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Public Radio Is Moving Into The ‘Urban Alternative’ Format

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is giving a total of $1.3 million to public stations in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Jackson, Mississippi to develop digital services offering “hip-hop/R&B music while remaining true to public radio’s values.” Similar channels are in place in Chicago, Denver, Houston, and Norfolk. – Inside Radio
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Sui Generis

Listening to this week's program, some lines from Norman Maclean's beautiful flyfishing memoir A River Runs Through It improbably came to mind—lines about beer, of all things, and how it used to be that each of the small cities of a certain size in Maclean's and my home state brewed its own kind: You could leave beer to cool in the river, and it would be so cold when you got back it wouldn't foam much. It would be a beer made in the next town if the town were ten thousand or over. So it was eith...
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