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Community meetings in the San Fernando Valley, March 18-25

    Senior Scam Stopper lecture on March 21 at the East Valley Adult Center in Van Nuys. (Google Street View)   Community meetings bring people together for exchange of ideas and memorable shared experiences plus the potential for positive personal and community enrichment. Here are this week’s, and upcoming, get-togethers.   Reseda Neighborhood Council: 7 p.m. March 18. Reseda Neighborhood Council Community Space, 18118 Sherman Way. 818-832-7540. Canoga Park-West Hill...
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The best restaurants in Miami

There was a time when there was no such thing as traveling to Miami just for good food. Restaurants were either flashy, expensive, and about as appealing as a corner table, or they were locals-only, hole-in-the-walls. Oh how things have changed over the last 10 years. Today, Miami is very much a food city. It’s attracted chefs from around the world, and restaurants are blending influences from the Magic City’s diverse population. You can easily find Thai tapas, Nikkei cuisine, and guava every...
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North Carolina House Bill 86

I appreciate the folks on reddit/firearms keeping me up to date on the latest attempts at communist gun control in the North Carolina House of Representatives.  H.B. 86 is summarized as follows. AN ACT TO REQUIRE A PERMIT FOR THE PURCHASE OF AN ASSAULT WEAPON OR LONG GUN; TO REQUIRE A 72-HOUR WAITING PERIOD BEFORE A PURCHASED  FIREARM MAY BE DELIVERED OR OTHERWISE POSSESSED; TO PROHIBIT THE SALE OF AN ASSAULT WEAPON OR LONG GUN TO PERSONS UNDER A CERTAIN AGE; TO PROHIBIT THE SALE OR POSSESSIO...
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Community meetings in the San Fernando Valley, March 11-18

    Chatsworth Neighborhood Council holds a board election on March 16 at the Chatsworth Train Depot. (Google Street View)   Community meetings bring people together for exchange of ideas and memorable shared experiences plus the potential for positive personal and community enrichment. Here are this week’s, and upcoming, get-togethers.   Around the World Book Club at Sun Valley Branch Library: Discusses “The Widows of Malabar Hill” by Sujata Massey, 6:30 p.m. March 11. 7935 Vineland Ave. 8...
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Word of the week: Workism

“The religion of workism is making Americans miserable,” writes Derek Thompson in The Atlantic, coining a word and then defining it as “ the belief that work is not only necessary to economic production, but also the centerpiece of one’s identity and life’s purpose; and the belief that any policy to promote human welfare must always encourage more work.” Workism is not to be confused with an older coinage, workerism, “a political theory that emphasizes the importance of, or glorifies, the wo...
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AK Monthly Recap: February 2019

What’s the best thing that could have happened this month? I became an auntie again! My beautiful friend welcomed an adorable baby boy to the world and that, more than anything, made this month special. I’ve been an auntie for ten months now and it is one of my favorite roles I’ve ever had. I love having a few special kids in my life, watching them grow, and knowing that I’ll be a loving, supportive adult in their lives. Beyond that, this was a month of being a workhorse and not being super soc...
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A CEO gives the same piece of advice to all new entrepreneurs about picking a compelling business problem to solve

The best business advice from Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of Hint, is to solve a problem you've personally faced. Otherwise, you may lose interest down the road. Hint was born out of Goldin's personal health struggles, but the beverage she created wound up appealing to a wider market. Successful entrepreneurship is about knowing how to build a business from the ground up. It's also about picking the right problem to solve in the first place. Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of Hint, talks to ton...
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This Week on TRB

We tore it up this week at Inside ETFs, some selected shots… Barry interviewed legendary author Michael Lewis (The Big Short, The Blind Side, The Undoing Project, Moneyball, Flash Boys, Liar’s Poker) as the closing keynote Monday night. What a convo.  My pal Jeremy Schwartz (WisdomTree) organized a big dinner at Il Mulino for all the industry social media stars and we had so much fun. Everyone was there.  ...
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Super Bowl commercials lean on celebrities

Michael Lewis, a professor of marketing at Emory University says stakes are high for the advertising industry during the Super Bowl. Jan.
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Weekend reading: New year, old habits

What caught my eye this week. T he New Year is the day we all start behaving better – whether it be quitting smoking, eating more vegetables, jogging, or simply resolving to stop putting your dog’s waste in a plastic bag and then flinging it up into a nearby tree to hang like a toxic fruit bat. (Okay, perhaps nobody resolves to stop doing that. They should!) Do we keep behaving better? Rarely. I sometimes make New Year’s Resolutions and they seldom work. I’ve been resolving to read more books ...
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The Best Books of 2018

2018 was the year that tsundoku entered our cultural vocabulary. It’s a Japanese word that doesn’t translate cleanly into English but it basically means you buy books and let them pile up unread. The end-of-the-year book lists coming out right now won’t help any of us with our tsundoku problems, but there are worse things in life than having too many books around. I took at look at a bunch of these lists and picked out some of the best book recommendations for 2018 from book editors, voracious...
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The Fifth Risk: Michael Lewis explains how the "deep state" is just nerds versus grifters

Michael Lewis is a national treasure, whose gift for explaining how finance grifters think and operate has spawned a whole genre, which he dominates with books like Liar's Poker (an insider view of the S&L crisis); The Big Short (a character-driven, crystal-clear explainer on the financial engineering that led to the 2008 crisis), and Flash Boys (the shitty math and bafflegab behind high-speed trading); and now, The Fifth Risk: an astounding and terrifying book about the experts who fill the ra...
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Remainders: From Parking Garages to Political Contributions

