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Vertx Gamut Overland Backpack, Ideal Discreet Carry Pack – Review

Vertx Gamut Overland Backpack U.S.A. –-( Half the planet lives in poverty, strife, and suffer the worst governments you can possibly imagine.  Then there are other places – These States United.  It is my firm opinion that most Americans have never studied, much less encountered cultures outside their own.  Few have traveled abroad.  I’ve got news for you.  Trips to some beachfront in Central America don’t count.  What I’m referring to are truly differing cultures and the stories...
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A 26-year-old coronavirus patient who was pronounced brain dead in June just walked out of the hospital a survivor

Medical workers treat COVID-19 in Madrid. Reuters A 26-year-old North Carolina coronavirus survivor returned home Tuesday after being declared brain dead in June.  She had suffered complications including strokes, which have struck other young coronavirus patients for reasons doctors don't fully understand.  Doctors also don't know why some critically ill young patients who were previously healthy die while others bounce back.   Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. When Tion...
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625 Aerospace Internships

We talk with a co-founder of the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship which matches interns with aerospace companies. He’s also a former USAF combat pilot and an astronaut who flew on two Space Shuttle missions. In the news, EASA and the Boeing 737 MAX, the NTSB finds that alcohol caused a fatal accident, the U.S. Army plans to review its aviation fleet, expansion opportunities for budget airlines, and a dog evades capture at an airport for 12 hours. Guest Alvin Drew Jr. is the Department of Defen...
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Contest: Get Ready for Halloween With a Horror Movie Blu-ray Collection

We’re celebrating Halloween by giving away a bundle of Blu-ray and 4K horror movies. One lucky winner will score the discs, which include a Hellraiser 4 movie collection Blu-ray, a Stephen King 5 movie collection Blu-ray, the 4K release of Shutter Island, The Haunting on Blu-ray, and more. You could say it’s a spooktacular deal! But you shouldn’t, because you would sound silly. Hey, do you like scary movies? Good, because we have a slew of them to give away. We’re giving one winner a prize p...
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Cardiff: Man charged with killing dad and trying to murder mum

Garvey Gayle is charged with killing his father Michael in the St Mellons area of the city on 16 October.
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Johnno and Michael Try Diversity

FINALLY!! As Johnno and Michael were planning their next Johnno And Michael episode, their friend Ken points out a HUGE flaw: their series lacks diversity! OH NO. At first, Johnno and Michael FREAK OUT and wallow in self-hatred. However, Ken reminds that though, yes - they did screw up by not being more inclusive sooner - BUT the problem is pretty easy to fix: all the boys gotta do is 1) become more culturally educated and 2) cast more diversely (see Hollywood - IT’S L...
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John Hurt Plays an Aging Screenwriter in 'That Good Night' Trailer

"Are you hiding something?" Trinity Creative has released an official trailer for an indie drama titled That Good Night, which originally premiered in 2017 at the Edinburgh and Shanghai Film Festivals. The film stars John Hurt (who passed away in early 2017 before this premiered at the festivals) as Ralph, a once-famous screenwriter, who is now in his seventies and terminally ill. But he still has two final missions: to be reconciled to his son, Michael, and, secretly, to ensure he is not a ...
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Bear Attacks and 20 Instances of .22 Rimfire Used for Survival

Bella Twin Word Record Grizzly Skull killed with .22 long from a Cooey Ace 1 single shot rifle. Screenshot from North Shore Homestead video, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten. U.S.A. –-( researching incidents of firearms used to defend against bears, the surprising deadly potential of the common .22 rimfire cartridge becomes apparent. The most famous incident involving the .22 rimfire cartridge and bears is the 1953 world record grizzly bear. It was collected by Bella Tw...
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Bear Attacks & 20 Instances of .22 Rimfire Used for Survival

Bella Twin Word Record Grizzly Skull killed with .22 long from a Cooey Ace 1 single shot rifle. Screenshot from North Shore Homestead video, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten. U.S.A. –-( researching incidents of firearms used to defend against bears, the surprising deadly potential of the common .22 rimfire cartridge becomes apparent. The most famous incident involving the .22 rimfire cartridge and bears is the 1953 world record grizzly bear. It was collected by Bella Tw...
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Dispatch 22: Telecommunications in United States is Terrible

