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Meet the startups tackling youth mental health

Hello,Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, and today in healthcare news:We rounded up 6 startups tackling mental and behavioral health for kids and young adults;Meet the 11 newly minted healthcare unicorns of 2021;Why companies that make apps and video games could be prime takeover targets for telehealth firms.If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. Comments, tips? Email me at [email protected] or tweet @lydiaramsey125. Let's get to it... Sprout Th...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 125 – Shailini George on Law Students Doing Well and Being Well

Suffolk Law Professor Shailini George joins us to talk about her new book, The Law Student’s Guide to Doing Well and Being Well. Professor George talks about the need for law students to take better care of their mental and physical health in order for them to not only do well in law school but to be better lawyers once they enter the profession. Whether it is stopping task switching, setting boundaries on their time, or allowing themselves to be bored, she lays out a guide for students to do b...
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Employee mental health platform Oliva raises $2.2M pre-seed round led by Moonfire Ventures

Just as many other employee services have gone digital, so too is mental health. In the consumer space there are growing startups like Equoo, but the race is now on for the employee. And since telemedicine has gone digital and video-based, so too is mental health provision. A number of companies are already playing in this space, including Spill Chat, On Mind, Lyra Health, Modern Health, Ginger and TalkSpace For Business. Oliva’s take on this is not to create a marketplace or pre-recorded videos...
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A moment that changed me: meeting the rescue dog who comforted me through unfathomable loss | Shirley Manson

When I first held my dog Veela in my arms, I was grappling with my mother’s dementia, which was followed much too soon by her death. The teachings of my little red dog helped me surviveThe first time I rescued an animal was almost 15 years ago, while I was on hiatus from my band, Garbage, in 2007. Shuffling around Los Angeles with little to occupy my time and my catastrophic imagination, my husband suggested we might consider adopting a rescue dog from one of the local shelters. I was a little h...
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“Stop acting like a child”: police denial of Black childhood

On 29 January 2021, Rochester police responded to an incident involving a Black nine-year-old girl, who they were told might be suicidal. An extended police body camera video of the incident shows the agitated child, her mother, and an officer attempting to de-escalate the situation. The police detain the child by restraining her in handcuffs and placing her in the backseat of the police vehicle. Several of the nine officers who responded to the scene repeatedly threatened the child with pepper ...
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‘Virulent microbes everywhere’: how can anxious people fend off reopening panic?

Re-emerging from lockdown can feel fraught with danger, especially for people with a history of anxietyI recently took my first flight since the pandemic began. As I arrived at the airport, I prepared for a scene of utter carnage: people everywhere, all of them insisting on breathing; virulent microbes reveling in a field of unsuspecting targets.As someone with a history of anxiety, I took a deep breath – figuring it would be my last opportunity to do so before landing – and entered the fray. Co...
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Instagram ‘pushes weight-loss messages to teenagers’

Researchers find minimal interactions by teen users can trigger a deluge of thin-body and dieting imagesInstagram’s algorithms are pushing teenage girls who even briefly engage with fitness-related images towards a flood of weight-loss content, according to new research which aimed to recreate the experience of being a child on social networks.Researchers adopting “mystery shopper” techniques set up a series of Instagram profiles mirroring real children and followed the same accounts as the volu...
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Charities raise alarm over suicides of young asylum seekers in UK

Call for sweeping changes to support teenagers after up to a dozen found to have taken their own livesDozens of charities have called on UK government ministers to make sweeping changes to support young asylum seekers and refugees after up to a dozen were identified to have taken their own lives.Forty-six different charities dealing with issues of asylum, children and mental health, have written to the health minister Nadine Dorries, who has responsibility for suicide prevention. They highlight ...
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Uzo Aduba: ‘With In Treatment, I found a place to put my pain’

The Orange Is the New Black actor on how playing a therapist in the revived HBO drama helped her cope with the loss of her motherNine years ago, Uzo Aduba had a Sliding Doors moment. She decided to give up acting, mere hours before landing her life-changing role. “I made my mind up to quit on Friday 14 September 2012,” she recalls, the date etched on her memory. “I was planning to call my agent on the Monday and tell them ‘I’m done, I’m not doing this any more.’ But at 5.43pm that evening, I got...
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The era of Covid ambivalence: what do we do as normalcy returns but Delta surges?

We imagined a gleeful summer of pandemic relief. Instead, new anxieties have replaced old onesWe were promised a Hot Vax Summer.The term – a riff on Hot Girl Summer, the hit 2019 summer single – emerged this spring as predictive shorthand for the (perhaps literally) orgiastic welcome of a post-vaccine reality. But, as might be expected of a phenomenon named for the last great summer anthem of a world before Covid-19, Hot Vax Summer connoted more than a gleeful exchange of fluids. It came to sign...
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Can AI cameras predict suicide attempts at bridges?

This article was originally posted on our sister site, Freethink.Seoul is deploying an AI-powered CCTV system designed to predict suicide attempts at its many bridges — and send rescuers to help people in distress.Suicide bridges: South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, with about 27 suicides per 100,000 people in 2019 — by comparison, the U.S. rate that year was about 14.The 27 bridges crossing South Korea's Han River have a bad reputation for drawing such attempts — but ...
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‘It was devastating’: what happens when therapy makes things worse?

