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Mona Lisa Returns To Its Regular Refurbished Gallery

The Louvre attracts 10.2 million people a year with about 80 per cent believed to come just to see the Mona Lisa. In July, officials had to restrict access for three days because of the chaos caused by the queues. – The Telegraph (UK)
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Teenagers Take Over The World In Netflix’s Daybreak Trailer

Teenagers take over the world in Netflix’s Daybreak trailer Netflix has released the official trailer for their post-apocalyptic dramedy series Daybreak, featuring teenagers taking over the world while all the adults turn into zombies. Starring Colin Ford (We Bought a Zoo) and Golden Globe nominee Matthew Broderick, the series will make its debut on October 24. Check out the video below! RELATED: Living With Yourself Trailer: Paul Rudd is Seeing Double in Netflix Comedy Series ...
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Ticket Tips for Versailles, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower

If you’re coming to Paris this summer or fall, here are some things to make sure you know before visiting three of the most popular sites. Versailles If you visit Versailles with a museum pass, it does NOT include access to the gardens on the days of the Musical Fountains Show (weekends through October 27th) or the Musical Gardens (Tuesday and Fridays through October 29th). Anyone over the age of 5 will need to purchase garden tickets, and I recommend you do this in advance on the officia...
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This Animated Mona Lisa Was Created by AI, and It Is Terrifying

The enigmatic, painted smile of the "Mona Lisa" is known around the world, but that famous face recently displayed a startling new range of expressions, courtesy of artificial intelligence (AI).In a video shared to YouTube on May 21, three video clips show disconcerting examples of the Mona Lisa as she moves her lips and turns her head. She was created by a convolutional neural network -- a type of AI that processes information much as a human brain does, to analyze and process images.Researcher...
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‘Short of imagination’: Germaine Greer scorns Leonardo da Vinci’s art

The prolific author says the Mona Lisa looks ‘half-dead’ while speaking at Hay festivalLeonardo da Vinci, the incomparable Renaissance master? Actually, he was rather sloppy, disappointing and derivative.His greatest work, the most popular painting in the world? “The bloody Mona Lisa … this half-dead woman, this strange green-faced female.” Continue reading...
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An Interview on LA PASSIONE in English--and Italian

by Catherine Accardi L’Italo-Americano had the opportunity to speak with Dianne Hales about her book and her “Italian-ness” at the presentation of LA PASSIONE: How Italy Seduced the World at the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco. (These articles originally appeared in L’Italo-Americano; the following is an excerpt.) What was your inspiration for LA PASSIONE?  Is it a companion to, or does it differ from, the message of your prior books, LA BELLA LINGUA and MONA LISA: A Life Discovered...
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The Mona Lisa was brought to life in vivid detail by deepfake AI researchers at Samsung

Samsung AI researchers have found a way to apply so-called "deepfake" technology to classic portraits, bringing them to life. Normally to make deepfake videos you need lots of data, ideally using clips of video. The researchers developed a way of using as few still images as possible to generate convincing video. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. AI researchers at Samsung have developed a way to animate classic portraits, bringing them to life. In a new paper, researchers fr...
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Mona Lisa 'brought to life' with deepfake AI

Samsung makes a moving Mona Lisa from a single photo using AI technology.
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Deepfakes Can Now Be Made From a Single Photo

Samsung has developed a new artificial intelligence system for creating deepfakes -- fabricated clips that make people appear to do or say things they never did -- that only needs as little as one photo. CNET reports: The technology, of course, can be used for fun, like bringing a classic portrait to life. The Mona Lisa, whose enigmatic smile is animated in three different videos to demonstrate the new technology, exists solely as a single still image. A Samsung artificial intelligence lab in Ru...
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Mona Lisa frown: Machine learning brings old paintings and photos to life

Machine learning researchers have produced a system that can recreate lifelike motion from just a single frame of a person’s face, opening up the possibility of animating not just photos but also of paintings. It’s not perfect, but when it works, it is — like much AI work these days — eerie and fascinating. The model is documented in a paper published by Samsung AI Center, which you can read it here on Arxiv. It’s a new method of applying facial landmarks on a source face — any talking head will...
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Why you should visit Milan even if you aren’t into fashion

