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Robert Irvine Discusses Discovery+ Show The Globe, Spreading Diversity Through Food

Food Network star Robert Irvine’s latest cooking series is now streaming on Discovery+ and The Globe is unlike any other cooking show. The competition has chefs using ingredients and utensils from countries all across the world and showcasing local dishes. The limited series has five episodes in total and was birthed due to COVID-19 restrictions. “In each episode of this globe-trotting series like no other, four talented chefs compete across three rounds of culinary gameplay as they are transpor...
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Podcast #738: Improve Your Productivity With the Power of Deadlines

Everyone has experienced the way  deadlines  can act as a double-edged sword: on the one hand, they force us to get stuff done; but on the other, they often push us to wait until the last minute to get to work, so that we do that work in a poorly executed, slapdash rush. Scientists call that latter dynamic “the  deadline   effect ,” and my guest today has taken a field-tested dive into how to manage it, so that you can get the advantages of  deadlines , without suffering from their downsides...
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Spirit of 69: dB Customs’ Suzuki XR69 race replica

The Suzuki XR69 holds a special place in classic superbike lore. That puts it well inside the wheelhouse of Canadian builder Darren Begg, who specializes in fast bikes from the late 70s and 80s. He’s just finished piecing together this stunning XR69 replica—with a slightly period incorrect spec sheet. “It’s not a traditional GS1000-engined XR69,” he admits, “but I’m not much of a traditionalist. So it’s my interpretation of this historic racer.” Darren operates as dB Customs out of Ottawa,...
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MICHELIN® Scorcher®Adventure Tire Line Now Available To Everyone

It’s been a hot minute since Harley Davidson’s first adventure bike, the Pan America, was revealed to an eager audience. Now, Pan America’s one-of-a-kind adventure tires are to be made available to everyone. 2021 Harley Davidson Pan America Previously only sold with Harley Davidson’s first adventure bike, the MICHELIN ® Scorcher ®  Adventure Tire Line was considered ‘exclusive, original equipment’ and wasn’t a market option for other adventure bikes.  This was because Harley David...
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This cookware startup lets you buy the same pots and pans used in Michelin-starred restaurants at affordable prices - here are our favorite pieces

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Made In Made In offers well-made, durable, and versatile cookware at affordable prices. Thanks to careful construction and durable materials, you'll be able to use these pans, pots, and knives for a lifetime. We've tested many of Made In's products. Our favorites include a nonstick pan (from $79) and a set of knives ($379). A slew of kitchenware startups has quickly cropped up in recent ...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 126 – Leigh Vickery on Creating Top-Shelf Customer Experience in Legal

In an industry focused on revenue and profit, where does something like customer experience stand in the priorities of legal providers? Leigh Vickery, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Level Legal, as well as CEO and founder of Queso Mama, says that we need to look at the corporate and legal industry world differently. Instead of putting shareholders and partners first, they need to fall much further down the list. If you take care of your employees and your customers first, there will st...
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14 of the best hotels in Amsterdam with incredible design and Instagram-worthy decor

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Tripadvisor The Netherlands is open to US travelers. Amsterdam has a wide range of hotels for every taste and budget from budget-friendly to five-star. We chose the best hotels in Amsterdam based on location, price, amenities, and reviews. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Amsterdam's preserved Golden Age city center is teeming with picturesque canals, arched bridges, cobblestone streets, and cen...
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‘Cooking With Paris’ Trailer: Yes, This is Exactly What You Think It Is

Sometimes the world throws curveballs. Other times, things perfectly meet your expectations. Today, Netflix is delivering on the latter and proving that even the things we most expect can be a delightful surprise. The first trailer for Paris Hilton’s new series, Cooking With Paris definitely isn’t trying to shock us. It’s proving that the show will be exactly what we assumed… which, honestly, sounds pretty fun. Check out the trailer for Cooking With Paris below. Playing With Fire A worl...
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2021 GET ON! Adv Fest: The Alternative Sturgis Adventure Motorcycle Rally

I’m always ready to be first in line to try new things, especially if it involves motorcycles. An invitation to attend the FIRST Adventure Motorcycle Rally (that I’m aware of) in Sturgis, South Dakota came from our friend Anthony Silvotti at Revzilla about a month and a half ago. It teased a raft of alluring riding opportunities and recreational activities: Meeting and riding with the Revzilla team personalities Spurgeon Dunbar, Jen Dunstan, and Brandon Wise, among others. Camping at the famous...
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French Tyre Group Michelin Raises 2021 Targets as Demand Rebounds

