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MIDNIGHT in Washington D.C.

Reminds me of Baghdad with all the barriers going up. Checkpoints. Troops all around in civilian cars. More barriers dropped off to be installed. Contractors—like Baghdad, working everywhere. Hotels filled with troops. I just went for a walk. So quiet. No traffic. Chilly. Still. Flashing lights all around. Men working. Lockdown coming. [Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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Washington, D.C.: Barriers going up — Troops are on the streets

13 January 2021Washington, D.C. Yon-Genre Mind-dump without edit First some admin. Please see my Patreon post from yesterday. Since 2005, I have operated on reader support. In the times ahead, this will become important. Next — I’ve been spending long days and nights with Rudy Giuliani and team. Historical times. As you know, I am not on the President’s team and never have been. I spent the vast majority of my time for last twenty years overseas, not prowling around D.C. I spent very litt...
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State of Emergency, and Diversification

12 January 2021 Washington, D.C. Yon-Genre mind dump. Unedited. Those who have followed my work for years -- and especially in 2020 -- are not surprised at all at the turn of events. My focus now is to help avert full-scale civil war by this Spring and Summer. And to be sure, though I am a cup-half-full man, I think it's too late for my efforts. I am still doing CPR on that hope there is still a glimmer that calmer heads will prevail. And this still is possible. Just does not seem proba...
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Agent Provocateur' Tactics Seen at Jan 6 US Capitol Protest—Interview With Michael Yon | Crossroads

Some global observations on protests/rallies I have been to around the world, and at home in America. [Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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06 January 2021: Massive Day has Begun — Epic History Unfolding

Time now 0547, Washington, D.C. I’ve been up since 0300 preparing for this day. Georgia seems to have gone to Democrats. Meanwhile, last night, dozens of pro-Democracy Hong Kongers were arrested while I was having dinner with a Hong Kong expert. John Batchelor and Gordon Chang immediately contacted me about an interview today regarding this crime against humanity. I will be on the ground here in D.C., and so when I do this interview please excuse any background news. When I was in Afghanistan...
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Nashville Christmas Attack: Looks like average-sized VBIED

27 December 2020 Portland, Oregon Yon-Genre Mind Dump without edit Looking at many photos and videos, looks like your normal car bomb. Thousands in Iraq. Fewer in Afghanistan but still tons. A large truck bomb would have obliterated buildings on both sides in that confined space. If you know veterans who served in Iraq outside-the-wire between about 2004 and late 2007, ask them about car and truck bombs. Remember all the bombs I wrote about while there? Most of the bombs I saw -- I ne...
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Nashville Christmas Bombing: CARVER

26 December 2020 Portland, Oregon A Yon-Genre Mind Dump without edit: During World War II, the OSS was our clandestine and covert operating force. After the war, OSS disbanded. From OSS formed Special Forces, and Central Intelligence Agency. Special Forces later took the nickname "Green Berets". (Not to be confused with Special Operations Forces that includes Special Forces, DELTA, SEALs, and more.) During my Green Beret training at Fort Bragg, one of the first lessons in target sel...
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Dispatch 56: Washington Post Advertises for CCP

Oregon-Washington 24 December 2020 Yon-Genre Mind Dump Merry Christmas! I still say Christmas. Without apology or caveat. I will spend Christmas Day with some Japanese friends at an Iraq-vet's home. Retired Marine Officer who fought in Anbar Province. He was stationed in Japan, and so he happens to be inviting Japanese friends. As am I, also inviting Japanese! So it will be a Japanese-America Christmas. (Real Japanese with accents, lol.) They love America and we love Japan, and so...
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Dispatch 55: Someone missing a Bullet-riddled Car?

22 December 2020 Portland, Oregon A Yon-Genre mind dump without edit I've flown in from D.C. and have been working back in Oregon. Creating source-network, sensing atmospherics, hanging out with ANTIFA. I entered to the Red House occupied zone, sat by ANTIFA campfire, and got coffee from their kitchen. Many seem like functional homeless or drug-impaired. They were friendly but highly suspicious. Meanwhile, locals have been helping to understand the situation. Yesterday, you may hav...
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Dispatch 54: Gary Miller Drove from Texas to D.C. to rip down this sign

15 December 2020Washington, D.C. An unedited Yon-Genre mind dump: Situation: I made this video Saturday, 12 December 2020. Or, possibly it was after midnight and early morning 13 December. Gary Miller drove all the way from Texas to D.C. to use a fishing rod to cast a line over the Black Lives Matter gang-propaganda, and to hoist a rope to rip it down. There were multiple rallies starting on Saturday morning in Washington, D.C. I was there. The President flew over by helicopter. I ...
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Dispatch 53: Washington, D.C.: A few hints on combat safety in America

