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Facebook suspends Philippines media company’s accounts for scamming

Facebook has banned Twinmark Media Enterprises, a Philippines digital marketing group, because it was using fake accounts, leading users to ad farms, and selling access to their Facebook pages to increase distribution. “This organization has repeatedly violated our misrepresentation and spam... ...
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You'll Never Guess What Group of People Shared the Most Fake News Around the 2016 Election

Old people may have the worst internet journalism literacy, according to common sense, and partially backed up by new research on the spread of so-called “fake news” immediately before and after 2016 presidential election.
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Facebook and Twitter remove 30 ‘state sponsored’ fake accounts from Bangladesh

Facebook and Twitter removed a combined of 30 accounts which were spreading misinformation in Bangladesh, 10 days before the country goes to polls. Both platforms found that the suspended accounts were linked to the ruling government in Bangladesh, the Awami League led by Prime Minister Sheikh... ...
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Facebook’s weapon amid chaos and controversy: misdirection

The New York Times’ bombshell report into the past three years at Facebook paint a grotesque picture of the company’s attempts to navigate a string of high profile controversies by using unsavory, unethical and dark PR tactics. The Times’ report, citing more than 50 sources, accuses the company of: employing a Republican opposition research firm to “discredit activist protesters,” in part by linking them to the liberal billionaire George Soros; using its business relationships to lobby a Jewi...
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WhatsApp to fund 20 research projects into fake news, 6 in India

WhatsApp will fund research into fake news on the heels of receiving global backlash for being a catalyst towards the spread of fake news and misinformation. It will fund 20 research projects from 11 countries, including India, Brazil, Nigeria and focus on 5 themes including digital literacy and... ...
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Twitter Is Organizing Against the Far-Right Trolls Hoping to Sway the Election, but Not Fast Enough

A group of far-right trolls had their plans exposed after they accidentally invited a reporter to their private Discord channel, according to a new NBC report. In the channel, the trolls discussed how to circumvent Twitter’s efforts to prevent the spread of misinformation on the platform aimed at lowering Democratic…Read more...
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Are we misinformed or disinformed?

“Disinformation” is a common term at present, in the media, in academic and political discourse, along with related concepts like “fake news”. But what does it really mean? Is it different from misinformation, propaganda, deception, “fake news” or just plain lies? Is it always bad, or can it be a useful and necessary tool of statecraft? And how should we deal with it?There are no straightforward answers not least because each of these terms provokes a subjective reaction in our minds. Misinforma...
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Fake news ‘threat to democracy’ report gets back-burner response from UK gov’t

The UK government has rejected a parliamentary committee’s call for a levy on social media firms to fund digital literacy lessons to combat the impact of disinformation online. The recommendation of a levy on social media platforms was made by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee three months ago, in a preliminary report following a multi-month investigation into the impact of so-called ‘fake news’ on democratic processes. Though it has suggested the terms ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinf...
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Ahead of midterm elections, Facebook expands ban on posts aimed at voter suppression

Facebook is expanding its ban on false and misleading posts that aim to deter citizens from voting in the upcoming midterm elections. The social media giant is adding two more categories of false information to its existing policy, which it introduced in 2016, in an effort to counter new types of abuse. Facebook already removes verifiably false posts about the dates, times and locations of polling stations — but will now exclude false posts that wrongly describe methods of voting — such as by...
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Thousands of Twitter accounts that spread fake news during the 2016 election are still active today, say researchers

Fake news and misinformation was a key tactic used by the Russians during the 2016 presidential election to try to sway voters against candidates and sow mistruths and mistrust. Now, with just weeks before the 2018 midterm elections, researchers say things are almost as bad. Research out Thursday by the Knight Foundation found that more than 80 percent of the Twitter accounts that repeatedly spread false information during the 2016 election “are still active,” and are in some cases pushing...
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Tech and ad giants sign up to Europe’s first weak bite at ‘fake news’

The European Union’s executive body has signed up tech platforms and ad industry players to a voluntary  Code of Practice aimed at trying to do something about the spread of disinformation online. Something, just not anything too specifically quantifiable. According to the Commission, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Mozilla, some additional members of the EDIMA trade association, plus unnamed advertising groups are among those that have signed up to the self-regulatory code, which will apply in...
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Facebook Wants You to Know It Has an Election 'War Room'

The astonishing scope of election interference on the world’s biggest social platforms came glaringly to light following the 2016 presidential election. The issue is hardly resolved, so it should not come as a surprise that Facebook has created a team—and a room—dedicated to weeding out disinformation in the run-up to…Read more...
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Facebook Is Expanding Photo Fact-Checking Across 17 Countries

Facebook is expanding the scope of its fact-checking partnerships to include photo and video posts in 17 countries, ramping up its effort to hinder election meddling as the U.S. midterms approach.Read more...
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Facebook buys ads in Indian newspapers to warn about WhatsApp fakes

