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Good Design: Ten Examples of Great UX

What do laypeople consider "good design?" I'm not talking about the stuff MoMA sells at their store, I'm talking about the little everyday products and experiences we encounter. Here are ten examples that jumped out at me from a subReddit on the topic:I love this, though it's no surprise why we don't see it often. Can you imagine trying to frame and install this? "This door in my hotel bathroom can close off either of 2 doorways." The placement makes better sense than at eye level, though thi...
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You Can Redecorate Your Home From The Comfort Of...Your Home

Decorating a home or apartment is a fun project, but it's also daunting. Whether you're starting with a blank canvas or looking for a statement piece to upgrade an area, it can be hard to know where to start. That's where the internet can be your best — and worst — friend. Enter a few words into Google, and you'll open up pages and pages of every kind of bookend, end table, or table runner you can imagine. Now your search has gone from a treasure hunt to a needle-in-a-haystack hunt.To avoid sea...
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MoMA's "The Value of Good Design" Exhibition

This week the MoMA opened The Value of Good Design, an exhibition that examines the titular subject by looking backwards to look forwards: Peter Schlumbohm (American, born Germany. 1896–1962). Chemex Coffee Maker. 1941. Pyrex glass, wood, and leather, 9 1/2 × 6 1/8? (24.2 × 15.5 cm). Manufactured by Chemex Corp. (New York, NY, est. 1941). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Lewis & Conger Sony Corporation (Tokyo, Japan, est. 1946). Television (TX8-301). 1959. Plastic, metal, and gla...
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MoMA's "The Value of Good Design" Exhibition Now Live

This week the MoMA opened The Value of Good Design, an exhibition that examines the titular subject by looking backwards to look forwards: Peter Schlumbohm (American, born Germany. 1896–1962). Chemex Coffee Maker. 1941. Pyrex glass, wood, and leather, 9 1/2 × 6 1/8? (24.2 × 15.5 cm). Manufactured by Chemex Corp. (New York, NY, est. 1941). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Lewis & Conger Sony Corporation (Tokyo, Japan, est. 1946). Television (TX8-301). 1959. Plastic, metal, and gla...
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The Modern’s Monkey 47 Table-Side Gibson

One of the best cocktails in the city, prepared at your table New York City has no shortage of theatrical cocktail venues or bartenders with a penchant for performance. And, of course, there are so many signature drinks around the globe that come ablaze or garnished with their own garden for pure spectacle. That’s not what The Modern‘s Monkey 47 Gibson represents. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. …
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How’s MoMA Paying For Its Big Overhaul? $200 Million From David Rockefeller Sure Helps

The gift from Rockefeller’s estate is the largest in the museum’s history. “[His] mother, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, was one of the founders of MoMA in 1929, and he carried on her legacy, serving as the institution’s chairman and one of its foremost supporters. He was on the museum board from 1948 until his death [in 2017 at age 101].” — Artnet
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Reflections on letterhead collecting, with accompanying (gorgeous) samples

Steven Heller calls himself a "letterhead" -- that is, someone who collects letterhead (compare with "Deadhead"); his brief reflections on his passion for Design Observer and interesting and well-observed, but they're not a patch on the actual samples of beautiful, bygone letterhead from his collection. Letterhead collectors are not a monolithic cult. Each has his or her special needs. Some collect only corporations and institutions, other subsets are just design firms, and others are ju...
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MoMA to close this summer

There are tons of great museums you can visit this summer, but the Museum of Modern Art in New York City isn’t one of them. The museum just announced that starting June 15, 2019 it will be closing its doors for renovation and reorganization of its galleries, and will not reopen until October 21, 2019. The renovations coincide with the museum moving into a new, 40,000-square-foot expansion space next door, as well as with the last phase of its $400 million overhaul. When the museum does re...
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MoMA To Close for Fourth Months to Complete Renovation

The New York Times has a lengthy piece on the finishing touches of the MoMA expansion project, which will see the museum close for four months this summer and open in a completely new configuration.  “A new generation of curators is discovering the richness of what is in our collection, and there is great work being […]
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Critic’s Notebook: MoMA, the New Edition: From Monumental to Experimental

By 2022, MoMA will have rehung all three floors of exhibition space. The advantages of such switchovers are many. New histories will get told.
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"We don’t want to forget our roots in terms of having the greatest Modernist collection, but the museum didn’t emphasize female artists, didn’t emphasize what minority artists were doing, and it was limited on geography."

