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MOLLE pistol holster?

So I bought my self a Strike Hard Gear chest rig and it's awesome. But I noticed when wearing it I cannot access my pistol which I carry at 5 O'clock quickly because of the strap that goes around my back. So I am thinking of a MOLLE holster to attach to the chest rig. The only MOLLE holster that I have found that I would even consider buying is the Alien Gear. I was just wondering what other options are out there. What are you guys using? Thank you in advance.
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Pelican Products Introduces Pelican AIR 1745

Air-1745-Elite-Bow-Case TORRANCE, Calif.  -(  Pelican Products, Inc., known for its premium high-performance gun and rifle cases, introduces the Pelican AIR 1745 Elite Bow Case. Designed for rugged and secure protection, the Pelican AIR 1745 offers smart organization for bows, arrows, and gear in the lightest-weight package available. “The AIR 1745 Elite Bow Case offers premium safety and security for a bowhunter’s greatest asset,” said Bob Shortt, President of Pelican's Consume...
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Tasmanian Tiger Unveils Modular Pistol Bag for Multiple Firearms

Tasmanian Tiger's New Modular Pistol Bag Miramar, Fla. ( – Tasmanian Tiger, a tactical nylon line of products distributed exclusively for the U.S. market by Proforce Equipment, Inc., will be introducing their version of a feature rich pistol bag for professionals on the job or as an organized and protected carrying case to the local shooting range. The spacious and fully padded interior can accommodate two or three pistols that can be secured with hook-and-loop or MOLLE in whateve...
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High Speed Gear Duty Line Now Available In LE Blue

High Speed Gear Duty Line Now Available In LE Blue Swansboro, NC –-( Manufacture of Battle Proven Tactical Gear, High Speed Gear is pleased to announce the addition of LE Blue to the current Duty Line of products.The HSGI Duty Line of products functions the same as the originals, but feature with a sleeker front and hidden bungee, which is woven internally. This low profile look provides the law enforcement community a less aggressive and PR friendly option for their duty belts, ...
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Possible preppers running a drill?

Sunday, December 16, 2018 my son and I came across a situation that seemed rather "odd." To get the full story let's start from the beginning. A week or so ago I scouted some possible stealth camping / hunting locations . The locations are deep in a river bottom that are only accessible by boat. I came across a nice spot and wanted to scout it a little more. Well, this morning, December 16, 2018, my oldest son and I launched the boat and headed down river. We were heading back to the spot I...
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New DeepCover EDC System Brings Military Style Functionality To Your Bag

MIDRAT DPCVR EDC Starter Pack : The combined weight of the DPCVR EDC Starter Pack in under 700 grams. USA – -( MIDRAT DeepCover isn’t your typical everyday carry bag. In fact it’s not even a bag, it’s an insert that fits into your bag and greatly increases its functionality without upsetting your daily routine.It’s been designed to be discreet, yet highly functional. Inside the unassuming exterior resides a MOLLE compatible frame that can hold an entire EDC loadout. This wouldn’t...
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Tasmanian Tiger HYP Belt, Built for Duty, Made for Everyday Wear

Tasmanian Tiger’s HYP 40mm belt is a game changing belt for professionals that require mission customization and hassle-free travel wear. Tasmanian Tiger HYP Belt Miramar, Fla. ( – Tasmanian Tiger®, a tactical nylon line of products distributed exclusively for the US market by Proforce Equipment, Inc., introduces a new concept in belts for professionals. Designed to optimize customization of add-on pouches, gear and holsters, the TT HYP 40mm belt features MOLLE spaced cut-outs ...
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Win Over $1,700 in Prizes in the Ultimate Tactical Giveaway

Ammunition Depot and NGOA and Buyers Club Ultimate Tactical Giveaway Boca Raton, Fla. ( –Ammunition Depot and the National Gun Owners Association & Buyers Club (NGOA) launch the Ultimate Tactical Giveaway, worth over $1,700 in prizes, now through Nov. 19, 2018. Ammunition Depot and NGOA & Buyers Club are offering top selling products from ATN, Odin Works, and Transitional Tactical, plus a lifetime membership in the fastest growing gun buying club, the NGOA & Buyers Club, and an Amm...
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Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Rifle Scabbard, Urban Grey - $11.34 & FREE Shipping

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical, Ambidextrous Molle AR15 M4 M16 Rifle Scabbard, Urban Grey - $11.34 & FREE Shipping
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So I've acquired a number of surplus packs over the past couple years, mostly for pretty much irresistible prices. Haven't had the chance to use them much since we haven't started backpacking, yet (*shakes head*). Right now I have them stored just in case we need to pick up and pack up, or for those backpacking trips which haven't started yet. I have a like-new CFP-90 and ALICE large on a frame as well as some great condition used MOLLE rucksacks with integral sleeping bag carrier and sustain...
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Gear Up with Rothco Tactical Vests

