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Steamy Kitchen Update

Happy Wednesday! Hope you had a nice weekend! We had insanely beautiful weather here in Vegas over the weekend and I am soaking up these perfect temperatures before it gets too hot! Desert problems.. ha! You MAY not know it, but MAY is also Mental Health Awareness Month. A great time to have conversations about mental health, check in with our loved ones and prioritize ourselves and our well-being! I have recently been putting a bit more attention to keeping the mind as healthy as the body. Som...
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LA County Mental Health Department to hold free programs on art’s healing power

LOS ANGELES >> May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health is hosting a monthlong series of free community programs and events to highlight the healing power of art and connection for residents of all ages. The initiative, in its fourth year, is called WE RISE. Dr. Jonathan Sherin, who heads the Department of Mental Health underscored the importance of reaching out to others. “Connectedness is vital to mental health and wellbeing, more so now than ...
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LA County to create team to track, prevent veteran suicides

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday, May 4,to establish a review team to track veteran suicides in an attempt to provide more effective intervention. Supervisors Kathryn Barger and Sheila Kuehl co-authored the motion, saying that despite already shocking numbers, they believe suicides among veterans are undercounted. “Most of us are aware that the statistic nationwide is an estimated 20 veterans a day die by suicide,” Barger said. “But this data is only reflective of nat...
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Tumblr Kicks Off Mental Wealth Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is Mental Wealth Month on Tumblr. The platform said 48% of its users are Generation Z and, in recognition of the mental health struggles younger people face on a daily basis, it is spotlighting initiatives, organizations and partner applications throughout the month of May. Partners including Free Black Therapy, Headspace, Shine...
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A Reminder To Take Care of Yourself And Others During Mental Health Awareness Month

May 1st kicked up Mental Health Awareness Month and now more than ever it’s important to bring attention the mental health. I’m of those people that’s annoyingly positive all the time and if something does get me down I tend to let it go very, very quickly. I’m ever always optimistic about everything in life. But during quarantine I came into contact with a wide variety of people online that weren’t as hopeful, confident, and positive as I was about life. I also became friends with people th...
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Pinterest Sets Several Mental Health Awareness Month Initiatives

Pinterest detailed several ways it is marking Mental Health Awareness Month in May. The company said a recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 42% of respondents reported anxiety or depression symptoms due to the pandemic, adding that GlobalWebIndex found that Pinners are 20% more likely than the rest of...
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This CBD-Infused Soda Is Offering to Buy $200 Worth of Therapy for Some Customers

Mental Health Awareness Month may have ended a few days ago, but could there possibly be a better time to extend it? Recognizing that June is off to an emotionally rattling beginning as U.S. police clash with protesters nationwide, a startup called Bimble, which makes sparkling CBD-infused drinks, is offering to cover up to $200...
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Expert tips for maintaining your mental health during the pandemic

It’s that special time of year when both Mental Health Awareness Month in the US and Mental Health Awareness Week in the EU combine forces to become Super Duper Mental Health Awareness Time. We made that last part up, but the fact of the matter is that it’s safe to say those of us born after World War II have never collectively experienced anything like the COVID-19 pandemic as a global community. Everyone is affected by the pandemic in one way or another, and everyone has mental health. And tha...
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‘Orphan Black’ Cast Will Reunite for Two-Episode Virtual Table Reading

BBC America has announced that the cast of “Orphan Black” will reunite for a virtual two-episode table reading. The reunion will stream live on the series’ official Facebook page on May 17 at 12:00 p.m. PT. The reunion is timed to Mental Health Awareness Month in May and International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. […]
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Orphan Black Cast Reuniting for Two-Episode Virtual Table Read

Orphan Black Cast Reuniting for Two-Episode Virtual Table Read Variety is reporting that the Orphan Black cast will be reuniting for a two-episode virtual table read on the series’ official Facebook page this Sunday, May 17, at 12:00 p.m. PT in an effort to raise money for charity. #OrphanBlack is BACK. This Sunday, May 17 at 3pm ET, the original cast will reunite live on the official Orphan Black Facebook page for a two-episode table read benefiting @CenterLink and @SisteringTO. See you the...
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Senior Living: Live in your hands (and other strategies) for mental health