"Where those were always the exceptions, now they really should be part of the reality of the multicultural society we all live in."Said Leon Black, chairman of the Museum of Modern Art, quoted in "MoMA to Close, Then Open Doors to More Expansive View of Art" (NYT). [W]hile visitors will still be able to count on highlights like Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” and van Gogh’s “The Starry Night,” they are also likely to be exposed to less familiar names, including Okwui Okpokwasili, an Igbo-...
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MoMA To Close For Four Months This Summer, And Will Reopen Completely Reconfigured

“[The goal is] to reconfigure its galleries, rehang the entire collection and rethink the way that the story of modern and contemporary art is presented to the public. The Picassos and van Goghs will still be there, but the 40,000 square feet of additional space will allow MoMA to focus new attention on works by women, Latinos, Asians, African-Americans and other overlooked artists.” — The New York Times
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MoMA to Close, Then Open Doors to More Expansive View of Art

Don’t plan to visit MoMA this summer. It’s closing for renovations that will put a new focus on work by women and artists of color. The results will shake up every gallery.
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Ellsworth Kelly US Stamps

The USPS will release a set of stamps in 2019 honoring the artist Ellsworth Kelly. Some art works better on stamps than others…Kelly’s stripped down abstracts look like they were specifically designed for postage: You can check out more of Kelly’s art at MoMA and The Whitney. Tags: art   Ellsworth Kelly   stamps   USPS [Author: Jason Kottke]
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2,400 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Getting Started in February: Enroll Today

FYI. 2,400 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are getting underway in February, giving you the chance to take free courses from top flight universities. With the help of Class Central, we've pulled together a complete list of February MOOCS. And below we've highlighted several courses that caught our eye. The trailer above comes from MoMA's course,  Seeing Through Photographs .   Introduction to Philosophy  - University of Edinburgh on Coursera - February 4 (7 weeks) Modern Ma...
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James Turrell Shuts Down Skyspace At MoMA PS1 Until Condo Construction Across Street Is Done

Scaffolding for the 5Pointz luxury apartment tower (built on the site of the now-destroyed street-art mecca) has moved into what Turrell intended as an unobstructed view of the sky in his Skyspace installation, titled Meeting, at the MoMA outpost in Queens. So the museum has agreed to his request to close the installation until the scaffolding is no longer visible. — Hyperallergic
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MoMA Adds 800 Instruction Drawings to Collection

MoMA has added 800 instruction drawings by more than 300 artists to its collections after a gift from Gilbert and Lila Silverman.  “I had a wonderful life with Gilbert,” Lila said, “and I am just delighted that the works are now at MoMA.” Read more at Art News  
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James Turrell Closes Skyspace at MoMA PS1 Over Interference from Condominium

James Turrell has closed his Skyspace work, Meeting, at MoMA PS1 indefinitely after the scaffolding of new condominium development interfered with its view.  “After further conversation with James Turrell, we have closed Meeting at the artist’s request and it will remain closed until the temporary construction scaffolding is no longer visible from the work,” the museum said in a statement. Read more […]
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MOMA Receives 9 Herzog & de Meuron Projects

MOMA has received nine projects from Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, including 23 pieces related to projects overseen by the firm between 1994 and 2018.  “For more than three decades, Herzog & de Meuron’s practice has been a singular and defining voice in the discourse of contemporary architecture,” says Martino Stierli, MoMA’s chief curator of […]
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Showing Dance’s Hidden Side at MoMA

Movement Research brings its often private, investigative work into a very public forum: the atrium at the Museum of Modern Art.
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What 80s Films Can Teach Us About Modern Success

