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‘Unbelievable’ Leeds star widely hailed on back of display in West Ham win

 Viewers of the clash between Leeds United and West Ham United have taken to social media in their numbers, to single one member of the former’s squad out for special praise. Harrison at the treble One of two lunchtime Premier League kick-offs was of course played out in the capital a short time ago.Whilst Liverpool were making short work of Brentford, David Moyes’ high-flying West Ham played host to relegation-battling Leeds, desperate for three points to extend their advantage over the top-4 c...
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One Of The Most Terrifying Scenes In Unfriended Truly Cuts To The Quick

(Welcome to Scariest Scene Ever, a column dedicated to the most pulse-pounding moments in horror with your tour guides, horror experts Matt Donato and Ariel Fisher. In this edition: Matt champions "Unfriended" as the real, and Ariel grows resentful of Matt for his shenanigans.)At the dawn of Screenlife horror — a filmmaking movement coined by producer, writer, and director Timur Bekmambetov — where computer screens became a new terrifying frontier, "Unfriended" represented a cinematic r...
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Political potholes await Buttigieg as he starts a new year implementing Biden's infrastructure law

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg joined President Biden and other officials during the White House signing ceremony for the bipartisan infrastructure law.Drew Angerer/Getty Images Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg enjoyed his best political year in 2021. Experts say 2022 will be harder for Buttigieg to navigate as he implements the infrastructure law. If Republicans win back the House, he could get buried in document requests and scandals. When he visited the White House in Nov...
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Eagles Watching Eggs on SC Web Cam Get Historical Names

An environmental group has decided on the historical names Harriet and Mitch for a pair of eagles that have become internet stars on a web camera ass they watch over their eggs in a nest on Hilton Head Island.
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Trump savaged Mitch McConnell over his debt-ceiling deal, saying he abandoned the GOP's best negotiating tool

Stringer/Reuters Trump slammed McConnell over his debt-ceiling negotiations to avert an economic crisis.  "What he's done is unthinkable. He gave up the debt ceiling," Trump said on a radio show. The comments come after McConnell and 13 Republicans voted with Democrats to approve a debt ceiling overhaul. Former President Donald Trump lashed out at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Friday over the deal he reached with Democrats to avert a debt ceiling default.Speaking on Texan cons...
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The Senate advances debt-ceiling measure that lets Democrats eventually dodge economic disaster all on their own

Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)Drew Angerer/Getty Images The Senate advanced a measure to avert default with 14 Republicans joining every Democrat. It sets up a filibuster exemption allowing Democrats to raise the debt limit alone later. Some Democrats viewed the episode as an opportunity to weaken a barrier to Biden's agenda. The Senate took a crucial step to avoid a debt crisis on Thursday, less than a week before the government...
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Trump urges McConnell to endanger the US economy so Democrats can't pass their spending plan

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. (left), and former President Donald Trump (right).Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images Former Pres. Donald Trump urged Sen. McConnell on Tuesday to "use the debt ceiling" to block Biden's agenda. Congress has until December 15 to raise the limit and keep the US from defaulting on its debt. Using the ceiling as a political weapon risks unprecedented economic catastrophe. Former President Donald Trump wants Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to use the de...
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The 15 Best Kaiju Films Ranked

With their memorable roars and towering heights, kaiju (aka giant monsters) continue to have an endearing impact on cinema. Whether it be their silly theatrical presentations or their terrifying on-screen personas, kaiju are among the most unique pop culture creatures to ever exist. From "King Kong" to the immortal "Godzilla," every one of these massive movie stars has not only inspired kids' imaginations, but also spurred great filmmakers to tell their stories in the most fascinating of ways.Ho...
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Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)"Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" became a truly beloved show in its relatively short two-season run on NBC. Bathed in critical acclaim and dripping with catchy tunes, the show had a die-hard audience. Unfortunately, that audience wasn't quite enough to get the show picked up for a third season, even if fans campaigned hard to make...
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Puppy stolen from Binley property by masked men

The owners of 12-week-old Mitch are "devastated", say police.
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Operating notes: Still getting faster, working Africa, broadcaster in the 30-meter band

