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the troll that wouldn't die

He lives.Those of you who go back a long way with wmtc will remember how this blog was the target of trolls, back in the heyday of the blogosphere, before Twitter and Instagram existed, before so many bloggers moved to Facebook. Social media evolved, attention spans got shorter, and the trolls eventually left wmtc. All but one. You know who I'm talking about. The one and only magnolia_2000, a/k/a Mags.Mags has disappeared for long stretches of time, but he always returns. Allan says that Mags is...
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Twenty Nineteen

Changing the look of my blog used to be something I loved to do, whether it was creating a new look from scratch or heavily customizing themes and templates I would find online. I’d do it on an almost seasonal basis. This “design” aspect of blogging is something I’ve lost interest in along the way, with the only thing keeping me going being the desire to write. For that reason, when I started blogging more heavily again a few years ago, I was fine with using the default “Twenty Fifteen” WordPres...
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Meta AR Assets Acquired by Former Investor

The saga surrounding the now-defunct augmented reality (AR) headset maker Meta isn’t quite over just yet: At least some of the company’s assets have been acquired by a former investor in the company, who is keeping mum on future plans. All of Meta’s trademarks were recently reassigned to a new company called Meta View Inc., […]
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AR startup Meta’s assets sold to a mystery ‘known name’ that will support existing headsets

Augmented reality technology enables us to see things in places where they may not actually exist. And sometimes, that paradigm might also apply to augmented reality startups themselves. Meta, the AR startup that was incubated at Y-Combinator and became the first to ship a set of “end-to-end” AR glasses (including hardware, software, direct tracking optics and SDK) to the market, raising a lot of money and high hopes in the process — only to crash, in recent weeks, into insolvency as it ran both...
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The Story Behind Meta, the AR Startup That Just Had Its Assets Sold to a Mystery Buyer

“It’s a pretty dramatic moment in my life.” To say that Meron Gribetz, co-founder of the augmented reality headset startup Meta, has had a busy couple of months is an understatement. Meta made headlines in September when it furloughed most of its workforce after an investment round from China failed to go through. Since then, […]
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Merry Christmas, cool moms!

From our families to yours, we hope you have the merriest of Christmas holidays this year. It’s been our pleasure, as in years past, to bring you the coolest of everything on the web. Your readership means the world to use and our families, and for that, we’re deeply thankful. Now grab some coffee, kick […]
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State of the Blog (December 2018)

Back when this blog was the most active, I liked to kick off the new year with a post that shared some of my intentions for the coming year. Although it included things I wanted to do with the blog, it went beyond that, and would lay out projects that I was hoping to make happen. As 2018 comes to an end, I’ve been feeling like it’s time to do something similar, focusing on this site. As I’ve written before, after this site was on what amounted to “life support” for quite a few years, I started ...
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I'm Victor Jeffreys, Gizmodo Media Event Planner, and This Is How I Travel

Calling Victor Jeffreys an “event coordinator” feels like calling a unicorn “horned transport.” His events for Lifehacker’s parent company Gizmodo Media have featured pole dancing lobsters, high-fashion look books, and an ice sculpture conceived and commissioned in 24 hours. We talked to Victor about why he always…Read more...
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You Are Invited: Sankaku Complex Forums Renewed

Sankaku Complex’s forums have been renewed with the latest and greatest technology, and are now open to all. Those wishing to get straight into the fray can do so now – only the usual boring and perhaps futile request to please read the (reasonably concise) forum rules before participating need delay them. The new forums […]
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Sankaku App Gains iOS 12 Support

Sankaku Complex’s official iOS app has once more been updated, getting support for Apple’s latest iOS version as well as the new API the site is shifting to. The less than enthralling changelog: Polished iOS 12 support Introduction of the v2 API Fixes for all hitherto reported bugs As a reminder, any filtered (i.e. saucy) […]
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Celebrating one year of Get Rich Slowly 3.0

Can you believe it? A year ago today, I returned to the helm of Get Rich Slowly. Eight-and-a-half years after selling the site, I bought it back. During the past twelve months, GRS has been through three distinct phases as I've struggled to figure out my focus and direction. First, I tried to manage the blog as a “curation engine”, collecting the best money stories from around the web. You folks wanted more of my voice, though, so I spent three months running the site like I used to in the olde...
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Hey, vamos tomar um café juntos aqui em Amsterdam?

