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Anti-gun Senators and Mayors Push Biden on Executive Gun Controls

Sensing a dearth of popular support for their gun control schemes, anti-gun politicians are urging President Joe Biden to act unilaterally to restrict firearms. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -( Following a year filled with the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread civil unrest, Americans are in no rush to enact further gun controls. According to data from a January Gallup poll, 42 percent of Americans are satisfied with the current gun control laws. The poll also found that 9 percent of American...
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LaPierre to Newsmax’ Grant Stinchfield: ‘NRA Is Strong Financially’

NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre appeared on Grant Stinchfield’s Newsmax broadcast. (Screen snip, YouTube, Newsmax) U.S.A. –-( Insisting the National Rifle Association is “strong financially,” embattled Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre told Newsmax talk host Grant Stinchfield in a televised interview the organization is growing by “about 1,000 (members) a day” and intimated that the current legal and financial troubles are politically motivated and not just about him. “So much of t...
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President Biden’s Misfire on ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban ~ VIDEO

By Larry Keane U.S.A. -( President Joe Biden ran on being a “listener,” and bringing “unity” and “healing” to America. He’s not listening though. His tone-deaf call for increased gun control – including an “assault weapons” ban — comes in the midst of a record-breaking firearm and ammunition buying surge and record low public appetite for gun control. Instead of listening to voters, President Biden ignored them and is calling to ban the AR-15, or modern sporting rifle (MSR), and...
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Can Being Competitive Lead to a More Successful Life?

It’s common knowledge that competitiveness leads to success.  Some of the most accomplished people of our time like Steve Jobs were known for being hyper-competitive perfectionists. Ambitious people go far in life because they’re always trying to be the best version of themselves. They don’t accept failure and have the level of motivation necessary to achieve their goals.  To encourage you to embrace your competitive streak, here are four reasons why being driven leads to a better life.  ...
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NRA Board Member asks Court to Appoint Independent Examiner in N.Y. Case

The latest chapter in the ongoing NRA drama finds a member of the Board of Directors seeking court appointment of an independent examiner to investigate the allegations made against the association. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. –-( A motion has been filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court by a member of the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors asking the court to appoint an independent examiner to investigate fraud allegations made against the NRA by New York regulators in the ong...
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As small businesses decline, only the wealthiest benefit

As the son, grandson, and great-grandson of California small business owners, I am deeply familiar with how hand-to-mouth most family businesses operate. A bad month, couple of months, or fiscal quarter could mean the difference between solvency or insolvency — not just for the businesses, but for their families too. Which is why it is a shame that small business people have disproportionately taken the biggest hit during the pandemic. And for the record, when I say “small business people,” I do...
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Bloomberg News Lays Off Staffers Including Longtime Editors

Bloomberg News on Thursday began notifying a group of employees they were being terminated, according to three people familiar with the matter, the latest in an ongoing string of layoffs at media companies as they grapple with the economics of the  digital age. Some staffers were given the sense the company hoped to enact a […]
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$24.7 billion: Bezos, Bloomberg among Top 50 US charity donors for 2020

By Maria Di Mento and Ben Gose | The Chronicle of Philanthropy As the world grappled with COVID-19, a recession and a racial reckoning, the ultrawealthy gave to a broader set of causes than ever before — bestowing multimillion-dollar gifts on food pantries, historically Black colleges and universities and organizations that serve the poor and the homeless, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s annual rankings of the 50 Americans who gave the most to charity last year. Another cause that g...
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A List of America's Top 50 Donors of 2020

The donors who gave the most in 2020, according to the Philanthropy 50, an annual ranking compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, author MacKenzie Scott, and Michael Bloomberg, founder of the Bloomberg financial news company.
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New Mexico Considering More Red Flag Laws, Ban on Homemade Guns

New Mexico Reverting to Old Mexico? IMG iStock-884193540.jpg U.S.A. -( On Tuesday, February 9, the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee will meet at 1:30 pm (or upon final adjournment from the House floor) to hear two gun control bills and take testimony from the public virtually on the measures.  You can access the committee’s Zoom meeting and give testimony here.  Please call and email members of the committee and urge them to OPPOSE HB 193 and HB 166.  CLICK HERE TAKE AC...
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The UN reappointed former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg as its special envoy for climate change

Former Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg. Spencer Platt/Getty Images The UN Secretary-General on Friday named Mike Bloomberg as his special envoy for climate change. Bloomberg would press governments and companies for emission-cutting pledges, the UN said. Bloomberg was first given a UN special envoy position on climate change in 2014. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The United Nations has reappointed former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a ...
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UN Chief Reappoints Billionaire Bloomberg as Climate Envoy

