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Eli Broad, Philanthropic Cautionary Tale

Broad’s style — his power plays, his demands for control and fealty, and his determination to go it alone — meant that controversy and ill-feeling dogged many of his big projects. He fell out with the architects; he crossed swords with directors such as Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Michael Govan; and his behavior stirred up resentments among fellow cultural philanthropists, many of whom refused to give to projects that had Broad’s name on them. – Washington Post
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Can a New LACMA Rise from the Rubble? Quaffing Michael Govan’s Kool-Aid

The doubts engendered in me by the shifting ground (related to the proximity to the La Brea Tar Pits) under the cranes being used for construction of LACMA’s new Geffen Galleries caused me to reflect back on Govan’s spotty track record for delivering on his ambitious, provocative proposals. – Lee Rosenbaum
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Michael Govan Responds To Criticism Of LACMA Redesign

“Far from representing a reduction in exhibition space, LACMA’s new building designed by Peter Zumthor, the David Geffen Galleries, is the final piece of a two decades-long expansion plan that effectively doubles the museum’s gallery space and replaces its ailing, nonfunctional facilities.” – New York Review of Books
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Ahmanson Foundation Will No Longer Donate to LACMA

The Ahmanson Foundation, a long-running supporter of LACMA, has announced it will no longer donate works to the museum.  “We’ve been unable to get a commitment from Michael Govan about presenting the collection as it has been throughout the life of the museum,” says foundation President William Ahmanson. “Our greatest concern is that the public […]
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We Will Buy No More Art For LACMA, Says Foundation That Funded Acquisitions For 60 Years

“The Ahmanson’s gift program, which has paid for 114 paintings and 15 sculptures, is the backbone of the museum’s widely admired European art collection.” And why is that program being ended? Because director Michael Govan’s plans (including the new building) mean that “Ahmanson gifts acquired over decades at LACMA curators’ specific request will end up in storage for unknown periods of time — even though they were bought for permanent display.” – Los Angeles Times
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LACMA’s biggest donor breaks with museum over changes in how it shows Old Master works

LOS ANGELES — In a stunning rebuke to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a foundation virtually synonymous with the museum for 60 years and its largest donor of European Old Master paintings and sculptures, has ceased making gifts of art to the museum, it was reported Tuesday. The Ahmanson Foundation was established in 1952 by banker and financier Howard F. Ahmanson, who was also instrumental in the creation and launch of LACMA nearly a decade later. The foundation that bears his name has don...
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LACMA Receives $50 Million Gift Towards New Campus

LACMA has received a $50 million gift towards building its new campus, pledged by the W.M. Keck Foundation.  “It’s thrilling. I am really grateful to the Keck Foundation,” LACMA Director Michael Govan said of the organization. “It’s really exciting because it’s about bringing new people into philanthropy for culture.” Read more at LA Times  
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LACMA Wins Unanimous Approval for Building Project

LACMA won unanimous approval Tuesday from the county Board of Supervisors for its $650-million design. “This is a milestone moment, this is the big green light to go forward,” museum Director Michael Govan said. Read more at LA Times
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Michael Govan Defends LACMA Plans in LA Times

LACMA Director Michael Govan is in the LA Times this week, defending his decision to embraced reduced exhibition space in the museum’s expansion.  “We were aware that this building project would be not as big as the current space it was replacing because that was a jumbled mess of galleries,” he says. “We were trying […]
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LACMA’s Director Defends The Incredible Shrinking Design

While an awful lot of art and architecture folks are asking what (the hell) happened to the original LACMA redesign, Michael Govan, as he must, defends the plan: “I’m just going to say, for the record — and I believe it fully — that through the process of refinements, we now have a better building.” – Los Angeles Times
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LACMA Combines Departments for European and American Art

LACMA has collapsed two major departments into one this year, combining its American and European holdings into a single department as part of director Michael Govan’s plan to gradually arrive at a more fluid museum structure, LA Times reports.  Read more at LA Times
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There’s a quarter-mile long artwork at LACMA you have to see

You can see the artist’s hand – not to mention much of the rest of his body – at work in Robert Rauschenberg’s “The 1/4 Mile or 2 Furlong Piece.” This 1983 photo shows Robert Rauschenberg with his monumental work “The 1/4 Mile or 2 Furlong Piece” in progress at his Laika Lane studio in Captiva, Fla. (Photo by Terry Van Brunt, courtesy of Robert Rauschenberg Foundation) These traces reveal themselves to anyone who walks the 1,000-foot expanse of this 190-panel work, presented for the first ti...
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LA Times Profiles Fundraising Efforts at LACMA

The LA Times spotlights Michael Govan’s push to speed up LACMA’s fundraising drive, as construction continues on the museum’s new expansion. “We’re steadily raising money and signing pledges. I don’t feel there’s any danger that the project isn’t going forward,” Govan says. Read more at LA Times
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LACMA Partners with Arizona State to Create Curator Program Encouraging Diversity and New Voices

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University have partnered to create a new three-year program that combines academic training and work experience to develop and encourage a diverse body of new arts curators. “We need things to start changing now,” LACMA head Michael Govan says. […]
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LACMA Looks to Expand in South LA

