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The New Normal

Confirmed by the U.S. Senate in December 2019, the Honorable Dana Deasy is the Department of Defense chief information officer. With more than 38 years of experience leading and delivering large-scale information technology strategies and projects, Deasey serves as the primary advisor to the Secretary of Defense for matters of information management, information technology and information assurance, as well as non-intelligence space systems, critical satellite communications, navigation and timi...
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ANTIFA in Atlanta

This was a very busy weekend. I spent much of it with ANTIFA, BLM, Three Percenters, Proud Boys, MAGA supporters of many sorts, and more. Am writing it up -- but it's 0220 here on Eastern Time and the to hit the hay. My next dispatch will contain more than fifty photos showing many aspects including weapons and body armor carried by all sides, general demeanor, Atlanta and Georgia Law Enforcement in action, and more. This ANTIFA sub-leader, apparently, said (not sure pronoun) got this ri...
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How Longines Mastered The Art Of Heritage-Inspired Watch Design

When it comes to watch design, “vintage” has been the magic word for quite some time. Call it a re-issue, a modern re-interpretation, or simply an updated version of a classic. It’s hard to think of a watch industry without vintage-inspired pieces. One of the brands that has mastered the art of vintage-inspired timepieces superbly […] Visit How Longines Mastered The Art Of Heritage-Inspired Watch Design to read the full article.
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NOW: Brookhaven, Georgia

This “comfort women” statue is erected in Blackburn Park. As you know, I have researched this information campaign in 13 countries and counting. I’ve published three books on this topic. China is behind this information campaign to divide and conquer Japan, United States, and South Korea. I flew to Korea and interviewed the husband and wife team who makes these statues at about 30,000 USD per statue. They are popping up around the world. Typical life cycle of these statues so far: announc...
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NOW at CNN HQ, Atlanta—

Rally with very mixed group of pro-Trump. Some LGBT speakers and others. Very mixed group of black-white-Asian-Hispanic-and mixed. Very friendly and peaceful. Maybe 250 people. After this is nearby rally at Capital, and then Governor’s mansion. [Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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NOW: Atlanta— ANTIFA pulling Security

[Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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Tonight: Georgia State Capital

Homeless everywhere. Very dangerous area. We must fix our country. [Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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New Monster Hunter Movie Trailer Now Has More Beasts & Less Guns

The live action Monster Hunter movie might stir interest in hesitant fans of the series yet again as a new Japanese trailer has proven to be more engaging and familiar, unleashing a myriad of battles as diehard fans are likely able to pick out notable weapons and beasts. The Japanese subtitled trailer, which shows off […]
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FYSA: Am in Atlanta ground-sensing

Georgia is an epicenter in the election issues. Atlanta is capital of Georgia. I likely will not go live from the ground. Much to listen and watch. There sure is a LOT of highway work on I-85. Going on for years, based on reports I see when checking online. Amazing we spent so many lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, and trillions of dollars, and I see so many shoddy roads in my travels. Not to mention homelessness on levels I have never seen before in America. We sure built a lot of roads in...
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US military aircraft are nowhere near as ready as they should be — here's how bad the situation is

F-22 deploys flares USAF US military aircraft, including several fighter jet types, have been falling short of their readiness targets for years, the Government Accountability Office, a congressional watchdog, reported Thursday. The GAO evaluated 46 aircraft types and found that between 2011 and 2019, 24 aircraft never once achieved the required mission-capable rate. The downward trend in aircraft readiness comes as the Department of Defense pumps tens of billions of dollars a year into su...
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The US Military Buys Commercial Location Data

Vice has a long article about how the US military buys commercial location data worldwide. The U.S. military is buying the granular movement data of people around the world, harvested from innocuous-seeming apps, Motherboard has learned. The most popular app among a group Motherboard analyzed connected to this sort of data sale is a Muslim prayer and Quran app that has more than 98 million downloads worldwide. Others include a Muslim dating app, a popular Craigslist app, an app for following sto...
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This indefensible military spending ignores the real threats to humanity | Letters

Readers on the government’s announcements of a £16.5bn surge in ‘defence spending’ and £12bn for a ‘green industrial revolution’Your editorial (The Guardian view on Johnson’s green jobs plan: the right way to start, 18 November) says much of the government’s headline-grabbing pledge of £12bn for its “green industrial revolution” is spending that has already been announced. This is typical of the Tory political chicanery that the country has become accustomed to since 2010.But it beggars belief t...
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UK to invest in AI and cyber as part of major defense spending hike