Rothco offers a wide variety of different vests perfect for every tactical need. Tactical vests have multiple ways to load up out in the field. With features like MOLLE webbing for additional attachments, interior sleeves for plates and armor, pockets for gear storage and more, these vests are ideal for loading up and adding as much gear as you can to your person. Great for airsoft, paintball, operators, the military and so much more. Check out some of our most popular tactical vests below with ...
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An armor that lets your lighter’s fire keep burning everywhere

Just like every blade needs a sheath to protect it from the elements, the PyroVault is, as its name suggests, an exoskeleton for your lighter. Designed to let you take your lighter to places you’d carry your EDC, the PyroVault allows your lighter to be weatherproof and even waterproof, making it perfect for inclement weather, or camping outdoors. An incredibly resilient polymer outer body can withstand heat, water, snow, dust, and comes with an O-Ring that seals the lighter when closed, turnin...
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Wide Molle Backpack

Wide Molle Backpack I would like to find a Molle backpack that is wide but shallow. Most of the Molle backpacks (and conventional backpacks) are about 12-14 inches wide. But when they are stuffed full, they can be 18+ inches deep (front to back). That places the load too far back and makes it more difficult to carry and usually requires me to bend forward too much. What I would like to find is a backpack, preferably Molle, that is perhaps 20 inches wide and 12 inches deep. That is about as...
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Shots fired! I had a weird encounter with police last night.

I live in a low crime area, but we've recently had a bit of a rise in incidents from juvenile gang members who started recently using the neighborhood as a shortcut. So I'm up late last night, middle of the night, when I hear gunfire outside, rather close by. Not a typical happening around here, despite the recent increase in crime rates. My windows were open so they were easy to hear and locate the direction they came from. Unmistakably gunshots, not a backfire, fireworks, or anything like tha...
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High Speed Gear Tactical Belt, Double Decker TACO Pouches & Holster

High Speed Gear Tactical Belt & Double Decker TACO Pouches U.S.A. –-( High Speed Gear, to put it simply, makes A LOT of tactical gear. They make everything from mag pouches handcuff holders, and tourniquet attachments to belts and plate carriers to hold onto all that gear. Best of all none of this gear is going to break the bank, and even better, it all works as good as it looks.My first acquaintance with HSGI came through a discussion with a friend that was looking for gear that...
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Ammunition Depot Unveil the Condor Tactical Ready Rig Kit

Your Ready-To-Go Ammunition Depot kit includes Condor’s Recon Chest Rig and Six Amend2 mag bundled with PMC ammo. Ammunition Depot Condor Tactical Ready Rig Kit Boca Raton, Fla. –-( Ammunition Depot is proud to introduce a totally new concept in preparedness with the Ammunition Depot bundled kits in one convenient, ready-to-go platform.The Ammunition Depot Condor Tactical Ready Rigs bundle the streamlined Condor Recon Chest rig with six Amend2 magazine and 200 rounds of PMC 5.5...
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Ammunition Depot Unveils the Condor Tactical Ready Rig Kit

Your Ready-To-Go Ammunition Depot kit includes Condor’s Recon Chest Rig and Six Amend2 mag bundled with PMC ammo. Ammunition Depot Condor Tactical Ready Rig Kit Boca Raton, Fla. –-( Ammunition Depot is proud to introduce a totally new concept in preparedness with the Ammunition Depot bundled kits in one convenient, ready-to-go platform.The Ammunition Depot Condor Tactical Ready Rigs bundle the streamlined Condor Recon Chest rig with six Amend2 magazine and 200 rounds of PMC 5.5...
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Steal This Look: A Belgian-Inflected Guest Bedroom, 100 Square Feet Small

The owner of a remodeled house in Washington, DC, has an unshakable obsession with European design (we can relate) and is willing to source far and wide to get it. So far that she enlisted designers Studio Oink from Leipzig, Germany, and had a load of EU products rounded up and shipped by crate. The tiny guest bedroom (under 100 square feet) features a curtained-off daybed, a custom desk, and a wall of storage. As with the rest of the house, Studio Oink worked with a Flemish color palette and in...
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This bill could relieve burden on mental health counselors at CSU campuses

Members of the CSULB chapter of Active Minds discusses coping mechanisms inside a classroom on campus. Active Minds is a nonprofit organization that empowers students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others and providing information, leadership opportunities and advocacy training, mental health awareness, education and resources regarding mental health and mental illness, encourage students to seek help and serve as liaison between students and the mental health communit...
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Molle dump pouch?

