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Pitch deck teardown: The making of Atlassian’s 2015 roadshow presentation

In 2015, Atlassian was preparing to go public, but it was not your typical company in so many ways. For starters, it was founded in Australia, it had two co-founder co-CEOs, and it offered collaboration tools centered on software development. That meant that the company leaders really needed to work hard to help investors understand the true value proposition that it had to offer, and it made the roadshow deck production process even more critical than perhaps it normally would have been. A majo...
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Michigan governor largely rescinds lockdown, retailers to reopen

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer on Monday moved to further reopen the Midwest state's economy, largely rescinding a stay-at-home order in place since March and allowing retailers and restaurants to open back up over the next week. Whitmer's new executive order will allow retailers to reopen on Thursday and restaurants and bars on June 8, both subject to capacity limits. “The data has shown that we are ready to carefully move our state into the next phase,” Whitmer said in a statement.
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Violent Protests Could be a Gift to Trump

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis was racial injustice at its worst. But the violent protests that it has sparked may have no good effect for those who have suffered from racial discrimination and, more broadly, for Americans who fear another four years of Donald Trump. A political scientist, Omar Wasow, cautiously makes the case in a New Yorker interview that these violent protests help law and order Republicans. I was actually around in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and have studied the political...
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Animals that take hallucinogens

Perhaps, at some point, you’ve dabbled in the world of hallucinogens. Maybe it was at a high school party. Maybe it was at a music festival. Maybe it was because you wanted to make the most out of your night in watching The Lego Movie. Whatever your motivation, it wasn’t something exclusive to you as a human being. Ingesting hallucinogenic plants — both for recreation and medicine — isn’t uncommon in the animal kingdom, and as Joel Locke, the Primate Farm Keeper at the Great Plains Zoo in Sio...
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Ethanol stocks reach 19-week low despite rising production

In Washington, DTN reports that Energy Information Administration data shows that although ethanol production is ramping up after it shut down more than 50% of capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, stocks are still shrinking. Last week, stocks reached the lowest level in 19 weeks at 23.2 million barrels, falling 400,000 barrels from the week prior. Simultaneously, production rose to a nine-week high of 712,000 bpd, up an average of 32,000 bpd. Stocks in the Midwest region held steady, but losse...
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How Carole Lombard Became Hollywood’s First Casualty of World War II

Carole Lombard came to Hollywood from the Midwest at the age of 7 and was making Westerns at Fox by age 9. The legendary star of such classics as “My Man Godfrey” and “Twentieth Century” would rise to become a high-paid performer in the middle of the Depression. Lombard was known for her tomboy style, […]
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Higher COVID-19 fatality rates among urban minorities come down to air pollution

A startling reality has surfaced from the coronavirus health crisis: Pollution has been significantly reduced in recent weeks during the shutdown. Whether in New Delhi, Kansas City, New York, or Beijing, less driving has resulted in cleaner air. Vistas that previously were only foggy images have burst through as crystal clear pictures of what clean air actually looks like. If we thought we were cleaning the air before, we now see we can do better. The fact that reduced driving equates to reduce...
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Comment on lazy pizza dough + favorite margherita pizza by Donna

This pizza dough is not JUST a pizza dough! This has been our “quarantine Friday night pizza”!!! When I copied the recipe down on a card to keep in my kitchen, I re-named it “Thursday Night Dough for Friday Night Pizza” this is a quarantine miracle!! I have literally made a double batch EVERY Thursday since April 2. That’s 8 weeks in a row. The dough is perfect. It’s also what helps me keep track of the days of the week! Everyone knows the weekend is coming when I get out the scale & big bowl! ...
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Brownells BRN-180s – The Pistol Configuration Application (Part 3 of 3)

Brownells BRN-180S – The Pistol Configuration Performance U.S.A. –-( Parts 1 and 2 of the Brownells BNR-180s evaluation uttered a likeness to oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in all their splendor.  We gratuitously overindulged on those warm little gems, and I can state that with no shame.  Today you find out if I suffered a bellyache or not. Brownells BRN-180s I believed all along the BRN-180s would be a great pistol option, but it’s imperative that I approach each project like...
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Admiral Theatre is among a bevy of adult businesses suing to get a PPP loan. So far, the nightclubs are winning.