LACMA is exploring plans to create a satellite campus in South Los Angeles, which will target underserved areas. “If you look at a map of L.A.’s public schools, the dots representing the neediest students are all through South Los Angeles,” Director Michael Govan says. “You start thinking, where can the value of your collection and […]
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Los Angeles art figure Ed Moses of the ‘Cool School’ dies at 91

By JOHN ROGERS LOS ANGELES — The prolific abstract expressionist Ed Moses, who was one of the founding members of a collective known as the “Cool School” and helped transform Los Angeles from a cultural backwater to a major force in the world of modern art, has died. He was 91. Moses died Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach section with his family by his side, his son Andy Moses told The Associated Press on Thursday. “Ryder,” a 1996 acrylic and shellac on canvas by Ed Moses. It ...
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LA County Museum And Autry Museum Join Their Collections Together

“The idea is to treat our collections as one and for our curators to work together accordingly,” LACMA director Michael Govan said in the announcement. “This exchange of works and ideas will allow both museums to bolster exhibition content especially in the areas of the historical and contemporary American West and the exploration of indigenous […]
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LACMA versus Los Angeles’ urban fabric

With David Geffen’s unprecedented $150 million gift, LACMA moves much closer to its new building — a giant undertaking and an unprecedented wound on the urban fabric of Los Angeles. Yet no one — including people concerned about the quality of increasingly urban life in Los Angeles — seems to be taking notice. One constant of America’s encyclopedic art museums is that they expand. LACMA certainly has embodied that spirit: in a short 55 years, LACMA has assembled a collection of 135,000 works and ...
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LACMA Adds New Board Members

LACMA has added three new members to its board, including collector Allison Berg, Spotify executive Troy Carter and Carter Reum, founder of LA brand-development and investment company M13.  “With LACMA’s ambitious building campaign underway, we value these forward-thinking leaders who have a vested interest in shaping the cultural landscape of Los Angeles,” director Michael Govan says. Read more at […]
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Michael Govan Joins Smithsonian Board

LACMA Director Michael Govan has been invited to join the Smithsonian Institution’s Board of Regents, the Washington Post reports.  The institution’s 17-member Board of Regents includes the chief justice of the United States, the vice president, three members of the House, three members of the Senate and nine citizens. Read more at Washington Post
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An Opening Artists' Salvo Against Anything That Divides The U.S. And Mexico

Michael Govan of LACMA, about the Pacific Standard Time art festival opening in the fall, known as PST LA/LA (one of the LAs is for Latin America): "We have so much to do to make everyone understand how connected our cultures are — how connected we are. ... There is no us and them. There is just us and us."
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LACMA Acquires Random International’s ‘Rain Room’

LACMA has acquired Random International’s Rain Room, the popular installation where viewers can pass through a space filled with falling water.  “It is especially appropriate that the Rain Room is a gift to Lacma as we are near to marking the 50th anniversary of the museum’s landmark Art & Technology program,” director Michael Govan says.  “The […]
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Michael Govan’s LACMA Renovation Efforts Profiled in NYT

The NYT profiles LACMA Director Michael Govan’s planned $600 million renovation at the museum, and the efforts he has undertaken to bring the plan to fruition.  “It’s a big project for L.A., and there’s been a little lack of confidence that the money will be raised,” he said. “But I think just getting close to […]
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Getting LACMA's Controversial New Building Built Will Take Every Skill Michael Govan Has

Fortunately, he has a lot of them, as he's demonstrated in the ten years he's been in Los Angeles: LACMA's attendance has doubled and its cachet has soared. Adam Nagourney gives an overview of Govan's prospects for the biggest project he's ever undertaken.
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Is This Los Angeles’s $600 Million Man?

Michael Govan, the director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has a provocative vision for his museum and his adopted city.
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Is This L.A.’s $600 Million Man?

Michael Govan, the director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has a provocative vision for his museum and his adopted city.
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Businessman Eric Smidt Gives $25 Million Gift to LACMA

Businessman Eric Smidt is profiled in the LA Times this week, following a $25 million gift to LACMA.  “It takes gifts like this to get to that point of confidence so that others will invest,” says museum head Michael Govan. “It’s a new generation of people, and that’s what has to happen in the civic environment. […]
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Michael Govan Interview: The Director of LACMA on the Future of the Museum Space

Photographs by Eric Minh Swenson Introduction: Miracle Mile and Expansive Space "A picture is worth a thousand words" because complex ideas can be communicated with just a single image. The image of a museum amidst an implosion of moving, cultural images must stand out as an iconic image to symbolize the high value of art. Since Michael Govan became the director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (or LACMA) in 2006 ( after working as the president and director of Dia Art Foundation in ...
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Finally, We’re Getting A Better Idea Of What Peter Zumthor’s New LACMA Building Will Look Like

“The Swiss architect has been working with LACMA Director and Chief Executive Michael Govan for years on an ambitious and controversial new building to hold the museum’s permanent collection. But details – architectural and financial alike – have been hard to come by” – until now. Christopher Hawthorne has a look.
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LACMA Attendance Grows to 1.4 Million Visitors Yearly

LACMA has posted a attendance total of 1.4 million visitors for the past year, marking the continued impact of Michael Govan’s programming and perspective.  Since taking over in 2008, Govan’s projects have grown the museum attendance from 800,000 visitors yearly.  Read more at Art Newspaper  
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