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SpotOn raises $300M at a $3.15B valuation and acquires Appetize

Last year at this time, SpotOn was on the brink of announcing a $60 million Series C funding round at a $625 million valuation. Fast forward to almost exactly one year later, and a lot has changed for the payments and software startup. Today, SpotOn said it has closed on $300 million in Series E financing that values the company at $3.15 billion — more than 5x of its valuation at the time of its Series C round, and significantly higher than its $1.875 billion valuation in May (yes, just thr...
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Match beta test targets dating app complaints like frustration with swiping, ghosting

Match today is introducing new features that aim to address some of users’ complaints with modern-day dating apps — like how much time it takes to find a relevant match and how frustrating it is when users ghost one another after the initial conversation fades. As part of a new strategy to better position Match for more “emotionally mature” singles (read: adults), the company says it will begin beta testing a recommendation system called “Matched by Us,” which may pave the way for a broader matc...
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Introducing Mobile Web Certification

In 2018, we launched Google Marketing Platform Partners to provide marketers a network of accredited partners to help them grow their business with our ads and analytics tools. As digital marketing becomes increasingly complex, businesses need help to solve challenges across and beyond our products, such as first-party data solutions, machine learning and more. Today we are expanding that partnership program to go beyond Google Marketing Platform products with the introduction of our first skill...
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How COVID-19 transformed the way Americans spend online

Ethan Smith Contributor Share on Twitter Ethan Smith is founder and CEO of Graphite, an SEO and growth marketing agency based in San Francisco. Ethan has served as a strategic advisor to Ticketmaster, MasterClass, Thumbtack and Honey. COVID-19 has transformed the way Americans use their phones and the way they spend their time and money online. These shifts present both a number of challenges and a raft of opportunities for sa...
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Web traffic increases in 2019 were driven by mobile; top 100 sites saw average of 223B monthly visits

Mobile adoption around the world is having a significant impact on the web’s traffic. According to a new report from SimilarWeb, out today, mobile web traffic has jumped 30.6% since 2017, while desktop traffic dropped 3.3%. But it’s not just the numbers that are changing. Mobile visitors also behave differently from their desktop web counterparts, staying on pages for shorter periods of time, for example, which is impacting core metrics web publishers today track. The report found that 2019’s...
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Google takes AMP to the OpenJS Foundation

AMP, Google’s somewhat controversial project for speeding up the mobile web, has always been open-source, but it also always felt like a Google project first. Today, however, Google announced that the AMP framework will join the OpenJS Foundation, the Linux Foundation-based group that launched last year after the merger of the Node.js and JS foundations. The OpenJS Foundation is currently the home of projects like jQuery, class="crunchbase-link" href="
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Google starts rolling out better AMP URLs

Publishers don’t always love Google’s AMP pages, but readers surely appreciate their speed, and while publishers are loath to give Google more power, virtually every major site now supports this format. One AMP quirk that publisher’s definitely never liked is about to go away, though. Starting today, when you use Google Search and click on an AMP link, the browser will display the publisher’s real URLs instead of an “http//” link. This move has been in the making for well ove...
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Answering its critics, Google loosens reins on AMP project

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, has been a controversial project since its debut. The need for the framework has been clear: the payloads of mobile pages can be just insane, what with layers and layers of images, Javascript, ad networks, and more slowing down page rendering time and costing users serious bandwidth on metered plans. Yet, the framework has been aggressively foisted on the community by Google, which has backed the project not just with technical talent, but also by making algo...
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2018 Retail Best Practices Extended: Mobile Web

Consumers can choose between a variety of touchpoints; but when it comes to mobile, loyal customers will download your app, but everyone else will be left with the mobile browser. Mobile is becoming a dominant digital touchpoint for retail, influencing online sales and purchase decisions in-store. Retailers will broaden their reach and increase the likelihood […]
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Why The Home Depot Wins At Mobile Web

Take a not-so-random walk with me and my colleagues Brendan Miller and Jennifer Wise as we go deep into the case study of The Home Depot. The company was ranked at the top of our Q4 2017 US Mobile Web Forrester Retail Wave. Beyond reporting the scores, though, we also went in search of some […]
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Are Websites Dead?

No. But they will increasingly fall short of consumers’ expectations for curated content, especially among brands that they know. And channels seldom if ever disappear; we still get mail from MetLife each month advertising insurance. We’ve been talking about the diminished role of the browser-based experience for years now. We talk about this in our […]
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Forrester Retail Wave: European Retailers Must Improve Mobile Web Usability

At the end of last year my colleague Alex Causey and I conducted the first European Retail Wave, evaluating the functionality and usability of 10 retailer’s mobile websites. These retailers spanned the UK, France and Germany, including both pure players and brick and mortar retailers. Unlike their US peers only one retailer, Argos, made it […]
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Google’s mobile-first search index has rolled out to a handful of sites

 Just over a year ago, Google announced a major change to the way its search index will rank sites: it will go mobile-first. As the company explained at the time, Google’s algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a website’s content to rank its pages, to understand structured data, and to show snippets from the site in its search results. This week, Google said… Read More
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The New W3C Payments Request API Standard Means Better Web Checkout Experiences

All major browser makers are implementing a new World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Payment Request API standard, which means faster, more secure web checkouts are right around the corner as early as mid-2018. When implemented, the Payment Request API standard is particularly important for mobile web, where retailers see average conversion rates at one-third of […]
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Predictions 2018: Mobile Evolves Into The Digital Experience Conductor

