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Alyssa Milano Wants Women to Stop Having Sex With Men to Protest Anti-Abortion Laws

As a number of lawmakers pass bills banning legal abortions in certain states, Alyssa Milano has proposed a sex strike in response to the attack on women’s rights.Recently, Georgia passed a law restricting abortions in the state called the “heartbeat bill,” sparking a lot of backlash from women in the state and all over the country.And instead of just talking about it, Alyssa Milano wants women to be about it, and her idea to help change lawmakers’ minds is basically for women to stop having sex...
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Alyssa Milano explains sex strike: 'Extreme response' was needed to get national attention

In a CNN op-ed, Milano said her suggestion that women withholding sex "got the country talking about the GOP's undeniable war on women."            [Author: USA TODAY]
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A Sex Strike to Nowhere

Lysistrata, the character from the Aristophanes play of the same name, declared a sex strike to try to stop a devastating war in ancient Greece.Alyssa Milano, the actress and political activist, declared a sex strike to try to stop Georgia from protecting unborn children in the womb.The state just passed and signed into law a so-called heartbeat bill to outlaw abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detectable. This led Milano to conclude that women can’t risk pregnancy until further notice, and tha...
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Whoopi Goldberg Rebukes Meghan McCain for Saying Pro-Choicers ‘Don’t Believe in Science’ on Abortion

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg chastised co-host Meghan McCain on Monday morning during a debate on the recent “heartbeat” abortion bill passed in Georgia, telling her conservative colleague it is unfair to say liberals don’t believe that science shows life begins at conception.Discussing actress and activist Alyssa Milano’s much-mocked call for a sex strike in response to the restrictive abortion legislation, McCain said she doesn’t “like clicktivism as a general rule,” referencing Milano’s tweet.A...
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Real romp past Estudiantes as derby day brings back memories

Ah you’ve just got to love the simplicity of European team anthems. especially when they seem totally alien to the backdrop. ¡Hala Madrid! by Jose De Aguilar, leading right into the more typical tune for a modern arena, Stop the Rock by Apollo 440. This is what you get when you go to sport on the continent. Judging by the speed they were going at, you’d have sworn Real were in blowout mood. They came into this derby as 14 point favourites and were scoring for fun. Their D however was letting Es...
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Milano celebrates first House ERA hearing in over 30 years

WASHINGTON (AP) — Alyssa Milano is celebrating the first House hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment in more than three decades. The actress and women’s rights activist says the amendment would put women on equal footing under the Constitution. “Not ‘We the men,'” she told a packed press conference on Tuesday, the same day the […]
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Requiem for a season

The SEF was a morgue on Friday night but Emmet Ryan went along to pay his respects. A dead rubber for Olympiacos, with no playoffs and doubts over what the rest of their season holds abounding, it was eerie in the home of a team that never looked like it would be in this situation The stands of the Peace and Friendship Stadium were largley empty for the final Euroleague night of the year. The previous evening, as Rick Pitino started his press conference following Panathinaikos punching their ti...
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Calathes makes history to send Panathinaikos into the playoffs

It was never going to be easy but Panathinaikos really went all out on drama in the Euroleague regular season, leaving themselves with a must win game in the final round to decide their fate. Then Nick Calathes decided this, of all nights, was the one to end Euroleague’s greatest drought. Emmet Ryan was in the Oaka It was calm, really calm. The OAKA is a place associated with madness, noise, intimidation, not the relaxing sound of Memory Lane by Keppra and Stackhash. It was 45 minutes until tip...
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Alyssa Milano leads protest of Georgia abortion ban

ATLANTA (AP) — Actress Alyssa Milano has joined several Georgia-based TV and film industry workers in protesting a “heartbeat” abortion ban awaiting Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s signature. Milano delivered a letter signed by other prominent Hollywood actors to Kemp’s office Tuesday before speaking against the bill. Republican Rep. Dominic LaRiccia confronted Milano in a packed […]
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Three Days In Milano

By Walter Sanders The Set Up: Sharon and I caught a great airfare on Emirates from our new hometown Charlotte to Milan. We decided to make a two-month visit to Italy focusing on areas we have never experienced or wished to know better. We’re not strangers to Milan, but Sharon and I have never been […]
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Two Threads Run Through All Four ‘Poison Ivy’ Films, and One Isn’t What You Think

(Welcome to DTV Descent, a series that explores the weird and wild world of direct-to-video sequels to theatrically released movies. In this edition, things get dirty with inappropriately seductive women, idiotically horndog men, and venomous plants in name only.) I didn’t intentionally make the title of this week’s column sound like a math problem, but if it’s any consolation the films we’re looking at today require very little in the way of heavy thinking. This is purely fluff cinema designed...
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Assault Speech and Hate Weapons- Media Spin that would make Orwell proud

