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The 4 best knife sharpeners we tested in 2021

Owen Burke/Insider Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky If you own a knife, you should probably own a knife sharpener, unless you want to pay a sharpening service. Our favorite knife sharpener for most kitchens is the Chef's Choice Trizor XV EdgeSelect. We also have recommendations for manual pull-through, kit (jig system), and portable sharpeners. There's no way around it: at some point, your knives are going to need sharpening. And while sharp knives are dangerous, dull knives ca...
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NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure bets on open-source platforms to diversify services

For education, NSDL e-Governance uses an open source platform called Sunbird that provides modular building blocks for learning and human development and is open sourced under an MIT license. Sethi, who is also a member of the Open Network for Digital Commerce Advisory Council formed in July, pointed out that NSDL e-Governance’s pilot of running an open-source enabled cab-hailing network in Kochi was successful, and “Has now gone live as a full-scale project. We provided the infrastructure servi...
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Scientists create plants that store light and radiate it back out

A team at MIT has developed a technique for getting plants to behave like glow-in-the-dark toys—they can absorb light, store it, and then radiate it back out. This team has been working on glowing plants for a while now; in 2019 they debuted plants that were treated with an enzyme based on the same chemical that make fireflies glow (previously). — Read the rest
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Netflix’ Maid half mir, meinen eigenen Missbrauch zu verarbeiten

Triggerwarnung: Der folgende Artikel beinhaltet Schilderungen von häuslicher Gewalt. Achtung: Der folgende Artikel enthält Spoiler zur Netflix-Serie Maid. Es ist Nachmittag, und ich habe eine Packung Marlboros in der Jackentasche. Ich soll eigentlich gar nicht rauchen, weil die Mutter meines Freundes das nicht mag – aber Zigaretten erinnern mich daran, wie ich richtig ausatme. Ich denke mir also eine Ausrede aus, verlasse das Haus seiner Familie und mache mich auf den Weg zu dem kleinen Ba...
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30 gift ideas for women, from customizable AirPod cases to a luxurious face mask

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Getty You've likely landed on this guide in search of the perfect gifts for the women in your life. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just to say thanks, we've found 30 great options. From cooking classes to chocolates from Goldbelly, there's a gift for every woman in your life. Check out all of our gift guides for even more inspiration. When it comes to gifts for women, yo...
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SEC chief flags risks of predictive AI in online brokers and robo advisors as agency weighs crackdown, report says

US Securities and Exchange Commission Gary Gensler. Alex Wong/Getty Images The SEC's Gary Gensler highlighted the risks of AI that trading platforms have been embracing, Bloomberg reported. "The predictive-data analytics also raises a number of important challenges: conflicts of interest, bias, and systemic risk," he said. Another thing the SEC chair will look into is stock market trading practices. Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. US Securities...
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The 5 best kitchen knives we tested in 2021

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Putting your knife set together piecemeal is the best way to go, and a quality chef's knife is absolutely essential. The Wusthof Classic Ikon 8" Chef's Knife is our favorite, but we also like Victorinox, Shun, and more. There may be no more important tool in your kitchen than your chef's knife. It is the one-stop-shop for all of your slicing, chopping, dicing, and trimming needs. Sure, there are other kitchen knives well worth their steel, but we c...
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Ist „Slow Dating“ einen Versuch wert?

Die Pandemie setzte dem Dating-Leben der 24-jährigen Ola ein jähes Ende und läutete eine neue Phase für sie ein. Vor Corona verbrachte sie täglich Stunden damit, nach links und rechts zu swipen, sich mit Menschen zu treffen, von denen sie eigentlich nicht überzeugt war, und sich zu zwingen, „nicht aufzugeben“, um den berühmt-berüchtigten „Einen“ oder die berühmt-berüchtigte „Eine“ zu finden. Seit den letzten eineinhalb Jahren hat sich aber etwas an ihrer Einstellung verändert: Sie hat beschlosse...
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I have a book out on muffins (you prob already know that)

Lance: How come you haven't blogged on your muffin book? You've blogged about two books by Harry Lewis (see here and here) one book by the lesswrong community (see here), and you even did a mashup of a post by two different Scott A's (see here),  but not on your own work.Bill: I thought I did a post on my muffin book.Lance: No. You have blogged about the muffin problem, and sometimes you mention either the book or the problem in passing, but you haven't had a post that saysHEY, I wrote a book!An...
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SCOTT GALLOWAY: Digital ads need a warning label like cigarettes, and their algorithms should be taxed