By David W. Hart, Ph.D. Contributing writer May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the remembrance takes on much more meaning in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down and all of us are wondering if what we considered normal two months ago will ever be the same. How will we travel, socialize, worship and work in our brave new world? Hearing the predictions of public health experts nationally and locally, we will create a new normal that mirrors the sobering realities ...
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Tumblr Teams Up With Ditch the Label for Mental Health Awareness Month

Tumblr marked the start of Mental Health Awareness Month May 1 by teaming up on a content initiative with U.K. nonprofit Ditch the Label. Throughout the month of May, Post It Forward, Tumblr's platform to raise awareness of mental and emotional health via community building, will feature resources and discussions centered on four major issues:...
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Twitch May 2020 Prime Update Includes Six Free Games Plus New Loot

Twitch May 2020 Prime Update Includes Six Free Games Plus New Loot Twitch Prime has released its May 2020 update which includes six free games and new loot for Prime members! In the coming weeks, members can claim loot for popular titles, including Destiny 2, Fallout 76, and Words with Friends 2. In addition, six Free Games with Prime titles will be available beginning tomorrow May 1, including Snake Pass, Urban Trial Playground, Avicii Invector, Fractured Minds, Pankapu, and The Little Acre....
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Alex Boniello and More Join NAMI-NYC's #MentalHealthMatters Social Media Campaign

NAMI-NYC local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness will mark May's Mental Health Awareness Month with a focus on meeting the immediate needs of New Yorkers impacted by COVID-19. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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This Haunting Ad Shows How Fitness Can Ease PTSD Symptoms

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and a new campaign video for the fitness app Freeletics shows how people living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can use movement to help ease symptoms. The video is the latest installment in the brand's "This Is My Journey" series, and was produced by Havas Germany. Each "journey" focuses...
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Do You Trust Your Impulses? A Little Education Goes a Long Way

During May, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, advocates like myself educate the public on various topics. One topic we don’t learn enough about is how emotional impulses affect our mind, body, and lives. Impulses, the strong biological pulls to take action, come from emotions. In fact, the whole purpose of emotions is to compel us to move. The word emotion comes from the Latin word “emovere ” meaning to “move out, remove, agitate.” From sprinting out of a burning building...
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Suicide prevention requires prayer AND action

USA (MNN) -- We’re continuing a conversation today about Mental Health Awareness Month and the U.S. suicide rate. Read yesterday's article here . Suicide claimed over 47,000 lives in 2017, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention . Suicide is a crisis inside church walls as well as outside, Dean Vander Mey of Set Free Ministries observes. The self-inflicted deaths they encounter are often – but not always – connected to substance addiction. On a daily basis, Set Free’s...
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Burger King's anti-Happy Meals are pissing some people off, but BK is used to that

Earlier this week, Burger King introduced a new offering, a set of “Real Meals” acknowledging that people aren’t happy all the time. Including selections like the Pissed Meal, the Blue Meal and the DGAF Meal, they’re a playful dig at its competitor McDonald's Happy Meals. But, with the tagline "Feel Your Way," they're also meant to raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Month in May—the brand partnered with Mental Health America on the idea, which was conceived out of Mullen Lowe U.S. H...
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Author’s Story Of Mental Illness Seeks To Remove Stigma, Restore Hope

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May in the U.S. since 1949. Seventy years later, statistics show mental illness – in many forms – is more prevalent than ever. Nearly one in five U.S. adults – 46.6 million – live with a mental illness, and estimates suggest about half do not receive professional care. Suicide rates in the U.S.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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My Cats Saved My Life, More Than Once

For the first time since I adopted her, Tara’s taken to sleeping on the bed. I’m sitting here staring at the blinking cursor, waiting for the inspiration to come and words to flow out of my heart and mind. But my brain feels like it’s moving through molasses, and the thought of actually concentrating on anything makes me want to do anything but this. Junk TV? Yup. Video games? Yup, that too. But after missing last week’s post because I wasn’t feeling well, I figure it’s time to come clean about...
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10 Pitch Angles and Social Media Content Ideas for May

