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League of Legends: Wild Rift Adds Renekton In New Patch

The crocodile man cometh for League of Legends: Wild Rift. Players of the mobile MOBA will see Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands added to the game’s character roster alongside today’s new patch. Renekton is a rage-fueled Ascended warrior from Shurima. Once a great champion, he lost himself to madness while trapped beneath the sands for centuries. Now he’s free and out for revenge against his brother, Nasus, whom he blames for the imprisonment. — League of Legends: W...
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Netflix Drops Teaser for Animated League of Legends Show, Arcane

The popular League of Legends video game franchise is about to get a major animated adaptation, Arcane. Netflix has debuted the first teaser for the series, which will bow later this year. The show was originally announced as part of the League of Legends 10th Anniversary celebrations. The story targets a 14+ audience, much like the games, allowing the producers to explore some more mature themes. The recently released video features a couple of familiar faces from the franchise, Vi and Jinx. B...
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League of Legends Is Getting Its Own Animated Series on Netflix

Between this and the recent, solid DOTA animated show Dragon’s Blood, it seems like Netflix is going all-in on the hyperspecific market that is “wildly popular MOBA, but make it cartoons.”Read more...
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‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Trailer: Netflix’s Video Game Anime is Blood-Soaked Swords-and-Sorcery

The popular DOTA 2 video-game franchise by Valve is becoming an anime series. Netflix’s DOTA: Dragon’s Blood adapts the beloved video game that started off as an unlikely Warcraft III mod, before Valve would trademark the name and launch the wildly successful DOTA 2. Watch the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood trailer below. DOTA Dragon’s Blood Trailer The eight-episode DOTA: Dragon’s Blood “tells the story of Davion, a renowned Dragon Knight devoted to wiping the scourge from the face of the world....
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‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Teaser: New Anime Based on the Popular Video Game Franchise is Coming to Netflix

Netflix has been trying to corner the anime market for years, and its latest attempt has all the potential to be the streamer’s next hit. First, it comes from the studio that animated The Legend of Korra and Netflix’s own Voltron: Legendary Defender, and second, it’s based on a popular video game franchise that is ripe for an anime adaptation. Netflix revealed the upcoming release of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, based on Valve’s Defense of the Ancients video game franchise, in a short teaser revealing...
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Onmyoji Arena Crosses Over With Bleach Adding Kurosaki Ichigo & Kuchiki Rukia

Protagonists of the Bleach series Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia have been added to the 5vs5 mobile MOBA Onmyoji Arena, wielding their signature abilities. Kurosaki Ichigo can inflict high close-range damage on his enemies and his skills can also be used to slow them down. Meanwhile, Kuchiki Rukia’s ice-based abilities deal magical damage and have […]
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League of Legends Studio Riot Games Developing an MMO

An employee of Riot Games (who are well-known for creating the revered League of Legends) has divulged that the studio is now developing an MMO based in the League of Legends universe, sure to have MMORPG fanatics addicted to skinner boxers, repetitive gameplay, and mindless grinding drooling at the mouth. The tweet issued by former […]
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News Post: The God Lords

Tycho: I have coming up on fifty hours of Minion Masters, which may not seem like much - as I understand it, there are much larger numbers - but when you take into account the fact that a round of the game takes a few minutes at most, it's an incredible amount of play density. It's a deckbuilding strategy game similar to Clash Royale, except where Clash Royale maintains the MOBA concept of Towers, you're essentially going face with every unit you send over - hindered only by the u...
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Tencent claims record 100M daily users on mobile game Honor of Kings

At its five-year anniversary gala graced by celebrities, esports stars and orchestras, Tencent’s mobile game Honor of Kings said it has crossed 100 million daily active users. The title has not only broken user records but generated other unprecedented accomplishments along the way. For one, it consistently ranks among the top-grossing mobile games worldwide, jostling with PUBG Mobile made by another Tencent studio Lightspeed & Quantum — gaming has long been the cash cow for Tencent, better know...
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Free Samurai Shodown DLC Adds Honor of Kings Bunny Girl Gongsun Li

