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Madonna criticises Instagram for taking down nipple photo

Artist says it is ‘astounding’ that women can show any part of their body except nipplesFrom her infamous corset bodysuit with conical bra cups to her bondage-inspired outfits at the Met Gala and MTV video music awards, Madonna has never been shy of causing a stir with her looks. But now, the international superstar has come up against an unlikely and powerful foe: Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire.On Thursday, the singer criticised Instagram for taking down photographs in which her nipple w...
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Conspiracy theorists are pushing toxic bleach and other harmful treatments they claim can 'de-vaccinate' people

A protest in London against plans to encourage vaccination on November 20, 2021.Wiktor Szymanowicz/Barcroft Media via Getty Images In Facebook groups and Telegram channels, "de-vaccination" misinformation is spreading.  De-vaccination is medically impossible. But some advocates are encouraging people to try. Insider found blood-letting and dangerous chemicals recommended as methods. On social media channels devoted to anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, a new craze is spreading. In a video host...
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Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, to testify before US Congress amid probes on platform’s impact on young users

Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, will be testifying before the US Congress as criticism mounts over concerns related to the safety of young users on the platform. The Instagram chief highlighted a series of features and updates that the Meta-owned photo-sharing platform has introduced for the safety of young users, emphasizing parental controls apart from changes such as making young teens’ accounts private by default and restricting the kinds of ads they see. The platform has been under th...
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The metaverse is a $1 trillion opportunity, crypto giant Grayscale says as virtual land sales boom

Facebook, now called Meta, has created a number of images to show how its metaverse might look.Facebook Crypto giant Grayscale said the metaverse is a $1 trillion annual revenue opportunity. It comes as pieces of virtual land inside metaverse projects have sold for upwards of $2 million. Grayscale said the metaverse is a big opportunity for the crypto world, with investment accelerating. The metaverse has the potential to become a $1 trillion annual revenue opportunity across the worlds of ad...
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Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri is to testify before Congress for the first time, as lawmakers seek answers on child safety

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri.Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for WIRED Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri is to testify before Congress for the first time, on child safety, the NYT reports. His scheduled appearance comes after a backlash over internal research leaked by the Facebook whistleblower. The research found that Instagram made body image issues worse for one in three teen girls. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri is to appear before Congress for the first time, to answer questions about child safety on ...
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Instagram head Adam Mosseri to testify before Congress amid mounting criticism over child safety

Instagram head Adam Mosseri's testimony in December will be the first by a top Meta executive since a whistleblower leaked documents to lawmakers.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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The Head of Instagram Agrees To Testify as Congress Probes the App's Effects on Young People

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has agreed for the first time to testify before Congress, as bipartisan anger mounts over harms to young people from the app. From a report: Mr. Mosseri is expected to appear before a Senate panel during the week of Dec. 6 as part of a series of hearings on protecting children online, said Senator Richard Blumenthal, who will lead the hearing. Mr. Mosseri's appearance follows hearings this year with Antigone Davis, the global head of safety for Meta, the pare...
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What I learned from creating a metaverse for my students

We’ve been hearing a lot recently about the metaverse – a vision for the internet which uses technology like virtual and augmented reality to integrate real and digital worlds. With Facebook changing its name to Meta to focus on this space, and other big tech companies like Microsoft coming on board, there is much discussion about the potential of the metaverse to enhance the way we socialize, work and learn. A key component of the metaverse ecosystem will be the creator economy. The virtual wor...
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Trump says Mark Zuckerberg 'would often come to the White House trying to get goodies — he didn't do too well'

Former President Donald Trump and Meta CEO Mark ZuckerbergAlex Wong/Getty Images Trump took a swipe at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday. In a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity, Trump lamented "big tech." "He would often come to the White House trying to get goodies — he didn't do too well," Trump said of Zuckerberg. In a meandering interview with Fox News opinion host Sean Hannity on Tuesday night, former President Donald Trump mocked Facebook founder and Meta CEO Mark Zucke...
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These metaverse tokens are surging this week ahead of Sandbox's gaming launch, and as buyers snap up virtual land

