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Criterion Film Offerings: French Noir, Japanese Lovers, American Gangsters and Frames of Pure Serenity

The Criterion Collection, the busiest and most prestigious of companies devoted to classic films, provides a rare delight in this collection of films now available on Blu-ray. These are movies that have never before been on DVD or Blu-ray (at least not in Region 1), and in some cases weren't even on VHS. These tantalizing titles, long heard of but vexingly unavailable until now, are a particular pleasure to for film lovers to enjoy, at last. Panique (dir. Julien Duvivier, 1946) The aloof and mi...
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Canon confirms EOS R camera that shoots 8K video is on the roadmap

In an interview with Imaging Resource and Canon Exec, Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi revealed some interesting details about the future of the Canon EOS R and where the series may be heading. And according to Mizoguchi, that direction will be heavily influenced by video. The interview, once again, confirmed Canon’s commitment to continuing development of their DSLRs […] The post Canon confirms EOS R camera that shoots 8K video is on the roadmap appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Full-Frame 8K EOS R Coming Soon from Canon?

Canon shook up the world of 8K full-frame mirrorless cameras today when an interview with Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, product guru for the Japanese optics giant, was printed in Imaging Resource in which Mizoguchi said that an 8K EOS R is in the works and on the way. Image viaMaurício Mascaro from This came as shock because, as PetaPixel points out, Canon didn’t join the 4K mirrorless market until the EOS M50 in February of last year. An 8K EOS R this soon would mean that Canon isn’t fooli...
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The Proximity of the Spectral in Mizoguchi's 'Ugetsu' (Column)

Mizoguchi suggests that we are not so much haunted by ghosts as we project our own specters upon our reality. [Author: Chadwick Jenkins]
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June 6, 2017: Blu-ray, 4K Digital HD, and DVD This Week

June 6, 2017: Here’s what’s hitting Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD this week Celebrating the film’s 75th anniversary, Walt Disney Home Entertainment releases Bambi on Blu-ray and DVD this week as part of their Signature Collection line. CS helped celebrate the monumental anniversary by sitting down with original voice actors Peter Behn and Donald Dunagan. If you missed the video last week, you can check it out in the player below! Bambi isn’t the only Disney film coming home June 6 as this week ...
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‘Silence’ Reviews Round-Up: Is Martin Scorsese’s Passion Project Worth The Wait?

Director Martin Scorsese has been trying to get his adaptation of Japanese author Sh?saku End?‘s novel Silence off the ground for over 20 years. Now the film is finally hitting theaters later this month, and the first reviews have hit the web. The film isn’t in line with the kind of movie more casual moviegoers are used to getting from Martin Scorsese, who is better known for movies like The Departed, The Wolf of Wall Street, Gangs of New York, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and GoodFellas. But that ...
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The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum

Often regarded as revered Japanese master Kenji Mizoguchi’s first masterpiece, this pre-war picture personifies the poetic elegance of the ‘Mizoguchi-style’. An epic/tragic romance of a struggling actor and his supportive lover, Mizuguchi crafts a melodramatic love affair strained by the pressures of finance, class, family expectations and the demands of artistic life. The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum (1939) dir. Kenji MizoguchiStarring: Shôtarô Hanayagi, Kakuko Mori, Kôkichi Takada, Gonj...
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starRo - Relapse (feat. One T)

The life of the salaryman is dead in Shinya Mizoguchi, the Japan-to-Los Angeles producer/multi-instrumentalist with roots in jazz, soul, and R&B. Saved by the grace of Low End Theory after years locked in a cubicle, Mizoguchi's project starRo… (in post Electronic producer starRo releases new track Relapse (ft. One T), performs Friday from The Deli Magazine. More by this artist at )
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