SNK has briefly teamed up with Tencent to release a special free bunny girl DLC character from the Chinese company’s popular mobile game Honor of Kings for Samurai Shodown. Gongsun Li wields all the abilities available to her in the original Chinese MOBA counterpart effectively, using a mixture of umbrella-based martial arts and magic to […]
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Shirai Kuroko Teleporting Her Way Into Anime MOBA Hijin Rui Gakuen

Another casualized smartphone MOBA, Hijin Rui Gakuen Extraordinary Ones, has capitalized on the popularity of the anime medium as Shirai Kuroko has been unveiled as the next upcoming character as part of the game’s To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T collaboration. The Korean MOBA has added various notable anime characters like some from Boku no […]
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Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse Review

Updated with a new sensor and improved reliability, the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite MOBA/MMO gaming mouse gives gamers a wide range of buttons to provide quick access to spells and abilities. The post Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse Review appeared first on
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Tencent Pokemon MOBA Utterly Execrated

The Pokemon franchise has been bombarded with more hatred from devoted consumers after a recent presentation announced a Tencent collaborative game in the form of Pokemon Unite, a title cashing in on the MOBA genre about a couple years too late. The US and UK versions of the Pokemon Presents video (which sadly recruits the […]
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Amazon’s Crucible: 5 essential tips and tricks to start playing

Looking to dominate a game of Amazon's PvP shooter Crucible? These tips and tricks can help you get the win.
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This Instagram account features thrift store arts and crafts

In 1995 I wrote an article in Wired about the Museum of Bad Art, which showcased art found in thrift stores. I'm glad to see the tradition of curating thrift store arts and crafts is still going on at MoBA. And here is an unrelated but similar Instagram account with many examples of mindbending works of primitive art. It also includes a lot of creepy products and other ephemera, which adds to the entertainment value.
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Gaming is Eating the World

Guest post by Kevin Baxpehler, Managing Partner at Remagine Ventures Yes, the title is “click-bait” but there is some truth to it, bear with me.  Computer gaming has been around for decades and there are some interesting articles about the history of gaming, e.g. here or here. What I want to highlight is the more recent growth of the gaming industry, its way to world domination and how it crosses geographies, societies, age, demographics and industries.  It’s not the size, it’s what yo...
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Valve Bans Thousands of DOTA 2 Accounts

Game developer Valve has issued a statement claiming they have banned over 40,000 DOTA 2 accounts for abusing the MOBA’s matchmaking system, an action that has garnered a mixed reaction from the community. Valve’s statement was to the point and did not specify what exactly the matchmaking abuse being committed was: On the same day […]
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CORSAIR Releases SCIMITAR RGB ELITE MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse and MM500 3XL Mouse Pad

CORSAIR, a world leader in high-performance gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today announced the SCIMITAR RGB ELITE, the latest upgrade to the award-winning range of SCIMITAR RGB gaming mice, providing MOBA and MMO players with 17 fully programmable buttons and the patented Key Slider control system for convenient access to a multitude of shortcuts and macros, alongside a leading 18,000 DPI optical sensor. The post CORSAIR Releases SCIMITAR RGB ELITE MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse and MM500 ...
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China Roundup: Tencent’s new US gaming studio and WeChat’s new paywall

Hello and welcome back to TechCrunch’s China Roundup, a digest of recent events shaping the Chinese tech landscape and what they mean to people in the rest of the world. The spotlight this week is back on Tencent, which has made some interesting moves in gaming and content publishing. There will be no roundup next week as China observes the Lunar New Year, but the battle only intensifies for the country’s internet giants, particularly short-video rivals Douyin (TikTok’s Chinese version) an...
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Best Ways to Monetize Your Free Mobile Game

Mobile game developers are supposed to have the superior technical knowledge, skill, and creativity. However, the quality of the game doesn’t really matter if you don’t know how to sell it. experts shared their marketing experience and told about the latest monetization trends for the coming year. In-Game Purchases Offering in-app purchases to players is the most popular monetization method. Though, the line between an imposed and distinct purchase is very thin. In-game purchases c...
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Tencent, Riot Games May Be Developing ‘League of Legends’ Mobile Game