More Truth Leaks Out About Gun Control U.S.A. –-( It is dangerous to let other people do our thinking for us. We seem certain we can define “hate speech”. We’re convinced that “assault weapons” are bad.  Both terms have been manipulated by politicians and the media to mean anything they want them to mean. We were sold such a twisted-logic of lies that it would be funny.. if it were not so dangerous. Elites with armed bodyguards tell us to give up our tools of self-defense. We’re...
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7 Surprising Places to Consider When Selling Your Sports Collectibles

Whether you enjoy watching the NBA, the Euroleague, or FIBA, you’ve probably accrued quite a bit of basketball jerseys, balls, photos, and other collectibles. If one of your favorite players took the league by storm and their gear has skyrocketed in value, you may want to consider selling some of it off. Or maybe you’re becoming overwhelmed by how much space all your memorabilia takes up.   If you’ve thought about selling your championship basketball or other sports memorabilia, you can make ...
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Paolo Pecora Invites You to Milano

  Not so long ago, we reviewed Profumo di Firenze, the tourist perfume brand from Florence, and today we got into our hands the perfumes connected to Milan, Paolo Pecora Milano. The family brand Paolo Pecora appeared in 1988 and its core business is fashion, successful due to its knitwear collections for men and children. The Paolo Pecora Milano perfumes were launched with the help of Milanese pe... Read full article: Paolo Pecora Invites You to Milano from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
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The expectation of history still weighs on Milano

Emmet Ryan went to Milano to try and work out how a side fighting its own history is keeping a playoff push together as they went into battle with cellar dwellers Darussafaka at the Mediolanum Forum Milano is a big city and it wants you to know it. As soon as you get off the train at Centrale, you are immediately hit with the sheer size and work put into it. You are disembarking into a city that isn’t just another spot on the map, it’s big time. It’s local basketball team has a history to match...
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It doesn’t always have to be pretty

It was a thriller out of nowhere as Tony Meier’s late three sent a cracker of a clash in Bologna to overtime while a 15 year old Greek showed signs of promise. Emmet Ryan was in the PalaDozza as Virtus eventually got over the line against a game Promitheas Patras in the last round of the Basketball Champions League The only matter to be decided going into this one was whether Promitheas would get a third or fourth seed for the playoff draw on Friday. It was already an extraordinary season for a...
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Reyer survive a choppy flight

It started out so well but Reyer Venezia got flat fast before eventually closing out a win over a game Fribourg. Emmet Ryan was in Venice to take in the action Gonna fly now roared through a largely full Palasport Talierico in what seemed a touch misplaced move. I’m sure it’s normal but Reyer Venezia could hardly have seen themselves in the Rocky role, even if their recent rise has been of that nature. Their opponents, Fribourg Olympic, had enjoyed an extraordinary run just to get to the regula...
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Odds slashed on Ivan Perisic to Arsenal & Mesut Ozil to Inter

Betting syndicate Ladbrokes have this afternoon provided updated odds on the possibility of Ivan Perisic joining Arsenal, and Mesut Ozil heading in the opposite direction to Inter Milan. Arsenal’s hunt for reinforcements Premier League outfit Arsenal have been one of, if not the most talked about club in Europe since the opening the January transfer market this month. The Gunners have been linked with a whole host of players over the last 4 weeks, with Unai Emery keen to reinforce his squad ah...
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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: 9 Gifts for When Price Is No Object

Objects we’ve been ogling this year, glamour edition: Above: Deborah Ehrlich has been designing exquisitely simple crystal glassware since 1999; sketched in her Hudson Valley studio and hand blown in Sweden, each Silver Hurricane Lantern consists of four pieces—three glass sleeves and a silver cup. One fuel cell per lantern is also included, and additional are available for purchase. Prices start at $660 for the smallest size at March in San Francisco. Above: The ebonized Brazilian maho...
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REVIEW: Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Chocolate Milano Cookies

Pepperidge Farm’s Cinnamon Chocolate Milano Cookies are a season-appropriate variety of the famous cookie. They feature a layer of semi-sweet chocolate and another layer of cinnamon-flavored white confection between two crispy wafers. It’s something I’m surprised the brand hasn’t done before. Because Milano cookies have been around for decades and the sweet spice has been around for millenniums. The aroma that comes out of the packaging makes me want to shove the entire contents into my mouth ...
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Celebrity homes destroyed in Woolsey Fire

