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A Certain Frequency of Red Light Boosted People’s Eyesight in New Study

Scientists in the UK think they may have found a cheap, low-tech way to help fight age-related loss of vision. In a small clinical trial, people over 40 who were told to stare into a deep red light for three minutes a day had noticeable improvements to their sight. They reported being able to see better in the dark…Read more...
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This Strange Microbe May Mark One of Life’s Great Leaps

A organism living in ocean muck offers clues to the origins of the complex cells of all animals and plants.
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This Editorial Is Not About Designer Babies

A procedure called mitochondrial replacement therapy could eliminate devastating diseases. It would not enable parents to ‘design’ their children.
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news analysis: Genetically Modified People Are Walking Among Us

And, so far, they’re just fine. America needs a sober debate about the pros and cons of Crispr instead of a paranoid ban on the technology.
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DNA That Should Only Pass Down From Mothers Can Come From Fathers, Too

You probably learned two things about mitochondria in high school biology. First, they’re the powerhouses of the cell. Second, you can only inherit them from your mother. But a new study seems to cloud that second point. Read more...
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Matter: The ‘Zombie Gene’ That May Protect Elephants From Cancer

With such enormous bodies, elephants should be particularly prone to tumors. But an ancient gene in their DNA, somehow resurrected, seems to shield the animals.
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the healing edge: Dying Organs Restored to Life in Novel Experiments

An unusual transplant may revive tissues thought to be hopelessly damaged, including the heart and brain.
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Extinct Giant Panda Lineage Discovered Thanks to DNA From 22,000-Year-Old Skull

DNA from a 22,000-year-old fossilized panda skull suggests an entirely separate lineage of giant pandas once roamed the area that is now southern China.Read more...
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Mistletoe Somehow Survives Without Protein Needed by All Other Multicellular Life

Mistletoe might be a nice yuletide decoration, but it’s also a nefarious, parasitic badass that preys upon a series of hosts. Apparently one species has decided it no longer needs a protein that every other multicellular organism on Earth requires to live.Read more...
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The Powerhouse of the Cell Could Be Way Hotter Than We Thought

Mitochondria are the only cellular organelle you probably remember—they’re the powerhouse of the cell, after all. It turns out, they might be a little more powerful than you thought.Read more...
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Mitochondrial replacement techniques and Mexico

The birth of the the first child after a mitochondrial replacement technique has raised questions about the legality of such procedure. In this post we explore some of the legal issues surrounding this case. Mitochondria are cellular organelles that generate the energy cells need to work properly. Two interesting features of mitochondria are that they are solely inherited via the maternal line and that they possess their own DNA. This means that in human cells there is the nuclear DNA and mitoch...
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