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The Trump revelation we've been waiting for: The emperor had no dough

As critics scoop up the facts reported by The New York Times regarding Donald Trump's tax returns in the '80s and '90s, showing the President's monumental debt, the most profound reaction is almost certainly occurring inside Trump's psyche, Michael D'Antonio says.
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Trump partners with Putin to make Russia great again

Michael D'Antonio writes that as Friday's lengthy chat with Vladimir Putin illustrates, President Trump goes out of his way to accommodate Putin and empower Russia's global ambitions to be a player in Venezuela, the Middle East and Korea.
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What George Washington means to Donald Trump

Michael D'Antonio writes that President Donald Trump's visit to Mount Vernon shows his complete disregard for American history and past presidents, making him likely to repeat the failures of those who came before him.
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Trump is spouting nonsense at a greater rate

Michael D'Antonio writes that President Trump's constant bizarre statements could suggest something more alarming than everyday deceptions.
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Without Mueller, who will Trump choose for his next enemy?

Michael D'Antonio writes that Trump regularly assesses others for their potential use as enemies to rally his followers against. In the drama he presents to his supporters, he needs to be the hero who navigates treacherous terrain and slays monsters.
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Something is terribly wrong with Trump

Michael D'Antonio writes that following a weekend of unhinged Twitter ranting -- without any serious attention devoted to the victims of the New Zealand terror attack -- it is clear that Donald Trump is not fit to serve in the Oval Office.
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I was one of the 500 people Michael Cohen threatened

When Michael Cohen called to threaten me — "You just bought yourself an f-ing lawsuit" — were his exact words, I felt a little special, writes Michael D'Antonio. How many people, I thought, had been subject to such thuggery? Surely it was a rare thing.
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Michael Cohen is the person who knows Trump's character best

The story the President's former attorney outlined in his testimony to Congress has the ring of truth, in light of Trump's entire public and private life, writes Michael D'Antonio, and in telling it he may mark the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency.
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Your 2020 choice: Facts or Trump's fantasies

Michael D'Antonio writes that, in 2020, America faces a simple choice: a candidate who embraces facts, or incumbent President Donald Trump who traffics in distortions.
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'Hey AOC, saw your wack tweet': Conservative business group escalates Times Square billboard feud with Ocasio-Cortez over Amazon HQ2 pullout

The Job Creators Network, a conservative business group, erected a billboard in Times Square blaming New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Amazon's termination of a deal to build its second headquarters in New York. Ocasio-Cortez called that sign "wack" and said it was funded by "billionaire-funded groups" advocating "dark money & anti-worker policies." The JCN on Thursday renewed its attack on Thursday by making two more billboards calling Ocasio-Cortez out. One says: "Hey AOC, saw your ...
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Eminem called out Netflix for canceling 'The Punisher,' but data suggests the show's audience had declined dramatically

Eminem called Netflix out on Twitter on Wednesday for canceling "The Punisher." But data showed that viewership for the Marvel series had dropped significantly.  Eminem is a huge fan of Netflix's Marvel series, "The Punisher." Too bad the streaming giant just canceled it. Netflix canceled "The Punisher" on Monday along with "Jessica Jones," putting an official end to its Marvel TV universe that also included "Daredevil," "Luke Cage," and "Iron Fist" (all of which were canceled late last year)...
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DC Universe is off to a hot start with 3 original TV series that rival Netflix in quality, but it has a big challenge ahead

DC Comics and Warner Bros.' streaming service, DC Universe, launched five months ago, and just debuted its third original program, "Doom Patrol," to critical acclaim. The mobile app has passed 1 million installations on the App Store and Google Play, according to mobile markets insights company Sensor Tower, and has momentum behind it. DC Universe told Business Insider that the biggest upticks in free-trial sign-ups, aside from the initial launch, have corresponded with the premiere of new ori...
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Oracle discovered a mobile fraud operation plaguing 10 million app downloads, and it shows how pervasive scammers still are for advertisers