MALIBU (CNS) -The Woolsey Fire that has burned more than 85,500 acres in Los Angeles and Ventura counties has claimed the homes of several celebrities, along with the historic Paramount Ranch, where countless movies and television shows have been filmed since 1927.The ranch -- which served as a location for shows such as ``MASH,'' ``Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,'' and most recently, HBO's ``Westworld'' -- was destroyed save for a chapel, according to the National Park Se...
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3 Burning Blue Jackets’ Questions That Need Answered Soon

Despite falling behind early 3-1, the Columbus Blue Jackets found a way to escape Saturday night with a point. They could have and should have had two though. Jimmy Vesey scored the winning shootout goal to lift the New York Rangers to a 5-4 win over the Blue Jackets at a sold-out Nationwide Arena. Backup goalie Alexander Georgiev stopped 34 shots in regulation and made key stops in the shootout before Vesey tallied the winner. After the win #NYR Coach Quinn talks about the play of Georgiev, th...
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Woolsey Fire burns celeb homes, filming spots

INTERACTIVE MAP: Where the Woolsey Fire is burning in Ventura and LA countiesMALIBU (CNS) -The Woolsey Fire that has burned at least 70,000 acres in Los Angeles and Ventura counties has claimed the homes of several celebrities, along with the historic Paramount Ranch, where countless movies and television shows have been filmed since 1927.The ranch -- which served as a location for shows such as "MASH," "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," and most recently, HBO's "Westworld" -- was destroyed save f...
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Innovative Electric Heating by Tubes Radiiatori

Portable electric heaters aren’t known for their aesthetic caché, let alone for their double-duty capacity. Tubes Radiiatori is changing all that with the ingenious mid-season plug-and-play collection of innovative electric heating. The premise is brilliantly simple: provide targeted heat for “mid-seasons,” those transitional times in Autumn and Spring when there’s a slight chill in the house but it’s not cold enough to warrant global heat. Plug&Play electric heating is comprised of four indiv...
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Don’t Count Out Sonny Milano

Once again, Sonny Milano finds himself heading to Cleveland. On Saturday afternoon, the Columbus Blue Jackets announced that Milano was assigned to the AHL’s Cleveland Monsters. The team had to make a move with center Brandon Dubinsky coming off of injured reserve and set to play in Los Angeles. The roster was at 24. Someone had to go. Milano was the easiest move to make. Despite that, many fans of the Blue Jackets will not like this move. Milano was drafted in the first round of the 2014 NHL Dr...
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Calgary in Final Three for 2026 Olympics

The Opening Ceremony at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta. Calgary is in the final three for hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. (Photo: The bidding process for the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics is crawling forward, and when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced the shortlist last Thursday, Oct. 4, Calgary was in the final three.  Calgary, Alberta, is one of the final three in the running to host the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympi...
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7 Blue Jackets’ Preseason Thoughts

The eyes of the hockey world remain on the Columbus Blue Jackets. That won’t change all season so long as Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky are with the team. Friday night’s game did absolutely nothing to change that. Panarin recorded 2-2-4 and Bobrovsky allowed six goals but when it mattered at the end, kept the Pittsburgh Penguins from tying the game. The Blue Jackets won 7-6 in a game that saw both teams ice their likely opening night lineups. Cam Atkinson and Zach Werenski also recorded fo...
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Alyssa Milano: 'I did not have my phone confiscated' at Ford/Kavanaugh hearing

"I did not have my phone confiscated as proven by the fact that I didn’t stop making social media posts," Milano said, adding that her sign was taken.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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‘MeToo’ Leader Alyssa Milano Thinks Blasey Ford Hearing Could Have Different Ending Than Anita Hill’s

Attending the Brett Kavanaugh hearing as guest of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), actress and #MeToo movement leader Alyssa Milano recounted watching the 1991 Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings and was hopeful that the scrutiny of the allegations against Kavanaugh brought by Christine Blasey Ford will end differently. “I remember thinking what a horrible situation,” Milano said of the ‘91 hearings, which she watched as a 20-year-old. “It really was the foundation of my learning about what sex ...
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Inter Milan unveil 'marble' kit inspired by Milanese culture

Inter Milan have unveiled their new third kit for the 2018-19 season -- a handsome strip that pays homage to local Milanese culture and history. The off-white shirt features a swirled motif inspired by the marble floors of the Duomo di Milano, the famous Gothic cathedral situated in the heart of the city that took six centuries to complete. In the name of Milano, from the hands of Milan. That's how we sculpted this season's third shirt.— Inter (@Inter_en) Sep...
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