Still getting faster Tonight, I had a couple of 27 wpm QSOs—one with Joe, K7JOE, and the other with Mitch, WB0GKH. These were nice contacts. Both of these operators have a nice fist, which made copying so fast easier. And, at 25+ wpm, a CW contact is almost as fast as a phone contact. It’s nice to know that I can continue to get faster as I’m getting older. The key—as I always say—is getting on the air and making CW contacts. Working DX This last week was fruitful as far as working DX goes...
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13 Movies Like The Wolf Of Wall Street That Are Definitely Worth Watching

"The Wolf of Wall Street" is one of the best films of the 21st century. Martin Scorsese has never lost his touch, but his biographical dark comedy quickly ranked among his finest work. Scorsese is no stranger to long runtimes, but crafting a three-hour black comedy that's consistently engaging is an amazing achievement.Scorsese set the all-time record for the most swearing in a film, and the movie's excessive sex, drugs, and general debauchery courted controversy throughout its release. Some Aca...
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The 16 Best Family Movies To Watch This Spooky Season

There's something about shared fear that cultivates strength and resiliency while bonding audiences. It can be a communal experience, especially for families. So, the Halloween season is the perfect time to dim the lights, pop some corn, and cuddle up for some seasonal frights that are almost guaranteed to bring everyone closer together.As far as horror films are concerned, this forthcoming Halloween season arrives with the promise of several heavy hitters, among them "Halloween Kills" and "Last...
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Laika's ParaNorman And Coraline Return To Theaters For The Studio's 15th Anniversary

In honor of their 15th anniversary, Laika is partnering with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry to bring their Oscar-nominated films back to the big screen. The museum will play host to multiple screenings of the critically acclaimed stop-motion films, along with filmmaker discussions and Q&A's. The five films in question are "Missing Link," "Kubo and the Two Strings," "The Boxtrolls," "ParaNorman," and "Coraline." Celebrating 15 Years With Laika Tickets for Laika at OSMI are currently on...
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UCLA football cannot overlook Jake Haener, Fresno State

Coach Chip Kelly and No. 13 UCLA (2-0) have an opportunity to finish their 2021 nonconference slate with a third consecutive victory Saturday when the Bruins take on Fresno State at the Rose Bowl. A win would also help rewrite the nonconference struggles the Bruins faced under Kelly before this season, losing their first six nonconference games, including a loss to the Bulldogs in 2018. Fresno State (2-1) returns to Pasadena with a roster that features six Pac-12 transfers, including two from UC...
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McConnell's final remark to Trump was 'you lost the election' as the defeated president railed at him for not embracing the Big Lie: book

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell listens to President Donald Trump talks to reporters while hosting Republican congressional leaders and members of Trump's cabinet in the Oval Office at the White House July 20, 2020, in Washington, DC. Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images McConnell's final remark to Trump was, "You lost the election," according to a new book. Trump has railed against McConnell for not embracing his lies about the 2020 presidential contest. In April, Trump referred ...
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How a Young Guy from India Became A World Leading Surrogacy Physician

  Dr. Said Daneshmand is an internationally recognized fertility specialist with extensive experience in providing third-party reproductive services. In his second year of studying medicine, he had a profound experience that changed his life forever. Intro : You’re listening to the Australian Family and Fertility Law Podcast. Here’s your host, Stephen Page. Stephen Page: Good day. I’m Stephen Page from Page Provan. And this is another podcast in our series, Australian Famil...
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Sinead and Mitch’s Kangaroo Valley Elopement

Eloping is the name of the game in 2021 and for Sinead and Mitch, it was the most magical way […] The post Sinead and Mitch’s Kangaroo Valley Elopement appeared first on Polka Dot Wedding.
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15 Apple TV+ Original Series You Should Be Watching (That Aren't 'Ted Lasso')

Ted Lasso is the breakout hit for Apple TV+. It’s unquestionably the most buzz-worthy show to come out of the streamer in its, OK, very brief life so far. But in just a couple years, Apple has already built a small, but solid, library of other original shows that are at least interesting, or pretty good, or …Read more...
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Alyssa Milano shares a hopeful update on her uncle after his heart attack behind the wheel

Alyssa Milano shared a voice message from her Uncle Mitch who says he "should be getting out of here soon."        [Author: USA TODAY]
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Hayley & Mitch’s Sunset Beach Elopement In Byron Bay