Milan is synonymous with Italian fashion and design. Its Fashion Week is on any style aficionado’s calendar, its Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the oldest shopping arcade in Italy, and its designer shops are revered as historic monuments. But Milan offers far more than spending opportunities. It’s home to one of the most iconic artworks in the world, its signature dish is flavored with gold, and its bars hark back to the glamorous 1940s. Here are nine reasons to visit Milan if your budget d...
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Why Leonardo da Vinci may have abandoned 'Mona Lisa'

Why was the Mona Lisa left unfinished? She may have just revealed a secret health struggle afflicting her creator. Nathan Rousseau Smith has the story.            [Author: Buzz60]
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9 forgotten facts about Leonardo da Vinci

For over 500 years, the masterworks of Leonardo da Vinci have awed artists, connoisseurs, and laypeople alike. Often considered the first High Renaissance artist, Leonardo worked extensively in Florence, Milan, and Rome before ending his career in France, and his techniques and writings influenced artists and thinkers for centuries after his death.Today, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, here are nine surprising facts about his work:In a letter to Ludovico Sforza, ruler o...
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Mona Lisa voted the world's 'most disappointing' tourist attraction by Britons

The study found that eight in 10 people think the famous portrait is a 'let down' [Author: Sarah Young]
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'Mona Lisa' voted the world's 'most disappointing' tourist attraction by Britons

The study found that eight in 10 people think the famous portrait is a 'let down' [Author: Sarah Young]
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Why Travelers Fall in Love with Italy

This article originally appeared in Click here to read the complete post. by Irene Levine Most travelers who visit Italy return changed in some way, either subtly embracing one or more aspects of Italian culture (perhaps, food or style) or more fundamentally, by re-thinking their approach to life. Dianne Hales’ just-released book, La Passione: How Italy Seduced the World (Crown Archetype, 2019), masterfully examines the multitude of reasons why so many people fall in love with Italy...
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Coachella 2019: These festival fans have been going since the beginning

They were there the first time Rage Against the Machine played, and they were there eight years later when the Los Angeles group reunited at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2007. They saw Amy Winehouse, Arcade Fire and Childish Gambino long before they were household names. Now that Coachella has turned 20 — and is very different from the event that started at the Empire Polo Club in the fall of 1999 — we talked to some of the festival’s die-hard fans who keep coming back to the ...
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Pediatric endocrinologist gives iconic 'Mona Lisa' a second medical opinion

Michael Yafi, MD, refutes the most recent hypothesis that 'Lisa' had hypothyroidism and psychomotor retardation.
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How Italy Seduced the World

Italy has been seducing foreigners since its history began. Century after century, in peace and war, over perilous passes, stormy seas, and rutted roads, they have come—explorers, adventurers, traders, sailors, soldiers, writers, musicians, poets, painters, sculptors, penitents, pilgrims of every sort—to the promised land of their imagination. For a veritable Who’s Who of Western civilization, Italy served as the essential finishing school, a required destination for any person of refinement. ...
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How George Harrison (Yes, The Beatle) Saved Monty Python’s ‘Life Of Brian’ — And Indie Filmmaking In Britain

Just as Life of Brian was about to start shooting, the chairman of EMI read the script and killed the project. So Eric Idle called Harrison, the richest person he knew — and thus was born HandMade Films, the independent studio that made such now-classics as The Long Good Friday, Time Bandits, Mona Lisa, and Withnail and I. Then an American mucked it all up. – The Guardian
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Airbnb Offers a One Night Stay at the Louvre

From an after-hours, art-historian guided tour to a night of sleep inside a scaled replica of IM Pei’s Pyramid—beneath the shimmering glass pyramid itself—Airbnb’s latest partnership celebrates the 30th anniversary of the iconic addition to the Louvre. One winner and their guest will be treated to this night at the museum experience—with the Mona Lisa as their host. Cocktails will commence with La Joconde. Dinner …
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Humility & Honesty: How We Witness to the Perfection of Christ

