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Law School Canons: The Spoils of Discovery

Editor’s Note: Avery Welker is a 1L at Mizzou and likely a future patent attorney. He is starting a new series linking law school canonical cases with intellectual property counterparts. You can email ideas for future posts to [email protected]  – Dennis Crouch By Avery Welker The first line of class notes I took in Civil Procedure during our discovery module says, “Spoliation – OLD LEGAL DOCTRINE.” I’m not sure why I felt the need to emphasize that spoliation is an old doctrine at the time, ...
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Law School Canons: Summer-y Judgment

Editor’s Note: Avery Welker is a 1L at Mizzou and likely a future patent attorney. He is starting a new series linking law school canonical cases with intellectual property counterparts. You can email ideas for future posts to [email protected] – Dennis Crouch By Avery Welker Grilling weather is coming up soon! You may be in the market for a new grill to set up in your backyard. Well, now you have to make a choice: will you go with the “Backyard Grill” or the “Backyard BBQ?” That’s not a choi...
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Law School Canons: Pierson v. Post v. Cybersquatting

Editor’s Note: Avery Welker is a 1L at Mizzou and likely a future patent attorney. He is starting a new series linking law school canonical cases with intellectual property counterparts. You can email ideas for future posts to [email protected] – Dennis Crouch By Avery Welker Modeling v. modelling, labeled v. labelled, traveler v. traveller. We borrow a lot from British English in United States English but that doesn’t usually include the extra consonant in words. That’s not quite how Travele...
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Law School Canons: X Marks the Spot (X = Summary Judgment)

Editor’s Note: Avery Welker is a 1L at Mizzou and likely a future patent attorney. He is starting a new series linking law school canonical cases with intellectual property counterparts. You can email ideas for future posts to [email protected] – Dennis Crouch By Avery Welker “That doesn’t look too bad,” I thought to myself while scanning through my Civil Procedure reading assignment over Rule 56, Summary Judgment. Fed R. Civ. P. 56 (2020). Then I had the pleasure of reading Celotex Corp. v. ...
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Whicker: Rays win Game 2’s march of the relievers

The Dodgers and Rays played spin-the-reliever Wednesday night, the new gaming craze that suits some teams more than others. Tampa Bay’s more orderly pitching procession was superior to the Dodgers’ grab-bag approach. That, along with an awakened Tampa Bay offense, evened the World Series with a 6-4 Rays’ victory. Once upon a time, relief pitchers were used to lift the burden off the starters. Like so much else in baseball, that process has somersaulted. Tampa Bay pushed young Tyler Glasnow, from...
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Inducing Infringement by Making a Product Available

GlaxoSmithKline LLC v. Teva Pharmaceuticals (Fed. Cir. 2020) GSK’s patent at issue here covers a method of treating congestive heart failure with the drug carvedilol (Coreg) along with an ACE inhibitor, a diuretic  and digoxin.  RE40,000. Claim 1 below is representative and shows the limitation added during the reissue process: 1. A method of decreasing mortality caused by congestive heart failure in a patient in need thereof which comprises administering a therapeutically acceptable amount of ...
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Ultimate Mizzou Player Bracket: Sweet Sixteen

As we wait and hope that season 131 will start on time, we're going to take a look back through Tiger history and identify the best of the best. Over the next six weeks, we'll pare down our list of 64 players (selected, seeding and put into regions by position) to the best player in Tiger history. You can vote for the player you think is the best, you can vote for your favorite player, you can vote based on what they did at Mizzou, what they did in the pros, who had the best hair or ...
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CardioNet v. InfoBionic: Patenting a Diagnostic Tool

by Dennis Crouch CardioNet, LLC v. InfoBionic, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2020) I have been following this case for the past couple of years because it served as the template for our 8th Annual Patent Law Moot Court at Mizzou back in 2018 (Sponsored by McKool Smith). In the case, CardioNet sued InfoBionic for infringement (D.Mass.).  The district court quickly dismissed the case for failure to state a claim under R. 12(b)(6) – ruling that the claims of CardioNet’s US7941207 are improperly directed at paten...
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Respect for Judgment: Challenging the Federal Circuit’s Unique Finality Rule

