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I like thug plants and I cannot lie

When I saw this quote/paraphrase from Sir Mixalot’s 1992 hit in my local gardening group, I thought, “Finally. Somebody gets me.” My gardening life is punctuated by love/hate relationships with plants that have to be cut back and selectively pulled out on a regular basis. Trumpet vine, wisteria, anemone canadensis, sweet woodruff, lily of the valley, and ostrich fern are a few that can be oh-so-readily named. Vigorous climbers are needed to help screen the garden from a neighboring property and...
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Get Bootylicious in 20 Minutes

In the words of Sir Mixalot "I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny..." and well, you probably know the rest. And who doesn't want a nice round butt? Fortunately I have done my research and put together some bootylicious moves that you can do along with me and it only takes 20 minutes: LaReine's Bootylicious 20-Minute Workout Bootylicious Moves It's true, the lower body contains the largest and most powerful muscles in the body, so to counter that, I have added 3 to...
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