As Twitter finally gets serious about purging fake accounts, and YouTube says it will try to firefight conspiracy theories and fake news flaming across its platform with $25M to fund bona fide journalism, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is grappling with its own fake demons in India, where social media platforms have been used to seed and spread false rumors — fueling mob violence and leading to number of deaths in recent years. This week Facebook has taken out full page WhatsApp -branded adverts i...
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‘Content Providers’ Easily Find Ways Around Facebook’s Rules

In March 2018, Facebook changed their policies regarding branded content, leaving many publishers — but not all of them — scrambling.
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Iowa Researchers Accuse Russia of Injecting Anti-GMO Propaganda Into U.S. Media

Researchers from Iowa State University are claiming that US versions of popular Russian-funded news media are littered with articles and links casting genetically modified organisms in a negative light. It’s an effort, say the researchers, to discredit American agricultural practices and to portray Russian crops as an…Read more...
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A group of industry insiders are putting Russian election meddling up for ad awards

 A small group of advertising industry insiders have developed a novel campaign for this years’ ad awards season — nominating Russia’s misinformation and manipulation efforts for an award. According to a report in The New Yorker, these ad insiders have already put the case study they made for Russia’s election interference  — “” —… Read More
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A group of industry insiders is putting Russian election meddling up for ad awards

 A small group of advertising industry insiders have developed a novel campaign for this years’ ad awards season — nominating Russia’s misinformation and manipulation efforts for an award. According to a report in The New Yorker, these ad insiders have already put the case study they made for Russia’s election interference  — “” —… Read More
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Study: Russian Twitter bots sent 45k Brexit tweets close to vote

 Research conducted by a group of data scientists looking at how information was diffused on Twitter around the June 2016 EU referendum vote suggests more than 150,000 Russian accounts were involved in tweeting about #Brexit. Read More
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Fake news and social media: what you need to know

The benefits of social media are undeniable – from building brand loyalty to converting target audience members, sites like Twitter and Facebook are tremendously helpful tools for businesses and individuals alike. Of course, there are pitfalls to our social media-dependent lives. In 2016, it become increasingly obvious that the spread of “fake news” ranks high among these pitfalls. While misleading click bait has become the new norm, you can avoid getting duped by understanding the fundamentals ...
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The Evidence of our Eyes and Ears

Trump began his presidency by complaining that the media weren't reporting the correct news about his inauguration crowd. “Correct news,” of course, meaning the huge crowd size that he wishes had appeared Friday. This represents the inevitable clash of two problems: Trump's need for aggrandizement, and his historically low approval rating. When you're not all that popular, no one's going to come to your party. He could accept this and move on, but he's choosing to react to media reports of the s...
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Texas Publishes 'Objective' Abortion Informational Brochure That Cites False Cancer Link

On Monday, the Texas Department of State Health Services published a new edition of the medically-adjacent booklet of misinformation entitled, “A Woman’s Right to Know.” Read more...
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We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know, Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed some recent discoveries, such as a portion of human anatomy that is entirely new to science, a mysteriously dimming star, and the culture of whales. Each of these revelations hints at what we don’t know about our world. But does our ignorance matter when it comes to politics and public The post We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know, Part 2 appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Soda news: election results, diabetes and the art of misinformation

The anti-soda movement is gathering momentum -- election results show -- despite the beverage industry's efforts to spread misinformation about the health risks associated with sugary drinks. [Author: Dr. Ayala]
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Limerick-Off Monday – Rhyme Word: BUNK or DEBUNK at the end of Line 1 or 2 or 5

It’s Limerick-Off time, once again. And that means I write a limerick, and you write your own, using the same rhyme word. Then you post your limerick(s) as a comment to this post and, if you’re a Facebook user, on Facebook too. I hope you’ll join me in writing limericks using BUNK or DEBUNK at the end of Line 1 or Line 2 or Line 5. (Homonyms or homophones are fine.) The best submission will be crowned Limerick-Off Award Winner. (Here’s last week’s Limerick-Off Award Winner.) Additionally, you m...
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Airport Panics Will Keep Happening. The Place to Calm Them Is Online

The fear of mass violence, combined with social media's sweeping immediacy, makes weaponizing bad information all too easy. The post Airport Panics Will Keep Happening. The Place to Calm Them Is Online appeared first on WIRED.
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Virgin founder reposts fake final words of Steve Jobs

Richard Branson reposted a chainmail message describing Steve Jobs' final words. Of course, it was all fake. But Richard is still happy. Misinformation or not, he defends it as a source of inspiration. The post Virgin founder reposts fake final words of Steve Jobs appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Avoid Falling for Misinformation Online by Being Your Own Devil's Advocate

Misinformation is everywhere online, and it’s easy to accept and fall for if you don’t make an effort to challenge your own beliefs from time to time. Playing your own devil’s advocate can help.Read more...
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Facebook makes us more narrow-minded, study finds

Research finds that users seek out information that reinforces their beliefs, which is then shared and given increasing weight whether accurate or otherwise [Author: Victoria Ward] [Link to media]
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