Just finished interview with my friend Sargis Sangari who is running for US Congress. Very important that Americans like Sargis gain seats and work to turn this berg around. Note: you may have heard me say for years that telecommunications in the United States is pathetic compared to most countries I travel in over the past twenty years. I constantly have telecommunications problems when communicating with Americans both when I am in America, and when overseas. Now, one might say, "But Mi...
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Should You Get a Vehicle Assurance Car Warranty? (2020)

Affiliate disclosure: Automoblog and its partners may be compensated when you purchase the products below. Vehicle Assurance Review In Our Opinion: Vehicle Assurance works with multiple extended auto warranty administrators to offer customers a range of vehicle protection plans. However, the company has received concerning customer complaints about unwanted calls and mail advertisements. Industry Standing: Coverage: Affordability: Customer Service: P...
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Martha, October, and the magic of Li Ziqi – A Letter to the Midwest

October 17, 2020 Lovettsville, VA Dear Scott, Well, August is well and truly behind us.  I don’t remember September.  It had something to do with a copyediting deadline on the new book, but when I try to think on it, I just black out and find myself here in the glory and gorgeousness of October.  It is a month just as beautiful as I always tell myself it will be, and the woods have begun offering up mushrooms for pies.  This was Wednesday’s find. A Chicken of the Woods about one day away from ...
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Michael B. Jordan Set to Produce Static Shock Movie at DC & WB

Michael B. Jordan set to produce Static Shock movie at DC & WB After initially announcing the project at the DC FanDome event back in August, DC and Warner Bros’ Static Shock movie has taken a major leap forward as Emmy nominee Michael B. Jordan (Just Mercy) has signed on to produce the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: DC FanDome: Live Action Static Shock Film in the Works! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; ...
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Star Trek: Discovery Renewed for a Fourth Season at CBS All Access

Star Trek: Discovery Renewed for a Fourth Season at CBS All Access Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for a fourth season a day after premiering its third season at CBS All Access, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Production on Season 4 is expected to resume November 2 with Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise continuing to serve as co-showrunners for the new season. You can check out the announcement video below! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.g...
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Recipes: Here are 3 Halloween treats the goblins in your house will devour

Quirky Halloween ghosts tickle me, especially if they are piped out with Seven-Minute Frosting and adorned with googly eyes. But when it comes to Halloween history, in early days, folks weren’t focusing on goblins made with marshmallow-like frosting. No, those ghosts where taken more seriously and were the focus of a Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival in which revelers lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off spirits. Pope Gregory III designated Nov. 1 as a time to honor all saints; soon afte...
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Melissa & Michael’s Intimate Country Lockdown Wedding

Melissa & Michael Embracing the unexpected, Melissa and Michael used their original wedding details to create a beautiful lock down wedding in the country. Wearing her breathtaking floral wedding dress, the couple are still planning to throw a party at a later date, yet made the most of having a smaller celebration to begin. Quince & Mulberry captured the memorable day. Bride and groom both share, ”We wanted it to be pretty relaxed and just a fun day. Continue reading Melissa & Michael’s Intimat...
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Black Monday Renewed at Showtime for a Third Season

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Black Monday Renewed at Showtime for a Third Season Showtime has renewed the Emmy-nominated comedy series Black Monday for a third season, according to Variety. The new season will consist of 10 episodes with production scheduled for 2021. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCookie = readAdmiralCookie(); googletag.cmd.p...
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Monster Mash: A slick Ducati Monster 900 from NCT

The word ‘iconic’ gets thrown around a lot, but only a handful motorcycles truly deserve the title. We doubt that anyone would argue against bestowing it upon the mighty Ducati Monster though. Miguel Angel Galluzzi’s early-90s design still holds up today, and even modern Monsters haven’t strayed too far from the formula. This is a first generation Monster 900 that’s been given a tasteful makeover by the crew at Austria’s NCT Motorcycles. And it’s a real sleeper too, with a set of subtle cosme...
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Magic Johnson on partnering with Amazon to support small businesses during a pandemic, and the 'sensational' execution of the NBA bubble

Earvin "Magic" Johnson. Amazon Small Business Magic Johnson spoke to Business Insider about partnering with Amazon on an initiative to support small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the interview, Johnson also reflected at length on the NBA bubble, giving his take on the bubble's execution and gameplay, and the legacy of LeBron James.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Adding to his history of entrepreneurial and philanthropic work, Earvin "Magic" Johnson partn...
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Sonequa Martin-Green Calls ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 ‘The Most Cinematic That We’ve Had Thus Far’

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50% Off Christmas Trees at Michaels!

