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Daughter Grieves For 77-Year-Old Mother Millicent Catarancuic Who Died In Bear Fire

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Revised GUI fixtures as 2020 Championships and Inter-Club events resume

Adrian Morrow (Portmarnock) bunkered at the 9th hole in the final round of the 2016 Irish Seniors Amateur Close Championship at Tralee Golf Club. Picture by Pat Cashman The Golfing Union of Ireland has issued a number of revisions to its fixtures for 2020 as plans continue for the resumption of championship and inter-club activity at the end of July. ...
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Coronavirus: Can gaming help stop lockdown loneliness?

Gamers like Millicent say their online adventures are helping them stay connected to friends in lockdown.
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‘My Lovely Wife’ Movie Coming From Amazon Studios and Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman‘s Blossom Films and Amazon Studios are about to form a union to make My Lovely Wife. Based on the novel of the same name by Samantha Downing, the story is described as “Dexter meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” There’s no word yet on whether Kidman will star in the film as the titular lovely wife, but considering her success on TV in recent years, it wouldn’t be surprising if that happened. Deadline has the scoop on the My Lovely Wife movie, described as a “darkly comedic psychological...
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My Lovely Wife: Amazon Studios Acquires Samantha Downing’s Bestseller

My Lovely Wife: Amazon Studios Acquires Samantha Downing’s Bestseller Deadline is reporting that Amazon Studios has acquired movie rights to My Lovely Wife, the bestselling novel by Samantha Downing. Amazon has partnered with Nicole Kidman’s Blossom Films on the project. RELATED: The Dark Corners of the Night: Meg Gardiner’s UNSUB Series in the Works at Amazon The novel is described as a darkly comedic psychological thriller that explores the modern impulses of human nature. The principal cha...
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Family Ski Resort Guide | Brighton Resort

is Utah’s oldest ski area. A tow rope was installed in 1936 and families have been enjoying this special place ever since. Today, that sense of nostalgia remains and parents are often comfortable letting their children range free among the friendly tree-lined slopes of the Majestic and Crest Express chairlifts. Brighton was one of the first resorts to welcome snowboarders and has been a haven for shredders ever since.With some of the most expansive night skiing in the west, Brighton is an excit...
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Ikon Pass: Utah Ski & Snowboard Trip Planning Kit

With over 40 global destinations included on the Ikon Pass, it's an overwhelming task to choose where to take your next ski trip. Of course, we in Utah are a little biased, but hear us out on why we think Utah simply offers the best bang for your buck. Here are a few rapid-fire reasons to consider Utah, and then we’ll dive a little deeper and provide some help with trip planning for Ikon Passholders. Utah is a Hub for IKON Passholders There are five Ikon Pass resorts all located less tha...
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My Lovely Wife is a dark, twisted psychological thriller

It’s hard to say much about My Lovely Wife, by Samantha Downing, without spoiling the twists. The story is told by the husband (we never learn his name). He and his wife (Millicent) do bad things to spice up their marriage, but they also appear normal to the people who know them. They've been married for 15 years, have two children and respectable jobs (he’s a tennis pro at a country club, she’s a real estate agent). They have friends and go to parties and dinners. Even though they know that the...
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From Wholesale to Scale: How A Former Interior Designer is Keeping Up With Unexpected Demand

It’s not uncommon to come back from a vacation with fond memories and treasured purchases from your destination. What’s somewhat less common is turning a favorite vacation keepsake into a thriving business, but that’s exactly what Milicent Armstrong, founder of Artemis Design Co, did after a trip to Turkey in 2007. “I saw Kilim shoes and bags the first time I travelled to Istanbul,” says Milicent, referring to accessories crafted from repurposed Kilim carpets, a centuries-old traditional design...
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U.K.’s Parliament Square Gets a Female Statue. It Only Took 200 Years.

Millicent Fawcett, the relatively unsung leader of the women’s suffragist movement, has joined the likes of Churchill, Lincoln and Mandela.
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Growing a Skier at Brighton: One of Utah's Favorite Resorts for Beginners

Several parents drop their kiddos off at the Snow Sports School in the morning, head out to rip it up on Great Western or Millicent and meet at the end of the day for cocoa. These people have it down to a science.  A Variety of Beginner Terrain Once your little one has mastered the magic carpet, they'll start begging for new areas to explore. You can easily spend a day together checking out the Explorer lift chasing polar bears (trust us, it's the most fun way to learn to link turn...
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Here's Why John Krasinski Pushed To Cast A Deaf Actress in A Quiet Place

This Friday saw the release of the film A Quiet Place, where a post-apocalypse family of four must live in silence to avoid being killed by blind, sound-tracking monsters. John Krasinski, who directed, co-wrote, and starred in the film alongside wife Emily Blunt, made a very important casting choice for the character Regan.It’s all too common that we see characters with disabilities played by able-bodied actors (and of course, far too many white people have acted in roles for people of color). ...
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‘A Quiet Place’ Producers on the Last-Minute Creature Design and Casting Without a Plan B [Interview]

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place had its world premiere at SXSW Film Festival on March 9th (read my review here), during which a theater filled with rowdy film fans sat in riveted silence, absorbing this terrifying, largely dialogue-free horror film that is unlike any other. A Quiet Place producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller (The Purge, Ouija, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jack Ryan) spoke with me about that memorable screening, what it was like working with real-life married couple Krasinski an...
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Review: In John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place,’ Silence Means Survival

Mr. Krasinski also stars with his real-life wife, Emily Blunt, in this simple yet thrilling creature feature.
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Making the Sound of Silence in ‘A Quiet Place’