It was just six weeks before they stood on the beach together, that Hayley and Mitch began planning their wedding. […] The post Hayley & Mitch’s Sunset Beach Elopement In Byron Bay appeared first on Polka Dot Wedding.
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Hi from New Calibre User

Hi, I'm Mitch. I'm looking for help with Calibre. See you around!
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Dodgers’ Mookie Betts: ‘It’s just good to feel like me again’

LOS ANGELES — For Mookie Betts, it’s February all over again. The Dodgers outfielder said the cortisone injection he received last week to alleviate pain from a bone spur in his right hip has worked so well that he is “absolutely” optimistic he will be able to return and play pain-free the rest of the season. “This is the first time in a long time I’ve felt normal,” he said after going through a workout Thursday afternoon. “I feel normal now. I feel like the beginning of spring training now. The...
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LA City Council weighs requiring vaccine proof at restaurants, theaters, other indoor establishments

Proof of at least partial vaccination against COVID-19 would be required to enter public indoor spaces in the city of Los Angeles, including restaurants, bars, gyms, concert venues, movie theaters and even “retail establishments,” under a proposal introduced on Wednesday, Aug. 4, by City Council President Nury Martinez. “Enough is enough already,” said Martinez, who co-introduced the motion with Councilman Mitch O’Farrell. “Hospital workers are exhausted, moms who have put aside their careers ar...
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Reclaiming Amy review – the Winehouse family set the record straight

This agonising, intimate programme gives family and friends’ side of the singer’s complicated story, as a riposte to Asif Kapadia’s 2015 documentary AmyIt is now 10 years since Amy Winehouse’s death at the age of 27, and Reclaiming Amy (BBC Two) is a short, sad, sweet film that sees her family and friends give their side of the singer’s complicated story. It is narrated by her mother Janis, and does not attempt to hide its position as a riposte to Asif Kapadia’s 2015 documentary Amy, which, Jani...
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Growth marketing roundup: SEO for 2021, pitch tactics, reviews and more

Google favors large sites more than ever, basically because it is trying to avoid providing misinformation in our polarized age. But sometimes the small sites have key new information — like the content that your startup is trying to share with the world. How can you stand out in the right search results, as algorithms continue to change? Growth marketing expert Mark Spero writes that AI-driven content generators, careful trend tracking, great UX/UI and graphics, and inspiration from your compet...
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Daily Crunch: Citing data storage violations, India blocks Mastercard from onboarding new customers

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for July 14, 2021. We have a jam-packed newsletter for you today, so we’re getting something out of the way up top. We’ve covered India’s technology regulatory market often in recent weeks. Why? Because the Indian startup scene is crazy busy. How India’s government handles the boom is going to be critical for a host of founders, in...
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DOWNLOAD ALBUM : Swagg Dinero – Money Mitch (Zip File)

Another newly dropped hot new jams by Swagg Dinero – Money Mitch, This album was published on 2021-07-03 17:11:02, You can download the zip album using any of the download links below Name: Swagg Dinero – Money Mitch Genre: Rap | Hip Hop Year: 2021 Format: mp3 | 320 kbps Duration: 00:33:59 Size: 78Mb props by Name: Swagg Dinero – Money Mitch Genre: Rap | Hip Hop Year: 2021 Format: mp3 | 320 kbps Duration: 00:33:59 Size: 78Mb props by DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM HERE Th...
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Laura & Mitch’s Modern Wedding At Seacliff House

Although Laura and Mitch tied the knot on April Fools Day, this was a day that was absolutely no joke. […] The post Laura & Mitch’s Modern Wedding At Seacliff House appeared first on Polka Dot Wedding.
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Revisiting ‘The Parent Trap,’ One of Few Truly Great Live-Action Disney Films of the ’60s

(Welcome to Out of the Disney Vault, where we explore the unsung gems and forgotten disasters currently streaming on Disney+.) When most modern audiences think of the Disney film The Parent Trap, they may think first of the 1998 film of that name, a blend of romantic comedy and tween slapstick that introduced the world to Lindsay Lohan and helped solidify Nancy Meyers as not just a successful screenwriter, but an equally talented director of high-class, low-stakes comedy. But The Parent Trap is...
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