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All the economists who told the FTC we shouldn't break up Big Tech are paid by Big Tech

From the Open Markets Institute's Mat Stoller and Austin Frederick, who analyzed the FTC's panel, "The Current Economic Understanding of Multi-Sided Platforms," in which economic experts told the regulator that Big Tech's monopoly power just isn't a problem: "every single economist testifying on the issue of corporate concentration derived income, directly or indirectly, from large corporations. Beyond that, the hearing itself was held at the Antonin Scalia Law School, which is financed by Goo...
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MIT is giving you control of a real person on Halloween in a dystopian game that sounds like an episode of 'Black Mirror'

MIT Media Lab is hosting a mass online social experiment on Halloween at 11 p.m. EDT. Called "BeeMe," the goal of the "dystopian game" is to let participants control an actor and defeat an evil artificial intelligence program. Internet users will program the actor by crowdsourcing commands and then voting on them. BeeMe's creators say they want the project to stoke conversations about privacy, ethics, entertainment, and social interactions. This Halloween, the creepiest event to attend might ...
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She’s the Boss: Growing into Success

On Monday October 15, 2018 I had an opportunity to attend a fantastic panel discussion titled “She’s the Boss: Growing into Success”. The panel was moderated by my very dear friend Narges Kakalia, a brilliant lawyer at Mintz, and had four accomplished ladies discussing their stories of success, work, life and everything in between. One of the panelist happened to be the moderator’s namesake and a world renowned astrophysicist Nergis Mavalwala. In a truly classic “only in New York” moment do you ...
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Boston Tech Watch: IBM, DataXu, Accion, Yottaa, CoachUp & More

Rumors of a Boston adtech sale, a top-level departure at IBM’s Watson Health business, more cash to boost A.I. startups, and Boeing backing a space propulsion company dominate the Boston-area’s tech headlines from the week. Read on for more.—Boston firm DataXu is working with a New York investment bank on a potential sale, targeting a $300 million valuation, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources familiar with the move. The ad software company has raised around $87.5 million from inve...
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Entrepreneurs Thinking Inside the Box

Hackathons usually involve thinking outside of the box. But for myself and four other MIT students, brainstorming, eating, and sleeping inside a 16-foot by 16-foot glass cube on campus for four days straight in mid-September proved just as effective at getting our creative juices flowing.The experience was part of InCube 2018, a global startup pitch competition organized by the ETH Entrepreneurship Club. We met for the first time the week before, and we were competing against four other cubes in...
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Quantum mechanics time travel indicates no grandfather paradox

Dr. Seth Lloyd, an MIT professor and self-described “quantum mechanic,” describes the quantum mechanics behind time travel during a guest lecture at the Institute for Quantum Computing,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Play of the Day: The President Has a 'Natural Instinct' For Science

Donald Trump explained to AP that his uncle was an MIT professor.
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Thursday. Facebook has "tentatively" concluded that spammers, not foreign agents, are to blame for the biggest hack in its history. Anonymous sources told the Wall Street Journal that the company does not believe a nation-state was involved. An Amazon staffer says over 450 employees wrote to Jeff Bezos demanding Amazon stop selling facial-recognition software to police. An anonymous Amazon employee demanded in an op-ed article on Medium...
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Cryptographic protocol enables greater collaboration in drug discovery

MIT researchers have developed a cryptographic system that could help neural networks identify promising drug candidates in massive pharmacological datasets, while keeping the data private. Secure computation done at such a massive scale could enable broad pooling of sensitive pharmacological data for predictive drug discovery.
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MIT system aims to prevent attacks made possible by Meltdown/Spectre

Researchers from MIT have developed a new security system that has been shown to outperform Intel's own approach at preventing so-called 'timing attacks' made possible by vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre.
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MIT researchers say memory splitting breakthrough could prevent another Meltdown or Spectre

Virtually every modern computer processor was thrown under the bus earlier this year when researchers found a fundamental design weakness in Intel, AMD and ARM chips, making it possible to steal sensitive data from the computer’s memory. The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities — which date back to 1995 — punched holes in the walls that keeps apps from accessing other parts of the system’s memory that it doesn’t have permission to read. That meant a skilled attacker could figure out ...
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All About Talent: Takeaways From MIT’s $1B Plan to Lead Way in A.I.

In 2011, Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen penned a widely read essay declaring that “software is eating the world.” If he were to write an updated version today, it might proclaim that machine learning is eating the world.Advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies are starting to impact virtually every industry. In the coming years, A.I. could transform society in ways we don’t yet fully understand. Companies are investing heavily in A.I. to try and stay ahead of...
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Probiotic/antibiotic combination could eradicate drug-resistant bacteria

In the fight against drug-resistant bacteria, MIT researchers have enlisted the help of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics.
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Gillette partners with Formlabs to 3D print razor handles

3D printing for manufacturing is one of those things that gets talked about a lot, but we’ve yet to see a lot of truly mainstream applications for the technology. A new partnership between Gillette and MIT-born startup Formlabs offers up an interesting potential peak into such a future. Granted, customized razor handles is probably more of a novelty than anything. It’s not exactly as game changing as, say, Invisalign braces, prosthesis or even sneakers, but if the tech proves scalable it cou...
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Apple stores are now selling a $2,000 'self-flying' drone you can control from an Apple Watch (AAPL)

Apple stores are now selling a "self-flying" drone, the Skydio R1.  The startup behind the quadcopter was founded by former MIT students, and it's backed by some of technology's elite investors.  Apple is selling the drone because starting on Wednesday, you can control it from an Apple Watch and tell it to follow you, or capture certain glamorous shots while you do outdoor activities like biking or running.  Most people don't think of Apple stores as a good place to buy a drone, but on Wednes...
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New automated model identifies dense breast tissue in mammograms

Researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed an automated model that assesses dense breast tissue in mammograms -- which is an independent risk factor for breast cancer -- as reliably as expert radiologists.
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Arctic ice sets speed limit for major ocean current

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Scientists at MIT have now identified a key mechanism, which they call the 'ice-ocean governor,' that controls how fast the Beaufort Gyre spins and how much fresh water it stores. In a paper published today in Geophysical Research Letters, the researchers report that the Arctic's ice cover essentially sets a speed limit on the gyre's spin.
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Probiotics and antibiotics create a killer combination

MIT researchers have shown that by delivering a combination of antibiotics and alginate-encapsulated probiotics, they can eradicate two strains of drug-resistant bacteria that often infect wounds.
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Paul Allen’s Contributions, Far Beyond Microsoft, Touched the Brain, AI & More

Technology and life sciences leaders say they’ll remember Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, and investor who passed away Monday at age 65, as an “inspiration” whose work will impact the fields he worked in for years to come.Allen died from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to a statement from Vulcan, the Seattle-based philanthropy and investment firm he led. Allen was in Seattle at the time of his passing, Vulcan said.Allen and Bill Gates co-founded Microsof...
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Trump Admin Took Cues From The Obama Admin To Achieve ‘Energy Dominance’

WASHINGTON (AP) — Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s keynote speech at the World Gas Conference in June opened with a marching band and ended with an exhibition by the Harlem Globetrotters. It was a spectacle befitting the industry symposium. “We’re sharing our energy bounty with the world,” Perry gushed from a stage at the Washington Convention Center. Long undervalued, natural gas was once burned off indiscriminately as an unwanted byproduct of oil drilling. But the fuel’s fortunes have changed. ...
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MIT is building a new $1 billion college dedicated to all things A.I.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has announced a new $1 billion college of computing designed to offer the best possible education to future machine learning A.I. experts. The post MIT is building a new $1 billion college dedicated to all things A.I. appeared first on Digital Trends.
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A former Googler who started losing his hair in his 20s and founded a company to help other men facing a similar fate now wants to help the 38 million people living with migraines

Thirty Madison, the company behind hair loss startup Keeps, is expanding into migraine treatments.  The company on Tuesday raised a $15.25 million series A, bringing its total funding to $22.75 million.  Investors have poured more than $600 million into companies that promise to bring care directly to patients in the past year alone.  A company that got its start helping men prevent hair loss is now expanding into migraines.  Thirty Madison, the company behind hair-loss brand Keeps, is...
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MIT is spending $1 billion to open a college in 2019 just for AI

MIT will create a new college with courses combining AI, machine learning, and data science with other academic disciplines. With $1 billion in funding, this will be the largest financial investment in AI by any US academic institution. The new college will have 50 new faculty positions and numerous fellowships for graduate students. The school will open next September, starting initially in other buildings until around 2022, when the new college is slated to get its own space. Rafael Reif, the ...
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Automated system identifies dense tissue, a risk factor for breast cancer, in mammograms

Researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed an automated model that assesses dense breast tissue in mammograms -- which is an independent risk factor for breast cancer -- as reliably as expert radiologists. This marks the first time a deep-learning model of its kind has successfully been used in a clinic on real patients, according to the researchers. With broad implementation, the researchers hope the model can help bring greater reliability to breast density assessme...
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This RNA-based technique could make gene therapy more effective

MIT biological engineers have devised a way to regulate the expression of messenger RNA once it gets into cells, giving them more precise control over gene therapy treatments for cancer and other diseases.
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How are sadness and happiness like diseases? They're infectious, study finds

Is sadness a sickness? It appears to spread like one, a new study has found. Researchers at Harvard University and MIT wanted to see if a mathematical model developed to track and predict the spread of infectious diseases such as SARS and foot-and-mouth disease could also apply to the spread of happiness -- and found that it worked.  They used data collected from 1,880 subjects in the Framingham Heart Study, a long-term research effort that has followed subjects since 1948 (and added some new...
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Pokémon Go maker Niantic is coming to TechCrunch Sessions AR/VR

Niantic is one of the few companies in the augmented reality world making some actual goddamn revenue. As such, It didn’t feel right not to have the company that built Pokemon Go represented at our one-day Sessions AR/VR event this Thursday in LA. I’ll be sitting down with the company’s AR research lead Ross Finman at the event to talk about why augmented reality is so important to Niantic’s future and why AR tech can actually make tomorrow’s games and apps more engaging. The game maker struck g...
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Alt-Shift: as alternatives to alternatives, RNG and fuel cell tech markets come clearer, closer

In California, on the final day of California’s 2018 legislative session, a bill sponsored by the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas that would pave the way for a state renewable natural gas procurement program was approved by the Legislature, passing 29-10 in its reconciliation in the Senate. It’s material progress in a key market for a leading alternative to…ahem, conventional alternatives. The Coalition advises that “SB 1440 (Hueso) authorizes the California Public Utilities Commission (CPU...
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Three Tech-Related Stories Today

Three things that caught my eye this morning: Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test, and is calling Donald Trump’s bluff to donate $1 million to the charity of her choice if it shows Native American ancestry.  The test probably does, although the general unwillingness of Native American groups to be genotyped requires more interpolation than usual to reach that conclusion.  (Here’s the text of the full report if you care.) Meanwhile, of course, Trump quickly denied ever making the promise. Someone p...
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MIT announces new college of computing with $1 billion commitment

MIT announced today that it is massively doubling down on the future of computer science with the launch of a new college of computing. The university is committing $1 billion in resources to the new school, and the university received a $350 million donation from Stephen A. Schwarzman, who will be the naming donor. MIT said that its commitment is the largest of a university yet to the discipline. The university is already one of the leaders in computer science, with a famed department located i...
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