Galloway says social media is addictive and deserves warning labels, just like cigarettes. Superb Images/Getty Images Scott Galloway is a bestselling author and professor of marketing at NYU Stern. The following is a recent blog post, republished with permission, that originally ran on his blog "No Mercy / No Malice." In it, Galloway talks about fraud in the harmful effects of fraud in the digital ad business. If Edward Snowden was injected with a megadose of Super Soldier Serum, he'...
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Ironheart: Everything We Know So Far

Marvel Studios has so many projects in development it's easy to lose track — more than 30 of them, as it just so happens. But one that is worth keeping on your radar, for a wide variety of reasons, is "Ironheart." The upcoming Disney+ show is poised to introduce a new, important hero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and one that may end up filling some hugely important shoes. While the show is still relatively far away, we're here to go over everything we know so far about it so you can be read...
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58 thoughtful gifts to give your friends under $100

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Getty Images Whether it's your friend's birthday or you simply want to say thank you, they deserve the best. We rounded up 58 gifts, each under $100, that your special friend will treasure. Still looking for gift ideas? Check out all Insider Reviews gift guides here. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Friends are the ones you rely upon, confide in, and plague with everything from menu choices...
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PostgreSQL ST_AsGeoJSON plugin for Geo::GoogleEarth::PluggableChanges for 0.05 - 2021-10-06Cleaned up for public release on GitHub and CPAN Moved from BSD to MIT license Updated module to not import json decode function [Author: MRDVT]
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The Most Underrated Skill in Business. . . not what top researchers think--even though it's printed in the MIT Sloan Review. Recently, while reading a back issue of one of my favorite journals, the MIT Sloan Review, I stumbled on a research article entitled “The Most Underrated Skill in Management.” That sounded interesting, so I wondered what it had to say. At the conclusion of the third paragraph the authors wrote, “We’ve come to believe that problem formulation is the single most underrated skill in all of management practic...
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For Tesla, Facebook and others, AI’s flaws are getting harder to ignore

Anti-vaccine campaigners use tricks like typing “Va ine” to avoid detection, while private gun-sellers post pictures of empty cases on Facebook Marketplace with a description to “PM me.” These fool the systems designed to stop rule-breaking content, and to make matters worse, the AI often recommends that content too. Last year a New York University Stern School of Business study recommended that Facebook double those workers to 30,000 to monitor posts properly if AI isn’t up to the task. One res...
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Dein Horoskop im Oktober – So stehen die Sterne in diesem Monat

Der vor uns liegende Monat wird ganz schön schaurig: Erwarte Nervenkitzel, Grusel und Gespenster. Das liegt daran, dass Merkur, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun und Pluto zu Beginn des Monats rückläufig sind. Am 6. Oktober kommt es zu einem Neumond im Zeichen der Waage, der an dem Tag beginnt, an dem Pluto nach einer rückläufigen Phase, die am 27. April begann, wieder direkt in das Zeichen des Steinbocks tritt. Diese intensive Energie verstärkt unsere Emotionen gewaltig. Venus, der Planet der Li...
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Research points to new opportunities to prevent treatment resistance in fragile X syndrome

Mark Bear, Picower Professor of Neuroscience at MIT, recalls the "eureka moment" 20 years ago when he realized that a severe developmental brain disorder -;fragile X syndrome-;might be treated with drugs that inhibit a neurotransmitter receptor called mGluR5.
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HERMITS: Mechanical Shells for Reconfigurable Robots

HERMITS are tiny experimental robots developed by researchers at MIT’s Media Lab that can move between different “shells” to gain new capabilities. Inspired by hermit crabs, we designed a modular system for table-top wheeled robots to dock to passive attachment modules, defined as “mechanical shells.” Different types of mechanical shells can uniquely extend and convert the motion of robots with embedded mechanisms, so that, as a whole architecture, the system can offer a variety of interact...
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Men over 45 who identify as having 'excellent investment experience' are more likely to panic sell during a market downturn, MIT study finds

A trader works on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, U.S., March 5, 2020. Andrew Kelly/Reuters While the S&P 500 has generated an annualized return of 7.5% over the past two decades, the average investor has only seen a return of 2.9%, according to JPMorgan.Now a study from MIT helps reveal which investors are panic selling at the worst possible time.According to MIT, men over the age of 45 who identify as having "excellent investing experience" are more likel...
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How a Design Thinking Course Can Develop Your Leadership Skills