A mobile version of the massively popular “League of Legends” could be in development, three sources tell Reuters. “League of Legends” is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Riot Games for PC players. Tencent Holdings is China’s most powerful gaming company, and is behind “Honour of Kings,” a mobile game […]
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Rosewill NEON M62 Optical RGB Gaming Mouse Review Ergonomic Ambidextrous Hand Grips Designed with an ergonomic profile fit for all hand grip styles and perfect for FPS, MMO, RTS and MOBA right or left hand players. Whether you dominate right-handed gameplay, possess left-handed steady aim or prefer to switch it up during your battle sessions, this gaming mouse is ideal for more comfortable victories and less resting time. DPI M62 Blaze to Victory Equipped with dynamic RGB effects and 12 backlight modes to match every comput...
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‘League of Legends’ Adds Newb-Friendly Hero Yuumi, The Magical Cat

“League of Legends” is adding a new character to the game in the form of Yuumi, the Magical Cat. Yuumi is a magical cat hailing from Bandle City, once a girdle enchantress’s familiar. After the enchantress Norra disappeared, Yuumi took over as the Keeper of Norra’s Book of Thresholds in a bid to seek her […]
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How to Install League of Legends on Linux

League of Legends is an extremely popular MoBA game, but it isn't available for Linux. Learn how to install and run it on Linux with Lutris.
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Dota 2 players can sign up to compete against OpenAI’s champion-crushing bots this week

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence research firm OpenAI has been hard at work training its bots to play a range of games like Chess, Go, and more complex ones like Dota 2. It’s gotten awfully good at all of them, and if you’ve got MOBA chops, you can now test your skills against its AI system in a round of Dota 2. The company’s Five – a team of neural networks that have been trained on a collective 45,000 years of Dota 2 gameplay – just defeated a world champion e-sports team calle...
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General Purpose OpenAI Defeats World Champion DOTA Video Game Team 2-0

OpenAI software has defeated a world champion DOTA team, 2-0. Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. It has a steep learning curve... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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From Game Room to Boardroom: 4 Video Game Skills that Translate to the Workplace

By Patrick Soulliere II Video games have long been seen as a distraction or an escape: a way for men and women to disassociate from the real-world and battle virtual villains. With any stereotype, there is a lack of knowledge or understanding, and the stigma shadowing gamers is no different; often they’re perceived to be lazy, shy, and introverted. However, a recent study conducted by Elsevier proves quite the opposite, pointing to extracurricular video game habits as a key component in developi...
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‘Heroes of the Storm’ Is Getting Rid of Paid Loot Boxes

An upcoming patch for Blizzard’s MOBA effort “Heroes of the Storm” will remove pay-for loot boxes, the company announced in a blog post. Loot chests, as they’re called in the game, have been available to purchase through the game’s official shop using gems, the premium currency in “Heroes of the Storm.” Loot chests contain random […]
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How to Use an MMO or MOBA Mouse For Productivity

Corsair MMO or MOBA mice are made for games that use a lot of buttons. These mice practically give you an extra keyboard. And you can rebind those keys to whatever you want, including hotkeys and macros. We’ll be using the Corsair Scimitar as an example in this guide, as it’s inexpensive ($59.99) and has great software. We also love Razer’s NAGA Trinity ($74.92), naming it one of our best gaming mice. The same general instructions should work for any mouse as long as you can rebind its but...
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Riot Games Issues New Company Values In Wake of 'Bro' Culture Accusations

An anonymous reader writes: Riot Games, the maker of the enormously popular League of Legends multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) PC game, has issued a new set of company values on its web site. They're the result of some soul searching after the company was accused by many of its own employees last year of having a sexist "bro" culture. The company said that these new values replace the company's Manifesto from 2012 and reflects conversations with more than 1,700 Rioters about "what we want ...
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