It’s been awhile since I did one of these Remainders posts so I figured I’d throw one together. In theory it’s all the other stuff I didn’t get a chance to blog about. In reality, it’s pretty much everything I’ve been reading that isn’t about mental models/frameworks (and even some of that). You can find previous versions filed under Remainders and, as always, if you enjoy this stuff please subscribe by email and pass around. Let’s start with some books. Here’s what I’ve read in the last three m...
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PWP Growth Equity backs Quick Med Claims

Quick Med Claims, a provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management services for the emergency medical transport industry, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding. The investor was PWP Growth Equity, Perella Weinberg Partners‘ middle-market private equity group. PRESS RELEASE New York, NY (November 12, 2018) – PWP Growth Equity, the middle market private equity group of Perella Weinberg Partners, today announced that it has made an investment in Quick Med Claims (“QMC”), a leading pr...
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The Obamas’ First Netflix Show Might Be Based On Book Critical Of Trump

Obama’s production company has optioned Michael Lewis’ book “The Fifth Risk,” but says "it's not a political statement.”
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The Obamas' first acquisition for their Netflix deal is the rights to a book that depicts the US as 'under attack by its own leaders'

Under the Obamas' Netflix deal, they have acquired the rights to Michael Lewis' new book, “The Fifth Risk.” The book includes an unflattering look at the Trump administration, and its publisher's description references a government "under attack by its own leaders." Conservatives have long been angry at Netflix, but it is unlikely to hurt the company's bottom line. The Obamas have acquired the rights to Michael Lewis' new book, “The Fifth Risk,” as part of their production deal with Netflix t...
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The Rocky Trump Transition Is Headed To Netflix, Thanks To Barack Obama And Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis's "The Fifth Risk" is about the botched transition from Obama‘s federal government to Trump‘s.
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Michael Lewis’ Book The Fifth Risk Acquired by Netflix

Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk acquired by Netflix The latest book by author Michael Lewis has been acquired by Netflix, according to a report from Deadline. There are plans to develop the book into a series, which is part of Barack and Michelle Obama’s overall production deal to create content to help viewers understand the workings of government. Lewis’ book, which dropped on October 2, examines the chaotic transition that occurred in the transition of power from former President Obama...
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The Obamas’ First Netflix Series Will Be ‘The Fifth Risk’ Adaptation

Earlier this year, we learned that former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama had struck a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce multiple TV shows and films for the streaming giant. Now we may have just learned that their first project will be a Trump-inspired civics lesson. The Obamas’ first Netflix series will reportedly be an adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk, which takes a hard look at the chaotic transition from the Obama administration to the Trump...
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Trump Feared Transition Officials Were ‘Stealing’ His Money

In The Fifth Risk, Michael Lewis chronicles the administration’s chaotic struggle to take the reins of government.
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Michael Lewis: Trump's Approach To Government Shows 'Neglect And Misunderstanding'

Lewis' new book, The Fifth Risk, examines three federal departments under Trump: energy, agriculture and commerce. He warns that half of the top 700 positions in the administration remain unfilled.
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Books of The Times: Michael Lewis Makes a Story About Government Infrastructure Exciting

In “The Fifth Risk,” Lewis enumerates grave dangers resulting from the incompetent transition to a new White House administration.
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Shorties (Two Interviews with Alice Walker, New Music from Sharon Van Etten, and more)

The New York Review of Books and Literary Hub interviewed Alice Walker. Stream a new Sharon Van Etten song. October's best eBook deals. eBook on sale for $1.99 today: Pills and Starships by Lydia Millet Drowned in Sound interviewed Czech band Manon Meurt. Vol. 1 Brooklyn, TIME, the Washington Post, and previewed October's best books. Shakey Graves visited The Current studio for an interview and live performance. shared an excerpt from Thomas Ligotti’s book, The C...
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'The Fifth Risk' Paints A Portrait Of A Government Led By The Uninterested

Michael Lewis' fascinating new book argues Donald Trump was utterly unprepared to lead the some 2 million federal employees — and that his appointees are often hostile to the agencies they lead.(Image credit: Westend61/Getty Images)
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Michael Lewis’ New Book: Trump vs. the Federal Government

At this point, reading about how incompetent the Trump campaign and White House have been and continue to be — perhaps knowingly, given the viewpoint of some of his advisors and backers about wanting to weaken the federal government — is getting tiring, but Michael Lewis is always worth paying attention to. His newest book, The Fifth Risk, is about how unprepared the incoming Trump administration was to govern the country, to “take control of the portfolio of existential risks managed by the US ...
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'A Kind Of Vague Hostility': Michael Lewis On How Trump Loyalists Run Agencies

In The Fifth Risk, Michael Lewis examines the Trump administration's impact on federal agencies, where inexperienced loyalists have been sent to manage nuclear weapons or the National Weather Service.(Image credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
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'A Kind Of Vague Hostility': Michael Lewis On Trump Loyalists Run Agencies

In The Fifth Risk, Michael Lewis examines the Trump administration's impact on federal agencies, where inexperienced loyalists have been sent to manage nuclear weapons or the National Weather Service.(Image credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
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Free Audiobooks – Audible September Spotlight

If you have a subscription at Audible, be sure to pick up your two free choices from their Audible Originals selections this month. Program Description Audible Originals Spotlight: Fresh Stories. Unforgettable Voices. For more than 20 years, we’ve been creating rich, audio-only experiences—stories so powerful we believe they must be heard. Audible Originals bring together celebrated writers and performers from worlds as diverse as theater, literature, journalism, and more, and we are excited t...
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