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"We are very proud of crafting this idea. Mold grows in a very inconsistent way. We had to work for several months, with different samples, to be able to showcase the beauty..."

"...of something which is usually considered undesirable. I never thought I would become a specialist in mold, but that was required to make this one happen."Said Björn Ståhl, quoted in "Why Burger King Is Proudly Advertising a Moldy, Disgusting Whopper/The chain's anti-preservatives pledge breaks just about every rule in advertising" (AdWeek)("The Moldy Whopper campaign, created through a partnership of three agencies features intriguingly high-resolution photography and video of a Whopper bein...
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Mold Linked to a Seventh Death at Seattle’s Children Hospital

Mold infestations at a Washington state hospital have claimed yet another life, according to the deceased’s family. On Wednesday, 5-month-old Elizabeth Hutt died, following months of complications from a mold infection her family says she contracted at Seattle’s Children Hospital. If accurate, it would be the seventh…Read more...
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Buyers looking for a fixer-upper? Here are 10 things to consider

It might sound like a great deal for your weekend warrior clients, but some properties just aren’t worth the price. Here’s what to watch out for.
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This Fungus Mutates. That’s Good News if You Like Cheese.

American scientists set out to simulate a fungus’s evolution into the edible mold that makes French cheeses like Camembert.
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9 tips to stop home inspections from derailing a deal

Don't let cosmetic and fixable problems with a house bamboozle a transaction. Here are nine tips to better counsel clients through the home inspection process.
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What agents (and their clients) need to know about mold

Mention the word "mold," and you can send a buyer running from a transaction. Agents need to understand the true nature of mold and its impacts to protect both buyers and sellers. The good news is that it's an issue that can be fixed.
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There’s Mold And Then There’s This Place

This is a photo from an MLS Website. Yep… If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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10 real estate deal-killers (and how to handle them)

Real estate is wrought with deal-killers at every turn. Sometimes, no matter how proactive you are, surprise rears its ugly head and throws a wrench in the entire transaction. A savvy agent is ready with a plan B if needed. Here are 10 home-sale killers and how to deal with them.
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6 Ways Your House is Making You Sick

Image Courtesy : Mark McCammon via This winter has been uncomfortably cold for Hyderabad. Interestingly, prior to the cold was the season of allergy when almost everyone was or still is suffering from cold and cough and flu and what not. Changing seasons are hard on the body, especially when your immune system is not at its best. But, did you know that your house is making you sick? The dust mites, mold, cockroaches and pollens could be the foremost reasons for your headaches, cong...
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How Mold Kills

In 1997, doctors from Cleveland reported on a wave of infants in the area who had come down with severe lung bleeding—an illness that might have been caused by so-called toxic black mold. Read more...
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Does a little mold spoil the whole block of cheese?

I probably shouldn’t have been as surprised by this fact as I was: I came across an article that said you have to throw away the entire loaf of bread if you spot a piece of mold on it, since the “tentacles” of mold have likely invaded the entire thing. With alarm, I reported this news to my husband, who said he…Read more...
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Delightful petri dishes filled with wool and felt fungi

Elin Thomas uses real petri dishes and fills them with beautiful crocheted felt and wool spores, mold, and fungi. (more…)
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Surrealistic Breakfast.

The photo — with the post title — feels (retroactively) inspired by the famous "Object" by Meret Oppenheim: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Chin is Not Guilty of Murder, According to Jurors

Chin is Not Guilty of Murder, According to Jurors The post Chin is Not Guilty of Murder, According to Jurors appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Imperfection-inspired Lighting

Inspired by the imperfections created in the production process, the Mold pendant lamp’s name describes the very heart of the product! It’s a reference to its construction molding method which retains the complete form with no chipping away at the offcuts. In grey or chocolate-colored concrete, it’s a warm addition to the ceiling area in any space.Designer: Kateryna Sokolova for Ligne Roset Cinna Ligne Roset2396.tif
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3 Things That Ruin Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Have you recently cleaned and dusted your house? Are you aware that you may still have dust particles, pollutants, and VOCs lurking in the air around you, making it unhealthy for you to breathe in that air? Discover the following three surprising things that can ruin your air quality.   Dust Your daily cleaning routine may make your house look clean, but is your house free of dust? Dust lurks everywhere, from the surface of your furniture to your kitchen table and baby products. Since dust ca...
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Houston’s Floodwaters Are Tainted, Testing Shows

Water samples contained unsafe levels of fecal bacteria and other contaminants, both inside and outside homes, The Times found.
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Mold can be Arrested in the Marketplace

