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Argument analysis: Justices seem receptive to inmate’s juror-discrimination claims

The Supreme Court heard oral argument yesterday in the case of an African-American death-row inmate in Mississippi who was convicted by a jury that included just one African-American juror. The inmate, Curtis Flowers, argues that the jury selection in his case violates the Constitution – especially because the lead prosecutor had a long history of eliminating potential African-American jurors from the jury pool. After nearly an hour of oral argument that included the first questions by Justice C...
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A “view” from the courtroom: Trials of Mississippi

Today will bring an intense hour of argument about race in jury selection in the case of a Mississippi man who has been tried six times by the same prosecutor, which will culminate in a series of short questions by Justice Clarence Thomas, his first during oral argument in three years. But first, there are a couple of lighter moments. Justice Thomas questions petitioner’s lawyer in Flowers v. Mississippi (Art Lien) Chief Justice John Roberts announces that Justice Stephen Breyer has the co...
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Rounding-up some news and commentary as SCOTUS hears argument on latest round of capital insanity

Albert Einstein is generally credited with the aphorism that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." That quote came to mind as I was thinking about the Supreme Court's consideration this morning of a Batson claim in Flowers v. Mississippi. Here is a brief accounting of just some of the backstory of this case (with emphasis added) from this SCOTUSblog post when cert was granted: [T]he justices will once again review the case of ...
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Supreme Court To Hear Case On Racial Bias In Jury Selection

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Curtis Flowers has been jailed in Mississippi for 22 years, even as prosecutors couldn’t get a murder conviction against him to stick through five trials. Three convictions were tossed out, and two other juries couldn’t reach unanimous verdicts. This week, the Supreme Court will consider whether his conviction and death sentence in a sixth trial should stand or be overturned for a familiar reason: because prosecutors improperly kept African-Americans off the jury. The ju...
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Argument preview: Justices to weigh allegations of racial discrimination in jury selection

During jury selection, some potential jurors can be removed “for cause” – that is, when a judge believes that a juror cannot be impartial in deciding the case. The lawyers trying the case also have a certain number of “peremptory strikes,” which allow them to reject jurors without providing a reason. However, the Supreme Court ruled in Batson v. Kentucky that prosecutors cannot use their peremptory strikes to remove prospective jurors from the jury pool based only on the jurors’ race. Next week ...
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Suspended For "Derogatory Statements" And "Express[ing] Opinion Of Possible [Judicial] Corruption"

A two-year suspension from the Mississippi Supreme Court was imposed as reciprocal discipline Thomas is a resident of Texas and is a member of the Mississippi Bar. Brent Coon, the Texas firm that employs Thomas, represented over ten thousand BP-Gulf-oil-spill... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Court releases March calendar

The Supreme Court issued the argument calendar for its March sitting today. Over a six-day period from March 18 through March 27, the justices will hear oral argument in nine cases. Three of those cases are likely to be among the biggest cases of the term. On March 26, in Rucho v. Common Cause and Lamone v. Benisek, the justices will return to the topic of partisan gerrymandering – that is, the idea that state officials violate the Constitution when they draw district lines to favor one politica...
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Full Restitution Must Precede Reinstatement

The Mississippi Supreme Court has held that a suspended attorney's failure to make his victim whole barred reinstatement. The Bar sought guidance on whether insurance payments satisfy the obligation While the Mississippi Bar supports Stanford’s petition for reinstatement, its support... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Exoneration Required To Sue Defense Attorney

A decision issued today by the Mississippi Supreme Court Dalton Trigg and his father, Dr. Stephen Trigg, sued Dalton’s former criminal-defense attorney, Steven Farese Sr., alleging professional malpractice. The Lafayette County Circuit Court held that the claims were premature because... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Busy afternoon at the Supreme Court: Six grants and one reargument order, but no stay in census dispute

This afternoon the Supreme Court issued orders from the justices’ private conference. The justices added six new cases, for a total of five hours of oral argument, to their merits docket for the term, and they ordered reargument in a case that was argued before Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the court. In a separate order, the justices also rejected the government’s request to delay the trial in a dispute over a question regarding citizenship on the 2020 census. Perhaps the biggest news of the d...
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SCOTUS grants cert on another supervised release issue (and a Batson issue in a capital case)

The Supreme Court last week, as noted here, granted cert in United States v. Haymond, No. 17-1672, an interesting case from the Tenth Circuit in which the defendant prevailed on the claim that the procedures used to sentence him following his supervised release violation was unconstitutional.  Today, as reflected in this order, the Court granted cert on another issue related to supervised release through a grant in Mont v. United States, No. 17-8995.  The petitioner's cert petition posed this "Q...
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Reciprocal Reprimand Will Be Administered In Person

The Mississippi Supreme Court has imposed reciprocal discipline based on a sanction imposed in Florida In 2004, Burtoff drafted estate planning documents for his mother-in-law and father-in-law, Mary and Charles Bullington. Mary Bullington died in 2012, and a dispute arose... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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The Bar Sometimes Rings Twice

The Mississippi Supreme Court imposed reciprocal disbarment based on a Louisiana order sanctioning an attorney for misconduct as both a judge and lawyer. The Supreme Court of Louisiana, which has exclusive original jurisdiction in judicial disciplinary proceedings, found that the... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Mississippi man appeals judge’s ruling clearing prosecutor

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A man accused of killing a Mississippi woman by setting her on fire is appealing a judge’s ruling clearing a prosecutor of misconduct. Lawyers for Quinton Tellis last week filed an appeal with the Mississippi Supreme Court asking justices to overrule a finding that District Attorney John Champion’s actions didn’t hurt […]
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Currying Favor

