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Evaluative or Facilitative Mediation? – the Wrong Question

Conflict management professionals have struggled for many years whether to take a “facilitative” or an “evaluative” approach in mediation. This either/or analysis is much too simplistic and grounded in false assumptions. We need a more nuanced approach, drawing on a wide variety of “styles” and tools which are tailored to meet the needs of the situation and the parties. Professor John Lande recently published a concise and helpful article advocating for such an approach. My mediation training wa...
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Updates and New Additions to CanLII’s Slaw Ebook Collection

Spring greetings! Following up on an announcement we made in November of 2019, CanLII and are proud to announce the addition of 14 new ebooks to CanLII’s commentary collection. The series now encompasses 27 ebooks that feature legal writing on a variety of subjects. Each ebook contains a set of selected columns from a contributor that have been edited and formatted for display on CanLII: James Côté on Legal Technology Doug Ferguson on Legal Education Gabriel Granatstein on Emplo...
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The Case for Well-Designed Dispute Resolution Clauses

During my final year with Mediate BC, I had the opportunity to study the use of “dispute resolution clauses” (“DR Clauses”) within the BC business community. By “DR Clause” I mean a clause in a contract that sets out how the parties will deal with any disputes arising out of the contract, including the interpretation of the terms of the contract itself (Note 1). As part of the research, I interviewed several inhouse counsel as well as outside counsel/solicitors who acted for prominent BC busines...
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