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Volonic VALET 3, Chargeur QI iPhone le Plus Cher au Monde

Source : Volonic VALET 3, Chargeur QI iPhone le Plus Cher au Monde À plus de 200 000 euros, le chargeur sans fil à induction pour iPhone, smartphones et AirPod Pro ‘Volonic VALET 3’ devient le plus cher au monde, il ne devrait d’ailleurs pas tarder à entrer dans le livre des records… Volonic VALET 3, chargeur induction de millionnaires Contrairement à Caviar et consort, Volonic n’est pas […] The post Volonic VALET 3, Chargeur QI iPhone le Plus Cher au Monde appeared first on Max...
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New Donations Campaign States Nothing Can Stop Médecins Du Monde

Covid19 has taught us many valuable lessons, but perhaps the most valuable of all is the importance of having access to a strong, well-prepared healthcare system. This is the mission that for the past 40 years Médecins du Monde has been campaigning for, universal and inclusive access to health care. Present in France and in 39 countries, the association is committed to treating the most vulnerable populations, to bear witness to the obstacles in accessing healthcare, and to denounce attac...
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Claire Simon Documents the Creation of Tenk, a SVOD Platform for Non-Fiction Films

Playing in the IDFA 2020 – International Competition, “The Grocer’s Son, the Mayor, the Village and the World” is a feature-length version of Claire Simon’s documentary series “The Village,” which broadcast in 20 parts on Ciné Plus and 10 parts on TV5 Monde last year. It’s a story that taps into the great cinematic revolution […]
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MoPoint, le Plus Petit Chargeur USB-C au Monde (video)

Source : MoPoint, le Plus Petit Chargeur USB-C au Monde (video) MoPoint est un mini chargeur USB-C et USB-A aussi petit qu’un boîtier d’AirPods qui va vous permettre de recharger iPhone, iPad, MacBook ou tout autre … The post MoPoint, le Plus Petit Chargeur USB-C au Monde (video) appeared first on
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Solarius Zenith, l’iPhone 11 Pro le plus Cher au Monde

Source : Solarius Zenith, l’iPhone 11 Pro le plus Cher au Monde Après avoir greffé au dos d’un iPhone XS une horloge complication, Caviar récidivée avec le dernier iPhone 11 Pro et va même jusqu’à l’offrir pour … The post Solarius Zenith, l’iPhone 11 Pro le plus Cher au Monde appeared first on
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Marlon Daniel on French Television in Discussion of Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges (1745-1799)

Marlon Daniel Maestro Marlon Daniel of Ensemble du Monde writes: Dear Everyone, Just wanted to share with you this clip on French television: Ensemble du Monde A video featured on Chronique Chevalier de St-George live on French Television. This tells the story of Le Chevalier de St-Georges and includes discussion on the Festival International de Musique Saint-Georges. Featuring artists from ...
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Quebec Road Trip: Quebec City to Havre-Saint-Pierre

If you’re looking for a Quebec road trip that’s a little different, why not drive the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River from Quebec City to Havre-Saint -Pierre, the last town of any size, with the option to continue to Kegashka, at the end of Highway 138 – a distance of 1,060 kilometres. In theory you could do the road trip in one long day, taking about 12 hours. But there are a lot of beautiful small towns to explore, some incredible whale watching to do and one of Canada’s most beaut...
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Fin des blogs du Monde

Le Monde a décidé de fermer les blogs et de les supprimer. Pour continuer à voir ce blog (les archives) il faut aller sur Pour continuer à me suivre on va sur Instagram jwittparis Merci à tous d’avoir suivi ce blog pendant quelques années Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Week 3 RV Road Trip: Christmas in New Orleans, LA

Rain, rain go away. That’s what I found myself singing a lot at the start of week 3 of our USA road trip with Goldie and the Beast. For two weeks, we’ve mostly had rain and snow. It’s amazing how quickly you can get cabin fever and your mood can plummet due to inclement weather. We left Huntsville for New Orleans. Not wanting to make the seven hour drive in one day, and wanting to delay our arrival into NOLA so we could make some later scheduled Christmas events, we stopped off into Birmingham, ...
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Japanese Artist Creates Bookshelf Dioramas That Magically Transport You Into Tokyo’s Back Alleys

Should you find yourself in a Japanese city, spend time not on the Starbucks- and McDonald's-lined boulevards but on the back streets that wind in all directions behind them. Or better yet, head into the back alleys branching off those streets, those half-hidden spaces that offer the most evocative glimpses of life in urban Japan by far. Only there can you find passage into the wonderfully idiosyncratic businesses tucked into the corners of the city, from bars and restaurants to coffee shops an...
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Marlon Daniel: Discovering Black History And Heritage In Guadeloupe