Oracle has identified a new mobile app-fraud operation it dubbed DrainerBot that has infected more than 400 popular Android apps like Draw Clash of Clans and Perfect365. Ad fraud continues to be a challenge for advertisers as scammers get more sophisticated with their tactics. All told, Oracle estimates that the infected apps are costing mobile users extra data charges to the tune of $100 per year. Fraud in digital advertising still runs rampant, particularly in mobile apps. Last year, Oracle...
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Bitcoin tops $4,000 for the first time in over a month (BTC)

Bitcoin has surged more than 10% since JPMorgan announced on Thursday that it would launch its own cryptocurrency, called "JPM Coin." Bitcoin touched an intraday high of  $4,002.71 a coin on Tuesday, topping $4,000 for the first time in over month. Watch Bitcoin trade live. Bitcoin hit a high of $4,002.71 a coin on Tuesday, just days after JPMorgan said it would launch its own cryptocurrency that was tied to the US dollar. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap has surged by 10% to its hig...
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Trump's outrageous effort to undermine his investigators

In the wake of The New York Times report that President Trump asked Matt Whitaker if a US attorney who had already recused himself could un-recuse himself from the Cohen probe, Michael D'Antonio asks: How many will be corrupted, plead guilty, endure convictions or be sent to prison before the legal and political systems end the slow-motion national tragedy that is the Trump administration?
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Tuesday. The founder of Huawei said "there's no way the US can crush us," in an interview with the BBC. Ren Zhengfei spoke about the arrest of his daughter and CFO Meng Wanzhou. A report from UK lawmakers into fake news said that three unnamed executives failed to warn Mark Zuckerberg about the Cambridge Analytica crisis. Lawmakers were shocked at what Zuckerberg didn't know about the scandal — and said it pointed to structural issues a...
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Marc Benioff says that before Salesforce buys a startup, he does 'due diligence' on a company's culture and how it pays employees (CRM)

At the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Thursday, Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff addressed sexual harassment and the wage gap in Silicon Valley. Benioff said he now looks at a company's culture and how it pays employees when he's considering an acquisition for Salesforce. Benioff spoke about the infamous Google Walkout, and called it an "eye-opening" example of the importance of corporate culture.  "We have CEOs who are not paying attention to their culture and allowed tox...
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Anti-vaxxer rants are at home in Trumpworld

Michael D'Antonio writes that Donald Trump's anti-vaccine history gives cover to Darla Shine to call concern about measles "hysteria" and falsely claim older generations benefitted from contracting childhood diseases.
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One of Wall Street's biggest banks just revealed a massive stake in Twitter — and the company's stock is soaring (TWTR)

Morgan Stanley said in a filing on Wednesday that it had a 5.6% stake in Twitter, which boosted shares of the social media company. Twitter's stock has climbed 11% so far this year, although it's still trading 34% below its 52-week high hit last June. Follow Twitter's stock price here on Markets Insider. Twitter shares jumped more than 4% on Wednesday after Morgan Stanley said in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission that it has a 5.6% stake in the company. The bank — one o...
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The new CEO of Google Cloud explains the updated master plan for taking on Amazon Web Services (GOOGL)

In his inaugural appearance as the new CEO of Google Cloud on Tuesday, Thomas Kurian said Google Cloud is revamping its master plan as it chases the leading Amazon Web Services. Rather than go after so-called "digital native" companies, Google Cloud is going to refocus itself on selling to vertical industries like retail or finance.  Right now, Google Cloud is far behind its competitors Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, analysts say, but many in the industry believe Kurian's enterprise experi...
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As cable companies try to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, Comcast thinks its secret weapon is an app that lets it talk directly to consumers

Comcast is making Xfinity XFi its biggest priority this year. XFi is a mobile app that lets Comcast customers set up wifi networks, troubleshoot network issues, and see what devices are connected to their networks. The company believes having a product that promotes engagement with consumers will keep them subscribing. Cable companies want to differentiate themselves in a broadband market rife with competition. To set itself apart from competitors, Comcast is prioritizing Xfinity XFi...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Monday. Ex-Facebook security boss Alex Stamos says the company is like "Game of Thrones" at the highest levels of leadership. In an interview with CNN, the outspoken security pro said it could be difficult for Facebook execs to admit when they were wrong. Saudi Arabia denies role in leaking Jeff Bezos' messages to National Enquirer, The Guardian reports. "This is something between the two parties, we have nothing to do with it," said Ade...
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Meet the jet-setting Goldman Sachs banker who led Qualcomm through a hostile takeover, got stuck in Trump's trade war, and made magic happen across the semiconductor industry (GS)

