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New study of 2,600-year-old poop suggests Iron Age miners drank beer and ate blue cheese

An illustrated scene of the Hallstatt salt mountain in the early Iron Age. Reschreiter_Groebner/NHM Scientists analyzed the DNA in an ancient European salt miner's poop from some 2,600 years ago. They found the feces contained microbes consistent with the production of beer and blue cheese. Salt miners were previously thought to mostly eat gruel. The finding suggests they were more sophisticated. A new study of 2,600-year-old feces from an Iron Age salt miner suggested that workers at ...
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The copycat virus strikes again / Une idée très contagieuse?

THE ORIGINAL? JermRid Hand Sanitizer –  2010 (Click image to enlarge) Source : Adeevee Agency : McCann Erickson Bangkok (Thaïland) LESS ORIGINAL Desy Hand Sanitizer – 2020 (Click image to enlarge) Source : Agency : Birth Group Puebla (Mexico) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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How to Heal Your Gut: The Top Tips You Need To Know

Have you been feeling not great lately? It may be due to poor gut health. Aside from helping your body with digestion, a healthy gut contributes to your overall well-being. It keeps away infections and bacteria and helps your body in a number of other ways as well. Yes, many people don’t take good care of their guts. So what should you be doing? If you feel that your gut is damaged from an unhealthy lifestyle, keep reading to learn how to heal your gut.  Eat the Right Foods Y...
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Newly found microbe prevents malaria

Scientists are tirelessly working on vaccines and treatments for COVID-19, but that does not mean research against other deadly diseases has stopped. A research team in Kenya and the UK has discovered a way to protect mosquitoes from being infected by malaria, thereby preventing them from becoming carriers of the disease and infecting people. The new discovery is rooted in a malaria-blocking microbe called Microsporidia MB, which was discovered in the guts and genitals of mosquitoes studied o...
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Agtech Startup Inocucor Enters Plant Nutrition with ATP Acquisition

Inocucor, an agtech startup that develops and sells microbial products intended to improve plant and soil health, is now expanding its reach with a deal that gives it a market position in plant nutrition. Denver-based Inocucor announced Tuesday that it has acquired plant nutrition company ATP Nutrition. No financial details of the deal were disclosed. But Inocuor says that the deal will allow the companies to merge their respective research and development efforts with the goal of develop...
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Researchers microbe that an use lignin for growth in absence of oxygen

In Massachusetts , microbial species that grow in environments where carbon is mainly available as lignin are promising for finding new ways of removing lignin that protects cellulose for improved conversion of lignin to fuel precursors. One candidate species that can use lignin for growth in the absence of oxygen is Enterobacter lignolyticus SCF1, a bacterium isolated from tropical rain forest soil. A team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Santa Maria University i...
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Targeted Microbial Development: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to biological upgrading of biomass sugars

The US Department of Energy is supporting projects to investigate and recommend promising pathways for advanced biological upgrading of biomass sugars and lignin to hydrocarbons (HC) and co-products to support the DOE BETO 2022 goal of enabling advanced HC fuels at $3/GGE. In this project, a NREL-led research team is investigating the engineering of  Zymomonasfor 2,3 butanediol production; lignin upgrading to muconicacid by Pseudomonas; and improving production of fatty alcohols in oleaginous ye...
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Illumina Accelerator Sees ‘Huge Impact in Genomics’ in New Startups

Genomics startups are increasing in number and quality, so much so that three-year-old Illumina Accelerator has expanded with its latest class to accommodate five of them. Xconomy got an early look at the specialty accelerator’s sixth cohort, which includes a company named for a butterfly and the accelerator’s first digital health startup. Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN), a San Diego-based company that was a pioneer in gene sequencing technology, founded the accelerator in 2014, along with Russia...
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