Web Summit Crypto tokens linked to the burgeoning metaverse have surged in the latest week, while traditional coins have lagged. Sandbox's sand token has shot up 97% in a week ahead of the opening of its metaverse, while Decentraland's mana has risen almost 50%.  The Metaverse Group said it had made what it said was the biggest ever virtual land buy on Decentraland. Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. The cryptocurrency market has had a bumpy week...
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Meta Quest Teams Up With VMLY&R on Holiday Campaign

Meta Quest teamed up with VMLY&R on a campaign for the holiday shopping season. The virtual reality unit of Facebook parent company Meta and the agency used the former's Horizon Worlds to create a video that seeks to spread holiday joy and demystify VR technology. The video spotlights a virtual experience within Horizon Worlds and...
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Niantic Raises $300 Million At $9 Billion Valuation To Build the 'Real-World Metaverse'

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Niantic, the augmented reality platform that's developing games like Pokemon GO, raised $300 million from Coatue, valuing the company at $9 billion. The San Fransisco-based startup, which initially spun out of Google, will use this money to build what it calls the "real-world metaverse." As early as August, Niantic founder and CEO John Hanke has referred to the metaverse -- at least, the one that renders us bound to VR headsets, like in "Ready...
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Meta won’t roll out end-to-end encryption for its apps until 2023 — but is that so bad?

It’s been two years since Mark Zuckerberg made a bold statement in 2019 about wanting to integrate all of Facebook, er, Meta’s messaging platforms — Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp — with end-to-end encryption protection. But the journey has already taken a long time, and it might not be complete for another two years. Over the weekend, Antigone Davis, Meta‘s global director of safety, said the company is taking its time to “get this right and we don’t plan to finish the global rollout of end...
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Meta delays end to end encrypted messages on Facebook, Instagram to 2023

Meta-owned Facebook Messenger and Instagram are delaying plans to encrypt users’ messages until 2023. Facebook had first started rolling out encryption to its Messenger service back in 2016, but it only works when users use the Secret Conversation feature on the service. Meta is also planning to unify the infrastructure behind the three messaging platforms – Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct. [Via]
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What is the metaverse? A deep dive into the ‘future of the internet’

What exactly is the metaverse, where did it start, and where is it going? In this article, we'll dive deep into the concept and the future of the metaverse.
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Meta Delays Encrypted Messages on Facebook and Instagram To 2023

The owner of Facebook and Instagram is delaying plans to encrypt users' messages until 2023 amid warnings from child safety campaigners that its proposals would shield abusers from detection. From a report: Mark Zuckerberg's social media empire has been under pressure to abandon its encryption plans, which the UK home secretary, Priti Patel, has described as "simply not acceptable." The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has said private messaging is the "frontlin...
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Facebook is the most obvious stock to gain exposure to the metaverse, but here are 4 others that are set to benefit from the Web3 revolution

Logo Meta outside Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California.Liu Guanguan/China News Service via Getty Images Metaverse, the buzzy new concept billed as the future of the internet, is a big market opportunity. Facebook is the "most obvious" stock for investors who want exposure, according Morgan Stanley. They named four other stocks that stand to benefit from the metaverse revolution.  Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. Facebook's rebrand to Met...
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Facebook researchers wanted to block racist hate speech, but executives reportedly dismissed their solution to avoid backlash from 'conservative partners'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in New York City on Friday, Oct. 25, 2019.AP Photo/Mark Lennihan Facebook researchers wanted to fix its algorithm so the worst hate speech would be removed. But execs reportedly dismissed their plan to avoid angering the company's "conservative partners." The report highlights yet another instance of employees voicing concerns to leadership and being rejected. Facebook researchers wanted to fix the platform's algorithm last year so that the "worst of the w...
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Facebook Delays Plans to Use End-to-End Encryption As Default for Messenger and Instagram Messages Until at Least 2023

Facebook, now rebranded to "Meta," is delaying plans to use end-to-end encryption for Messenger and Instagram messages until at least 2023, a year later than the previous deadline promised by the social media behemoth. Writing in The Telegraph, Meta's head of global safety, Antigone Davis, said that the company is pushing back its deadline to roll out end-to-end encryption as the default for billions of Messenger and Instagram users until "sometime in 2023." Meta claims this delay is meant t...
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Your Instagram and Facebook Messenger chats aren't going to be encrypted like WhatsApp until 2023, Meta says

