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A Googler’s impact on future Latino leaders

Welcome to the latest edition of “My Path to Google,” where we talk to Googlers, interns and alumni about how they got to Google, what their roles are, and career tips.Today’s post is about Monica Silva-Gutierrez, who shares how great mentors and mindfulness can sustain a professional journey, and how she is honoring Hispanic Heritage Month.What do you do at Google?I lead strategy and operations for the Core Systems and Experiences team at Google, which is responsible for making sure our product...
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Survivor: Every Pro Athlete Who Has Competed

Athleticism is a huge aspect of Survivor, and contestants often find it important to keep their tribes physically strong so that they will perform well in challenges. Tribes with former professional athletes usually keep those players in the early stages of the game with a goal to eliminate them before individual immunity challenges begin.Over Survivor's more than 40 seasons, professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer players have competed as well as some Olympians.. They ha...
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Shameless: How Old The Characters Are At The Beginning And End Of The Show

With all the anarchy in the Gallagher household, it can be difficult to keep track of how old the characters in Shameless are from the beginning to the end of the show. When the comedy-drama series debuted on Showtime in 2011, all of the Gallagher kids (except for Fiona) were still minors. By the time the series wrapped up with the season 11 finale in the spring of 2021, all except Liam are adults with jobs and - in some cases - kids of their own.Monica Gallagher had six children altogether bef...
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TV OT: TV characters that didn't stand the test of time. Plus, 'American Rust' and what we want to see at the VMAs

"How I Met Your Mother's" Barney Stinson, "fat Monica" on "Friends and other TV characters who didn't age well, plus Sarah Paulson's portrayal of Linda Tripp and what we want to see (and don't) at Sunday's MTV VMAs.
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In ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story,’ Modern History Is Told Through Kate Spade Bags And A Prada Backpack

'Monica has this incredible memory. She could remember the brands and where she bought these pieces.'
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SE Cupp: Finally, it's Monica's moment

CNN Political Commentator SE Cupp gives her take on what it means for Monica Lewinsky to have her point of view made more prominent in a new miniseries about her affair with former president Bill Clinton.
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"In backgrounding partisan politics and foregrounding Lewinsky’s experience of being strung along by the leader of the free world, at great personal expense, whether she knew it or not..."

"... the show makes Tripp an awful friend, a bitter woman, a conservative hack primarily responsible for the world crashing around Lewinsky’s ears, but one who is also granted an inch of ground to stand on. Bill Clinton was far worse than his allies and friends ever wanted to admit. That she chose the most harmful, duplicitous, self-serving way to address this is still true—but if she comes out looking bad, it’s still better than she’s ever looked before." From "Impeachment’s Villain Isn’t Who Y...
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The 20 Best Sports Films Of All Time Ranked

Movies about sports are essentially genetically engineered to be feel-good stories. Although the reality of professional sports is that a very small group of elite athletes tend to win over and over again, sports film fantasies favor the underdogs. At the movies, we see teams of misfits continually beat the odds, overcoming obstacles that would cause individuals with less fortitude to stumble. And although we tend to think of the sports film as adhering pretty closely to a specific formula, ther...
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Impeachment Review: American Crime Story Turns The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal Into Addictive, Uncomfortable TV

"He's going to have to resign." That's a sentence multiple people say on different occasions in "Impeachment: American Crime Story," the latest entry in the anthology series that began with "The People vs. O.J. Simpson," and continued with "The Assassination of Gianni Versace." Those previous two seasons dealt with murders as the inciting action, but the deaths in "Impeachment" are metaphorical deaths by a thousand cuts, where people are mercilessly pilloried in the press and the court of public...
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11 Marvel Comics Villains We Really Want To See In The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is celebrated by fans around the world for its textured, flawed, and riotously entertaining heroes. But what are heroes if not adversaries to the world's greatest threats? The MCU has played host to many bad guys, and although most of them aren't cherished among fans, exceptional heavy-hitters like Thanos and Loki have become stars of a magnitude that no one at the House of Ideas was probably expecting. With the "Infinity Saga" closed and the biggest baddies out of ...
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10 Things That Make Absolutely No Sense In WandaVision

"WandaVision" takes "Twin Peaks" and sticks it in the MCU. The result is that a lot of things don't make sense. Why is Herb (David Payton) using his hedge trimmers to cut through a concrete wall? Why don't Vision (Paul Bettany) and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) remember when they were married? Why is Wanda suddenly four months pregnant? Why does Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) disappear from a hospital and then reappear five years later? Oh right, we know the answer to that one -- Thanos! Infinity Sto...
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Monica Lewinsky Hired A Therapist To Watch “Impeachment: American Crime Story” With Her In Order To Process The “Retraumatizing” Scenes...