Souffleur Beach, La Desirade The Memorial ACTe (Caribbean Centre of Expression and Memory of Slavery and the Slave Trade) in Pointe-a-Pitre Marlon Daniel (Photo by Bob Estramero) Marlon Daniel of Ensemble du Monde writes: September 2018 Ebony Magazine features an article on Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges (1745-1799), neglected historical figure of Guadeloupéen descent who was the first known composer of African descent and a...
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5 Alternatives AirBnB 2018 France et Monde sur iPhone (gratuit)

Après les meilleurs GPS hors ligne et autres covoiturage sur iPhone, je vous propose de découvrir les 5 plus sérieuses alternatives à The post 5 Alternatives AirBnB 2018 France et Monde sur iPhone (gratuit) appeared first on
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9 cool music festivals this summer

While crashing the beach will never go out of style, there is a more exciting way to spend your holiday: festival hopping. Once upon a time, festivals meant melting in the sun for hours or standing in the pouring rain, craning to get a glimpse of your favorite band. However, the world of large-scale gatherings has faced a bit of an evolution in recent years, and many festivals host some pretty slick lineups while putting on well-organized and fun events. Quickly becoming the quintessential s...
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Hollow bookends that contain dioramae of Tokyo's narrow alleyways

Tokyo artist Monde created a set of bookends for last week's Tokyo Design Festa that are tall, narrow dioramae containing detailed miniatures of the narrow laneways of Tokyo, with street furniture, signage and cobblestones; alas, these don't appear to be production items (and would need some kind of weight or underbook tongues to serve as effective bookends), but they're lovely to look at! (more…)
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Russian Hackers Who Posed As ISIS Militants Threatened Military Wives

PARIS (AP) — Army wife Angela Ricketts was soaking in a bubble bath in her Colorado home, leafing through a memoir, when a message appeared on her iPhone: “Dear Angela!” it said. “Bloody Valentine’s Day!” “We know everything about you, your husband and your children,” the Facebook message continued, claiming that the hackers operating under the flag of Islamic State militants had penetrated her computer and her phone. “We’re much closer than you can even imagine.” Ricketts was one of five milita...
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39 of the Best Fashion Blogs We Think Are Worth Bookmarking

The best fashion blogs don't just give you incredible style advice—they give you inspiration. Fashion blogs engage you in interesting content and provide new ideas on the subject of fashion and the surrounding creative world. Sure, everyone wants great outfit ideas for their Pinterest boards and dream wardrobes, but fashion isn't just about looking perfect. It can be an expression of who you are and how you want to represent yourself in the world. Now, if that's a little too deep for you, fear n...
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Ushuaia Fin del Monde

Geo 54.79 68.31On the eve before Ushuaia the Captain39s address thanked everyone for their cooperation with regards to the code 39red39 situation and the step up in hygiene. The reported numbers of Gastric flu have remained the same so he i
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The Beignets of Cafe du Monde New Orleans

Above green and white stripes, the fans spin around. And around. Faster and faster, round and around. Frantic, fizzing, furious above the speckled sugar, they spin and spin, the hot air hugging them with a stubbornness that’s almost chic. Cafe du Monde New Orleans This is Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, an icon for visitors to this port city on the Mississippi, the place where the river forms a crescent before it wriggles on through the swampy wetlands to the Gulf of Mexico at the so...
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Weekly Roundup: Fancy Keyboard Overlay, Apple's WWDC 2017 and More

Weekly Roundup: Fancy Keyboard Overlay, Apple's WWDC 2017 and More AoiroStudio Jun 04, 2017 We all had a long week of work, school and maybe vacation (some of us) and after spending some time relaxing with family, friends; we'll mostly spend be ready to tackle a new week. Before you do, it's time for the Weekly Roundup where we curated our some of the interesting things that happened on the Web either it is news, a new tool to try, a cool video and som...
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Conceptual Art & Illustration by Sylvain Sarrailh

Conceptual Art & Illustration by Sylvain Sarrailh AoiroStudio Jun 02, 2017 We are looking at the conceptual art & illustration work of Sylvain Sarrailh who is currently based in France. His stylish art always has been a mixture of illustration and also painting. What I like about his art is the non-presence of the main character which is presented as a shadowed silhouette, kind of giving this "Seul Au Monde" atmosphere across. We would definitely sugge...
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THE GREAT WAR: ANIMATED MEMORIES/GRANDE GUERRE: MEMOIRES ANIMEES Multiple directors - 75 min Silent, in English or with English subtitles As part of the celebrations of the Centennial of American involvement into World War I, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy present the screening of nine short films. Set on the front, in the trenches and under fire, or behind the front line, through women's letters and through the memories of the elders or the collective memory, discover...
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Carrara, la table haute de Jason Pocklington