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.REUTERS/Yuri Gripas Facebook, now Meta, announced in 2019 it would end-to-end encrypt messages on all its platforms. But it won't now finish doing this until 2023, its global safety chief told The Sunday Telegraph. Meta has faced political pressure to provide law enforcement with ways to evade encryption. Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, won't finish making your chats on Facebook Messenger and Instagram end-to-end encrypted until 2023, according t...
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Here's what 14 top executives are saying about the 'metaverse'

Getty Images Tech leaders are increasingly using the vague term "metaverse" in earnings calls with investors.  Many are following the lead of Meta, who announced it would be focusing on building the metaverse. Executives had different expectations for what the "metaverse" will be when questioned in earnings calls. The "metaverse" has become a hot topic for executives, analysts, and investors alike, being mentioned in the earnings calls of more than 15 companies in the past few months alone. A...
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Move over, Twitch: Facebook Gaming is steadily on the rise

There's been a lot of talk around streaming and the viability of certain platforms. Can Facebook Gaming make a dent in a crowded market?
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Meta delays encrypted messages on Facebook and Instagram to 2023

Move comes as child safety campaigners express concern plans could shield abusers from detectionThe owner of Facebook and Instagram is delaying plans to encrypt users’ messages until 2023 amid warnings from child safety campaigners that its proposals would shield abusers from detection.Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire has been under pressure to abandon its encryption plans, which the UK home secretary, Priti Patel, has described as “simply not acceptable”. Continue reading...
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Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse could fracture the world as we know it — letting people 'reality block' things they disagree with and making polarization even worse

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shows off his vision for the metaverse during Facebook's Oculus Connect conference on October 28, 2021.Facebook/Handout via REUTERS The so-called metaverse could give us our own virtual echo chambers and tailored realities. Advertisers and third parties could inject someone's virtual world with ads and overlays unique to them. Experts told Insider the result could be a fractured reality where we all exist in different worlds. In the metaverse of the future...
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Meta's chief business officer describes overcoming her initial reluctance to work at Facebook — and what changed her mind

Marne Levine in 2018, when she was the COO of Instagram.Getty Images Marne Levine is the chief business officer of Meta, formerly Facebook. She told a virtual classroom she initially didn't want to work there when first approached in 2010. She described how she realized there were other areas where she "was going to add value right away." People should be "open and imaginative" when considering pivoting to new industries, Meta's chief business officer said as she described her initial...
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Facebook is offering to pay musicians and creators up to $50,000 every time they use its new Clubhouse rival feature for 30-minute sessions, a report says

Facebook office signJosh Edelson / AFP Facebook is offering to pay musicians and creators to use its new Clubhouse rival, per The Information. The reported deals pay up to $50,000 for each FB Live Audio Room session which can be as short as 30 minutes. The platform deployed similar strategies to attract creators to its TikTok-clone Instagram Reels. Facebook is offering to pay music artists and creators up to $50,000 every time they use its new Clubhouse-like feature, The Information reported ...
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Understanding the different stock types is important when choosing which to include in your portfolio

When it comes to a company’s stock, not all shares are not created equal.fizkes/Getty The main stock types are common and preferred, each of which has benefits and drawbacks. Common stocks typically come with voting rights, while preferred stocks guarantee dividends. Stocks are also further classified by characteristics like industry, market value, growth potential, and volatility. Visit Insider's Investing Reference library for more stories. When researching stocks, you'll often run ...
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Meta previews haptic gloves in the VR Metaverse, bringing it closer to reality.

Meta – the company formerly known as Facebook – is diving straight into virtual reality with a preview of its latest research and development on haptic gloves, which give sensory feedback while in digital realms. Facebook rebranded to Meta in late October to shift its focus from social media to metaverse and VR tech development. In a Tuesday blog post, Meta shared the latest breakthroughs in haptic glove research from its VR tech firm, Reality Labs, noting that the product has been seven years ...
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Facebook tells LA police to stop spying on users with fake accounts

Meta said using third party firms to collect data on Facebook users for surveillance was prohibited.
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State attorneys general launch investigation into Meta-owned Instagram's impact on kids

A bipartisan group of 10 state attorneys general have launched an investigation into Meta, the social media company formerly known as Facebook, focused on the potential harms of its Instagram platform on children and teens.
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