Tammy Kiely, a partner at Goldman Sachs, made a name for herself in the esoteric but politically charged world of semiconductors. Nearly 20 years into her career at Goldman, her day job as a key adviser to Qualcomm became the battleground for President Donald Trump's raging trade war with China. But there's more to Kiely than billion-dollar deals. When she's not on a plane, the mother of two loves to run and garden at home in the Bay Area. SAN FRANCISCO — However warm and down to earth Tammy ...
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Bitcoin spikes sharply and suddenly

Bitcoin spiked suddenly around midday on Friday. The cryptocurrency was trading up 9%, and at its best level in a month.  Earlier Friday, Securities and Exchange Commissioner Robert Jackson said he expects a crypto exchange-traded fund at some point.   Watch bitcoin trade live. Bitcoin rocketed higher just ahead of the noon hour Friday, trading up about 9% to a one-month high near $3,682 a coin . The sudden surge developed without any real catalyst. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by mar...
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Amazon's Echo Show is back to its cheapest price ever — get it for $50 off through February 14

The   Insider Picks   team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. The Echo Show is on sale for $179.99 (originally $229.99) until February 14 at 9 p.m. PST as part of Amazon's Valentine's Day sale. The last time the Echo Show was on sale, it sold out and was backordered for months so save $50 on one of our favorite smart displays now before the deal ends. You can watch videos and get visual resp...
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The TV industry is excited about making advertising addressable, but there are big obstacles to it becoming mainstream

The growth of digital TV offers the promise of reinventing advertising by personalizing it to the viewer. But addressable or dynamic advertising hasn’t taken off because approaches are fragmented and marketers aren’t equipped to do it or don’t see the value. One buyer called addressable advertising “a little bit of Wild West.” At a Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement summit Thursday, ad buyers, sellers, and measurement wonks found common ground on one thing: The industry is far from ac...
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'Now the reality is hitting them, and they're freaking out': The National Enquirer's former LA bureau chief says the tabloid is in over its head with Jeff Bezos

On Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos published an extraordinary blog post detailing what he alleges to be an "extortion and blackmail" plot by American Media Inc. (AMI), the publishing arm of The National Enquirer. Jerry George, the tabloid's former LA bureau chief, in an interview with CNN, characterized the feud as "baffling." George believed that in trying to blackmail Bezos, The Enquirer might have taken things too far and acted prematurely. Jerry George, the former LA bureau chief of The N...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer publisher of "extortion" over naked photos in extraordinary blog post. "No real journalists ever propose anything like what is happening here," Bezos said. Jeff Bezos essentially accused the National Enquirer of having a political motive for exposing his affair, and insinuated a Donald Trump connection. Bezos suggested the Enquirer's publisher may have written the story as a favor t...
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Google Cloud will help the Golden State Warriors play better basketball (GOOGL, GOOG)

The Golden State Warriors announced Wednesday that they have picked Google Cloud as their official cloud provider.  The Warriors will use Google's analytics technology to track data that can help the team play basketball better. The Warriors — and the Chase Center, the under-construction stadium where they'll play — also plan to use Google Cloud for hosting mobile apps. The Golden State Warriors just picked Google Cloud as their official cloud provider, and will use its data-crunching  tec...
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Video-game maker Take-Two Interactive is getting slammed after missing on guidance (TTWO)

Take-Two Interactive beat on both the top and bottom lines. It also raised its full-year outlook, but the boosted revenue guidance still fell short of Wall Street consensus. Watch Take-Two Interactive trade live. Take-Two Interactive Software tanked 13% to $ 93.30 a share early Wednesday after the company provided a weaker-than-expected outlook. The video-game maker posted solid financial results for the third quarter, earning an adjusted $2.90 a share on revenue of $1.57 billion. Wa...
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