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Will A Death Note Season 2 Ever Happen? Here's What We Know

The "Death Note" obsession is never ending. Since premiering in 2006, this anime series has remained one of the most popular, spawning a number of video games, live-action films, spin-off novels and more. But the saga has yet to give the fans what they really want: a second season.The thrilling series dives headfirst into dark territory, telling the story of a high school student who becomes the owner of a supernatural notebook called, you guessed it, the Death Note. Pretty much giving away its ...
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Death Note 2020 - A One-Shot Deliverance of Meaningful Attention

What a return. What. a. return. One of manga’s mid-2000s’ hits made a big impression on February 3 with a near-90 page one-shot that reminded fans why it had the impact it did. Tsugumi Ohba and... More after the jump!
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New Death Note Manga Coming in February

Cover art has been published from the new chapter of the Death Note manga, which is returning after twelve years. Gaming magazine Famitsu revealed the cover art as drawn by Takeshi Obata, which shows Shinigami Ryuk alongside schoolboy genius Minoru Tanaka (not to be confused with the professional wrestler of the same name): The new […]
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