Therapists are meant to help people change their lives, but those who behave badly may end up doing more harm than goodCourtney thought it was strange when her therapist asked her to follow him on Instagram. She had begun seeing Michael – a psychoanalyst who has written books and appeared on television – to treat her fear of flying in 2018 (both of their names, and those of all the patients in this article have been changed). After a few sessions, he suggested the pair connect on Instagram, wher...
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Burnout eating: how chronic pandemic stress can disrupt and destroy our diet

Over the past year, many of us have suffered from physical and emotional exhaustion. It is no surprise that people have turned to food for comfortNaomi Boles hit a wall last October. “I wasn’t sleeping at all and I felt like I couldn’t keep going,” she recalls. “I was so stressed, and even when I was in bed my brain was constantly racing as I was worrying so much about my health, about my income, about my children. When I went to the doctor, it was like I’d reached a point where I couldn’t carry...
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DMT: the strongest psychedelic you’ve never heard of

Psychedelic therapy shows promise where other mental health treatments have failed. DMT, an incredibly powerful drug, may be particularly useful in conjunction with therapy.The use of DMT is still highly experimental and possibly dangerous. As psychedelic research returns to the mainstream of medical science, several lesser known drugs are being seen as possible therapies for mental illness. One of these is DMT, which is the subject of a slew of new studies about its potential use in treati...
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Doctor speaks out about the mental toll of Covid-19 and now the unrest

Despite the life-threatening anarchy occurring in areas where we work, one is still expected to show up and replace fear and anxiety with warmth and enthusiasm The post Doctor speaks out about the mental toll of Covid-19 and now the unrest appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Fear Of Failure? Seasoned Lawyers Share Tips For Overcoming Imposter Syndrome [Sponsored]

During an unprecedented pandemic year, personal and professional anxieties can throw even the most seasoned lawyers off their games.
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Does the term “neurodiversity” do more harm than good?

There's been a recent push to label those with abnormal neuropsychological behaviors as "neurodiverse" rather than "autistic" or "dyslexic."This is an attempt to both remove the stigma attached to these abnormalities and also to call into question whether there is any such thing as a normal brain.The problem with getting rid of neuropsychological labels, however, is that it risks ignoring those individuals with developmental issues who need help. "Neurodiversity" is an umbrella term that encom...
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‘Everything I do now is for her’: the woman who saved me from rock bottom

At my lowest ebb, I found hope in wickedly funny Leah, who lit up the crisis centre where we met. But just months later, she was dead. Could I stop my grief pulling me back under?Over the years there have been only a few people I would have classed as best friends. People whom I counted on in my darkest moments. When I was at my lowest, and feeling more alone than ever, I met Leah. She was an incredible person who showed me how to find joy and belonging even in the worst possible circumstances. ...
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Psilocybin and depression: “magic mushroom” drug could regrow lost brain connections

Stressed out mice have damaged neurons in their brains, and magic mushrooms can help them grow back.Neuronal damage, specifically a lack of dendritic spines, also has been observed in cases of depression in humans. So far, the findings are limited to mice, but the results hold promise for humans. Psychedelics, long demonized as substances used only by quacks and hippies, have been enjoying a renaissance in the biomedical community over the past few years. Even the FDA is getting in on the action...
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Urinary Incontinence Can Affect a Woman's Mental Health

Title: Urinary Incontinence Can Affect a Woman's Mental HealthCategory: Health NewsCreated: 7/8/2021 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 7/8/2021 12:00:00 AM
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No goals: why is it so hard to do something for enjoyment’s sake?

Being wholly goal-driven sets us up for constant comedowns, but some high achievers have found a solutionEndurance races would surely feel like they go on forever, even though hellish events such as Death Valley’s Badwater or the Marathon de Sables might “only” last two to six days. But the planning component can last all year, and for many, that’s where the real enjoyment lies. Related: 53C heat and melted shoes: is the 135-mile Badwater the world's toughest race? Continue reading...
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Urinary Incontinence Can Affect a Woman's Mental Health

By Robert Preidt, HealthDay ReporterTHURSDAY, July 8, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Millions of women are plagued by the daily disruptions of urinary...
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Hope Virgo: the woman who survived anorexia – and began Dump the Scales

Hospitalised with an eating disorder as a teenager, she recovered to become a campaigner. Her mission? To show that eating disorders aren’t always visibleHope Virgo’s description of her descent into anorexia is so harrowing and filled with danger that meeting her in real life – in the south London flat she shares with her fiance – is like meeting the personification of triumph or optimism. “In the media, you see the same stories, the same distressed, emaciated person; you hear of people dying,” ...
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2021 Is Going To Be Even Worse Than 2020: Lawyer Burnout Is On The Rise

2021 is not looking great for lawyers' well-being.
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Norway law requires photoshopped pics to be labeled

A law passed in Norway requires photoshopped photos to be marked as such. Everyone from fashion magazine feeds to influencers will have to 'fess up. The rules will affect any paid posts across all social media platforms, as part of an effort to "reduce body pressure" among young people. — Read the rest
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Time to face the brutal truth: there’s no glamour at the bottom of a glass

Alcohol addiction has long been romanticised in films, TV shows, books and adverts. Let’s stop glossing over the destructive drudgery and sheer sorrow of the diseaseWhen I was 21, I decided I should make a proper effort to be a writer. I knew what I needed: countless films and television shows had told me. I needed a typewriter, fags and a bottle of whisky. I acquired them, and set myself up at the kitchen table. Yep, I thought. Now I am the business. I was Dorothy Parker, Carson McCullers, Raym...
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Parents Of Man Arrested For Creepy Comments To Child In Dixon Comes Forward To Share Battle With Mental Illness

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Woman Who Stabbed Her Friend for Slender Man at Age 12 Is Getting Released Early

In 2014, two 12-year-old girls lured their best friend into the woods before stabbing her more than a dozen times—and leaving her for dead—in an attempt to satiate the internet horror meme Slender Man. Now, after spending the past three and a half years confined to a state facility, one of the attackers has will be …Read more...
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Parents Of Man Arrested for Creepy Comments To Child In Dixon Comes Forward To Share Battle With Mental Illness

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New California Laws Take Effect Addressing Issues From Assault Rifles To Student Loans

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