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PR Trends That Will Shape Your 2021 After Pandemic

Edward Bernays conceptualized two-way communication between brands and the public in his book Crystallizing Public Opinion. Did he imagine how this concept would evolve to create a seismic stir in PR trends and marketing methods? With traditional channels like radio, TV, and print media, the audience had limited means to share their opinions. Brands communicated their messages without hearing the public. Then came a slight shift with the internet becoming a new touchpoint for the audience in the...
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How to Fight App Fatigue

There almost always is an app for everything and everyone, regardless of their preferences, occupation or demographic characteristics. According to Statista, as of the third quarter of 2019, Android users had the choice of 2.47 million apps, which makes Google Play the app store with the highest number of apps, available for download. Whereas, the second-largest app store is the Apple App Store, with 1.8 million apps available for iOS devices. Looking at the overwhelming number of apps out there...
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The FaceTime Bug Fix Has Been Delayed Till Next Week

MichaelJayBerlin/ Apple officially acknowledged and apologized for a Facetime bug that could allow bad actors to spy on you with just a few simple steps. While it promised a fix this week, that fix is delayed till next week. Group Facetime is a great way to talk to your family and friends all at once, but unfortunately, as we found out earlier this week, it was also an easy way to spy on people. All you had to do was start a Facetime call, then swipe up from the bottom of ...
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