by Dennis Crouch My Civil Procedure class at Mizzou is now “Online Civil Procedure.”  The final topic in the course will be “respect for judgments.” A basic setup of our  legal system is to offer substantial justice — giving all parties due process including an opportunity to be heard and judged by an impartial tribunal.  Once that process is complete, the result is then seen as final and further challenges regarding the same issues or claims are precluded. In patent law, the sense of finality ...
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Updated Basketball Scholarship Chart

GET THE INSIDE SCOOP EVERY DAY WITH YOUR PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION! With the transfer of Tray Jackson, we update the scholarship situation for Mizzou hoops. We have removed Reed Nikko from the 2020 class as he is now off the books for the Tigers.
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Missouri Coach’s Bonkers Reaction To Football Recruit’s Signing Is Unreal

You'd think Mizzou coach Eliah Drinkwitz just won the lottery ― a really big lottery.
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Stop. Stop the presses.

At the end of an exceptional first week for our new program in News Innovation and Leadership at the Newmark J-school, the students — five managing editors, a VP, a CEO, and many directors among them — said they learned much from teachers and speakers, yes, but the greatest value likely came from each other, from the candid lessons they all shared. When I first proposed this program about four years ago, I suggested it should offer a smorgasbord of courses to be taken at will. Then ...
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Protest for prisons, skeleton on board, monarch slump: News from around our 50 states

Mizzou tracks students' cellphones to see if they're in class, Rhode Island official wants window-tinting exception for officials only, and more         [Author: USA TODAY]
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This week in Property: Efficient Infringement

by Dennis Crouch This semester at Mizzou, I am teaching two first year (1L) law school classes — Property and Civil Procedure. These classes are intended as fundamental foundation courses applicable in some way to all areas of law — even patent law.  I’m planning a series of posts titled “this week in property” and “this week in civil procedure” that will tie-in what we’re learning in class and relate it to patent law. The first case that my students read in Property is Jacque v. Steenberg Homes...
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Shooting from the Hip and Curing a Premature Appeal

by Dennis Crouch When I first wrote about Amgen v. Amneal, I focused on the patent law issue regarding Markush groups in the patent claims.  Here, I want to circle back to the question appellate jurisdiction. I’ll be teaching the 2nd semester of Civil Procedure at Mizzou this spring and appellate jurisdiction is the the first topic up for grabs. Most patent infringement litigation reaches the Federal Circuit under the “final judgment rule” which creates appellate jurisdiction over cases “appeale...
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Are you Smarter than a Law Student? Patent Exam 2019

My patent law course at Mizzou is primarily practice based — the students all write patent claims, reject claims, respond to office actions, and compete in a moot court competition. But, they also take a short exam. Here is the 2019 edition. – DC = = = = = Introduction: Mr. Crunch’s newest venture known as “Pause” is designed to help people relax and take a momentary meditative pause. The basics: Crunch has designed an App (software program) to be installed an electronic device such as a mobile...
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Longtime Missouri commit announces flip to Arkansas by tossing Mizzou hat to ground, revealing Arkansas shirt

Arkansas flipped a recruit from one of its SEC East counterparts on Wednesday morning, and that recruit made his choice known in style. Dominique Johnson, a three-star running back from Crowley, Texas, had been verbally committed to Missouri since June. During a ceremony at his school, Johnson wore a Missouri hat — only to throw it to the ground, unzip his jacket and reveal an Arkansas shirt.
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University’s Attempt At Showcasing Diversity Went Terribly, Horribly Wrong

