesI’m walking along a sandy path through a forest high above the flashing kingfisher-coloured coast. It smells of hot pine and wild rosemary. The sound of bells deep in the wood stops me in my tracks. Have I finally lost my mind, after months of piloting solo through the pandemic on this small island far from home?From between the trees step a ...
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Mahon Leather Floris: Spanish Leather Made For Brits

The perfume name Mahon Leather is associated with the city of Mahon, the capital of the Balearic island of Menorca, which in the 18th century regularly changed state flags - British, French, Spanish... The founder of the Floris London perfume house, Juan Famenias Floris, moved with his family from Menorca to London in 1730, rightly judging that business would be better in the British empire's cap... Read full article: Mahon Leather Floris: Spanish Leather Made For Brits from Fragrantica Perfume...
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La Bionda Hotel in Spain’s Costa Brava: A Romantic Reuse Project by Quintana Partners

We leap to attention whenever Quintana Partners complete a project. Based in Barcelona and Menorca, Spain, interior designers Pol Castells and Benito Escat specialize in what they term “giving waste a second chance.” Translation: they like to begin with historic, often derelict structures and deftly renew them by exposing hidden layers—”the beauty behind all the paint”—and by introducing shored-up antiques. Sustainability guides their “reutilization mission”: see, for instance,  The All-Vintage ...
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La Bionda Hotel in Spain’s Costa Brava: A Romantic Reuse Design by Quintana Partners

We leap to attention whenever Quintana Partners complete a project. Based in Barcelona and Menorca, Spain, interior designers Pol Castells and Benito Escat specialize in what they term “giving waste a second chance.” Translation: they like to begin with historic, often derelict structures and deftly renew them by exposing hidden layers—”the beauty behind all the paint”—and by introducing shored-up antiques. Sustainability guides their “reutilization mission”: see, for instance,  The All-Vintage ...
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Queen Letizia's magical white dress will take your breath away

Queen Letizia and King Felipe of Spain have arrived in Menorca, where they will enjoy a...
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New native grass species have been discovered on the Iberian Peninsula and Menorca

The new species belong to the genus Aira, delicate herbaceous plants, which enjoy their greatest diversity in the Mediterranean Region. One of them, Aira minoricensis is a native species of the siliceous sands of Menorca. The other new species is called Aira hercynica and is widely found in the area of the Iberia Peninsula which approximately coincides with the Iberian Massif
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A guide to the Cami de Cavalls in Menorca

Imagine a long distance hiking trail where you’re never far from sparkling turquoise seas and sheltered coves, that you can walk in a continuous circuit or as individual day walks. Now imagine yourself on the Cami de Cavalls in Menorca where you can take advantage of the spring or autumn sunshine for a gorgeous hiking holiday, with delicious food and comfortable hotels to enjoy at the end of a day’s walk. Walking in Menorca is a great way to explore the island, to dip into its green landsca...
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Mallorca or Menorca for Your Balearic Islands Holiday?

Mallorca or Menorca when it comes to planning a trip to the Balearic Islands? Here's what I would advise... Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
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The All-Vintage Renovation by Quintana Partners in Menorca, Spain

We recently discovered the work of Menorca, Spain–based Quintana Partners (thanks, Megan, for clueing us in) and have been poring over their portfolio ever since. The firm was founded by Escat Benito Diaz, a watchmaker turned interior designer who honed his skills restoring houses in Frankfurt, Miami, and Venezuela before moving to the island of Menorca. Diaz recruited two compatriots, Benito Escat Velez and Pol Castells Segarra, to join him, and now the three designers work together creating so...
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Where to travel in 2020

The 25 places you need to travel in 2020 Photo: Scott Sporleder W e are now at the dawn of a new decade. And though today might not feel much different than yesterday, for some reason years that end in zero always make us think a little harder about what the future will hold. Some think about marriage and children. Others wonder about their career paths. But nearly all of us wonder where the next 10 years will take us around this beaut...
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15 fun things to do in Ciutadella – the ancient capital of Menorca

The ancient capital of Menorca and island’s second city of Ciutadella lives up to its nickname of Vella i Bella, the old and beautiful, with layers of history steeped into the honey stone buildings. The narrow streets of the old town are pedestrianised and lined with charming shops, bars and restaurants making this an easy place to wander and fall in love with. I’d visited Menorca before and was so captured by the island that I returned with a friend for a few days of walking, using Ciutade...
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Es Bec d’Aguila: A Rural Retreat in Menorca Revels in Cosmopolitan Elegance

Sitting atop a hill in the pastoral countryside of Menorca, Spain, the recently opened Es Bec d’Aguila private retreat couldn’t have picked a more idyllic location in terms of scenic beauty as well as history: The rural mansion was built in the 19th century as a weekend getaway for a wealthy merchant family who wanted to be close to nature as well as lavishly entertain guests.
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7 Unusual Things To Do in Menorca

Menorca suffers from something called Spanish Myth Syndrome: the unshakable viewpoint held by millions back home that there’s nothing more to Spain than simple sunshine, sea and sangria. I’ve written about... Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
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9 Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe You Should Visit This Summer

The 2019 list by European Best Destinations (EBD) of trendiest beaches in Europe includes some hidden gems as well as other, better-known, romantic and beautiful spots, from the 'secret' Cala Pregonda on Spain's Balearic island of Menorca to Vlychos Beach on the Greek island of Hydra.
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Gin, Sin and the Xoriguer Distillery in Menorca