As Our Lord was about to go to the Cross, He prayed to His Father in Heaven, “I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do” (see John 17:4). It might seem like an astonishing thing for anyone to say — and especially someone who defines the virtue of humility. But humility dispenses with modesty. A truly humble man who is six feet tall doesn’t, in a spirit of false modesty, say that he is only five foot eight. We take delight when our projects come out right becau...
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Is This Sculpture Truly A Leonardo?

Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519, and in the last 500 years, no three-dimensional works of art by him have come to light. “The 20 inch-tall sculpture, made of red clay, depicts the Virgin Mary, with an enigmatic smile similar to that of Mona Lisa, looking down at a smiling baby Jesus on her lap.” – NPR
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Berlin’s Very Own Mona Lisa

Berlin can boast some impressive murals, and it’s no surprise that the newest addition to the bunch has drawn immediate attention. The huge version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is impossible to miss. She occupies the side wall of the East Side Hotel in Friedrichshain and presents an interesting contrast to the often abstract artworks from the East Side Gallery, which is just on the opposite side of the street. The Berlin art collective Die Dixons has previously been involved in noteworthy co...
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The best Little Italys in America

If you’re on the keto diet, don’t even bother reading this story. Because no human even hears the words “Little Italy” without smelling garlic, tasting red wine, and reflexively slipping into a carb-induced food coma. Typically, the Italian food in any neighborhood called “Little Italy” is worth the calories. You can certainly go to Little Italys in New York, Chicago, Philly, and San Francisco and be guaranteed a great meal, but Italian enclaves aren’t limited to huge cities, and the widespr...
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Mona Lisa Had a Cleavage?

    A page in an eighteen-century book of an engraving of the Mona Lisa. History lessons then and now. I never noticed that the Mona Lisa had a cleavage as I do in this engraving. It strikes me funny that two people can look at the same thing and have two completely different impressions of it. The engraver back then seem to notice her cleavage more than her smile.       Why is the Mona Lisa so Famous via the "Louvre Museum and draws thousands of jostling spectators each day...
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How the Mona Lisa Went From Being Barely Known, to Suddenly the Most Famous Painting in the World (1911)

Is the Mona Lisa really “ten times better than every other painting”? No one seriously believes this, and how would anyone measure such a thing? There may be no such critical scale, but there is a popular one. The Louvre, where the famous Leonardo da Vinci—maybe the most famous painting of all time—hangs, says that 80 percent of its visitors come just to see the Mona Lisa. Her enigmatic smile adorns merchandise the world wide. Books, essays, documentaries, songs, coffee mugs—hers may be ...
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Free Noctural Entrance to the Louvre Every 1st Saturday

The Louvre Museum is already open evenings until 9:45pm every Wednesday and Friday, but now it's also open every first Saturday of the month FOR FREE from 6pm-9:45pm.  Meant to entice the locals to visit the museum again (or for the first time), the main two wings Denon and Sully are open to freely visit on your own, while the Richelieu wing is open for guided visits only (in French), which can be reserved on the Louvre's FB page a week before the first Saturday. These extra activities incl...
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'Mona Lisa Effect' Is Real But Doesn't Apply To Leonardo's Painting

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: There have long been anecdotal reports that the eyes of the Mona Lisa -- Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting -- sometimes seem to follow viewers as they move around the artwork. The phenomenon is even called the "Mona Lisa effect" because of it. But a new study published in the journal i-Perception found that she's really "looking" to the right-hand side of her audience. "There is no doubt about the existence of the M...
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The Mona Lisa Does Not Have the 'Mona Lisa Effect,' Scientists Claim

The “Mona Lisa Effect” is a term used to describe the perception that the subject of an artwork’s eyes are following the viewer as they move. Scientists now say the actual Mona Lisa simply doesn’t have it.Read more...
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