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7 Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is a common cosmetic issue that has been difficult to treat in the past. More than half of the people in the world have this condition. Thanks to technology, doctors now have access to nonsurgical treatment options to correct cellulite. If you are dealing with this condition and want to get rid of them permanently, Dr. Mick offers cellulite reduction in Chicago to give you long-lasting results. Book an appointment today. Some conditions are genetically linked, and others will require ...
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RightHand Robotics director of product management explains why automation is no longer a choice, it's a necessity

Artug Acar, director of product management at Right Hand Robotics Right Hand Robotics Artug Acar, director of product management at RightHand Robotics, says that the stressors that the pandemic has placed on the global supply chain only underscored the benefits of reducing — or even removing — human workers from logistics facilities. RightHand Robotics is leading the industry in an area of warehousing automation that cuts down on the amount of rote work required of warehouse ...
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Burnley's Pastor Mick - from dangerous drug dealer to lifesaver

Pastor Mick - who helps the poor on streets of Burnley - was once a violent dealer, covering up painful childhood memories.
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December Triangle

The forecast was for a high temperature of 72 degrees, with a top of lift at 4,100' at 1 PM, with a chance of cu's. updraft velocity at 500 fpm, with a 6 mph southeast wind at 2,000'. Six or seven pilots were ready to fly. Pilots at Wallaby Ranch were also ready to go. I didn't look at the forecasted TOL for later in the day or I would have realized that it would be climbing to over 4,700'. The cu's were thick at about 12:30, much better than the XCSkies forecasts (all of the models) as wel...
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Five days in a row in November

It was flyable, soarable, and cross country able for five days starting the day before Thanksgiving. Mick and I took advantage of two of those days and tried to go cross country on the fifth day, Sunday, but it didn't work out for us. Cu's on every day. Stronger winds on Saturday but it would have been easily possible to fly to the northeast. This wind direction (southwest) is usually pretty severe in terms of the towing conditions and hard on the tugs pilots, but Jim Prahl said that it wa...
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A Happy Thanksgiving in the Air

Mick Howard and I took advantage of a stellar day to do a little cross country task (out and return) while many other pilots (many apparently from Lookout Flight Park) also got to fly at Wilotree Park before the Thanksgiving Dinner at 4 PM.The NWS forecast was  as follows, sunny, with a high near 82. South southeast wind around 5 mph. HRRR forecasted 517 fpm at 1 PM with RAP saying cloud base would be 4,100'. Wind out of the south at 2,000' at 4 mph. It looked like a great day for a closed...
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Cloud Hopping

After a great day of flying on Thanksgiving the forecast for Friday was similarly spectacular with light winds, 500+ fpm lift, cloud base at 4,200'. I called a task going south to the round about at Dean Still and highway 33 and back to Wilotree Park. After our too short of a task yesterday I wanted to be sure to call one that was long enough for short days, but allowed us to actually get back to the park before the lift quit. We were off again a little before 1 PM with cu's in the sky invi...
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Guest Post: Chris Ulichney

When Corey invited her followers to share their stories, it seemed like the least I could do in thanks for all the beauty, positivity and joy she has shared with us. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Corey in person, but it could have happened more easily four years ago. Let me explain. My husband, Mick, teaches at Savannah College of Art and Design. SCAD has four campuses. One of them is in Lacoste, France. Mick was offered the chance to teach there for a quarter in January 2017. Prior to...
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Coffee With A Legend, The Day I Met Scotty Bowman

Years ago I lived in Phoenix, AZ, and, during my time there I was employed at the Alltell Ice Den. At the time it was the official practice and training facilities of the Coyotes. It had a double rink where most every NHL team that came to town would run their practices. Needless to say, I saw quite a few teams come through. The best times however, were when the Wings came to town. Hockeytown West was the name back then. On a typical West Coast trip the Wings would often be based in Phoenix ...
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I don't know why I'm convinced I get Mick Jagger, but this...

