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"This is the moment for a Rooseveltian approach to the U.K. The country has gone through a profound shock. But in those moments, you have the opportunity to change, and to do things better."

Said Boris Johnson, quoted in "A Surprising Role Model Emerges for Boris Johnson: F.D.R./The British prime minister, trying to regroup in the coronavirus pandemic, wants to bury Thatcherism and embark on a program of ambitious public works" (NYT).Mr. Johnson is a Conservative populist who ran on a platform of pulling Britain out of the European Union and had, until now, modeled himself on Roosevelt’s wartime ally, Winston Churchill....One of [Johnson's] closest advisers, Michael Gove, recently [...
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"Bret, you’re the perfect Biden pitchman. Really, you deserve a statue."

Said Gail Collins to Bret Stephens in "Is Statue-Toppling a Monumental Error?/Where you place yourself along the vanguard-to-vandals spectrum says a lot about how you see the past — and the future" (NYT).Here's Stephens's perfect pitch:If Bernie Sanders had been the nominee, I’d be writing in someone’s name.... But the idea that a Biden presidency would be a threat to the Republic is laughable: It would be a return to politics as we used to know it before the proverbial sacking of Rome.My pitch ...
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Sorry, "wolf whistle" is already taken.

As I got into my car this morning, I caught the end of a discussion of what I think was Donald Trump's racism. I had MSNBC on the satellite radio, so it was "Morning Joe." Somebody with an English accent was bemoaning someone who I can only assume was Trump and he casually used the words "wolf whistle" to mean what "dog whistle" normally means, but much more dangerous.But a "wolf whistle" is...... a distinctive two-note glissando whistled sound made to show high interest in or approval of someth...
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"Bidens is a genus of flowering plants in the aster family, Asteraceae. The common names beggarticks, black jack..."

"... burr marigolds, cobbler's pegs, Spanish needles, stickseeds, tickseeds and tickseed sunflowers refer to the fruits of the plants, most of which are bristly and barbed, with two sharp pappi at the end. The generic name refers to the same character; Bidens comes from the Latin bis ('two') and dens ('tooth').... The plants are zoochorous; their seeds will stick to clothing, fur or feathers, and be carried to new habitat. This has enabled them to colonize a wide range...."From "Bidens" (Wikiped...
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"The difference between a vacation and an adventure is..."

Well, you tell me before I complete that quote for you. I'm listening to a Master Class from David Mamet. He's teaching "Dramatic Writing" and the lesson is on "Structuring the Plot":"The difference between a vacation and an adventure is on an adventure you always wish you were at home."You can imagine what's going on in this lesson. In a plot, the hero needs to get from Point A to Point B, and everything that happens has to be part of that journey. It's not a vacation. It's an adventure.It's on...
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"Bolton is extremely famous for his fervent hawkery, including on the Iraq war. If Trump bothered to do a cursory Google search on Bolton before appointing him..."

"... to the most powerful national security position in his administration, he’d have turned up headlines like 'John Bolton: No regrets about toppling Saddam.' Sadly, there was too much good stuff television in the days leading up to Bolton’s nomination to do that search. Trump does not seem to realize how bad it makes him sound that he never bothered to ask what he later identified as the key question about the worldview of his own national security adviser."From "Trump: I Didn’t Realize Bolton...
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How shocking is "And they went in and it was like a knife cutting butter"?

Trump used that phrase yesterday at the Roundtable on Justice Disparities in America (transcript). Context:In Minneapolis, they went through three nights of hell. And then I was insistent on having the National Guard go in and do their work. It was like a miracle. It’s just everything stopped. And I’ll never forget the scene. It’s not supposed to be a beautiful scene. But to me, it was after you watched policemen running out of a police precinct. And it wasn’t their fault. They wanted to do what...
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"Tiny worms often breed in the mish, but are not dangerous. The saying 'the worms of the mish arise from it' means it is a problem that cannot be solved..."

"... but is not worth worrying about. The maggots comes from flies laying eggs on the cottage cheese that is left to drain on a straw mat, by the farmer in the open air. Sometimes they add Borax to kill the maggots, but you cannot use again as fermenting agent. If Mish is prepared in a factory, it does not contain any maggots."I looked up "Mish" in Wikipedia. I love the simplicity of the image of this stuff...And I love the metaphorical potential of the worms that arise from the food itself and ...
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The Most Annoying Things Speakers Do, Part 1

My family and I love to watch Family Feud together. The host, Steve Harvey, cracks us up, and we love to play along to see if we can guess the answers. If you haven’t seen the show before, the basic premise is that two families compete to try to come up with the answers to survey questions. I sometimes wonder, what if Steve Harvey asked this question: “We surveyed 100 people and asked them: ‘what is the most annoying thing a speaker can do?’” What would your family or team of coworkers guess peo...
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Oh, she quips. This counts as a quip.