14 December 2020 Washington, D.C. Yon-Genre, unedited mind dump: This is intended for journalists -- the few still on the field -- and peaceful people. I spent all day Saturday, 12 December 2020, with various protest groups in Washington, D.C. I believed the probability for violence was 90 percent. And it happened. Numerous stabbings, beatings, large fireworks, pepper spray, arrests, etc. Long time readers know that I spent years in serious wars, and more years in serious conflicts s...
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Worthless D.C. Metro Police deny safety to young children in face of ANTIFA attacks.

WATCH as Worthless D.C. Metro Police deny safety to young children in face of ANTIFA attacks. I made this video shortly before Proud Boys got stabbed by ANTIFA in front of me. PLEASE support my work. Because this is important to America, and to the world. We are moving into authentic civil war. All indicators are bad at this time. I need to stay out here roaming around the various "frontlines" -- this is expensive, and dangerous. I can cover the danger. Need you to cover the expense. Than...
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12 Dec 2020 - NOW: ANTIFA attacking.

Washington D.C. Two small explosions. Am here. Ongoing. Not sure if casualties but nobody dead or on the ground. [Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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BIG Day has started in Washington, D.C.

Good morning. As you can infer from some of my posts, I worked until about 0400, about five hours ago, and hit the rack. Now time to roll. I suspect this will be a very big turnout for President Trump. Also there is much noise and indicators that BLAMTIFA will attack. I will not live stream today but will make updates. Tomorrow, I will head to Arlington to pay respects. Next day, may stay in D.C. for another day or so, or fly straight to New York, or Portland. (Unknown at this time) Wa...
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Dispatch 52: Expect violent BLAMTIFA attacks within 24 hours. And Uyghurs Plead for Help Against CCP

11 December 2020Washington, D.C. Yesterday, 10 December 2020, I attended a gathering of Uyghurs, supporters, and media. I counted 66 total people after speeches began. Others came and max may have been 80. Including those who drifted through maybe 120 total. An ANTIFA-sort came through and heckled that the gathering was racist. Considering the bulk were Asian including Uyghurs, Chinese of various sorts, Japanese, and numerous Koreans... The white-boy-ANTIFA-sort got heckled down the ro...
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Dispatch 51: The Election Day "Top Down Attack"

A Yon-genre mind-dump before another busy day 09 December 2020 Washington, D.C., near the White House I've seen some exciting elections in other countries. Cracking bullets and airstrikes. As example, got into firefights during elections in Iraq and Afghanistan. Was there for much of the Moaist disaster in Nepal. In Nepal, Maoists often attacked their own economy with forced strikes. Businesses were forced to shut their doors at risk of death. You've heard me say many times over th...
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Dispatch 50: Just left residence of Vice President Mike Pence

Was a great time. Many interesting people there including some Generals/officers I knew or knew of. Saw Robert Spalding and said hello. Retired Air Force Brigadier General. Spalding is a serious dude. Wrote the book "Stealth War: How China took over while America's Elite Slept." I read all words and recommend this book. You know I normally like combat types. BG Spalding was a B2 bomber pilot. Combat folks write in a direct way that I prefer. Met other very interesting people. We should have...
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Kopp-Etchells Effect: My Monday (11 hours from now) Interview about Ranger Benjamin Kopp on War Room Pandemic Steve Bannon asked me to come on Monday at 11:30EST. We will talk about Ranger Ben Kopp. Ben was shot and killed in Afghanistan. Ben donated his heart to Judy Meikle. Judy survived and is alive today with Ben's Ranger heart. Rangers are hard to kill. Later, I named the Kopp-Etchells Effect after Corporal ...
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Dispatch 49: Broadstreet Pump: Drinking the Cholera Water

A Yon-genre mind dump without edit: 05 December 2020 Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia Many folks know I hunted cannibals in India. And found plenty. Including a most remarkable man from Houston. How did a Southern Boy become a cannibal? Long story. I interviewed him exhaustively in four countries: India, Nepal, Thailand, and the country of Massachusetts. The most interesting story ever. He came from a wealthy family. Father graduated from Texas A&M and was Army officer during World War...
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Dispatch 47: White House and Australian "War Crimes"