Finalmente! O tão pedido Encontro Ducs Amsterdam vai acontecer! Um café com várias supresas bacanas, sorteio, leitura. Presença confirrmada da Carladuc. Vagas limitadas. Vai ser épico e você vai estar lá! O artigo Hey, vamos tomar um café juntos aqui em Amsterdam? foi retirado de Ducs Amsterdam.
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The thin green line: Why you should be skeptical of financial blogs

I’ve been blogging since before “blog” was even a word. (Twenty-one years last Thursday!) I’ve had a financial blog for a dozen years now. In that time, things have changed in a variety of ways. For instance: Blogging has become more business-like and less personal. A decade ago, most blogs — even money blogs — were rooted in the author’s individual experience. Nowadays, most big financial blogs have a minimal editorial voice. They’re much like money magazines used to be. Audience interaction i...
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google does it again: recent blogger updates are not user-friendly

Once again, Google has reduced the ease and functionality of Blogger. A while back, the layout of the Blogger dashboard changed. I used to be able to see an overview of all my blogs plus my "following" list on one dashboard page. I found this very useful, and I imagine that other users who also moderate more than one blog would have agreed. Now I can no longer check for and moderate comments on all blogs at the same time, and I no longer have one-stop-shopping for which blogs on my list have up...
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21 Tips For Increasing Search Engine Rankings Right Now

We have published many posts on Increasing Search Engine Rankings in the past. Posts about SEO Tools, Online Store SEO  and SEO for Bloggers. But, nothing is constant in Search Engine Optimization! One day you’ll find your website ranking above the fold on the first page of Google… And the next day you are not even on the first page! 21 tips to increase your search engine rankings NOW. These 21 tips are the core of the SEO methodology that we recommend and implement for the clients of our SEO ...
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still catching up

venn diagram courtesy of Lucidchart I just wanted to create a Venn diagram. [Author: laura k]
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how to get your website removed from the wayback machine

During my recent attack by wingnut trolls, I learned something new: how to request that the Internet Archive remove your site from the Wayback Machine.* * * *Before I was nominated as an NDP candidate in the recent provincial election, of course my online presence had to be vetted. All potential candidates were asked to deactivate their personal profiles from social media, and in addition I was asked to delete a few random tweets from several years ago. None of this was a big deal to me. The onl...
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Sankaku iOS App Catching Up

Sankaku Complex’s iOS app’s latest update brings it into full feature parity with the Android app, with all the search and UI enhancements in addition to full iPhone X compatibility. The abbreviated changelog: Added new Filter Form option the search Added new wiki integration across the App Added new video playback controls and improved perfomance […]
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what i liked, what i hated, and what i don't understand: a list about my election campaign

I agreed to stand for election because it was an opportunity -- an opportunity to bring a progressive perspective to a riding where those ideas are usually overlooked, and a personal opportunity to expand my own skills and experience. Overall, it was a positive experience -- because it was so short-term. If it had been gone on for six months or a year, I would have been miserable! Here's what I liked, what I hated, and what I just don't get.Positives1. I met a lot of people! Community activists,...
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10 SEO Tips for the WordPress blog

Setting up WordPress websites is simple, by appropriately enhancing them for SEO. WordPress is apt for SEO out of the case, particularly the new versions. Search engine optimization isn’t constrained to low-quality external link establishment and glaring keyword stuffing any longer. It has truly experienced a development in the previous decade and will evolve constantly. Before going into the concept, get to know about SEO first. SEO: SEO remains for Search Engine Optimization. One of the bes...
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2018 First Quarter Link Love