"Pelosi quips that Trump has 'doggy doo on his shoes' in ongoing spat" — Reuters. Can you imagine if Trump came out with a line at that level of humor and originality? The chance that it would rate as a "quip" in a Reuters headline is just about 0.Context:“It’s like a child who comes in with mud on their pants,” Pelosi told a news conference when asked about provocative comments Trump has made about MSNBC television host Joe Scarborough, including references to him as “psycho.”You mean, includin...
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"In 2020, among political controversies, Elon Musk and several political figures, including Ivanka Trump made a reference to the red pill concept."

That's the last line of the Wikipedia article "Red pill and blue pill" — which is full of great stuff. In addition to explaining the original meaning in the movie "The Matrix," there's the earlier movie, "Total Recall," in which the Schwarzenegger character is offered a red pill and told "it's a symbol of your desire to return to reality." And:The choice between taking a blue or red pill is a central metaphor in the 2011 Arte documentary film Marx Reloaded, in which philosophers including Slavoj...
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The featured quote from Obama's graduation speech has Obama unwittingly complimenting Trump.

The NYT puts this gaffe in the headline, "Obama Says U.S. Lacks Leadership on Virus in Commencement Speeches/The virus has 'torn back the curtain on the idea that the folks in charge know what they’re doing,' the former president said...."There's a problem with figures of speech: You might forget what they mean!Here's Obama, looked to by the elite as a source of wisdom, and he's simply reading from a speech he had every opportunity to have edited by the most able wordsmiths, and he uses a cliché...
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Why You Need a Second Opinion on Your Presentation

It’s common practice to get a second opinion for your health. And it’s normal to have someone else look over anything you write that you plan to send out. But when it comes to presentations, we often tend to keep those under lock and key, opting to trust our own instincts. But choosing to get input on our presentations is always wise. It can help us see problems with our content, broaden our perspectives, and reach a more diverse audience. So why do we neglect to get a second opinion on our pres...
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"That seems to be more of this 'stuff has agency' trend that is going on. I did not do it, the gun just went off."

Says Todd in the comments to the post that talks — the post that talks! — about using the expression "release weight" instead of "lose weight."It is NEVER ever MY fault. Stuff just happens, bad stuff anyway. Everyone owns the good stuff but bad stuff just happens.In this case if the weight doesn't leave, well "it" chose to stay and it is NOT your fault!But this made me think about the virus. It's just a thing. It has no mind. But we're encouraged to think of it as stuff with agency. Here's Trump...
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"Obviously, the FDRLST employees are not literally being sent back to the salt mine. Idioms have, however, hidden meanings."

"In viewing the totality of the circumstances surrounding the tweet, this tweet had no other purpose except to threaten the FDRLST employees with unspecified reprisal, as the underlying meaning of ‘salt mine’ so signifies."Wrote Judge Kenneth Chu, quoted in "The Federalist Publisher’s Tweet Was Illegal: Labor Board Judge" (Bloomberg Law), about a tweet by FDRLST Media chief Ben Domenech. It's considered a minor violation and the remedy is only that the company must give the employees notice of t...
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"[Trump] has managed in this crisis to tell us both that he is all-powerful and that he takes no responsibility for anything."

"And I suspect that this creepy vaudeville act, in a worried and tense country, is beginning to wear real thin. A man who claims total power but only exercises it to protect his personal interests, a man who vaunts his own authority but tolerates no accountability for it, is impressing no one. While governors are acting, Trump is chattering. While people are dying, Trump is bragging about his own ratings, signing his name on stimulus checks, pushing quack remedies, and abetting conspiracy theori...
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"Trump could have made a case that the WHO was slow to speak firmly about the possible human-to-human transmission."

"But he puts the onus on the WHO to investigate when it is largely dependent on information provided by member countries. (Leave aside the fact that Trump kept praising China’s transparency. If he had been more publicly critical, it might have forced China to respond more appropriately.) But Trump really gets over his skis when he claims that the WHO 'publicly endorsed the idea that there was not human-to-human transmission happening' and that the WHO said it was 'not communicable.' The WHO said...
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Can you explain Trump's "Mutiny On The Bounty" tweet? I can!

Tell the Democrat Governors that “Mutiny On The Bounty” was one of my all time favorite movies. A good old fashioned mutiny every now and then is an exciting and invigorating thing to watch, especially when the mutineers need so much from the Captain. Too easy! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 14, 2020 I'm not in the mood to write a big long thing right now, but I think this is not all that hard. Use lateral thinking, and remember it's a show — a movie is a show and politics is a sho...
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Can Democrats please control the dispersion of their bodily fluids in this time of airborne diseased droplets?

Gross metaphor in this headline at The Hill: "Democrats salivate over Obama coming off sidelines."Let me get past the headline. Excerpt from the text:Sources say the former president is ready but that he and Biden are also conscious of the coronavirus pandemic dominating the country and changing the nature of politics....“No one has heard from him in a long time, and people will pay a lot of money to hear from him, even on a computer,” one longtime Obama ally said....“Seeing Obama on the campaig...
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"It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked."

Said Warren Buffet, quoted in "It’s a ‘Swimming Naked’ Moment: The Financial System Has a Real Test/The coronavirus spread and its economic effects are stressing the U.S. system for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis" by James B. Stewart (in the NYT). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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At the Western Sunrise Café...

