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New beer too strong for some U.S. states

A limited-run beer from Samuel Adams is too strong for some U.S. states: its 28% ABV is illegal in 15 of them. The brewer releases a new version of its Utopias brand every two years, and the twelfth edition will be on shelves starting Oct. — Read the rest
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Lawsuit filed after schoolteacher cuts mixed-race kid's hair to "even it out"

An elementary schoolteacher in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, was reprimanded after cutting a 7-year-old's hair to "even it out" after a classmate hacked some off; the mixed-race girl's parents are also suing the school district. The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in west Michigan against Mount Pleasant Public Schools and two teaching staff, — Read the rest
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9/11 parade tribute a bit much, say locals

This float at the 40th annual Popcorn Festival in Valparaiso, Indiana, will never be forgotten. The New York Post affects outrage at the "grotesque display" but writes that it is being "torched" by online critics, because it's hard to keep it up the act for even one whole sentence in the face of such an epic production. — Read the rest
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How to clear out an anthill with gasoline

This footage shows a fellow using gasoline to destroy an "anthill". Ignition takes a few tries but is ultimately more successful than he presumably expected. I've put "anthill" in quotes because I suspect it has enjoyed a previous viral life as a "gopher hole". — Read the rest
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Restored Vermeer uncovers cherub, penis

Johannes Vermeer's Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window, painted between 1657 and 1659, has been restored to remove centuries of dirt, varnish and artistic alterations. Most prominently, a painting of a naked cherub was covered up at some point after the artist's death. — Read the rest
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Woman filmed intentionally coughing on shoppers loses her job

The victim chose not to file a complaint, meaning the belligerent woman smirking and coughing at her (previously at BB) in a Nebraska grocery store hasn't gotten in any legal trouble. But video virality has other consequences, and it turns out the cougher has lost her job. — Read the rest
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Your fingers sure look tasty to this battery-powered mini chainsaw

Widely available on eBay, Amazon and the other usual places under a dizzying variety of generative brand names, this 21V mini chainsaw is a ticket to the emergency room for America's hapless gardeners. Big Clive bought one and took it through its amazingly dangerous paces: "It has no safety interlocks. — Read the rest
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Apple pauses child porn surveillance plan

Apple announced that it planned to scan images on iPhones to see if they matched the signatures of known child abuse images. Though iCloud mail (and many cloud storage services) are already subject to such scanning, the fact that the scanning would happen on users' own phones alarmed users and privacy groups. — Read the rest
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Man arrested after assaulting MSNBC reporter on-air and going on the run

Benjamin Dagley was filmed live-on air ranting at then lunging into MSNBC reporter Shaquille Brewster. Quickly identified due to certain prior infamies, Dagley reportedly went on the run. He's been found, reports local media, and taken into custody. Investigators arrested Benjamin Dagley Thursday in Dayton. — Read the rest
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Man attacks TV reporter in Gulfport, then goes on the run

Reporting from Gulfport, Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurrican Ida, MSNBC's Shaquille Brewster had to cut a segment short when a man heckled and assaulted him on-camera. The footage shows the man, later named as Benjamin Dagley, pulling up in his truck and wading into view while ranting incoherently. — Read the rest
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The last place on Earth selling leaded gasoline for cars finally makes the switch

Algeria, the last country on earth where you could still fill up your car with leaded gasoline, finally banned its sale last month. Lead additives improve the performance of gasoline and lubricate it to prevent engine wear, but the toxic fumes it produces are held to have caused millions of deaths. — Read the rest
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Watch: truck carrying enormous wind turbine blade stuck on tracks with train coming

That I'm linking to the subreddit r/CatastrophicFailure isn't necessarily a spoiler. Will the stuck truck, carrying a giant wind turbine blade, make it across the tracks in time? Note that there is loud sweary language from the outset of the video. — Read the rest
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WSJ: Ken Jennings' nasty Tweets cost him the Jeopardy job

The Wall Street Journal covers the chaos surrounding Sony's efforts to replace the late Alex Trebeck as host of popular television game show Jeopardy. I suspect vaguely that this is a distraction item sourced to Sony insiders to distract everyone from its own hapless incompetence in managing and vetting candidates. — Read the rest
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Body wrapped in plastic floating in canal was… not that

Bicyclists along a canal in Central France's Charlieu village were alarmed to see what looked like a body wrapped in plastic floating in the canal. Police and firefighters raced to the scene and hauled the object to land. Turns out, it was a sex doll. — Read the rest
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Failed it! 5 ways to grow from your mistakes

Making mistakes in real estate (especially when you're first starting out) is inevitable. However, if you approach failure with the right attitude, commit to the practice and tap into the expertise of mentors, you'll grow in this business.
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Plastic piss frog wants to slake its thirst