Menorca threw several surprises my way when I visited. Wild flowers, for one, with fields flush with poppies, violets and periwinkles all dancing like hippies in the sun. There were bronze age settlements for another, and olive oil-soaked cheese, cured lovingly by hand and made from milk gathered freshly that morning. Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
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A Revived Catalan-Modernist Apartment: Quintana Partners in Barcelona

Several summers ago, our friend Megan Wilson returned from a vacation on the Spanish island of Menorca and tipped us off to the work of Quintana Partners, a local interior design firm run by Pol Castells and Benito Escat. Tasked with revitalizing historic houses, the duo do more than respect the existing bones: they inject new life into them by assembling rooms that are all about joie de vivre: see, for instance, Casa Telmo and the QP Way with Kitchens. The results are the opposite of most “deco...
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Tips for traveling with young kids

Being hesitant to travel with young kids is understandable. Maybe you’ve experienced a toddler screaming for the entirety of a coast-to-coast flight. Worse, maybe that was your toddler. But saying your kids are too young to travel is a slippery slope. When will you know when they’re old enough? The fact is, the sooner you start taking trips with your kids, the sooner they’ll adapt to journeying. And the sooner they — and you — will reap the benefits of that travel. Here’s why you should trave...
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"A common theory is that [mayonnaise] is named for Port Mahon in Menorca, in honor of the 3rd Duke of Richelieu's victory over the British in 1756..."

"... and in fact the name 'mahonnaise' is used by some authors. But the name is only attested long after that event. One version of this theory says that it was originally known as salsa mahonesa in Spanish, but that spelling is only attested later. Grimod de La Reynière rejected the name 'mayonnaise' because the word 'is not French'; he rejected 'mahonnaise' because Port Mahon 'is not known for good food,' and thus he preferred 'bayonnaise,' after the city of Bayonne, which 'has many innovative...
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A British family was forced to sit on the floor of an airplane after their assigned seats were missing

Three flyers were forced to sit on the floor of a TUI Airlines flight when their assigned seats were missing from the airplane.  The German airline said an unscheduled plane change meant the family's assigned seats were missing.  The family was seated in jump seats normally reserved for the flight crew, for takeoff and landing. When Paula Taylor and her family boarded their TUI Airways flight home to Birmingham, England from Menorca, Spain, they said they were shocked to find their assigned s...
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TUI scrambles emergency flight to rescue customers in Menorca

Spanish island hit by freak tornado, almost 2,000 tourists relocated
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Our family home exchange holiday in Majorca

The beautiful Canyamel beach in Majorca "We enjoy a home swap holiday in Pere and his families beautiful home in the resort of Canyamel, Majorca. Canyamel has one of the most beautiful beaches in Majorca - a wide, gently sloping, clean beach protected by wooded hills on either side. The apartment is just a 5 minute walk alongside a picturesque river to the sea front. The views from the back of the apartment are over countryside, with wooded hills and sheep. The nearest town of Arta...
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What Can Be Gained From A Luxury Balearic Yacht Charter?

In short, the answer to the title of this piece is: A truly memorable, relaxed, exciting and fun experience that will linger long in the memory. But to leave it at that would be extremely remiss. It would also mean we have neglected to point out the joys of such an adventure! Let’s take a look at the options, activities and places you can visit when taking a luxury yacht charter in the stunning Balearic Isles. Where are the Balearics? The Balearic Islands consist of 4 principle islands: Mallorc...
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A vacation you will never forget

If you are looking for your next perfect vacation to remember, it is time to start planning the kind of experiences you want to have and the types of activity you want to do. The hardest part will be choosing where you want to go, with so many wonderful places to choose from, excellent food and drink to try and amazing new experiences you can carry with you forever. The planning can be exciting and fun, and allows you to make the most of the time you will have, but first you have to choose the ...
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Jet2 extends Ibiza and Menorca programmes

Extra flights and holidays added in shoulder season
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Check out these underrated islands

Islands are awesome but, for many, the tropics aren’t worth the bother. Hot, sweaty, buzzing with tourists and mosquitoes…how are you supposed to relax? If you’re more about spending your hard-earned time off amid misty skies, craggy peaks, serene beaches, delicious food, and amazing animals, here are some destinations that offer all that island beauty with none of the heat rash. 1. San Juan Islands, Washington State Photo: Vikki Hunt/Shutterstock Located between Washington State and Vanc...
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Trend Alert: Classical Statues in Interiors, 9 Favorites

Noticed lately: classical sculptures and Roman busts in modern interiors. As designer Patrick Williams says about the statue in his East London apartment: “Many think it’s odd to have a Virgin and Child at the foot of one’s bed,” he says. “But I think she is very beautiful and peaceful, and is therefore essential.” Here are our favorite examples. Above: In the Edinburgh Georgian townhouse live/work space of Scottish artist Alison Watt, architect Helen Lucas took a minimalist approach. For mor...
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Balearic Islands bank on their sun to kickstart power drive | Adam Vaughan

Local government wants to convert to 100% renewables by 2050 but plan will not be easyAs thousands of holidaymakers fly into Menorca this summer, a glance out the window will illustrate the past and future of the island’s energy system.In the picturesque harbour of the capital, Mahón, where cruise ships dock alongside a marina full of luxury yachts, sits a pollution-belching, oil-fired power station inaugurated by Gen Franco more than half a century ago. Continue reading...
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Menorca crash: Man admits death of Welsh tech firm boss

American Bryan Leeds knocked Phillip Rasmussen off his bike on the Spanish island of Menorca.
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