I’m so looking forward to coming back to an America free of harsh words and name calling and be amongst people who I know have common ground and harmony. It’s a challenge but it can be done!— Mick Jagger (@MickJagger) November 7, 2020 ... this is sarcasm. I got there via Ed Driscoll at Instapundit who doesn't seem to be reading Mick's tweet as humor, but come on. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Fleetwood Mac's Mick surprises viral Dreams TikTok star Nathan Apodaca

The band's 1977 hit song has had a revival after Nathan Apodaca filmed himself skateboarding to it.
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Festival Pass: How to watch Ohana and Bonnaroo online this weekend; more streaming shows

Festival Pass is a newsletter that lands in your inbox weekly. But during prime festival season you get bonus editions, too! Subscribe now. I’m worried about Simon Le Bon. Not the Duran Duran frontman, but my houseplant (a stunning calathea ornata beauty star I named after the singer) that has spider mites. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve gotten REALLY into houseplants during the pandemic. I also name them after rock stars so they have a built-in soundtrack. (Didn’t we all do that elementary...
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Sharvin eases into top ten at Celtic Manor with third round 65

Scotland’s Connor Syme. Picture: Getty Images Cormac Sharvin stormed home in 30 blows to sign for a six-under 65 and go into the final round of the Celtic Classic with a chance to challenge for his maiden win.The Co Down man (27) is tied for ninth on 10-under par at Celtic Manor Resort, five strokes behind Scotland's Connor Syme, whose tournament-low,...
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Gilda Radner Does a Comic Impersonation of Patti Smith: Watch the Classic SNL Skit, “Rock Against Yeast” (1979)

Gimme Mick, gimme MickBaby’s hair, bulgin’ eyes, lips so thickAre you woman, are you manI’m your biggest funked-up fanSo rock me and roll meeee…‘Til I’m sick                                 —(the fictional) Candy Slice, Saturday Night Live Sir Michael Philip—aka Mick Jagger—celebrated his 77th birthday earlier this summer, a milestone his fellow Rolling Stones Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood observed remotely, as befits seniors at particular risk from COVID-19 infection. You, Mick Jagger...
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Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac’s Founder, Is Dead at 73

One of England’s finest blues guitarists, he wrote most of the group’s early songs. But he left the group after taking LSD, saying he wanted to change his life.
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Surfer Bro Animated Series From ‘Chad Goes Deep’ Comedians, ‘The Mick’ Creators in the Works at Hulu

Tom Allen and JT Parr, the comedians behind the popular surfer bro personality, podcast and web series called “Chad Goes Deep,” are developing an animated series at Hulu. The as yet untitled project sees the duo team with “The Mick” creators John and Dave Chernin, who will serve as showrunners and executive producers. The prospective […]
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How One Small Agency Changed Advertising

Jon Bond and Richard Kirshenbaum are trying hard not to be seen, hiding in plain sight at the Pen & Pencil restaurant, an upscale eatery in Midtown Manhattan. It’s the lunchtime rush and the waiter, dressed in a crisp white shirt and black trousers has come over once, twice, to take their order but again they push him away. The two ad hustlers work at different advertising agencies but have a side gig that lets them meet during lunch hour to collaborate on freelance projects. The projects pay...
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Testing Is on the Brink of Paralysis. That’s Very Bad News.

Our pandemic fight requires prompt testing results — and singular cooperation among the states to achieve them.
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Governors Must Save Us From Our Coronavirus Testing Failure

Our pandemic fight requires prompt testing results — and singular cooperation among the states to achieve them.
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Elaine Duke on Leading Homeland Security Under President Trump

Elaine Duke, a lifelong Republican, was acting secretary of homeland security for four months in 2017.
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CompanyCam: Deck Pics

The hilarious new short shows the struggles of “Luke’s first day” at CompanyCam when taking his first call from a new user named Mick Keller from Auckland, New Zealand. You won’t believe what Mick was using the app for..
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Marcus Armytage's Diary: Mick Barnes was a man of many parts - as Fred Titmus would testify