The Admiral Theatre in Chicago is one of a number of adult nightclubs across the Midwest suing the SBA to overturn the agency's restriction against sexually oriented businesses and receive a Paycheck Protection Program loan.
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Thusday Roundup: GPX, Alianza, Horizon, Bluebird, Digicel

Two from abroad, and two from the Midwest to keep up with: ... [visit site to read more]
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Existing-Home Sales Wane 17.8% in April

Washington, D.C. – May 21, 2020 (PRNewswire) Existing-home sales dropped in April, continuing what is now a two-month skid in sales brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, according to the National Association of Realtors®. Each of the four major regions experienced a decline in month-over-month and year-over-year sales, with the West seeing the greatest dip in both categories. April 2020 Existing Home Sales Total existing-home sales,1, compl...
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Despite COVID-19, optimism reigns in the Midwest’s startup scene

Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the gray space in between. Startups in the Midwest are optimistic despite the fact that a fair number of companies in the region are suffering from economic impacts stemming from COVID-19, recently collected data shows. The global pandemic has shaken the U.S. economy, but it hasn’t affected each area in the same way. States have seen differing levels of infection, paces of response, qualities of medical i...
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Flooding hits parts of Midwest; evacuates parts of Michigan

People living near two mid-Michigan lakes and parts of a river were evacuated on Tuesday following days of heavy rain that produced flooding and put pressure on dams in the area.
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Growth Energy is hosting a virtual “fly in” via Zoom to tie up HEROES support

In Washington, Politico reports that Growth Energy is hosting a virtual “fly in” via Zoom this week in an effort to secure support from Midwest policymakers ensuring the HEROES package gets through the Senate. Already the House of Representatives have approved the COVID-19 bailout package which includes significant aid for the ethanol industry including a 45 cent per gallon payout calculated based upon production throughput by May 1 with special compensation for plants that were forced to mothba...
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Board Question #93067: Did any of you move to Utah from another state ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,Did any of you move to Utah from another state during your childhood / teenage years? What was it like culturally? Was it easy or hard to integrate into your neighborhood, school, ward (assuming you were LDS), etc.? I only lived in Utah as a BYU student, so that’s the only perspective I have. -In Utah but not of Utah A: Dear friend,  Pebble moved a lot as a kid. Though he lived here as a small child while his dad got his MBA, he spent the vast majority of his youth ...
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Jeremy Hecker Now on Staff at Pioneer Midwest

Jeremy Hecker has been hired at Pioneer Midwest as the fulltime race service manager. Hecker was most recently employed as the head Nordic ski coach as the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. “Jeremy brings a wealth of Nordic experience and knowledge to our team at Pioneer,” said Matt Liebsch, co-owner at Pioneer Midwest. “He has waxed on the world cup circuit and was my personal wax tech when I last raced on that circuit in 2016.” Hecker’s Nordic skiing experience is broad and multi-faceted. It...
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Why the Midwest is not *the* 2020 battleground

Conventional wisdom dictates that the way for Democrats to win the White House in November is to win back three Rust Belt states that Donald Trump managed to wrest from their grip in 2016: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
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COVID-19 is a war on two fronts

“I can’t fight you anymore. It’s you I’m fighting for.” -Ordinary Love by U2 I’m exhausted.  As the pandemic rages on, the mental toll of dealing with COVID-19 has started to wear on me.  As a practicing hospitalist in the Midwest impacted by one of the many hotspots caused by the meatpacking industry, I have […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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COVID Is Spreading Deeper Into Areas With High Trump Support, Data Shows

COVID-19 has been spreading heavily in areas of the country with high political support for President Trump, potentially increasing the disease’s visibility and death toll in areas loyal to the President. According to data compiled by the Brookings Institution’s Bill Frey, COVID-19 is spreading faster in less populated areas, leaving big cities and entering rural America. “A big part of the shift is the disease moving to the South, and into the Midwest, into a lot of rural counties,” Frey tol...
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As the Meat Industry Stumbles, Here’s How Plant-Based Brands Are Stepping Up Their Game

Can we make some of the passive constructive more active? As Covid-19 outbreaks have shuttered meatpacking plants throughout the American Midwest, there's a perfect storm of negative chatter around the meat industry. In addition to highlighting short-term meat shortages and higher prices, news reports are exposing the industry's harsh conditions for workers and animals. Such...
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Brownells BRN-180S – The Pistol Configuration Performance (Part 2 of 3)