Just picked a rush 24 to replace my aging high sierra daypack. Has just about all the organization space I could ask for including spaces for smaller water bottles or a medium hydration bladder plus lots of molle webbing for my canteens. Looking for some type of dump pouch, though. I want a spot for wet rain gear, dirty dog toys, etc. looking at the condor folding dump pouch for its small footprint, moderate capacity and reasonable costs. Any Better options out there without spending maxped...
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One Pouch With Endless Possibilities

Rothco's MOLLE Compatible Water Bottle Pouch is so much more than just a water bottle holder. This durable MOLLE pouch is the ideal size (10.5" x 4" Diameter) to carry your everyday essentials from your wallet and sunglasses to first aid essentials like bandages and knives. Oh yeah, and of course some H2O, the tactical pouch can hold up to a 32 oz. bottle of water.  Below we've highlighted some additional uses for the water bottle carrier.  The EDC Pouch  Contents Pictured -  Notepa...
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Discover April's #GOTM

[Author: Rothco NY]
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2018 Moab Jeep Safari Concept Cars Revealed

To be brutally honest, Jeep’s annual Moab Easter Safari thing is becoming nothing more than an offroad trip for the company’s engineers and technicians. I mean, what does it achieve really? Each year they come up with a bunch of concepts that are used once at the event and then forgotten forever. Great use of the company’s resources! Anyway, here are the 2018 Moab Jeep Safari pointless concept cars… 2018 Moab Jeep Safari list of cars begins with Jeep 4SPEED, a concept that improves Wrangler...
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Review: VERTX EDC Gamut Plus

Any dedicated carry bag will be a slightly less covert method of transporting a rifle simply due to the advertising around its intended purpose. However, the VERTX EDC Gamut Plus does not overtly market the backpack as a rifle bag and does an excellent job of staying low profile while offering a feature-rich backpack. When […] Read More … The post Review: VERTX EDC Gamut Plus appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Curious neighbor.

So this happened yesterday and I figured I should ask you guys before making any decisions. I've known my neighbor for a while now, roughly ten years or so. He is currently 21 years old and a relatively cool kid. I came back from the range yesterday and he stopped by my house. He was talking to my sister and wanted to talk to me. He said that he wants to purchase his first gun and figured I'm the guy to talk to because my stepdad told him I'm a good shot and I have guns. He explains his budget r...
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[SHOT 2018] Velocity Systems

In today’s episode, we follow Miles to Shot Show 2018 and check out the Velocity Systems booth. The Scarab DLX is a new offering for Velocity Systems that offers laser cut molle with triangles to give the greatest strength and easiest attachment of mission essential equipment. The shoulder pads have also been improved to better […] Read More … The post [SHOT 2018] Velocity Systems appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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M-FAK Mini First Aid Kit for LE in Realtree Xtra

M-FAK Mini First Aid Kit for LE in Realtree Xtra COLUMBUS, Georgia –-( North American Rescue's (NAR) M-FAK Mini First Aid Kit for LE in Realtree Xtra ensures you're prepared should an emergency arise during your time outdoors. The M-FAK is NAR's most compact, versatile Mini First Aid Kit.Each kit is developed and tested based on the military's Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines, Rescue Human Factors engineering, evidence-based medicine and an in-depth understanding o...
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Stack-On Adds RFID Capability to Elite, Stand-Up Gun Safes

Stack-On Adds RFID Capability to Elite, Stand-Up Gun Safes Las Vegas, NV –-( Stack-On, an Alpha Guardian brand, has added RFID, instant-open capability to two of its most popular firearm security safes.Both the Elite 40 Gun Safe and the Stand-Up Home Defense Safe now feature RFID locks in addition to the standard electronic keypad and backup key locks. RFID technology allows the user to unlock the safe and access the contents without having to manipulate dials, keypads or keys. ...
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Blue Force Gear Brings It All To The Table At 2018 SHOT Show

Blue Force Gear Brings It All To The Table At 2018 SHOT Show POOLER, Ga. -( For the last 40 years, SHOT Show has been the benchmark tradeshow for professionals in the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries.Brands from all 50 states and more than 100 countries will gather in just one week at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas from January 23 to 26, 2018. Blue Force Gear will be in attendance displaying an array of its finest weapon slings and tactical equipment.It...
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Springfield Armory Announces Guns & Gear Giveaway

Springfield Armory Announces Guns & Gear Giveaway GENESEO, IL,–( – Springfield Armory has partnered with Viridian Weapon Technologies, Federal Premium Ammunition, Kershaw Knives, Crossbreed Holsters, Propper, Personal Defense Network and Action Target to offer you an exclusive, comprehensive EDC (Every Day Carry) package for 100 lucky winners.  Go to and enter to win one of 100 packages of concealed carry products and training items between January 22 nd ...
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