The Mississippi Supreme Court has reprimanded a judge who stipulated Judge Curry “has signed warrants based on affidavits sworn by her relatives . . . .” After signing the warrants, Judge Curry would not set bond even though the charges... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Mississippi: Judges have No Power to Ban Concealed Guns in Courthouse

Mississippi: Judges have No Power to Ban Concealed Guns in Courthousec U.S.A.  -( In November of 2011, the Mississippi legislature restored the right to carry concealed weapons in most public buildings, including courthouses, but not courtrooms while a judicial proceeding was in process, to people with an enhanced concealed carry permit. Some judges in Mississippi attempted to reverse the modest restoration of the right to bear arms. They banned the carry of concealed firearms wi...
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You Can't Keep Guns Out Of Mississippi Courthouses

The Mississippi Supreme Court rejects local court efforts to limit guns in the courthouse In 2011, the Mississippi Legislature amended Mississippi Code Section 97-37-7, granting enhanced concealed-carry licensees the privilege of carrying a concealed firearm in the courthouses of this... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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“State high court says no to class-action lawsuits”

“State high court says no to class-action lawsuits”: Jimmie E. Gates of The Clarion Ledger of Jackson, Mississippi has an article that begins, “The Mississippi Supreme Court says no to allowing class-action lawsuits in state courts. Mississippi is the only state in the nation in which there are no class actions available to its citizens in the state court system, said attorney Richard T. Phillips of Batesville, who filed the petition seeking class-action lawsuits.”
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Mississippi Supreme Court rejects zoning for Costco store

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A unanimous Mississippi Supreme Court says a suburb acted improperly in rezoning property for what would be Mississippi’s first Costco store. The court on Thursday reversed a lower court ruling. It ruled that the city of Ridgeland hadn’t proved that the rezoning was justified and had illegally tailored its decision to […]
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State Supreme Court Orders Medicaid to Pay $2M to Hospitals

The Mississippi Supreme Court is ordering the state's Medicaid program to pay back $2 million to 12 hospitals, saying the agency improperly skimped on reimbursement for services.
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Court Orders Tests for Inmate, Reopening Chance of Execution

The Mississippi Supreme Court says an inmate convicted of killing a prison guard must be re-evaluated to determine whether he is too intellectually disabled for the death penalty, reopening the possibility he will be executed.
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WV Governor Signs Reform to Protect Exercise of the Second Amendment

West Virginia Arizona -( Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia has signed a reform bill to ensure that West Virginians can exercise their Second Amendment rights during travel. The Governor signed the bill HB 4187, on Friday, March 23rd. The bill passed the House with 85 Yea votes to 14 Nays, on February 27th. It passed the Senate on 9 March, 32 to 1, then had to return to the House because of two amendments that passed the Senate. It passed the House again, on 10 March, 87-11. F...
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Top Mississippi court: Jailed mom not entitled to visitation

TYLERTOWN, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi woman incarcerated for sexual relationships with teenagers has again been denied a court order requiring her children to visit her in jail. In an opinion affirmed Feb. 1, the Mississippi Supreme Court upheld Chancellor Wayne Smith’s decision to allow Chad Griffin to determine if and when his four daughters […]
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High court rejects latest challenge in murder-for-hire case

GREENWOOD, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi Supreme Court is rejecting a physician’s argument that Attorney General Jim Hood is illegally performing law-enforcement duties. The high court on Thursday voted 8-0 to reject Dr. Arnold Smith’s appeal claiming the attorney general is part of the judicial branch. The Greenwood Commonwealth reports that the former oncologist has pursued […]
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High court declines attempt to re-jail man accused in death

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A three-judge panel of the Mississippi Supreme Court is denying an attempt to keep a man accused of murder jailed. The panel turned down the request Tuesday by Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith. The court finds that Hinds County Circuit Judge Tomie Green acted in accordance with rules meant […]
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No new appeal for convict, despite defense lawyer’s romance

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi man’s murder conviction will stand, even though the defendant didn’t know his lawyer was romantically involved with the prosecution’s lead witness. The Mississippi Supreme Court on Thursday voted 6-2 to deny a request from Montrell Jordan to file a new appeal. Jordan was sentenced to life in prison for […]
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Mississippi top court refuses rehearing in sheriff’s killing

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi Supreme Court has refused to give a woman convicted of capital murder in the 2010 death of a sheriff another hearing. The Sun Herald reports the court on Thursday denied a rehearing for 26-year-old Brandy Nicole Williams, who is serving life in prison for driving the truck that struck […]
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Mississippi woman seeks parental rights in same-sex divorce

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi Supreme Court will hear the case Wednesday on whether 44-year-old Chris Strickland should be listed as the legal parent of now-6-year-old Zayden Strickland. A lower court judge ruled during the divorce that Strickland wasn’t a parent. He said the anonymous sperm donor had paternal rights, and awarded full custody […]
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Mississippi newspaper wins dispute over government records

GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi Supreme Court is siding with a newspaper in its longstanding effort to get documents from a state agency. In a decision Thursday, justices said Chancery Judge Jennifer Schloegel (SHLAY-gul) ruled correctly that documents from the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources are public records. Officials had claimed the documents were […]
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Mississippi court overturns convictions in 1993 slayings

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi Supreme Court is overturning a man’s three murder convictions, one of which resulted in a death penalty sentence. Five justices voted Thursday to vacate the convictions of Sherwood Brown and return the case to DeSoto County for a new trial. Brown’s lawyers challenged physical evidence linking him to the […]
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