Last week was a bad one for racing folk going before their time but Mick Barnes, one of the great characters to have attached themselves to the sport (it may well have been vice versa), will not have had too many complaints when he hopped the twig aged 84. Born in Adlestrop, died and buried last week in Oddington (1 mile away), briefly lived in Stow-on-the-Wold (three miles away but he thought it ‘rough’); in his time Barnes was one of the finest stonemasons in Gloucestershire. He had several cl...
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From Marfa Toward Van Horn, Texas

The goal on Friday is to the northwest to Van Horn 70 miles along highway 90. Robin and Glen are over 12,000', 7,000' AGL around 3 PM about 20 - 25 miles along the course line. Larry is working on his harness in the hangar. Mick is at the airport. Patrick and Rick landed out and Rich is back at the airport and Patrick back in Marfa. Nate it out going toward Van Horn behind Glen and Robin, who are right together, it would appear. https://lt.flymaster....
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Texas Yet Again

Tiki Mashy writes: Robin Hamilton called it again. This time he had company, Mick Howard and Nate Wreyford all went on a 175 km trek to Beeville. It was a beautiful “blue” day (with low humidity) and again they launched late and went over 100 miles. Their initial climbs were weak 50-100 fpm and Robin did get down to 800 feet, but you know Robin, he wasn’t there long. The average climbs were about 300 fpm (though Robin did see 750 fpm in one climb at El Campo). Launching late ...
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The Clock Tower: ‘Supergirl’ Returns as the Arrowverse Prepares a Slew of Season “Finales”

(Welcome to The Clock Tower , where we’ll break down the goings on of the The CW network’s Arrowverse. We’ll touch on things like themes , cultural impact, lead-ins to major events, ships, and more every week! Warning: this Clock Tower is filled with spoilers . Proceed at your own risk.) And we’re back! As of right now, it looks like the Arrowverse won’t be filming anything else for the regular season, meaning that each series will just have to end when they run out of footage. There ha...
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Short but Sweet

The soarcast was a bit unusual. It's relatively rare to have cu's with a north wind.HRRR 3, 1 PMTOL - 5,200'CB - 4,900'Updraft velocity - 680 fpmB/S ratio - 9.3Surface winds - N 6 mph2000' winds - N 7 mph4000' winds - N 8 mphCloud cover - 50%A 10 percent chance of showers after 5pm. Mostly sunny, with a high near 87. North northwest wind around 5 mph.NWS hourly shows 3 mph north wind until 3 PM, 8 mph NE at 5 PM. HRRR 3 shows B/S ratio at 5 PM at 4.2 with light winds at 4,000' but strong wind...
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Trump Appointees Manipulated Agency’s Payday Lending Research, Ex-Staffer Claims

A former economist at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau accused Trump appointees of steering the bureau’s reversal on payday lending rules to gut a key provision.
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Late Day

The soarcast was for an east southeast surface wind, but we were seeing east northeast, so we finally packed up and went down to the west end of the east west runway.Misael took off first at around 2:30 PM and Tim who was pulling him up reported that they found areas of sink and areas of more sink. They were both quickly back on the ground. With an east wind with a northerly component you would expect this. Yup, lake effect from Lake Apopka.I was second in line so I got out of line and got ...
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The Rolling Stones Release a Timely Track, “Living in a Ghost Town”: Their First New Music in Eight Years

If there were ever a time to rush a pandemic-themed project to market, this is it. The move can seem well-intentioned, generous, or cynical, depending on the artist and the audience. The Rolling Stones proofed themselves against the latter criticism ages ago by building cynicism into their brand. They know what their audience wants, and they consistently deliver, decade after decade, playing the hits. When vague social commentary slips into a Stones tune, it vibrates at the same frequenc...
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The Clock Tower: Superman’s Birthday, a ‘Supernatural’ Crossover, and More

(Welcome to The Clock Tower , where we’ll break down the goings on of the The CW network’s Arrowverse. We’ll touch on things like themes , cultural impact, lead-ins to major events, ships, and more every week! Warning: this Clock Tower is filled with spoilers . Proceed at your own risk.) Listen. I know I said I’d see you next week and then I didn’t! We can talk about the Alfred “I failed you” gif, or we can just acknowledge that we’re moving to bi-weekly for a little bit while the Arrow...
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