Brownells BRN-180S – The Pistol Configuration Performance U.S.A. –-( In Part 1 of the BRN-180 article I made the comparison between chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and this new product from Brownells was offered up to you.  Well, the cookies have been baked now, are out of the oven, and have cooled on the rack.  It’s time to grab a glass of milk and hit the range. The first thing I did was take the flash hider that came stock on the 10.5” BRN-180 upper and toss it over my shoulde...
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Severe storms, flooding to target waterlogged central US

After drenching, potent storms expanded across the central United States on Wednesday, another round of severe weather is on the way for the waterlogged region.A handful of spotty but locally strong storms fired up late Monday evening and continued into Tuesday afternoon across portions of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.Within these storms, two brief EF0 tornadoes did manage to touch down in Texas Tuesday morning CDT. The first of which was on the ground for two minutes in McMahan, Texas, and the se...
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Sofia Coppola is Making Her First TV Series at Apple TV+

Sofia Coppola is sticking with Apple. The Lost in Translation filmmaker already has her Bill Murray reunion movie On the Rocks set up at A24 and Apple, and now she’s moving into episodic TV at Apple TV+ with Custom of the Country. The series will adapt the Edith Wharton novel of the same name, following a Midwestern girl who attempts to rise through the ranks of New York City society. I’ll say this about Apple TV+: they’re far more interested in talent than material. While Disney+ has all so...
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Coronavirus has exposed all of America's ancient evils

The most despair-inducing thing about the crisis stemming from the coronavirus and the associated lockdowns is that nearly every aspect of it has been predictable. When we read that two thirds of Native Americans in the remote and desperately poor Upper Peninsula of Michigan are unemployed or that fentanyl overdoses are surging again in Ohio, we are not discovering some unguessed consequence of the spread of a novel virus: we are being reminded that most of the evils in the life of this country ...
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The Perils of Obedience & How We Can Defend Our Freedom

The Perils of Obedience U.S.A. –-( I had been saving the idea I put forth to you now for a rainy day.  I wanted to avoid scaring anyone as I challenged you to think properly through a subject fraught with controversy.  I personally see this very simply, but too few do.  As I pen notes such as these, I know I’m writing to an educated and steadfast crowd of patriots.  What I’m unable to quantify is just how deeply you all believe in your civil rights.  Scarce among you are those w...
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The Perils of Obedience & How We Can Defend Our Freedom ~ VIDEO

The Perils of Obedience & the Milgram Experiment U.S.A. –-( I had been saving the idea I put forth to you now for a rainy day.  I wanted to avoid scaring anyone as I challenged you to think properly through a subject fraught with controversy.  I personally see this very simply, but too few do. As I pen notes such as these, I know I’m writing to an educated and steadfast crowd of patriots.  What I’m unable to quantify is just how deeply you all believe in your civil rights.  Scar...
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1 of these 7 women will likely be Joe Biden's running mate

If you're like me, you sometimes wake up and remember to your horror that we are in fact going to have a presidential election in November. The Democratic National Convention, in whatever form it is eventually held, is still months away. But sooner or later, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is going to have to announce his running mate. Barring an extraordinary about-face, we can assume that Biden is going to select a woman. Given the concerns about Biden's age and health, I thin...
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Illinois to Ohio

"Krzysztof Grzyb" writes: We have had a very cold spring here in the Midwest this year but lately every couple days good flying conditions are showing up.Last Wednesday top of the lift was up to 10K, thermals around 1000 fpm with 20 mph NW wind encouraged us to fly a challenging 90+ miles triangle from Whitewater WI. Two days later (Friday) the sky was covered with very high Cumulus clouds from Wisconsin to Kentucky with straight north wind. The problem was the forecasted extremely low te...
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The best breweries in Milwaukee

Affectionately known as Brew City, Ma-waukee, and even sometimes Milwacky, the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is famous for many things. Between the Fiserv Forum, Discovery World, and the famous Milwaukee Art Museum, the city itself has something for people of all ages and walks of life. Nothing beats the popularity of its beer, though. To truly enjoy the city, one must spend time in some of Milwaukee’s many breweries. Milwaukee’s beer industry started in the mid 1800s when Welsh immigrants op...
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