PARIS (Reuters) - French tyre maker Michelin raised its 2021 financial targets on Monday after a strong rebound in the tyre markets and gains in...
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Lotus Emira: Final Internal Combustion Lotus Takes a Victory Lap

This is the Lotus Emira (pronounced “Eh-meer-ah”), the all-new mid-engined sports car from the company that lives by the commandment, “To go fast, add lightness.” It looks like it has everything we’ve come to expect from Lotus: striking design, exotic supercar appeal, speed, technology, and barnacle-like grip. The only real question is: Will this be the last Lotus as we know it? Winds of Change Lotus, like anybody else that can do simple math and understand the direction the cultural wi...
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LA County business owners become reluctant enforcers as coronavirus rules tighten up

Atika Enciso discusses how business owners deal with shoppers who refuse to wear masks, what directions they give to their employees and whether their employees express concerns about enforcing public health guidelines and dealing with difficult customers. Enciso runs her business, Studio Blo inside Pout Beauty Bar in North Hollywood.(Photo by Andy Holzman, Contributing Photographer) Atika Enciso strives for excellent customer service, but when a client walks into Studio Blo, her North Hollyw...
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Michelin Rides High with Mercedes AMG in Latest Ad Campaign by BETC Paris

Michelin is the exclusive supplier of tires for the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, the most powerful production car ever made by the German manufacturer. For this unique vehicle, Michelin has reserved its finest sports tire: the MICHELIN Pilot Sport CUP 2R, aka ‘the lap-time smasher’. As a nod to the exclusive collaboration between the two brands, the tires were even personalized for the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series through two specific versions that boast distinctive design elements as well...
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Michelin: Smash the Laptime

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Bezos and crew host a giddy press conference after Blue Origin’s inaugural crewed launch

Jeff Bezos was so triumphant he was practically glowing at a press conference following the Blue Origin’s first crewed mission to space, 21 years after he founded the company in 2000. The billionaire talked about the future of the company and his role in it, and then casually gave away a couple hundred million dollars. Bezos was one of four that rode in the RSS First Step capsule; the others were his financier brother, Mark; aviation legend and Mercury 13 veteran Wally Funk; and 18-year-old Oliv...
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Danish designer repurposes Michelin-star crustacean waste into ceramics

In Copenhagen, Natural Material Studio has unveiled conceptual ceramics that incorporate pulverized shells sourced from Denmark’s top restaurant.   The studio, founded by Bonnie Hvillum, paired with Michelin-star eatery Noma and ceramicist Eben Kaldahl to create the   crockery, dubbed Shellware.   “I was curious to work with seafood shells and explore the possibilities, and also how they could be brought back into the restaurant in a new narrative,” Hvillum tells Dezeen. “I connected with ma...
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14 of the best hotels in Barcelona for rooftop pools, modern rooms, and central locations near top cultural attractions

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. The One Barcelona Spain has reopened to fully vaccinated U.S. travelers. Barcelona has a sunny climate, a cool urban beach scene, and a wealth of cultural attractions. Choose from a wide range of hotels, from budget-friendly to chic boutique and classic luxury. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky One of Europe's greatest cities, Barcelona teems with architectural masterpieces, innovative cuisine, a...
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Chef Gordon Ramsay Set To Debut Largest HELL'S KITCHEN Concept To Date At Harrah's Resort Southern California

Harrah's Resort Southern California announced their partnership with celebrated multi-Michelin-starred chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay to launch a brand-new HELL'S KITCHEN restaurant, set to debut in Spring 2022.
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Section 75 explained: How spending on a credit card can give you huge protection on things you buy

This piece on Section 75 is by The Treasurer from Team Monevator. Check back every Monday for more fresh perspectives on personal finance and investing from the Team. I was once scared of credit cards. I believed saving up for things I wanted to buy was always the right thing to do. Credit cards were the work of the devil. They were designed to trap you in debt at hideous interest rates. I still believe those things to some extent. If I want something, I’ll save up for it. I only ever splash ...
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‘Julia’ Trailer: ‘RBG’ Filmmakers Honor Julia Child in a Culinary Documentary

Julia Child’s impact on the culinary world is immense. She’s one of the world’s most famous chefs for very good reason — she paved the way for the many beloved cooking shows that populate YouTube and Food Network today. More than that, she changed the way people cooked in their own kitchens, fearlessly introducing Americans to French styles and cuisines. Hopefully, she isn’t a name you know simply because of the Meryl Streep and Amy Adams film, Julie & Julia. That film tells Julia’s story in ta...
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Ardor Chef John Fraser Names His Favorite Los Angeles Farmers and Food Markets