... you can talk about whatever you like.(The sunrise this morning was plain gray in the east. The western view was more detailed and interesting. This is a good metaphor. Sometimes you go out to see something — or someone — specific, but what you went out for is not there or is nowhere near what you had in mind. Look around. You are out. You might see something else.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Up next: More on the death of the Republican Party."

On MSNBC just now: That's "AM Joy" — Joy Reid.The hysteria is running high on MSNBC. I drop in to see them deep into the "death" metaphor, and it was really weird to hear them using death to keep the audience as they broke for commercial. What a nutty promise: More death! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Murkowski says she’ll vote no on witnesses, likely dealing fatal blow."

That sentence is a headline at the NYT.Interesting to learn how Murkowski will vote, but it's a pro-Trump vote, so it's not "fatal" as far as the target of this proceeding is concerned. If we're using this metaphor of death, we need to know whose death is under discussion. It's a fatal blow to the enterprise of killing the Trump presidency. At least. Maybe it's a fatal blow to the Democratic Party... or — to be less dramatic — to the 2020 ambitions of the Democratic Party.Indeed, what a disaster...
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I need to get up to speed on the "head on a pike" story.

I'm trying to read "Schiff refers to CBS 'head on pike' story, infuriating GOP: 'Every one of us knows it is not true'" (Fox News), "Schiff sparks blowback with head on a 'pike' line" (The Hill), "GOP senators incensed by Schiff’s ‘head on a pike’ remark" (AP).Did Adam Schiff make up another quote?!At CNN ("See tense moment that left key GOP senator shaking her head"):After he says "vote against the President and your head will be on a pike," he touches his nose — a tell? — and pauses. He hears ...
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"Permanent impeachment won't empower Pelosi's Resisters.... It’ll empower Trump's deplorables, because Trump will still need them."

"In effect, impeachment can be the anti-dote to lame duck insularity, reestablishing the accountability to voters that the term limit of the 22d Amendment takes away. I'm not arguing for impeaching every President in his second term. It’s a legalistic, emotion-draining way to try to correct for the ill-advised two-term limit. Usually there are bonds of ideology and party loyalty constraining even popular second-term presidents. Trump seems a special case — someone you really might not want to se...
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Speak for yourself!

It's a too-easy comeback, but I'm saying it anyway... to David Brooks, for his "Trump Has Made Us All Stupid."Anyway... that's the headline, the bait.The column itself is about Trump and Iran and Brooks isn't saying — even on that topic — that everyone is being stupid. Some people did the un-stupid thing and judged the killing of Soleimani in terms of risk and potential benefits. Others — he names Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — "pontificated on the easy question not actually on the table:...
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"Oh! I'm just seeing I left my fingershadow in the frame! I needed a New Year's resolution, and I'm resolving to keep my fingers out of the frame — literally and metaphorically...."

I wrote on Facebook on December 30, after I posted one of my sunrise photos and then noticed the telltale shadow in the upper right corner.Yesterday, the first day of the new year, I took some photos, including this:I think that's a magnificent smashing of a New Year's resolution. That's why I'm showing it to you. ADDED: It's very clear when the literal resolution is broken, much harder to see the metaphorical smashing. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"New York Times columnist accused of eugenics over piece on Jewish intelligence/Bret Stephens faces backlash after suggesting that Ashkenazi Jews are smarter than other people."

Yikes, the heat on Bret Stephens has zoomed up since I blogged about his genius-of-Jews column at 5 a.m. yesterday morning.The Guardian says:The rightwing New York Times columnist Bret Stephens...Eh. I don't think the right wing deserves responsibility for whatever it is Bret Stephens is.... has sparked furious controversy online for a column praising Ashkenazi Jews for their scientific accomplishments, which critics say amounts to embracing eugenics.In a column titled The Secrets of Jewish Geni...
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"One can apply a prodigious intellect in the service of prosaic things — formulating a war plan, for instance, or constructing a ship.... Jewish genius operates differently."

"It is prone to question the premise and rethink the concept; to ask why (or why not?) as often as how; to see the absurd in the mundane and the sublime in the absurd. Ashkenazi Jews might have a marginal advantage over their gentile peers when it comes to thinking better. Where their advantage more often lies is in thinking different. Where do these habits of mind come from? There is a religious tradition that, unlike some others, asks the believer not only to observe and obey but also to discu...
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"Through Mr. Obama, I have been hipped to the Congolese singer Jupiter Bokondji... His prose, always electric, assumes an extra whiff of fire when applied to music."

"'American history wells up when Aretha sings,' Mr. Obama wrote to The New Yorker in response to an email query about the artist in 2016.... 'That’s why, when she sits down at a piano and sings ‘A Natural Woman,’ she can move me to tears,' he said... United States presidents tend not to be celebrated for their groovy record collections. The current officeholder’s favorite Beach Boy is most likely Mike Love, which alone should qualify him for yet another impeachable offense. If this is a bewilder...
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