Jason Pocklington, jeune designer globe-trotter né à Paris, présente Carrara, la table haute issue d’une inspiration italienne liant marbre et acier. La table haute Carrara associe deux différents matériaux : le marbre et l’acier. Le marbre, pierre naturelle évocatrice des sculptures de la Renaissance, et plus précisément le marbre Calacatta se trouve dans les carrières de Carrara, une ville du nord-ouest de l’Italie réputée pour son marbre de haute qualité. L’acier, quant à lui, a été fabriq...
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Christine Gangelhoff: Marlon Daniel, Conductor, discusses his work and the influences of classical musical pioneers of color [William Grant Still, Saint-Georges] (YouTube 28:30)

Marlon Daniel Dr. Christine Gangelhoff writes: Dear Bill, I thought you might be interested in this episode of Black America hosted by Carol Jenkins. In this dynamic conversation, Marlon Daniel, Orchestra Conductor and Music Director of the Colour of Music Festival and the Ensemble du Monde, discusses his work and the influences of classical musical pioneers of color. Happy Holidays to you and yours.  ...
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We'll Be Needing ALL The Napkins For This Beignet Feast

It wasn't as if TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann had a real choice about where to eat first in New Orleans, a gastronomic paradise. After all, who among us could resist the magnetic pull of Café du Monde, a legendary French Quarter coffee shop that has been serving up its world-famous renowned beignets for over a century? We're talking deep-fried pastry balls, buried under clumps of snowy powdered sugar. (Mic drop.)They're also meeting up with their friend Isadora (or, as she's known in the art w...
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Comment « Le Monde » vit avec les attentats

Le siège du Monde au 80 boulevard Auguste Blanqui / via pibzedog sur Instagram « Vivre avec. » Une réalité qui s’installe peu à peu depuis un 7 janvier 2015 qui a décimé la rédaction de Charlie Hebdo. Nos confrères. Depuis, les déflagrations du djihadisme se sont encore propagées partout dans le monde. Elles ont culminé chez nous lors des attentats du 13 novembre à Paris et à Saint-Denis. Elle sont revenues, comme la bande-son d’un mauvais rêve, le 22 mars, à Bruxelles, à quelques kilomètres ...
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Immersion au cœur du Hellfest : les coulisses d’un reportage en 360°

La vidéo en ligne connait deux bouleversements majeurs : l’un est lié à la diffusion en live sur Facebook ou Periscope ; l’autre à la vidéo en 360°. Depuis quelques années, et particulièrement ces derniers mois, bon nombre de titres de presse s’y sont essayé : le Guardian vous enferme dans une cellule d’isolement, le New York Times croise les parcours d’enfants réfugiés, la BBC vous emmène au cœur de la jungle de Calais. Côté français, Le Figaro vous invite sur les bords de la Seine lors de l...
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Couvrir l’Euro 2016 en direct : dans les coulisses du live du « Monde »

Le gif « But de Griezmann » développé pour la finale (inemployé) | Quentin Hugon De France-Roumanie en ouverture et le coup de canon de Dimitri Payet, au but d’Eder signant  la victoire du Portugal face à la France en finale. A quatre, six ou même huit mains, nos journalistes ont commenté cinquante rencontres de la compétition depuis le service sport du Monde. En s’efforçant de conserver un ton léger devenu notre marque de fabrique. « Y a-t-il un article, un manifeste, un traité, ou mieux ...
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Son aquarelle a fait le tour du monde après l’attentat de Nice, il l’expose à Paris

Le soir du 14 juillet, l’artiste John Mejia a envoyé au « Monde » la peinture qu’il a faite à chaud en apprenant l’attentat. Depuis, l’œuvre a pris une dimension inattendue. Rien d’étonnant si le nom de John Mejia ne vous est pas familier. Mais il y a de fortes chances qu’une des œuvres de ce peintre colombien ne vous soit pas inconnue. Le soir de l’attentat de Nice , qui a vu les vies de 86 personnes être fauchées lors du feu d’artifice sur la promenade des Anglais, l’artiste installé à Mou...
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Le Monde fr a 20 ans

Les Unes du depuis 1996 « Je vous parle d’un temps que les moins de vingt ans ne peuvent pas connaître le Web en ce temps-là… » affiche ses 20 ans au compteur d’Internet. Toute une épopée pour les dizaines de salariés, pigistes, stagiaires et prestataires – doux rêveurs, bâtisseurs forcenés, pionniers passionnés, irréductibles de l’écran, des technologies et des réseaux – qui ont contribué à faire naître et grandir ce site. 20 ans déjà ! Bisous à la télématique du «M...
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Au commencement était l'émotion

Aujourd’hui, je cède la plume à Gray Fox, juge d’instruction, qui a assisté, pour des motifs personnels, au procès de Berkane Makhlouf et Cécile Bourgeon, affaire qui, comme cela arrive parfois, a pris le nom non des accusés mais de la victime, Fiona, fille de la seconde. Je précise que Gray Fox n’a jamais eu à connaître de cette affaire à titre professionnel.Eolas J’ai décidé voilà plusieurs semaines de prendre dix jours de congés afin de suivre le procès de Berkane Makhlouf et de Cécil...
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