Monica has revisited the darkest years of her life in her role as a producer on Impeachment: American Crime Story, which will detail her...
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"To me, the crime is that Monica, Linda and Paula had no control over how they were perceived... It was unbelievable, the hate."

Said Sarah Burgess, a producer and writer of most of the 10-episode series "Impeachment," quoted in (NYT).Set in the 1990s, the 10-episode series revisits the miasma of scandal and innuendo that shrouded the Clinton White House: Paula Jones’s sexual harassment lawsuit against President Bill Clinton; Clinton’s sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky; Lewinsky’s friendship with Linda Tripp; and the tangle of lies, half-truths and illicit recordings that were ultimately detailed in the Starr Rep...
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‘Impeachment’ Star Beanie Feldstein on Telling Monica Lewinsky’s Story and Being Her ‘Bodyguard’

Although “Impeachment: American Crime Story” has been described as being based on Jeffrey Toobin’s book, “A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President,” the greatest source the show had, the stars and producers noted during the Television Critics Assn. press tour panel for the show, was Monica […]
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Super Hot – review

Director: Taylor King Release date: 2021 Contains spoilers If I told you that I was reviewing a film called Super Hot about vampires in a sorority house then I’d expect your mind to either wander towards I being an 80s or 90s sexploitation flick or shudder as you remembered the Sisterhood. Well rest assured that this is not as bad as the latter but nor does it resemble the former (and in truth it struggles to resemble the comedy it’s supposed to be, alas). Superhot is the name of a pizza compan...
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‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ Teaser Tracks Monica Lewinsky Through the Halls of the White House

FX viewers will soon be able to revisit the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and the third to last U.S. presidential impeachment in the aptly titled Impeachment: American Crime Story, which has just released its first dramatic teaser trailer. Impeachment represents the third season of the Emmy-winning, true-crime anthology series, American Crime Story, which began in 2016 with 10 episodes focused on another ’90s media circus, the so-called “trial of the century,” The People v. O.J. Simpson. Ryan Murphy...
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The Inevitable “Why People Think King Shark is Hot” Thinkpiece

When it was announced that James Gunn would direct a new Suicide Squad movie for Warner Bros. and DC, a few things felt inevitable. There would be debates about Gunn taking over the reins of the franchise from the oft-maligned David Ayer. Some fans wondered if this signaled yet another new direction for the franchise. With a cast this stacked and an ensemble of some of DC’s weirdest and dearest side characters, it seems as though The Suicide Squad, as this new movie is so creatively titled, cou...
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Comment on lemon pound cake by Monica

I’ve made this cake three times and each time everyone is amazed at how incredibly delicious it is. I’ve done it without poking holes for the lemon syrup and with poking holes – I’m now in the “it’s better to poke holes” camp. Also, I skip putting a sugar glaze on it (the cake is already plenty lemony and sweet) and rather serve it with fresh fruit, like strawberries and blackberries. A true delight! I always get asked for the recipe and send them your way. Thank you!
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Monica & Andrew’s Fun & Modern Warehouse Wedding

When there are weddings that can happen during a pandemic such as this, we believe they need to be fun. […] The post Monica & Andrew’s Fun & Modern Warehouse Wedding appeared first on Polka Dot Wedding.
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Three Floors Review: Nanni Moretti Goes Full Cruise Control in Middle-Class Drama

After winning the Palme d’Or in 2001 with The Son’s Room, Moretti returned at Cannes with Three Floors. The story follows three families living inside the same building in Rome, all of them dealing with their own drama. Based on the Shalosh Qomot novel by Israeli author Eshkol Nevo, Moretti adapted for the first time in his career someone else’s story. Despite the Italian director’s efforts, an underlying sadness marks his latest work, making it a gloomy story in contrast with the sunny setting....
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As elective surgeries return, Red Cross urges LA County to donate blood amid severe shortage