Ardor isn’t vegan, but Michelin-starred chef John Fraser’s menu at the restaurant, located in the West Hollywood Edition hotel (9040 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood), highlights his love of vegetable-centric cooking. From the tandoor carrots to the arugula farro risotto, plant-based ingredients are a cornerstone of Fraser’s creations. Ardor opened briefly before closing due to the […]
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Paris Hilton is Getting a Netflix Cooking Show and We’d Be Lying if We Said We Weren’t Intrigued

Paris Hilton and Netflix are teaming up in the kitchen, with a promise to serve us something extra delicious. The hotel heiress and star of The Simple Life will be learning her way around the kitchen while on camera. Her new show, Cooking With Paris is all about Hilton showing off her culinary expertise (or lack thereof), with a little from her celebrity friends. Hilton may not be an expert chef — the show involves her learning basics like sauteing, searing and zesting — but that’s exactly wher...
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Comment on zucchini butter spaghetti by Andrea H.

I gave my zucchini-hating seven-year-old a small dollop of this, saying, “Just try it, you don’t have to eat it.” He tried some and said, “I actually like this!” and gave himself two more (large) servings (while my eleven-year-old gourmand swooned over how good it was). At bedtime, the little guy asked, “Could you please make that spaghetti again? I just loved it!” This has never happened before, having a request for supper the night before. Three stars from the child Michelin guide.
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For $15 a month, MasterClass offers beautifully filmed online video classes led by celebrities - here are 16 of our favorites

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. MasterClass creates online video classes taught by celebrities and industry experts. An annual subscription costs $180 ($15 a month) and gives access to all of MasterClass's offerings. Browse the top MasterClass Classes . Who better to teach you than Shonda Rhimes or than Serena Williams? Unfortunately, 23-time-Grand-Slam-winners and famed showrunners aren't easy to contact. So, MasterClass is b...
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Casino Cuisine: World’s Finest Casino Restaurants

In the past, casino dining most often meant all-you-can-eat buffets. Today, many casinos have partnered with world-famous chefs or have developed incredible dining experiences that become highly desired destinations on their own. And while online casinos are ever-increasingly popular, land-based establishments offer additional value through amenities like art collections, golf courses and fine restaurants. Despite the different advantages of an online casino such as Rizk, some people will always...
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Newsom’s recall hinges on the credibility of both sides

From their first day of circulating petitions targeting Gov. Gavin Newsom, backers of the upcoming recall election attacked his credibility. They make some strong points, but those same organizers also suffer credibility problems of their own. Their favorite target all along has been Newsom’s notorious dinner party last fall with lobbyist pals at Yountville’s super-pricey, Michelin-starred French Laundry restaurant. It was largely indoors at a time when Newsom’s administration had banned inside ...
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Better by design: A Yamaha TRX850 built by an architect

Back in the 90s, the Japanese manufacturers went through a phase of building Italian-style sportbikes. Honda had the SuperHawk, and Suzuki the TL1000S—both 90° V-twins. Yamaha, however, took the 10-valve DOHC parallel twin used in its sport tourers and came up with the TRX850. The critical reception was mixed, to say the least, but these days the TRX850 is appreciated a little more. It’s a good value secondhand buy, and with upgrades to the suspension and brakes, it’s a torquey and fun mach...
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Meet The Tatty E36 BMW M3 Lightweight That's Spent Its Life Testing Tyres For Michelin

Based at Michelin's Laurens Proving Grounds, this M3 clocked the vast majority of its miles on track, yet it's still a gem to drive
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Reopening of La Samaritaine

Now that Paris is fully open, including stores, museums, live theater, cinema, and restaurants and cafes, I am catching up on my to do list. In the past week I’ve been to a number of cultural events, exhibitions, and cafes, and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.   Last Wednesday I visited the newly reopened La Samaritaine on rue de Rivoli, near the Louvre. Once the Art Nouveau jewel in the crown of Paris department stores, La Samaritaine was bought by the LVMH Group in 2001, and ...
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We tested 13 knife sets to find the best ones - here are our top 4 picks

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky A good, reliable set of knives is essential to any kitchen. We consulted metallurgists, chefs, and butcher Pat LaFrieda to find the best knife sets out there. Wusthof's set is our top pick because it comes with most knives you need, a honing steel, and shears. Whether you're prepping go-to recipes in your home kitchen or working on the line at the latest Michelin-starred restaurant, having good knives is essential. But you don't need many: Between ...
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