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PlanetRE to release lifestyle consumer-search app

PlanetRE's consumer-facing, agent-branded app is based on its CRM and transaction management products, and it includes SOC 2-compliant e-signature tools for mobile agreements and documentation.
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Do trade shows still matter in the age of online business?

The death of Mobile World Congress 2020 started as a trickle. First, it was an understandably nervous ZTE. As a Chinese company, it was undoubtedly going to receive extra scrutiny — never mind that ZTE’s Shenzhen headquarters are a two-hour flight from Wuhan. Soon enough, South Korea’s LG backed out, followed by Nvidia and Ericsson. By the weekend, as deaths from the coronavirus rose to more than 800 (surpassing SARS in the process), event organizers GSMA put strict guidelines in place fo...
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MyPlanit continues to impress with new features

The highly regarded app, which received Inman's first five-star rating, uses location data as the basis for tracking client and business activity and continues to amaze with its latest features that include client-contextual hot sheets and auto-mileage trackers.
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Secret’s founder returns with anti-loneliness app Ikaria

“I don’t feel good about that. That sucks” Chrys Bader-Wechseler reflects when asked about the bullying that went down on the anonymous app Secret he co-founded in 2013. After $35 million raised, 15 million users, and a spectacular flame out two years later, the startup was dead. “S ince I left secret I feel alive and aligned with my values and my purpose again.”  But there was one bright side to Secret letting you post without a name or consequences. People opened up, got vulnerable, and...
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Slap a filter on the iPhone 11’s triple camera with PolarPro’s unique system

All thhree filters are designed with cinema-grade glass and include a cover
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Spotify mimics Apple’s design with new podcast show page updates

Spotify’s ongoing investments in the podcast-streaming side of its business helped boost podcast listening on its service by 200% last year. But today, only 16% of Spotify’s monthly listeners are engaging with podcats — a number the company today hopes to nudge higher by redesigning the podcast side of its streaming app. The new layout now makes it easier to view information about podcasts and improves discovery of new shows. In particular, Spotify has given podcast show trailers a more prominen...
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Daily Crunch: Apple blames coronavirus for revenue miss

Apple says the coronavirus outbreak will hurt its manufacturing and sales, Jeff Bezos makes a big commitment to fighting climate change and SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites. Here’s your Daily Crunch for February 18, 2020. 1. Apple will miss revenue forecast as coronavirus impacts its manufacturing and sales In a letter to investors, Apple said that it “do[es] not expect to meet the revenue guidance we provided for the March quarter” due to impacts stemming from the coronavirus that ha...
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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors to keep your smartphone display safe.
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Facebook prototypes tabbed News Feed with Most Recent & Seen

Facebook may make it easier to escape its ranking algorithm and explore the News Feed in different formats. Facebook has internally prototyped a tabbed version of the News Feed for mobile that includes that the standard Most Relevant feed, the existing Most Recent feed of reverse chronological posts that was previously buried as a sidebar bookmark, and an Already Seen feed of posts you’ve previously viewed feed that historically was only available on desktop via the largely unknown URL facebo...
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The best rugged smartphones of 2020

The best rugged phones on the market can handle anything you throw their way. Check out our top picks here.
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Check out Microsoft’s unified Office app for Android phones

The new Office app for Android is optimized for smartphones and brings together Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
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How to take control of the Control Center in iOS and iPadOS

The iOS Control Center is a shortcut to many functions you can immediately access. We show you how it works.
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Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem will power the next generation of 5G flagship phones

The new Qualcomm X60 modem will start shipping in commercially available 5G-enabled phones starting next year.
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This rotary cell phone actually works and you can buy it, too

How about ditching your pricey smartphone for this rotary dial cell phone that does hardly anything at all?
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Google again removes ToTok messaging app from Play Store

Google reinstated ToTok in early January, but a few days ago removed it from its app store for a second time.
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How to get Fortnite on your Android device

Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of the biggest games in the world right now, and it's finally on Android.
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Apple won’t meet its quarterly forecasts because of coronavirus outbreak

Most of its products are made in China, where the illness is centered
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max: Get Plus or go Max?

We put these two huge phones head-to-head to see which of the two is most suitable to be your next device.
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Daily Crunch: HQ Trivia is dead

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. HQ Trivia shuts down after acquisition falls through HQ Trivia is dead. On Valentine’s Day, the company laid off its full team of 25. The company had a deal in the works to be acquired, but the buyer pulled out and the investors aren’t willing to fund it any longer, according to a statement from CEO and c...
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I spent 24 hours with the Galaxy Z Flip. Here are my 5 big takeaways

After a day, I'm in love with folding my phone, but there's more to the Z Flip than the hinge.
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What to expect from smartphone makers now that MWC 2020 is canceled

From LG to Huawei to Oppo and others, we have the latest details on their MWC-less plans
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Don't Click on Links in Texts From 'Your Bank'

If you get a text from someone claiming to be your bank, don’t click on the link. A new mobile phishing scam is texting people in the US and Canada claiming to be your bank. When you click on the included link, you’ll be taken to a website that may look like your bank’s website, but is actually a way to steal your…Read more...
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How Location Tracking Works on Your Phone in 2020

How phones track location is changing – if you’ve upgraded to the latest Android 10 or iOS 13 updates, you may have noticed more prompts around what apps can do with data about your whereabouts. Here’s what those new prompts mean, and how you can get your phone’s location tracking settings set up in a way that you’re…Read more...
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Images of TCL’s slide-out display smartphone surface in wake of MWC cancellation

This morning brought a look at some of what we’re missing at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The show may have been called off on account of coronavirus concerns, but the news goes on. We knew that TCL was planning to show off a number of “alternative” smartphone form factors, and one just showed up on CNET. The device presents a promising take on the world of expandable screens, with a kind of slide out display that expands the standard smartphone into something more akin to a tablet. ...
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The best Android apps (February 2020)

There are thousands of great Android apps. Turn your phone into a jack-of-all-trades with our 100 favorite.
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How iPhone safety features can help you out of a jam

iPhone offer a variety of safety features that can assist you in emergencies. We'll show you how to use them.
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How to add a wake-up weather forecast to your iPhone lock screen

You can add a wake-up weather forecast to your iPhone lock screen by opening settings and taking a few steps.
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No iPad Instagram app coming soon, but it needs to make time for foldables

Instagram doesn’t have enough people on its team to develop a standalone Apple iPad app, according to the CEO.
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Instagram CEO: Stand-alone app for iPad not coming soon

Company may have to improve user experience on increasingly popular foldable phones
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Tory Burch is back with a new ToryTrack smartwatch after more than a year away

The latest designer smartwatch for women from the popular American brand
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