As hospitals return to elective surgeries, the American Red Cross experiences a severe blood shortage. The nonprofit’s Los Angeles chapter is rushing to collect more than 1,000 additional blood donations each day to meet the demand as hospitals see an influx of patients with traumas, organ transplants while handling elective surgeries and emergency room visits. The American Red Cross urges donors of all blood types, particularly type O and those giving platelets, to make an appointment as soon a...
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io9's Many Variants Chat About Loki, Season 2, and the Future of the MCU

The first season of Disney’s latest Marvel series, Loki, has ended with a bang. Not only did we learn that the Time Variance Authority (or TVA) would be coming back for season two, but it also introduced a major villain for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But did Loki stand on its own? We’re here to find out.Read more...
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DOWNLOAD ALBUM : Monica – After The Storm (Zip File)

Another newly dropped hot new jams by Monica – After The Storm, This album was published on 2021-07-11 14:29:32, You can download the zip album using any of the download links below Name: Monica – After The Storm Genre: R&B | Hip-Hop Year: 2003 Format: mp3 | 320 kbps Duration: 00:52:36 Size: 121 Mb props by Name: Monica – After The Storm Genre: R&B | Hip-Hop Year: 2003 Format: mp3 | 320 kbps Duration: 00:52:36 Size: 121 Mb props by DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM HERE The ...
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Flight attendants describe how passengers have hurled rage at them in the air, and some say it's become an 'emotionally abusive' environment

The inaugural flight of David Neeleman's Breeze Airways. Thomas Pallini/Insider Insider interviewed more than a dozen flight attendants about the rise in passenger violence. Flight attendants said they have been called expletives when reminding people to wear masks onboard. Many flight attendants said the increase in verbal harassment has hurt their mental health. See more stories on Insider's business page. The fourth time Monica, a flight attendant, asked a group of men to put t...
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A.I. Artificial Intelligence at 20: Steven Spielberg at His Creative Best

After 20 short years, I’m still not sure if A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a film I like or merely admire — and yes, there’s a difference! I mean, I’m not a huge fan of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, but still admire the sci-fi flick and recognize it as a cinematic milestone. A.I. released smack dab in the middle of summer on June 26, 2001, off of a strong marketing campaign that showed off the film’s impressive visual FX, that kid from The Sixth Sense, and promised another magical two-syllable ...
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Bolivian Hospital Connects COVID-19 Patients and Loved Ones With Virtual Visits

By Monica MachicaoLA PAZ (Reuters) - Ruth Lagos has come to the Cotahuma Municipal Hospital in the highland Bolivian city of La Paz for a "virtual"...
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Comment on morning glory breakfast cake by Priscilla Mackenzie

In reply to Monica. I make this all the time! It is different every time I make it. I make healthy muffins for my granddaughter! I put less sugar (1/2) cup and less oil (1/2 cup) I added vanilla and omitted nuts,added a little banana and blueberries!! Lemon drizzle in top!
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Comment on perfect, forever cornbread by Monica

In reply to Marty Priola. Regardless of intent, it reads as unspeakably condescending. Defend away, though.
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When the adult kids become gardeners

The gardening bug is something I inherited from both my parents. And, as I discovered, interesting things can happen when your own kids grow up and become gardeners in their own right. Our two daughters didn’t show a particular interest in gardening when they were children, except for popping the seed pods of balsam, opening the “mouths” of snapdragons, and picking berries. But when they eventually acquired houses of their own, they anointed themselves gardeners. I found myself the default gard...
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Warner Brothers Studio Tour reopens with new interactive ‘Friends,’ ‘Harry Potter’ and DC Universe sets

Ready for some movie magic? Following a year-and-a-half closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour officially reopened to the public on June 26, and it has undergone a drastic overhaul. The Burbank movie studio’s tour has long offered a behind-the-scenes look at a working studio lot and some of the production, but the latest additions fully immerse guests into the DC Universe, the TV show “Friends” and the “Harry Potter” and Fantastic Beasts” franchises. The tour start...
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