Hurry, there is a a great Michael’s deal on Christmas Trees. Michael’s 50% Off Tree Event! Get Black Friday Prices Today! Free Shipping $59+ A few of the tree deals:   Learn some awesome tips and trips for shopping at Michaels too! For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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Dexter: Showtime Orders Limited Series Revival with Michael C. Hall Returning

Dexter: Showtime Orders Limited Series Revival with Michael C. Hall Returning Dexter is back! Showtime has ordered a limited series revival of the serial killer drama with lead Michael C. Hall set to return for the 10 episode season (via Variety). PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCookie = readAdmiralCookie(); googletag.cmd.push(function...
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A Michigan sheriff defended the group of men accused of plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer addresses the media about the flooding along the Tittabawassee River, after several dams breached, in downtown Midland Reuters/Rebecca Cook The Barry County, Michigan, Sheriff Dar Leaf defended a group of people accused of plotting a domestic terrorism plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. "These guys are innocent till proven guilty so I'm not even sure if they had any part of it," Thirteen defendants, who had connections to a militia group known as the...
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Universal Pictures Partnering With Sentient for The Others Remake

Universal Pictures partnering with Sentient for The Others remake After winning the rights to the story earlier this year in a heated bidding war, Sentient Entertainment is partnering with Universal Pictures to develop the remake of the acclaimed Nicole Kidman-starring ghost story The Others, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: Nicole Kidman Horror Classic The Others Getting Remade PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; P...
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‘Kung Fury 2’ Co-Producer Maze Pictures Boards Russian Comedy Spy Series ‘Pawns’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Germany’s Maze Pictures has boarded Moscow-based Metrafilm’s KGB comedy series “Pawns,” from writers Michael and Lily Idov, who penned the award-winning 2018 Cannes competition screener “Leto.” The company, which has offices in Munich, Berlin and Lucerne, Switzerland, is also developing a miniseries based on “Ghosts of Berlin,” a book of supernatural stories by filmmaker Rudolf […]
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Johnno and Michael Try A Cult

Johnno and Michael want a change of pace in their lives, so they join a cult. What could possibly go wrong? Johnno and Michael thought they were joining a club, but it turns out - they accidentally joined a CULT!! I mean, the boys should’ve been more suspicious when a man named John Henry Boone casually trespassed into their home and bribed them into joining The People’s Club (also - isn’t there a cult called The People’s Temple? What a weird coincidence!), but hey - Johnno just got fire...
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Amy Coney Barrett's opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

From the transcript (the first line in boldface is the key line, the most predictable and indispensable line but I've also boldfaced something else that I think is distinctive and important):  Ranking Member Feinstein and members of the committee, I’m honored and humbled to appear before you today.... As I said, when I was nominated to serve as a justice, I’m used to being in a group of nine, my family, nothing is more important to me and I am very proud to have them behind me. My husband, Jesse...
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The battle for 2020 goes through the suburbs, but it's not even clear what the suburbs are these days

Biden and Trump both want to lock down the suburban vote, but it turns out suburbia is ill-defined. Getty Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both trying to secure the suburban vote ahead of the presidential election, with Trump specifically appealing to an exclusionary, antiquated view of suburbia. Suburbia is a key battleground in the election, distinct from liberal-leaning cities and conservative-leaning rural areas. However suburbia is ill-defined and still lacks a federal definition, makin...
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Untitled David O. Russell Project Adds John David Washington

Untitled David O. Russell project adds John David Washington David O. Russell’s forthcoming untitled project has found another major cast member in the form of Golden Globe-nominee John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman, Tenet), who joins an ensemble roster that already includes Oscar winner Christian Bale (Ford v. Ferrari), Oscar nominee Margot Robbie (I, Tonya) and Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station), according to Deadline. RELATED: Michael B. Jordan Joins Untitled David O. Russell Proje...
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Sheriff Pal of Militia Twins: Whitmer Kidnap Plot Could've Been a Legal 'Citizen's Arrest' Attempt

Twin brothers Michael and William Null had a public history of showing their distaste for Whitmer before their bombshell arrest Thursday.
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