The UK has announced a massive boost in defense spending — £16.5 billion ($21.8BN) over four years, the biggest such spending bump for 30 years — in what prime minister Boris Johnson has described as a “once in a generation modernization” of the UK’s armed forces and “the end of the era of retreat” on funding for defense. Overall the UK prime minister said the spending hike will create 40,000 jobs, adding that it will cement the country’s position as the biggest military defense spender in Europ...
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Rothco Employee Spotlight - Meet Amanda

We want you to get to know us AKA Rothco a little better!  Each month Rothco will be highlighting a member of our team. For our first employee spotlight meet Amanda.  Amanda has worked for Rothco for just over a year in our marketing department and when she first started here one of the first and favorite items she bought from Rothco was our Lightweight M-65 Jacket. [Author: Rothco NY]
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Hackers HQ and Space Command: how UK defence budget could be spent

Creation of specialist cyber force and artificial intelligence unit in pipelineBoris Johnson agrees £16bn rise in defence spendingA specialist cyber force of several hundred British hackers has been in the works for nearly three years, although its creation has been partly held back by turf wars between the spy agency GCHQ and the Ministry of Defence, to which the unit is expected to jointly report. Continue reading...
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Dispatch 46: Revolution, Insurgency, and Civil War – we are there

Am about to drive from D.C. to Atlanta – this dispatch is unedited stream: --- 18 November 2020 Washington, D.C. The big step into insurgency warfare comes when average, intelligent people see the government as illegitimate. And are willing to do something. Actively or passively. This means, among other forms of war being waged from different corners, we face insurgency, civil war, and revolution. Our situation is no longer is ‘a possibility,’ or ‘at some point if we are not careful.’ W...
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Boris Johnson expected to announce more funding for defence

Defence secretary thought to have won multi-year, above-inflation settlement for Trident and drone technologyBoris Johnson is expected to announce on Thursday that the Ministry of Defence has been awarded a multi-year funding settlement, after it emerged this week that several billions would be cut from the aid budget.The settlement is expected to last four years and the sums involved are understood to be subject to last-minute negotiation, amid speculation that the defence secretary, Ben Wallac...
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Trump orders the Pentagon to pull thousands of US troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan

Pfc. Poff, a 3rd Cavalry Regiment soldier assigned to the Train, Advise, Assist Command – East advisory team security force, keeps watch from behind a position of cover in a rural area adjacent to the the Nangarhar police Regional Logistics Center during an advising trip Jan. 6, 2015. US Army US Army Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller announced Tuesday afternoon that the US is withdrawing thousands of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. By Jan. 15, there will be 2,500 troops in Iraq...
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FY-21 Navy Enlistment Bonus NOV Update

Effective, November 1, 2020, the following enlistment bonus (EB) opportunities have been continued, adjusted, or eliminated by the Commander, Navy Recruiting Command: The only material change from the previous message, released in September 2020, is to the Enlistment Bonus for Source Ratings (EBSR). EBSR now includes a couple of additional eligible programs, Advanced Electronics Computer […]
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Trump to order troop reductions in Afghanistan, Iraq

By LOLITA C. BALDOR | Associated Press The Trump administration is expected to cut the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan almost in half to 2,500 by Jan. 15, a U.S. official said Monday. The order would stop short of outgoing President Donald Trump’s goal to have all troops withdrawn by the end of the year, which had faced opposition from military and diplomatic advisers. The Pentagon also expects to cut the number of troops in Iraq to 2,500, a reduction of more than 500. The decisions come as...
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Washington, D.C.: How Big was the Million MAGA March, REALLY? And why do BLAMTIFA continue to terrorize business owners and innocent people?