The United Nations says American billionaire Michael Bloomberg has been reappointed as a special envoy to engage governments and businesses in tackling the threat of global warming.
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U.N. Chief Names Michael Bloomberg Climate Envoy to Rally Action

By Michelle NicholsNEW YORK (Reuters) - U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reappointed former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as his special...
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Anti-Gunner Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke Eyeing Another Run

By Larry Keane O’Rourke, a former Democratic Texas U.S. Congressman, aimed for higher office and missed the target. IMG iStock-884200682 U.S.A. -( In Texas, someone who’s all talk with little to show is said to be “All hat. No cattle.” Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, with his gun confiscation schemes, wears a hat to block out the sun. That’s not stopping him from eyeing a possible run for Texas governor in 2022. O’Rourke, a former Democratic Texas U.S. Congressman, aimed for h...
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Gun Control’s Unholy Union With Hollywood Is Too Rich

By Larry Keane Hollywood gun control IMG: iStock-1145895508 U.S.A. -( Gun control groups are recruiting Hollywood elites to sell the reasons why more gun control is necessary. Never mind these same Tinseltowners live within gated, secure neighborhoods and often pay for private security details whenever they feel like it. They haven’t learned the lessons that nothing is more off-putting than Hollywood hypocrisy, so they’re going for a sequel. The Giffords gun control group is p...
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Anti-Gunner Admits ‘Biden Presidency is Dream Come True’

Joe Biden’s presidency is a “dream come true” for gun control, says an anti-gun official.IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. –-( A top official with the billionaire-backed Everytown for Gun Safety lobbying group admitted to The Hill that Joe Biden’s presidency is a “dream come true” for gun prohibitionists while it will be “the worst nightmare” for gun owners and organizations representing their interests. Rob Wilcox, deputy director of policy and strategy at Everytown—the anti-gun-rights group ...
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Reforming CCW ‘Frightening Trend’ for Moms Demand Action Founder

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, reportedly sees a trend toward constitutional carry as “frightening.” U.S.A. –-( ABC News and the Associated Press have reported that efforts in several states to adopt “permitless” concealed carry laws—generically called “constitutional carry”—is “a frightening trend for Shannon Watts, founder of the gun control group Moms Demand Action (MDA).” But proponents of constitutional carry, which is now the law in some 15 states, aren’t fr...
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Gun Control Groups Push Hollywood for More Anti-gun Propaganda

Hollywood is pushing for even more gun-control. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -( Gun control advocates are once again pushing the entertainment industry to produce anti-gun propaganda with the explicit goal of advancing failed firearm legislation. The renewed overt effort will strike some as superfluous, given Hollywood’s lengthy track record of anti-gun agitprop and left-wing political monoculture. In early January, entertainment industry magazine Variety published a lengthy interview with...
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Bloomberg’s Propaganda Arm ‘the Trace’ Naming-&-Shaming

By Larry Keane Bloomberg’s The Trace is all about cancel-culturing 2A supporters on social media. IMG Jim Grant U.S.A. -( Michael Bloomberg’s The Trace is on a campaign to turn gun companies against the leading online voices that speak about the importance of gun rights. The Trace, which is nothing but a gun control megaphone disguising itself as pseudo-journalism, sent out a “name-and-shame” email last week putting companies on notice. They listed 13 specific firearm personal...
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Companies are Preparing for ESG Disclosure Rules

Public companies in the U.S. find themselves at a dynamic time of emergent environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) disclosures. New appointees in the Biden Administration, from the SEC and the Labor Department to the top White House economic advisor, all signal mandatory ESG disclosures. The idea of ESG began in 2004 with a United Nations initiative to influence capital in non Western markets. While the federal government has to date stymied the call for ESG disclosures by vocal socially co...
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Drilling Holes in Proposed Credit Card Regulation of Gun Purchases

By Larry Keane Shannon Watts wants to know what’s in your wallet. IMG Jim Grant U.S.A. -( Shannon Watts wants to know what’s in your wallet. Even more, she wants what’s in your wallet to decide what you can buy. Michael Bloomberg’s frontwoman for his bought-and-paid-for gun control group Moms Demand Action is demanding credit card companies monitor and police cardholder purchases. Specifically, she wants credit card companies to ban purchases of precursor firearm parts. Watts ...
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Biden reportedly set to pick R.I. Gov. Raimondo for Commerce