We received a gift for our young son and have elected not to deploy it. But it might be your cup of tea! Behold the Foyee Potty Training Urinal [Amazon], designed to resemble a large frog, its mouth gaping to receive the golden liquor, its eyes thirsty for young piss. — Read the rest
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Taliban enters Kabul, Afghan president flees, surrender negotiations underway

Taliban fighters have entered Kabul, the BBC reports, and Afghanistan's president has fled the country. A surrender is reportedly being negotiated to avoid a bloody fight for the capital. Al Arabiya reports that the Taliban are already working on forming an interim government. — Read the rest
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Taliban 25 miles from Kabul

Two days ago, U.S. intelligence sources let it be known that that Afghanistan's government might fall in as soon as 90 days. Today the Taliban are already reportedly nearing the outskirts of Kabul, advancing to Maidan Shar, 25 miles from the capital. — Read the rest
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I Missed My Turn but I Didn’t Miss God

Do you believe it’s okay to fail? If you asked me, I’d be quick to say, “Yes! Failure is a part of life. Failing means you’re human. Failure is an opportunity for learning. Failing means you tried.” But turns out, what I know is true doesn’t always translate into how I feel. Recently I messed up. I was talking on the phone while driving (yeah, I know) and I missed a turn. I didn’t realize my mistake until much too late. So late in fact that by the time I turned around, backtracked, and made it t...
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Afghanistan government falling to Taliban faster than expected

The Taliban is retaking Afghanistan faster than expected. Yesterday's fall of Kandahar means Kabul, the capital, is the only major city held by the government. The U.S. and Britain are expected to abandon their embassies presently; the U.S. is reportedly attempting to bribe the Taliban with promises of foreign aid. — Read the rest
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Judge: Florida can't force cruise line to take unvaccinated passengers

A judge ruled that Florida can't ban the 'vaccine passport' program set up by a cruise line to keep the infected off its ships. Reuters reports that U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams ruled that the ban was likely to infringe the first amendment of the U.S. — Read the rest
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Fire in car burns for a minute without any of the seven nearby mechanics noticing

Presumably sparked by the person welding the vehicle's undercarriage, the roaring blaze inside it is spotted only when an eighth worker enters the garage. But it's not because of any failure on their part: the welder is under the vehicle, and everyone else is engrossed in work and knows not to look at an arc welder without shades. — Read the rest
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5 Financial Mistakes Rich Folks Make

I read with great amusement an article in Business Insider Rich people make the same 5 mistakes over and over. I found it amusing, because it attempts to fool you into thinking that if you act like rich folk, you’ll become one. Unfortunately, Lies travel faster than truth. Maybe the article is attempting to convince you that Rich Folk and you are similar, since you make the same mistakes? This is hardly the case. Why are rich folk rich? Started with money, most of the time. Family m...
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How to spot fake IDs

Trevor Klee on an unusual but useful specialism: spotting fake ID cards. The usual tricks of checking the stock and beeping the code won't work! You have to know the difference between laser and machine cutting, and that's just for starters. — Read the rest
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Doctor: "The last thing they do before they're intubated is beg me for the vaccine"

That's what Brytney Cobia, MD, writes in an emotional Facebook post about her work on the front lines of the Covid pandemic in Alabama.The Birmingham News chooses her reply as its headline: "I'm sorry, but it's too late." A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same. — Read the rest
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Disgraced lawyer Avenatti to represent self in court

Michael Avenatti, former hero of resistance liberals and current extortion convict, was granted permission to represent himself in court for another upcoming trial, this time on fraud charges. Meghann Cuniff: [U.S. District Judge James] Selna asks Avenatti if he's ever participated in a criminal sentencing, and Avenatti says yes, he participated in one a couple weeks ago in the Southern District of New York. — Read the rest
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I didn't shit my pants at McDonalds 25 years ago, Australian Prime Minister insists

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, beset by rumors that he shat his pants at McDonalds in 1997, has finally broken and addressed the claims, thereby ensuring that the entire world's attention is given to them. Here he is on a radio interview, quoted by Matt Novak: "It's complete and utter rubbish. — Read the rest
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12 years in prison for Florida cop who planted drugs on motorists

The Orlando Sentinel reports that a Florida cop is going to jail for 12 years and 6 months for planting drugs at 3 traffic stops. Zachary Wester, 28, was convicted in May of the crimes while working for the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. — Read the rest
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Plane food simulator

Plane Food Simulator 2021 is a free game by Sheep & Ram Studio wherein you attempt to eat food on a plane. You can pick from American, Japanese and British fare and must contend with turbulence and a deliberately immiserating control system.
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4 common mistakes to avoid as a first-time business founder

Don't hire your friends unless you're willing to risk losing the friendship. Getty Images Heather R. Morgan is a tech entrepreneur, surrealist artist, and investor in SaaS companies. While scaling her company to success, she says she learned what mistakes founders should avoid. Be prepared for the hard work to continue, bolster your personal brand, and don't hire friends. See more stories on Insider's business page. When I was only 23, I started my company by myself, with n...
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