The attempt by the University of Missouri’s athletic department to contribute to the NCAA’s inclusion week backfired so hard that it was forced to delete its tweet and apologize. According to the Riverfront Times’ report on Wednesday, the now-deleted tweet from Mizzou Athletics featured four student athletes with words that were intended to celebrate how they are “more than a student athlete.” The tweet was met with backlash when it became apparent that there were glaring differences in the me...
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DOD awards pair of Mizzou researchers separate grants totaling nearly $14 million

(University of Missouri-Columbia) The US Department of Defense has awarded two highly competitive Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative awards for 2019 to research teams led by a pair of University of Missouri researchers from the Department of Chemistry. Arthur Suits, a professor of chemistry, and his team will receive up to $6.25 million over the next five years. Tommy Sewell, a professor of chemistry, and his team will receive up to $7.5 million over the next five years.
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Allen keys late surge, Florida rallies to beat Mizzou 64-60

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — KeVaughn Allen scored 17 points, Keyontae Johnson added 13 and Florida overcame a 12-point deficit in the second half to beat Missouri 64-60 on Saturday. The Gators won their fourth consecutive game — the team’s longest streak of the season — and continued to strengthen their NCAA Tournament resume down the […]
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Mizzou appeals 'overly harsh' NCAA sanctions

Missouri vowed to fight NCAA penalties against its football, baseball and softball programs, with athletic director Jim Sterk saying the case involved "an isolated incident within our program."
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AP Top 25 Podcast: NCAA critics from Miami to Mizzou

The NCAA has handed down harsh penalties recently to two college basketball players and the University of Missouri. The recipients are up in arms, claiming excessive punishment, but it was only last year when the calls for the NCAA to get tougher on cheats were coming from all directions. On the latest AP Top 25 […]
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SXSW Startups: Healium

The Forrest Four-Cast: February 5, 2019 Fifty diverse startups will aim to impress a panel of judges and a live audience with their skills, creativity and innovation at SXSW Pitch Presented by Cyndx. Winners in 10 categories will be announced at the Pitch Award Ceremony at 6:30 pm Sunday, March 10, at the Hilton Austin.A finalist in Augmented and Virtual Reality, which will pitch at 3:30 pm Saturday, March 9, Healium is the world’s first mindfulness channel powered by the user’s brain and hear...
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Mizzou officials slam NCAA penalties as 'unjust'

University and state officials blasted the NCAA's punishment of Missouri in an academic fraud case as overly harsh.
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NCAA hits Missouri football program with one-year postseason ban

The Missouri football program was hit with a one-year postseason ban by the NCAA on Thursday. The ban comes as a result of a former Mizzou tutor completing academic coursework for 12 student-athletes, including multiple football players. For one football player, the tutor “completed an entire course,” the NCAA said.
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No. 25 Mizzou women ride Cunningham early, beating Auburn

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Sophie Cunningham scored 30 points — 21 in the first half — and No. 25 Missouri blitzed Auburn early and made it hold up in a 74-65 win on Sunday. Cunningham scored 13 of Missouri’s first 18 points as it built an 18-0 lead. Cunningham made her first four shot attempts […]
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Murray scores 21, No. 15 Kentucky women top No. 25 Mizzou

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — Taylor Murray had 13 of her 21 points in the third quarter and No. 15 Kentucky turned back No. 25 Missouri 52-41 on Thursday night. Tatyana Wyatt added 11 points for the Wildcats (17-3, 4-2 Southeastern Conference), who trailed 21-18 after an ice-cold first half. Murray scored the first three baskets […]
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Mizzou adds another touted transfer in Robinson

Former TCU quarterback Shawn Robinson has decided to sign with Missouri, joining former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant, who committed earlier this month.
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Mizzou's Williams charged with domestic assault

The Columbia Daily Tribune reported that a probable cause statement alleges Tre Williams and his girlfriend argued early Sunday and that he hit her several times while she was driving and at one point began choking her.
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Mizzou's Williams arrested for domestic assault

Defensive end Tre Williams of the Missouri Tigers was arrested on suspicion of felony second-degree domestic assault Sunday morning. He has been suspended from all team activities.
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