Been a long day. Now after midnight and finally back to hotel after 12 hours of glorious meetings, and a Christmas Reception at the White House. I did not meet or see President Trump, and my meetings were not in the White House. They have very good shrimp and grits at the White House. I went back for seconds. Some fine books in the library. Check out this nine volume series on the history of the South. Wish I had a month alone in the library just to study these nine books. Alas. War is in...
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Dispatch 48: Crazy Claims that Army Special Forces fought CIA in Germany

My inbox is filled with questions about this claim. My bullshit meter pegs around 9, with 10 being maximum bullshit. For reference, that Biden got clubfoot from playing with his dog pegs only at 6. The idea that this pandemic is a Chinese operation does not peg on bullshit meter and sounds completely plausible, if not probable. None of my special operations or CIA friends believe this. I sure don't. More Corn Pops and Fruit Loops. Thomas McInerney managed to sound crazy even in 2020. Not on...
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Dispatch 46: ANTIFA in Atlanta – Proud Boys, MAGA: YOU ARE AT WAR

ANTIFA LARPer in Atlanta (all photos Michael Yon) 28 November 2020 Washington, D.C. I made the photograph above in Atlanta on Saturday, 21 November 2020. Today is Saturday, 28 November. I am back in Washington to prepare for White House visit on Tuesday. Just why I get so many invitations like this is anyone’s guess. My guess: In America, if you work hard, you will be rewarded. Unless someone steals your life and labors. Who worked harder during this election? One side worked hard t...
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ANTIFA in Atlanta

This was a very busy weekend. I spent much of it with ANTIFA, BLM, Three Percenters, Proud Boys, MAGA supporters of many sorts, and more. Am writing it up -- but it's 0220 here on Eastern Time and the to hit the hay. My next dispatch will contain more than fifty photos showing many aspects including weapons and body armor carried by all sides, general demeanor, Atlanta and Georgia Law Enforcement in action, and more. This ANTIFA sub-leader, apparently, said (not sure pronoun) got this ri...
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NOW: Brookhaven, Georgia

This “comfort women” statue is erected in Blackburn Park. As you know, I have researched this information campaign in 13 countries and counting. I’ve published three books on this topic. China is behind this information campaign to divide and conquer Japan, United States, and South Korea. I flew to Korea and interviewed the husband and wife team who makes these statues at about 30,000 USD per statue. They are popping up around the world. Typical life cycle of these statues so far: announc...
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NOW at CNN HQ, Atlanta—

Rally with very mixed group of pro-Trump. Some LGBT speakers and others. Very mixed group of black-white-Asian-Hispanic-and mixed. Very friendly and peaceful. Maybe 250 people. After this is nearby rally at Capital, and then Governor’s mansion. [Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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NOW: Atlanta— ANTIFA pulling Security

[Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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Tonight: Georgia State Capital

Homeless everywhere. Very dangerous area. We must fix our country. [Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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FYSA: Am in Atlanta ground-sensing

Georgia is an epicenter in the election issues. Atlanta is capital of Georgia. I likely will not go live from the ground. Much to listen and watch. There sure is a LOT of highway work on I-85. Going on for years, based on reports I see when checking online. Amazing we spent so many lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, and trillions of dollars, and I see so many shoddy roads in my travels. Not to mention homelessness on levels I have never seen before in America. We sure built a lot of roads in...
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Dispatch 46: Revolution, Insurgency, and Civil War – we are there

Am about to drive from D.C. to Atlanta – this dispatch is unedited stream: --- 18 November 2020 Washington, D.C. The big step into insurgency warfare comes when average, intelligent people see the government as illegitimate. And are willing to do something. Actively or passively. This means, among other forms of war being waged from different corners, we face insurgency, civil war, and revolution. Our situation is no longer is ‘a possibility,’ or ‘at some point if we are not careful.’ W...
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Washington, D.C.: How Big was the Million MAGA March, REALLY? And why do BLAMTIFA continue to terrorize business owners and innocent people?

ANOTHER QUICK, UNEDITED DISPATCH: MUCH GOING ON HERE. THIS DISPATCH IS PERFECTLY ACCURATE IF NOT PERFECTLY WRITTEN – thank you for forgiveness runaway commas. We begin on Saturday, 14 November 2020, Washington, D.C. Million MAGA March, 14 November 2020, Washington, D.C. Photo by Masako Ganaha How big was the march? I was there. And at hundreds of others around the world. And have faced this question hundreds of times. Therefore, I studied for the answer. Proud Boys arriving at Freed...
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