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The best Samsung Galaxy A71 5G cases and covers

From leather folio cases to soft TPU covers, take your pick from our range of Samsung Galaxy A71 5G cases.
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Google Pixel 4a vs. OnePlus Nord: Which is the bigger bargain?

The Google Pixel 4a and OnePlus Nord are two of the best budget smartphones ever released, but which is best?
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The best tutoring apps and websites

Stuck on a math problem? Need help with test prep? These five tutoring services can get you back on track.
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For Chinese Americans, WeChat ban threatens their ties to home

Trump's executive order has triggered a wave of panic for Chinese Americans
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How to use Apple Watch’s fitness features

Apple has built an elaborate fitness tracking system into the Apple Watch. We show you how to best use it.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max: Titanic flagships clash

Since both of these devices have starting prices well above $1,000, which one should you spend your money on?
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How to find your iPhone even if it’s dead or offline

Here's how to locate your iPhone, even when you have it offline or the battery has died.
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How to transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer

Here's how you can easily get photos off your iPhone and onto your PC, Mac, or Macbook.
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How to delete Siri recordings from Apple servers

We show you how to remove Siri voice recordings from Apple's servers to prevent contractors from listening in.
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Children getting bored? Don’t miss these cheap kids tablet deals for August 2020

Keeping kids entertained and learning when they're stuck at home is a noble goal. Kids tablets can help.
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Widgets don’t fix the broken iOS home screen. They just complicate it

Apple is adding widgets and other complexities to iOS but some shaky basics will make these features harder to use
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How to Clear Out Space in All Your Cloud Storage Accounts

Cloud storage services like Dropbox and iCloud came along to stop us from running out of room on our phones and laptops, but what happens when you’re running out of cloud storage space too? To save you having to pay Apple, Google or anyone else even more money every month, here are some quick tips for freeing up space…Read more...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs. Galaxy S20: A tale of two Galaxies

With an improved S-Pen and AMOLED display, is the Note 20 worth the upgrade over the S20? Let's find out.
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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases and covers

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a powerhouse of a smartphone. Keep it protected with the best cases available now.
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SwiftGen with Image & Color Asset Catalogs

You might remember back in 2015 when iOS 9 was introduced, and we were finally given a way to manage all of our assets in one place with Asset Catalogs. A few years later, support for colors was added. However, to reference these assets, UIKit still requires us to reference their names as strings like so: UIImage(named: "blog-asset") Images, fonts, and colors all have to be referenced in this way. This has a lot of downsides given that we have to look up the asset names in order to referen...
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Verizon expands 5G Ultra Wideband service into San Jose

It's the 36th city tom receive the service
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Google discontinues the Pixel 4, nine months after release

Days after announcing the Pixel 4a, Google has quietly discontinued sales of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The move, noted early by the Verge, represents an extremely truncated lifecycle for a Google flagship — around half of the 18 months the company continued to sell its two predecessors. Google already announced the imminent arrival of the Pixel 5, when it noted the forthcoming handset would be one of two Pixels devices to sport 5G, along with the Pixel 4a 5G. The company confirmed the move in ...
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Special raises $2.26M to build a subscription platform for online creators

Special is a new startup offering online video creators a way to move beyond advertising for their income. The service was created by the team behind tech consulting and development firm Triple Tree Software. Special’s co-founder and CEO Sam Lucas told me that the team had already “scrapped our way from nothing to a seven-figure annual revenue,” but when the founders met with Next Frontier Capital (Next Frontier, like Special, is based in Bozeman, Montana) they pitched a bigger idea — an app whe...
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How to set up voicemail on your iPhone

Do you have a new iPhone? We show you how to set up voicemail and visual voicemail in a couple of minutes.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Pre-Order: How (and where) to buy the smartphone today

Here's all you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, including how to pre-order one.
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Watch Samsung’s official Galaxy Note 20 Ultra unboxing video

Find out what else you get with Samsung's new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra handset
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Leaked internal document hints Google may launch a foldable phone next year

The company is reportedly working on a total of four new Pixel phones for 2021
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Apple’s new shot-on-iPhone movie offers vertical take on classic film genres

The vertically shot movie uses the format to its full potential
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. Galaxy S20 Ultra

We compare the two devices across six core categories to help you work out which one is more to your taste.
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Skip the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and wait for next year’s milestone model

The new models do very little to differentiate themselves from the competition
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Samsung says the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 addresses reliability issues. Here’s how

A new hinge, ultrathin glass, and some vacuum cleaner parts make the Galaxy Z Fold 2 a more durable device.
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The best Android apps (August 2020)

Create a phone productivity hub for work, school, and chores, then kick back with well-deserved entertainment.
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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases and covers

From leather covers to clear TPU cases, you'll find the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases around right here.
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