Concern about exposure to indoor mold has been increasing as the public becomes sensitive to issues of building occupant health and wellbeing. Mold problems in buildings have in large measure been exacerbated by changes in building codes and construction practices that began in the 1970s. In the quest to be more energy efficient, buildings are more tightly sealed, with minimum ventilation rates that are intended to provide indoor air quality that is acceptable to human occupants but often has th...
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Loss Ensuing from Alleged Faulty Workmanship is Covered

    The federal district court found that under Montana law, water damage resulting from alleged faulty workmanship in repairing the insured's roof was covered.  Leep v. Trinity Universal Ins Co. , 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 86759 (D. Mont. June 6, 2017).     The insured's property was damaged in a hail storm. The insured contracted with Sprauge to repair the hail damage. Sprauge tore off and replaced roof lining and shingles. Sprague replaced a vent cap and tubes, but did not replace any vent piping...
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Couple Claims They Ordered Pizza on UberEats But Received... Oh My God What Is That?!

For all I know, Uber’s food delivery service UberEats is a perfectly fine method of ordering food. But the stomach-turning product that a Canadian couple claims showed up at their door instead of pizza ensures that I’ll be thinking twice about placing an order.Read more...
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3D Castings of Wound Cavities by AmVIEWnition

A company called AmVIEWnition makes 3D castings of wound channels of different handgun cartridges. These cast wound channels are called “3D Solo Blast”. These are intended for educational purposes to better understand the terminal ballistics of different projectiles. Not only these castings show the effect of bullets on bare body, but also the terminal performance of […] Read More … The post 3D Castings of Wound Cavities by AmVIEWnition appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The Moldy Foods You Can and Can't Eat

When you find a bit of mold on food, it might seem like it’s okay to salvage some of it because the mold doesn’t cover the whole thing. That seems like the logical step, right? It turns out that’s not true for a lot of foods, like bread, because the mold can hide deep in the surface where you can’t see it.Read more...
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Chocolate Robot Cupcake Topper

Wesley turned 5 earlier this month and was sure he wanted a robot themed birthday party. I had no idea just how hard it would be to find party supplies for what I thought would be a popular theme. Rather than pay a high price for custom work, I decided to make my own chocolate […] The post Chocolate Robot Cupcake Topper appeared first on Finding Zest.
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Link About It: MOLD: a New Magazine About the Future of Food

Launched in 2013, MOLD is now embarking on one of their most exciting endeavors to date: a print magazine. Focused on the future of food (somewhat anchored by the UN's prediction that by 2030 there will be more people on Earth than food to feed them...... Continue Reading...
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90-Year-Old Mold Sold for Almost $15k

The idea that a bit of gross mold would be worth $14,617 seems absurd until you realize it may be the most important mold to that was ever grown.Read more...
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Mold Growth In Hospital Linens Linked To Six Deaths

Heavy mold growth was found in the linens of two University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) hospitals, leading to the death of five people since October 2014. Now a sixth wrongful death lawsuit, this one stemming from a third UPMC facility, Shadyside Hospital, was filed on Tuesday. The post Mold Growth In Hospital Linens Linked To Six Deaths appeared first on Legal Reader.
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There’s Mold And Then There’s This Place

This is a photo from an MLS Website. Yep… If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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Your baby's Sophie the Giraffe teether may be filled with mold

by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories Attention parents: If your baby has a Sophie the Giraffe teething toy, it's time for an inspection. Pronto. Why? It just might be filled with mold. Pediatric dentist, Dana Chianese, used to recommend teething toys -- Sophie the Giraffe, in particular -- to parents of young children on... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
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Concurrent Causation Doctrine Applies Where Natural and Man-made Perils Combine to Create Loss

    The Florida Supreme Court resolved a conflict between the District Courts in applying the Concurrent Causation Doctrine where there were multiple causes creating the loss. Sebo v. Am. Home Assur. Co. , 2016 Fla. LEXIS 2596 (Fla. Dec. 1, 2016).     After purchasing his home, John Sebo procured an "all risks" homeowners policy provided by American Home Assurance Company (AHAC). Shortly after Sebo purchased the property, water began to intrude the home during rainstorms. Major water leaks occu...
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Watch How Slime Mold Smartly Crawls By Itself All Over Everything

Slime mold is fascinating, because though it’s only a single cell organism with no brain, it somehow stretches its tentacle-like fingers in a coherent pattern in search for food. This time lapse footage speeds up the process of that goopy crawl (in reality it only moves a few centimeters a day), but you get to see how the simple yellow slime eventually envelopes everything around it.Read more...
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