By Chris Clews Ah the 1980s. A magical time for creativity, invention, individuality and timeless movies that taught us valuable business lessons. Wait? What was that last one? When we think 80s movies, most of us visualize Clark Griswold and his family truckster or the teen angst of a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal.  Others may think of a gentle alien or a “banana in a tailpipe”. If you asked my Mom, she would just smile and simply say, “Patrick Swayze.” But just li...
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MoMA and Hermitage Museum Take First Steps in Easing Museum Relations Between Russia and US

A forthcoming talk at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas between the directors of New York’s Museum of Modern Art and St Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum may be the first step in the easing of relations between US and Russian Museums, which have long been on either side of a loan freeze. “The idea for this public conversation emerged […]
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Bella by Tile Bar

The Bella collection of encaustic porcelain tile by Tile Bar includes 13 options with beautiful patterns and colors. “Regarded as an art form since the 1800s,” encaustic tile brings complex patterns to vertical and horizontal surfaces. Six neutral options include black and white Mori, which features a dynamic Greek key design, and gray-toned Picasso (available in Nero and Blanco), which presents an intricate floral motif. Soumaya plays with hexagonal shapes in bold orange and gray hues. For pa...
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MoMA Edition Crewneck Sweatshirt

An instant classic, MoMA and Champion’s collaboration sweatshirt debuted for the museum’s Is Fashion Modern? exhibition and remains a playful take on the classic, collegiate style crewneck. With MoMA’s logo appliquéd on the front, the sweatshirt is made from a cotton blend and available in size small through XL. Art fans, represent.
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MoMA’s Doc Fortnight 2019 Sets Full Slate (EXCLUSIVE)

The Museum of Modern Art has unveiled the full festival lineup for the 18th edition of Doc Fortnight, an annual showcase of the best in nonfiction film. The movies cover a range of topics, touching on everything from the cinematic legacy of Wyatt Earp to a deep look at Ferguson, Missouri, the Midwestern city that […]
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Art and Fashion Collective Vaquera Tapped for MoMA PS1 Sunday Session

Fashion and art collective Vaquera has been tapped by MoMA PS1 for one of its Sunday Sessions this year in Queens. “When MoMA asked us to do a Sunday Session, we were excited to do something new that would allow us to collaborate with a large group of non-fashion creatives. A free-form play seemed perfect,” the group […]
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Cameras Can Be Dangerous

There's a new peril that art museums, curators, and guard staff have to worry about now—people destroying art while attempting to take selfies of themselves with it. ...That being, of course, what art is there for. We already know that people get run over by trains while making portraits and fall off cliffs while taking selfies. Not to mention the tragically dangerous and sometimes fatal things daredevils do in order to get themselves noticed on social media. But now people are inadvertently act...
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Fiat 500: Still Influencing Design & History 60 Years On

A vintage Fiat 500 will be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in 2019. The tiny, yet affordable car helped put Europe on wheels following World War II. MoMA’s exhibit includes the 500 as one of the world’s more significant design works. Last year, on its 60th birthday, the Fiat 500 joined the permanent collection of the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, in New York. MoMA acquired a 500 F series, arguably the most popular 500, manufactured between 1965 and 1972. Fiat’s “great little car” becam...
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New York – Bruce Nauman: “Disappearing Acts” at MoMA Through February 2019

Bruce Nauman, Disappearing Acts (Installation View), via Art Observed The long-awaited career retrospective of artist Bruce Nauman is now open in New York City, filling both MoMA PS1 and the sixth floor of MoMA’s main exhibition building in Midtown with the artist’s challenging, often outrageous body of work in sculpture, video, light works, and other […]
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How Does An Art Museum’s Conservation Scientist Do His Job? [AUDIO]

A great way to end the podcast year: MoMA senior conservation scientist Chris McGlinchey talks “about all the complex machines he uses, the extremely tiny scale conservators work on, and figuring out how to fill the museum with sugar cane that won’t rot.” – Slate
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