By Jeff Zeleny and Kate Sullivan | CNN President-elect Joe Biden is expected to nominate Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo as commerce secretary, two people familiar with the matter say, in a round of Cabinet positions that could be announced on Friday. Raimondo is the first woman governor of Rhode Island, and has served in the role since her election in 2014. She was among the women considered to serve as Biden’s vice president, and has been praised for her leadership amid the coronavirus pandemi...
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The best PR quotes

Looking for the best PR quotes? Well, I do run a PR blog after all. And if you run a PR blog, you sort of have to have a blog post with a selection of the best PR quotes. It’s something of an unwritten law, I think. Now, I know I’m cheating a bit here. Not all of these quotes are strictly about public relations. Some of them are more business inspiration in general. I’ll be adding PR quotes to this post as I go along. .ugb-0fe8531 .ugb-blockquote__quote{fill:#eeeeee !important;opac...
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2020 brought a wave of discrimination and harassment allegations against major companies like Amazon, McDonald's, and Pinterest. These are some of the year's high-profile legal battles.

Jeremy Moeller, Chesnot, and Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo movements have exploded in recent years, shedding light on systemic racial and gender bias across American society, and in particular, within American workplaces. In 2020, workers spoke publicly in increasing numbers, often by taking their employers to court over pay disparities, harassment and abuse, and toxic company cultures. Major businesses including Google, Amazon, McDonald's, Pinterest, and J...
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NRA-ILA: The Government’s Naughty and Nice List

The Government definitely belongs on the, ‘naughty list' this year. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -( A Supreme Court ruling this month, Tanzin v. Tamvir, No. 19-71, offers a few valuable insights into the “No Fly, No Buy” gun control proposal championed by the Obama administration (here and here), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown group, among others. “No Fly, No Buy” is based on prohibiting persons on the government...
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Too Much Freedom? Trouble Brews When Government Rations Rights

By Larry Keane Don't worry, Biden only wants to ban the most prolific/popular sporting arms in the United States, nothing crazy! IMG iStock-870534950 U.S.A. -( President-elect Joe Biden had a rare moment of clarity when it comes to gun control. He’s got a really big obstacle, called the Constitution. The president-elect spoke with civil rights leaders in a virtual meeting. An unknown individual recorded the session and the media got a hold of it. What President-elect Biden adm...
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4th Day of Christmas by Bloomberg and Beto-Backed Texas Lawmakers

“On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Anti-Gun Reps Gave to Thee: “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation”. IMG NRA-ILA On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Anti-Gun Reps Gave to Thee: “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation  U.S.A. -( NRA-ILA is counting down the legislative lumps of coal that anti-Second Amendment lawmakers in Texas are leaving in gun owners' stockings this year. Dozens of gun control bills pre-filed in advance of the 2021 legislative session are political payback to New York billionaire Mich...
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The 3rd Day of Christmas by Bloomberg & Beto-Backed Texas Lawmakers

The lone star state is getting another lump of anti-gun coal for Christmas courtesy of Beta and Bloomberg. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -( NRA-ILA is counting down the legislative lumps of coal anti-Second Amendment lawmakers in Texas are leaving in gun owners' stockings this year. Dozens of gun control bills pre-filed in advance of the 2021 legislative session are political payback to New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, BETO “Hell Yeah, I'll Take Your Guns” O'Rourke, and radical lefti...
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The 2nd Day of Christmas by Bloomberg & Beto-Backed Texas Lawmakers

On the 2nd day of Christmas, more anti-gun measures from Bloomberg and Beto in Texas. IMG iStock-884200682 U.S.A. -( ‘Tis the season at the Texas Capitol for extreme gun control bills; lumps of coal stuffed in stockings and hung on mantles for gun owners in advance of the 2021 legislative session.  Pre-filed by anti-gun politicians who were backed by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg and BETO “Hell Yeah, I'll Take Your Guns” O'Rourke in 2020, these bills are paybacks to thei...
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The 1st Day of Christmas, by Bloomberg & Beto-Backed Texas Lawmakers

Rep. Terry Meza's House Bill 196, which would gut Texas' Castle Doctrine law by requiring that victims attempt to retreat in the face of a violent attack. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -( ‘Tis the season at the Texas Capitol for extreme gun control bills; lumps of coal stuffed in stockings and hung on mantles of gun owners in advance of the 2021 legislative session.  Pre-filed by anti-gun politicians who were backed by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and BETO “Hell Yeah, I'll Take Y...
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