Last year Forrester predicted that mobile would become the face of digital, with consumer app fatigue forcing digital business professionals to pursue a portfolio of mobile experiences. Since the beginning of 2017, 29% of firms Forrester surveyed have experimented with skills on Amazon Alexa and other voice-enabled assistants and 51% have started using, piloted or […]
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Forrester Releases First of Its Kind Industry Wave Focused on Retailers’ Mobile Websites

Home Depot and Wayfair take leading spots By Brendan Miller and Jennifer Wise You already know Forrester for its iconic Wave graphic that ranks technology vendors on their strategy and capabilities to serve industry clients. Starting today Forrester is introducing new kind of research document called a Forrester Industry Wave that evaluates digital experiences of […]
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Google acquires Relay Media to convert ordinary web pages to AMP pages

 AMP — Google’s collaborative project to speed up the loading time for mobile web pages — is getting an interesting acceleration of its own today. Relay Media, a company founded by an ex-Googler that had developed technology to help covert web pages to the AMP format, has been acquired by Google. Read More
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Google launches a new certification program for mobile web developers

 Google today launched a new certification program for mobile web developers. As the name implies, the Mobile Web Specialist Certification is meant to help developers show off their mobile web development skills, no matter how they learned them. The program joins Google’s existing certification programs for Android developers, cloud architects and data engineers. Taking the open book… Read More
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Instagram rolls out Stories for the mobile web

Instagram Stories are now coming to the web. The Facebook owned photo and video sharing site will now let you post Stories from mobile web and desktop. Prior to this, you could upload stories only via Instagram’s mobile apps. Now when you visit and login to on your mobile or desktop, you can see the same … Continue reading "Instagram rolls out Stories for the mobile web"
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How to Improve Your Mobile Content Marketing Strategy

The mobile-first approach to content marketing is gaining popularity. What’s so unique about it? What takeaways does it offer to digital marketers? How to incorporate these changes into your mobile content marketing? Let’s find... The post... [This is a content summary, continue reading on our website!]
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Web pages using Google’s AMP platform load twice as fast as before

AMP-enabled mobile web pages now load much faster than before, Google announced at its annual developer conference in Mountain View. That's reportedly thanks to back-end optimizations and other "key improvements." The post Web pages using Google’s AMP platform load twice as fast as before appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Instagram adds ability to upload photos and videos from its mobile website

Instagram has added the ability to upload images from its mobile website. The move comes from the Facebook owned photo and video sharing app as it targets users from countries with expensive data and slower internet speeds. According to TechCrunch, Instagram was testing this functionality since March. Until now, users could only upload an image … Continue reading "Instagram adds ability to upload photos and videos from its mobile website"
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Google will now allow 300×250 ads above the fold on mobile webpages, says they can be “user-friendly”

 Google today announced a change to its AdSense policy that will remove a limitation previously in place that restricted certain kinds of ads “above the fold” – meaning, visible on a website without scrolling down the page. The company says that it will now allow its 300×250 medium rectangle ads to be implemented above the fold on the mobile web, without resulting in…
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Google launches new certification program for mobile site developers

 Google is launching a new certification program for mobile site developers today. The exam covers everything from the basics of why mobile sites matter to how to improve mobile site speed, effective mobile UX design and more advanced topics like progressive web apps. As Google notes, passing the exam is meant to show that you have “a demonstrated ability to build and optimize… Read More
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Fix Your Mobile Foundations To Make The Most Of Bots, Agents, VR and Other Emerging Tech

Emerging consumer technologies such as bots, intelligent agents, extended reality, connected objects, and IoT will not replace mobile -- instead, mobile will be the key to unlocking these new touchpoints. Facing limited budgets, marketers feel pressure to prioritize much-hyped new consumer-facing technologies over their foundational mobile work. Jumping directly to the latest shiny objects of VR, IoT, etc., without first implementing a proper mobile foundation is a costly mistake, as marketers w...
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Google adds shortcuts to app and mobile web to bring your interests to you faster

New shortcuts that live underneath the search bar in Google's app and mobile site can connect you with everything from nearby areas of interest to recent travel bookings, and even start up a game of tic-tac-toe. The post Google adds shortcuts to app and mobile web to bring your interests to you faster appeared first on Digital Trends.
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How to Write Better Content for a Mobile Workforce

by Jayson DeMers If you want your content marketing campaign to be successful, you need to make sure it appeals to your target audience, both to achieve higher relevance for strategies like SEO, and to better hold attention from readers. If your target audience is made up of professionals, that means catering to industry considerations, including offering instructions, news, practical advice, and other materials that can improve their performance in a given niche.But professional aud...
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Google’s plan to speed up mobile webpages is just getting started

AMP, Google's effort to accelerate mobile pages throughout the world wide web, is expanding significantly in the coming months. We sat down with product manager Rudy Galifi to talk about it. The post Google’s plan to speed up mobile webpages is just getting started appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google fixes a big problem with AMP, now lets you view and share a publisher’s own links

 Google today is rolling out a change to its AMP integration in Google Search that will let you view, copy and share the publisher’s own link to the webpage in question, instead of the AMP URL. The decision to make this change follows some backlash from publishers who believed Google was stealing their traffic by changing their own URLs to those that had “Google” in…
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Google fixes a big problem with AMP, now lets you view and share publisher’s own links

 Google today is rolling out a change to its AMP integration in Google Search that will let you view, copy and share the publisher’s own link to the webpage in question, instead of the AMP URL. The decision to make this change follows some backlash from publishers who believed Google was stealing their traffic by changing their own URLs to those that had “Google” in…
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