What's the most critical skill in management? I'm sure you're probably thinking along the lines of decisiveness, problem-solving, and communication skills. Well, the MIT leadership center would like to disagree (slightly). The center has called the ability to clearly identify critical problems the "most underrated skill in management." They're not wrong, at least going by the numbers:
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Living plant lamps may be on the horizon thanks to MIT

In Boston, engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created light-emitting, rechargeable plants that are ten times brighter than the light-emitting, rechargeable plants they created in 2017.   The researchers say the outside-the-box solution to home lighting could lower your electricity bills, as well as your carbon footprint.   “We wanted to create a light-emitting plant with particles that will absorb light, store some of it, and emit it gradually,” Michael Strano, the Car...
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Scientists have created rechargeable, glow-in-the-dark plants using nanoparticles that absorb and emit light

Green nanoparticles that absorb then emit light, as viewed under a microscope inside a plant leaf. Strano et al., Science Advances, 2021 MIT researchers embedded plant leaves with rechargeable nanoparticles that absorb and emit light. After a 10-second charge with an LED light, the nanoparticles glow in the dark for several minutes. "This is a big step toward plant-based lighting," one of the researchers said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Scientists are working on a rec...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Greg Sandoval/Business Insider Good morning and welcome to 10 Things in Tech. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. ​​Plus, download Insider's app for news on the go - click here for iOS and here for Android.Let's get started.1. Facebook's CTO is stepping down. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook's chief technology officer and one of Mark Zuckerberg's closest confidants, will be taking a role as "senior fellow" within Facebook next year. Everything we know about his depa...
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The Fed Is Evaluating Whether To Launch a Digital Currency and In What Form

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: The Federal Reserve is pushing ahead with its study into whether to implement its own digital currency and will be releasing a paper on the issue shortly, Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday. No decision has been made on the matter yet, he added, and said the Fed does not feel pressured to do something quickly as other nations move forward with their own projects. "I think it's important that we get to a place where we can make an informed decisio...
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Plants embedded with nanotechnology to make them glow, and they can be recharged!

MIT researchers created light-emitting plants that can glow for about an hour and recharged in just ten seconds using an LED. To make the glowing plants, they embedded the plants with specially-engineered nanoparticles that are several hundred nanometers in diameter. (For comparison, a human hair is approximately 80,000 nanometers wide.) — Read the rest
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Tesla drivers looked at the road less when using Autopilot in an MIT study - but they weren't necessarily distracted, researchers say

Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Tesla drivers looked at the road less often when using Autopilot in an MIT study. Drivers using Autopilot looked elsewhere for longer, including at their phones, the study found. But the researchers said the findings didn't necessarily mean the drivers were distracted. See more stories on Insider's business page. A new eye-tracking study of Tesla drivers found that they looked at the road less often when their vehicl...
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Tesla drivers become 'inattentive' when using Autopilot, study finds

MIT researchers studying glance data found that drivers become more inattentive when using Tesla's Autopilot system..
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MIT study finds Tesla drivers become inattentive when Autopilot is activated

By the end of this week, potentially thousands of Tesla owners will be testing out the automaker’s newest version of its “Full Self-Driving” beta software, version 10.0.1, on public roads, even as regulators and federal officials investigate the safety of the system after a few high-profile crashes. A new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology lends credence to the idea that the FSD system, which despite its name is not actually an autonomous system but rather an advanced driver as...
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After a For-Profit Company Bought EdX -- What Happens Next? (slashdot)

jyosim summarizes an article at EdSurge: edX, founded by Harvard University and MIT a decade ago as a nonprofit alternative to for-profit online education providers, has agreed [in June] to sell its operations to a for-profit company, 2U. Exactly what that means is only now becoming clear, but many observers have noted that in the end, 2U bought a giant source of leads for students that it can upsell graduate degrees to from its partner colleges. But turning edX into a marketing vehicle is a far...
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After a For-Profit Company Bought EdX -- What Happens Next?

jyosim summarizes an article at EdSurge: edX, founded by Harvard University and MIT a decade ago as a nonprofit alternative to for-profit online education providers, has agreed [in June] to sell its operations to a for-profit company, 2U. Exactly what that means is only now becoming clear, but many observers have noted that in the end, 2U bought a giant source of leads for students that it can upsell graduate degrees to from its partner colleges. But turning edX into a marketing vehicle is a far...
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