So I decided that I was going to start doing a monthly link love update, highlighting some posts that I’ve bookmarked in my Feedly account.  And then promptly didn’t write any of the posts.  We’re now in the fourth month of the year.  Good job, self. So here’s a dump of some things I’ve enjoyed.  I culled this list way down, so some other posts will be highlighted over the next few months. The Journey Begins – Ruth is one of the loveliest people you will ever have the chance to meet, and her sto...
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Coachella 2018: Augmented reality apps enhance the festival grounds with virtual art

Fans at this year’s 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival have the chance to make their own art or check out a virtual world with the festival as a real-life backdrop with mobile apps that can be accessed at the event. Three apps that work through a smartphone’s camera let the user create their own augmented reality snapshots or explore the festival grounds with enhancements. Brooklyn artist Katie Stout developed “Display This Oasis,” which she designed to include a translucent virtual s...
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Coachella 2018: Festival’s art installations add virtual dimension to the experience

Between the music, incomparable people-watching and art installations that dominate the vistas at this remote desert event, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has always been an immersive experience for fans. The 2018 commissioned art includes pieces to contemplate, pieces to walk through and, uniquely, three pieces that blend the physical and virtual worlds. Artists Katie Stout and Adam Ferriss created “augmented reality” mobile applications that let people draw and create Polaroid-li...
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soft skills are human skills

Creative people are at all levels of an organization, including the janitor, and are not ‘human resources’ but individuals who have the capability of  gaining wisdom. What are often referred to as ‘soft skills’ are becoming more important than traditional hard skills. Why is this? First of all, work in networks requires different skills than in controlled hierarchies. Information and knowledge flow faster and new connections are constantly being made. The status quo is temporary. This is life in...
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Tiny finger hands for your finger hands

First there were Finger Hands, little vinyl hands that fit on your finger, much like finger puppets. Now, there are Finger Hands for Finger Hands, even smaller hands that fit on the fingers of your Finger Hands (or pens/pencils). Of course, I love them because they're so perfectly bizarre. For $5 you get 10 of them and they come in light and dark skin tones. If you need A LOT of them, they are available in bulk too (144 mixed skin tones/left and right hands for $59.95). They're from Archie McPh...
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Trilobites: They’re Hosting Parasitic Worms in Their Bodies to Help Treat a Neglected Disease

17 healthy volunteers were paid to help prove a method of testing vaccines for schistosomiasis, which can be lethal, but some researchers are conflicted about the trial.
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6 Super SEO Tips for Professional Cleaning Services

by Robert Clough Do you manage professional cleaning services? Learn how to boost your website traffic and reputation with these killer SEO tips today! When it comes to business today, competition is stiff, no matter what industry you're in! The Internet only adds to the competition, allowing anyone to be found with a few keystrokes and a click. How do you make your professional cleaning services stand out? You have to get smart. Smart SEO that is. Having a website for your busines...
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Shoes for your shoes

Never let your pristine kicks touch the filthy ground with these thick-soled shoe-sandals. They strap onto another pair of shoes, in this case a pair of military-style, high-top sneakers. Both pairs are the latest offerings of Chinese fashion brand Sankuanz who unveiled the bulky combo on the runway at Paris Men's Fashion Week in late January. NPR reports: [Sankuanz] sent male models down the runway wearing high top sneakers — that never actually touched the runway. "They're transformable sn...
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Dell announces partnership with AR headset-maker Meta to start selling its dev kit

 Dell is about to start selling an augmented reality headset that seeks to rival Microsoft’s HoloLens. The $1,495 augmented reality headset dev kit comes from the startup Meta and will soon be available for purchase on Dell’s website. It had previously only been available for order on Meta’s site.
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Nine dead after under-construction bridge collapses in Colombia

At least nine construction workers were killed and five injured when a partially-constructed bridge collapsed in central Colombia on Monday, an official from the disaster response agency said. The bridge, located in Chirajara on the border of Cundinamarca and Meta provinces, was to be part of the highway that connects the capital Bogota and the city of Villavicencio, and was not yet in public use. The cause of the collapse, which sent pieces of the bridge down into a canyon below, is under inves...
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