Ah May, the month of memes (or so it seems!). While it might feel likely simply the last month before summer hits, the fifth month of the year is actually full of great lifestyle story opportunities for digital pubs, not to mention agency and client social feeds. Read on! (never gets old) 1. Last-minute gift ideas for graduates: They really do grow up so fast. Luckily for you, that means many family members and friends are scrambling to grab gifts for their graduates just weeks or days before...
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If Asian Americans struggle with Mental Health in May 2018

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. And these two things intersect, or shall we say, collide, for those who are Asian Americans and struggle with mental illness. Let’s do the math. The Asian American population is estimated at 21.4 million (as of 2016, cf. Census Bureau’s Facts for Features: Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: May 2018) About 1 in 5 Americans struggle with mental health each year. That comes to...
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Lili Reinhart Shared An Important Message On World Suicide Prevention Day

Lili Reinhart, who you may know as Betty Cooper on Riverdale, has repeatedly used her social media platforms to speak out on issues she's passionate about — and that includes suicide prevention.On Sunday, Reinhart posted an image to Instagram for World Suicide Prevention Day, opening up about her history with mental illness and reminding her followers that the first step to getting better is asking for help, Teen Vogue reports."YOU are the one thing in this world, above all other things, that y...
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Finding Harmony: Managing Work & Life as an Entrepreneur

We recently held an AMA with Brad Feld, Managing Director at Foundry Group, and co-founder of Techstars, where we discussed Mental Health Awareness & the Startup Community. This post is the second in a series, which includes a transcript of Brad’s answers to audience questions in this AMA . To sign up for our next AMA, check the schedule here . Work-life balance is a beast of a thing. Most entrepreneurs I know are heavy on work, less on life. What’s the key for startup entrepreneurs ...
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Mental Health Awareness & the Startup Community: A Chat with Brad Feld

We recently held an AMA with Brad Feld, Managing Director at Foundry Group, and co-founder of Techstars, where we discussed Mental Health Awareness & the Startup Community. This post is the first in a series, which includes a transcript of Brad’s answers to these questions in this AMA . To sign up for our next AMA, check the schedule here . Mental health issues can be considered a huge liability – to investors, customers, partners, co-founders, employees, etc. Should entrepreneurs d...
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From Coping to Empowered: Mental Health and the Community

Last week was the Techstars Boulder Startup Week Brain Crawl, where I was given the role of introducing the Brain Health Conversation with Jerry Colonna and Brad Feld . This was also a huge moment for me as I unveiled Sigmend’s OPEN Labs to an audience full of the people who have helped me the most on my own journey. Under different circumstances, it could have been a very nerve racking task, but after having part one of this series viewed by a few hundred thousand people t...
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Mental health at all ages

This May, Mental Health Awareness Month turns 68. To raise awareness of the fact that mental health issues affect individuals at all stages of the life course, we have put together a brief reading list of articles from The Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences Series B. These articles also explore aspects of mental health that may be under-appreciated in the traditional social psychological literature as they address sociological theories, the roles that institutions, culture, and social stru...
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The Skills You Need to Succeed Start in Your Head

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it reminded me of an email I got from a VC mailing list. Leaders don’t often feel like they can — or should – share their stress and worries, especially with their team. Which is why I was surprised to see this statement in an email sent to f ounders and CEOs of a leading Silicon Valley VC firm: “Ever since I started the company, I’ve lost the ability to sleep through the night. I wake up with worries and concerns and anxieties, and toss and turn a...
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Lili Reinhart Of Riverdale Opens Up About Her Depression

Lili Reinhart is best known for playing Betty Cooper on CW's hit show Riverdale. But she's also known for her Twitter feed, where she speaks up about social issues and fires back at body-shamers. True to form, the actress used social media to open up about her struggles with depression for Mental Health Awareness Month.In what she called a "Twitter rant," Reinhart wrote, " Riverdale came into my life when I was going through the worst depression I had ever experienced. And in the end it complet...
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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month: Trumpcare’s dangerous impact on mental health care

Last week, I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly uninsurable. While tracking the Trumpcare vote (AHCA), I felt like Princess Leia, helplessly watching the Empire destroy her home planet. Yes, the Senate still has to vote on it, and no, I’m not saying that Republicans are evil. But for me and so many Americans, Obamacare (ACA) got rid of the terror and carnage of being denied or unable to afford healthcare coverage based on pre-ex...
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