“Quiet on the set” took on new meaning in John Krasinski’s horror film, which used a less-is-more approach to its unusual sound design.
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A Suffrage Milestone in U.K., but More to Do in Era of #MeToo

British women cited persistent problems with harassment and discrimination.
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A Suffragette Milestone in U.K., but More to Do in Era of #MeToo

British women cited persistent problems with harassment and discrimination.
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100 Years On, Posters Offer Window Into Struggles of U.K. Suffragists

Posters illustrating women’s fight for voting rights are on display for the first time at the University of Cambridge.
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A Different Sort of Time Travel: Producer Christine Vachon on 'Wonderstruck'

The year's most unique children's movie comes from a most unlikely auteur, Todd Haynes, a filmmaker known for films that have all but exclusively appealed to an older demographic. Wonderstruck weaves together two stories set in New York City, 50 years apart. One, presented silently and in black and white, takes place in the movie palace heydey of 1927 and follows a deaf girl named Rose (Millicent Simmonds); the other, set in 1977 and presented in full color, follows a deaf boy ...
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Making Room for Deaf Performers in Hollywood

Todd Haynes’s “Wonderstruck” is one of the first major features since “Children of a Lesser God” to star a deaf actress in a deaf role.
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Parliament Square in London Is Closer to Having First Female Statue

The British artist Gillian Wearing presented her design of a bronze statue of Millicent Garrett Fawcett, the women’s rights campaigner.
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Jeffrey Hubbell named inaugural Bell Professor in Tissue Engineering

Prof. Jeffrey Hubbell, a biomaterials scientist and entrepreneur, has been named the inaugural Eugene Bell Professor in Tissue Engineering at the University of Chicago. The Bell Professorship was created to promote innovative work at UChicago’s Institute for Molecular Engineering and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass. Hubbell was serving as the Barry L. MacLean Professor of Molecular Engineering Innovation and Enterprise at the University. “Jeff Hubbell is a pioneering resea...
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Recognising the value of visual artists | Letters

Pam Foley celebrates the creation of a new union for visual, applied and socially engaged artistsI concur with Martin Jennings (Letters, 17 April) that Millicent Fawcett is the right feminist for a new statue and with Amelia Rowcroft (Letters, 19 April), when she makes the valid point about “big name artists” employing other artists to do the unacknowledged and often woefully underpaid donkey work. The world of visual art and the art workers within it often do not benefit from employment regulat...
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Millicent Fawcett was a heroine deserving of a statue | Letters

 Rachel Holmes (Opinion, 15 April) does Millicent Fawcett less than justice. Of course Millicent was the daughter of her time and place (born in 1847 to a local businessman in a small coastal town in Suffolk). I spent several years writing a book largely about her (In the Steps of Exceptional Women: The Story of the Fawcett Society) and certainly did not always agree with her, particularly over her attitude to the first world war (she declined to join the brave women who went to the Hague in 191...
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The Definitive Guide to Spring Skiing In Utah!

While spring doesn’t actually start for another week, meteorological spring started March 1st, which was just about the time when the weather pattern switched to spring here in Utah. Following some of the best snowfall months in recent memory throughout January and February, March ushered in some classic spring skiing conditions. While it’s easy to associate spring skiing with slushy slopes, sunshine, and goggle tans, don’t forget: March is historically the snowiest month of the year in Utah and...
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The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of January: Our Top 5 Picks

From fantastical folklore to genetic engineering, January brings a wealth of new fantasy and science fiction from veterans and newcomers alike. Here are our favorite five, beginning with Katherine Arden's enchanting The Bear and the Nightingale, which also gained a top spot among Amazon's overall Best Books of the Month. Shop on AmazonPrint Book | Kindle Book The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden - There's a small but mighty space where fantasy and literary fiction can clasp ...
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Damn, Daniel, 2016 Sure Had Some Great Viral Moments

Much has been made of the worst bits of 2016, and, we have to admit, the year had its dark moments. But 2016 was also the year that gave us hot dog princess, and the mannequin challenge. Sure, it's high time we gave this year the boot, but before we do, we're taking a look back at some of the moments we actually enjoyed, too.From Chewbacca Mom to the guy who documented his first week at Target, people shared themselves with the internet, and, sometimes, it was enough to get everyone to pay atte...
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Somewhere in an attic: the Emily Dickinson publishing dilemma

She’s been called “the myth of Amherst,” “the woman in white,” and a “recluse,” but the truth about Emily Dickinson and her writings is still being revealed, 130 years after her death. It’s an intriguing story of love, betrayal, and unlikely collaborations, and one that provokes several questions about the role that special collections and archives play in revealing important literary, historical, and biographical information to the public. This story begins, rather oddly, at the end. Emily Dick...
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December Kindle First Picks

The new picks for this month’s Kindle First program are available. If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can pick any one of these books for free and get it to read — and keep — now. If you are not an Amazon Prime Member, then you can purchase any one of the books at a discounted price (usually $1.99) and download immediately. Either way, If you want more than one, you’ll have to pre-order and the price generally goes up to $4.99-$5.99 for the subsequent books. Sisters One, Two, Three by Nancy ...
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More Than Money: Community Grantmaking in East Africa

When I last wrote about our East Africa Grantmaking Hub earlier this year, our team of local grant makers had just begun their search for grassroots changemakers across Kenya and Uganda. Since then, this dedicated team has sought out dozens of community projects and awarded seed funding to over 20 of them. Through this program we have been able to support projects that we would have never reached through our online application; people who live in rural areas and do not have access to the Intern...
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