ANOTHER QUICK, UNEDITED DISPATCH: MUCH GOING ON HERE. THIS DISPATCH IS PERFECTLY ACCURATE IF NOT PERFECTLY WRITTEN – thank you for forgiveness runaway commas. We begin on Saturday, 14 November 2020, Washington, D.C. Million MAGA March, 14 November 2020, Washington, D.C. Photo by Masako Ganaha How big was the march? I was there. And at hundreds of others around the world. And have faced this question hundreds of times. Therefore, I studied for the answer. Proud Boys arriving at Freed...
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Commanding Crew-1

U.S. Air Force Col. Michael Hopkins is leading an international crew of astronauts on a six-month mission to the International Space Station following a successful launch on the first NASA-certified commercial human spacecraft system in history. NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission lifted off at 7:27 p.m. EST Sunday from Launch Complex 39A at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida aboard their Crew Dragon spacecraft propelled by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocketNASA astronauts Michael Hopkins, Vict...
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This bulletproof, 6-wheeled, 1,300-horsepower pickup costs up to $700,000 and already has 18 orders — take a closer look at the Rezvani Hercules 6x6

Rezvani Hercules. Rezvani Motors Boutique carmaker Rezvani unveiled its latest creation this week — the completely outrageous Hercules 6x6.  The beastly six-wheel-drive pickup can be optioned with a 1,300 horsepower supercharged engine and sports a luxurious leather interior.  The bulletproof Hercules 6x6 Military edition comes with loads of security features, including a smokescreen, a night-vision system, and blinding lights.  The Hercules 6x6 starts at $225,000, while the Hercules 6x6 M...
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"And their eyes — wow, it was like someone turned the lights on."

The image is from Earl Shaffer's Appalachian Hike Diary (1948), every page of which you can see at that link, at the Smithsonian website. I'm reading about Shaffer this morning in "Walking off the War on the Appalachian Trail," a new article at Gaia GPS. The author is Abby Levene.Shaffer was the first person to through-hike the Appalachian Trail: He travelled alone, walking around 17 miles a day. Shaffer packed light. He nixed a tent when he realized his poncho could double as a shelter. He men...
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Dispatch 45: Good Morning from Washington, D.C.

Quick stream of unedited consciousness: Today will be a big day. The "Million MAGA March" is to start at noon. I am here. Last night, I finished at around midnight after talking with MAGA supporters who are flying and driving in from around the country from as far away as Hawaii. Others are here from Californian, Oregon, New York, and little 'ole towns across this land. Top Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio flew in from Miami, as did many Proud Boys. I talked with Enrique Tarrio last n...
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Corrie McKeague died after getting into waste bin, UK inquest hears

Missing airman is believed to have died after night out in Bury St Edmunds in 2016A missing airman is believed to have died after he climbed into an industrial waste bin while drunk on a night out and it was then emptied into a lorry, an inquest has heard.Corrie McKeague, of Dunfermline, Fife, was 23 when he vanished in the early hours of 24 September 2016 after a night out in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Continue reading...
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Darkest Day of 2020: Hong Kong is now behind the New Iron Curtain More than 7 million Hong Kongers are now captive to communist China. The United States must offer asylum to Cantonese speaking Hong Kongers. Highly educated, peaceful, family-oriented people. Good people. This matter is of utmost seriousness. The darkest day of 2020. [Author: [email protected] (Michael Yon)]
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Biden expresses 'deep condolences' after 6 American troops killed in helicopter crash while Trump trashes Fox News

Ceremonial Guardsmen fold the American flag U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Isaiah Miller Six American troops, as well as two foreign military personnel, were killed when a helicopter assigned to an international peacekeeping force crashed off the coast of Egypt. President-elect Joe Biden issued a statement on Twitter extending "deep condolences to the loved ones of the peacekeepers." President Donald Trump, on the other hand, appears to have not yet said anything about the crash,...
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Biden expresses 'deep condolences' after 5 American troops were killed in a helicopter crash while Trump trashes Fox News

Ceremonial Guardsmen fold the American flag U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Isaiah Miller Five American troops, as well as two foreign military personnel, were killed when a helicopter assigned to an international peacekeeping force crashed off the coast of Egypt. President-elect Joe Biden issued a statement on Twitter extending "deep condolences to the loved ones of the peacekeepers." President Donald Trump, on the other hand, appears to have not yet said anything about the crash...
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Military is wary that shakeup could make services too political

By LOLITA C. BALDOR | Associated Press WASHINGTON — The words spoken by America’s top military officer carried a familiar ring, but in the midst of a chaotic week at the Pentagon, they were particularly poignant. “We are unique among militaries,” said Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “We do not take an oath to a king or a queen, a tyrant or a dictator. We do not take an oath to an individual.” Milley was speaking Wednesday at the dedication of an Army museum in a week...
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